US Department of Justice announced: Zhang Ying Ying visiting scholars believe to have died

July 13 – U.S. Department of Justice official website of the local time on July 12 announced that believe Chinese visiting scholar Zhang Ying Ying has died。 Local time on July 12, the United States federal grand jury formally indicted suspects kidnapped Chinese visit scholar Zhang Ying Ying Brent Christensen, indicted on charges of kidnapping is still。
14 pre-scheduled order cancellation, Christensen will next appear in court July 20。
The indictment of a grand jury, said June 9 Christensen kidnapped and detained Zhang Ying Ying, the suspects used the Motorola mobile phones and black Saturn Astra sedan in the crime, evidence obtained from the two tools show, suspects of crimes against the implementation of further。 Unfortunately, the prosecution still think Zhang Ying Ying has died。 The indictment states: Zhang Ying Ying investigate the disappearance of law enforcement agencies believe that Zhang had died。
This determination is based on the facts presented to the court document stated, and other unpublished facts found in the investigation。
The prosecution also reminded the public: the prosecution just an allegation, unless proven guilty, the defendant is presumed innocent of。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Tips to cut calories teach you healthy weight loss

What are the secret to reduce weight loss understand people must have heard the word calories, if you want to lose weight, you have to consume calories greater than the intake。
Therefore, in the usual diet it is good to note calorie intake。 Following small for everyone to talk about the secret of the usual cut-calorie diet, teach you healthy weight loss!Reduce calorie diet for weight loss tips 1, eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice: a plain orange contains 60 calories, but a glass of orange juice contains 110 calories on。
So, choose to eat fresh fruit bar!(Save 50 calories) 2, reduce the size of bagels: a small bagel only 80 calories, but a medium-sized bagel but 240 calories, and those calories well-made bagel is as high as 350。 (Dieting 160-270 calories) 3, good food exchange: Tips to cut calories or when selecting a 110-calorie burritos, bagel instead of a normal size。 Calorie bagel contains 240。 (Save 130 calories) 4, to reduce the size: When burrito eat maize, can be selected 8 inches instead of 10 inches。
(Save 50 calories) 5, select light taste of cream cheese:。

Make a woman unable to stop the skills they want to regret missing

So that women do not stop what are the skills I believe we all know that sex life is a very important part of our daily lives, while adding some skills which undoubtedly will make sex more harmonious our sex life happy。 Following small to bring to a woman unable to stop the skill for everyone, they miss you oh sorry!Make a woman unable to stop the first with the middle finger tips: Do not think that is inserted with the middle finger, is not the time。
This fingering is important to target women's clitoris。 When sex before you play better and better and companion, hands naturally fell to the important parts, touching the clitoris can not be too rude, after all, where the meat is tender, so do not go up on the strong, so do not let a woman very comfortable afterwards also can be painful。
When your hand on the touch position when a woman will have Aiye outflow, then slowly rotating way to touch a woman's vagina, wet your fingers to gently lift up the target will be met clitoris, the severity of the way as much as possible like almost take the force of litchi (lychee big strength will be more water out of broken skin, this will only be stroking out more water), gently scrape the clitoris。 Make her feel much, if any, of course, mouth and other hand movements can not stop, continue kissing and touching her lips, neck or breasts, a woman said: "I want to tiles, every day can make a man feel。
"So men do not stop the hand movements, this position probably last about a 3 minutes, there will be a majority of female orgasm, the clitoral orgasm is to impart。 Clitoral orgasm when the woman would very much hope that men have inserted the action, this time you can use the second type。
Two-finger Zen: Let a woman unable to stop this type of more practical skills, when women expect you inserted, with the index finger and middle finger close together insertion, if it continues, then insert the middle finger, and soon she will not be so intense feeling so directly with insert with two fingers, do a quick thrusts, this time a woman must have been die happy unless she can not stand fast thrusting your fingers stop sexual foreplay can also be used directly finger Zen, different sexual positions have not the same effect can also be inserted from the back of a woman, leaning on her left lower abdomen, right to work, if you are left-handed it in turn。 Action Tips: After insert two fingers try to make big boom stick his body, long-lasting point, otherwise you will quickly sour, I generally about 1-2 minutes, you will feel the arm is very acid, generally this time can make a woman so cool。
Traditional: After the first two "hands" continue, you can insert a real。 This time is more sensitive to women, more likely to have vaginal orgasm, traditional insertion can make her small break, this time may be slow in recent slow out, or use a deep approach a few shallow, her sex and then drive up the excitement this process can use a 5-10 minutes, or longer, to say something in her ear sweet words or lewd words, it's time to say something more explicit make her excited, if your meeting, at bottom, left left, right and right is even more perfect, I will not, and then they come fourth type。

Clinical manifestations of allergic rhinitis causes of allergic rhinitis

Allergic etiology, allergic rhinitis is a common, had not treated in a timely manner after the words could lead to other types of diseases, which then introduced together with the small series to see the cause of allergic rhinitis causes of allergic rhinitis have the!Allergic rhinitis is a cause of allergic rhinitis by the action of the environment and each other genes induced by a multifactorial disease。 Risk factors for allergic rhinitis may be present in all ages。
1.Genetic factors in allergic rhinitis patients with atopic usually show familial aggregation studies have found that certain genes associated with allergic rhinitis。 2.Allergen exposure allergen is antigen-antibody variant to induce specific IgE and react with。
Many of them come from animals, plants, insects, fungi or occupational substances。 Component which is protein or glycoprotein, very few are polysaccharide。
Allergen is divided into inhaled allergens and food allergens。 Mainly inhaled allergen allergic rhinitis。 (1) The main mite mite in subtropical and tropical regions as house dust mites, dust mites, etc.。
House dust mites feed on human dander, and live mainly in mattresses, bed, pillows, carpets, furniture and stuffed toys in。
The fastest propagation in hot (above 20 ℃) and humidity (relative humidity greater than 80%) environment。
House dust mite allergen contained in its excreta particles, when the fabric is contaminated to disturb, these particles will be exposed to the air and can be quickly re-deposited。
Air mite allergen concentration and the incidence of allergic rhinitis is about。 Cause of allergic rhinitis (2) Due to the large wind-borne pollen drift amount capable of long-distance transmission, which can affect people of hundreds of kilometers away from the source of pollen。 Entomophilous pollen allergens will be in direct contact, such as florist shop and agronomists。
Seasonal pollen allergens capacity, location, temperature changes and plant species。
Those who will suffer most allergenic pollen conjunctivitis。
(3) animal dander animal dander and secretions carry allergens。
Cat, dog allergen widespread in indoor dust and decorative furniture。
(4) fungal allergen mold release allergenic spores to indoor and outdoor environments, hot and humid environment of rapid growth。

Newborn on how clinical manifestations of the nursing mothers

Newborn, known as neonatal cold injury syndrome or neonatal cold injury, caused mainly by exposure to cold, clinical features are hypothermia and multiple organ damage, severe skin and subcutaneous fat hardens and edema。
So how newborn generally do what the clinical manifestations of the clinical nursing mothers of newborn boy manifestations of the disease mostly occurs in winter and spring cold season, to within three days of birth or preterm birth within 1 week more common in newborns。
The initial presentation of hypothermia, poor response, weak cry, poor sucking or refusing milk, etc., that is hard swelling and multiple organ dysfunction occurs when sicker。
1, the core temperature of the low temperature (5 cm internal anal temperature) down to 35 ℃ often below 30 deg.] C often severe。 Since neonatal brown fat contains more armpits, the cold heat generating oxidation, axillary temperature higher than or equal to the rectal temperature, so axillary temperature – the temperature difference value may be used as an indicator Anal determined state thermogenesis in brown adipose。 Under normal conditions, no heat production of brown fat, 0 deg.] C temperature difference axillary rectal, axillary early rectal temperature difference value is positive, and severe, longer duration is negative, represents the energy reserve depletion。
2, hard swelling occurs in the body parts of the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, the skin close to the subcutaneous tissue, it can not be moved, characterized by a hard, bright, cold, swollen, dark red color, with a slight pressure of edema recess。 Hard swollen order of occurrence are: lower leg – thigh – the entire lower limb – arm – cheek – upper limbs – Systemic。 3, multiple organ dysfunction early determined to blunt tone low, slow heart rate, microcirculation performance, there may be multi-organ shock, DIC, acute renal failure and lung hemorrhage failure (MOF) serious。

Teach you how to improve your skin oily skin becomes cool

Oily skin is a relatively common form of skin type, but also relatively unpleasant a skin, although sometimes shortly before washing the face, his face still become very greasy。 So have oily skin, then how to improve it the following small series to tell us something about how to improve oily skin, the skin becomes more refreshing teach you!How to improve oily skin 1.Abandon basic foamy cleanser, use to deal with oil, oily skin tend to love the summer with clean and strong Soap or Ximian Gao wash decontamination。
But in fact too strong cleansing liquid will bubble away moisture and sebum face, so the best selection of free foam, more moderate face cleanser nature。
Best water temperature at about 20 ℃, hot water will make the loss of sebum, too cold and not clean。
2.Contraction of water with water instead of alcoholic ingredients Toner contraction of water and certainly can control oil production, but with winter may make the skin more dry。
If the normal secretion of oil, there may be used a cooling sensation toner, or rolling distilled water instead of ice may also be used。
Oily skin due to the relatively strong oil secretion, the best choice when selecting where jelly-like and pulpy。
The former refreshing moist, the latter usually with a clean effect, very suitable for oily skin。 How to make sure your skin is oily 1, the morning after the first not to rush skin care, first with a tap absorbing tissues in the nose, if absorbent paper showed a lot of oil, it shows your skin is oily of。 How 2 improve oily skin, washing the face if the skin does not take long to secrete an oily substance。
That is oily skin。 3. If, after the powder on the face, blackheads easily appear, also an oily skin。 Acne blackheads reason is because clogged pores and oily skin is the biggest feature clog pores。 Oily skin has the following characteristics generally darker complexion, coarse pores large, easy to plug, oily skin, sebum secretion large。 In severe cases the face can appear orange peel。 Weakly acidic pH of the skin is generally present between。 Such skin is very vulnerable to infection, poor ability to resist bacteria。 Such skin is common in youth development。
Oily skin can be subdivided into general and ultra-oily oil。
Oily skin also has advantages: not sensitive and can maintain long-term "young"。
With age, the secretion of oil will be gradually reduced, and some people even turn into a。