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  Text / Chinese Economists 50 Forum Jia Kang supply-side structural reforms to build a modern economy is the main line, which includes reforms to the deep water, to tackle tough tasks have been expressed as a historic test of real life form。 Real estate tax reform is a supply-side structural reforms in a "Kenyinggutou" typical。
In a narrow sense, this reform to be addressed, is the tax on the consumption of Chinese property in the nature of housing holds links to scratch。
Shanghai and Chongqing have local pilot reform in this area, the Third Plenary Session of 18th CCP requirements "to speed up the real estate tax legislation and timely reform," but so far has not been "accelerating"。   Speaking of taxes, direct taxes, especially to face widespread social "tax aversion" was particularly strong in this。 This is natural – enterprises or families and individuals Ye Hao, who do not want to pay higher taxes。 But in real life, the human society in a more objective existence of economies, are based on the nation-state, the form of sovereign states exist, governments at all levels as the country's power system, to perform its functions, must first solve the "money from where they come from, "the problem before you can solve the problem of how to carry out their functions 'where to use the money to go', so that the tax can not be avoided。 In disgust members of society prevailing tax situation, or to build consensus, clarifying the truth, seek understanding of the law, to promote the construction of tax due。
In this perspective, focus on home ownership tax directly link China Why scratch can be clearly discuss the basic understanding of several levels below。
  The need for real estate tax levy should be fully affirmed the positive effect of the real estate tax reform will have an effective system supply。
This positive effect for at least four to emphasize。
  First, for the healthy development of the real estate market, the central authorities have stressed the need to build the basic system, and one of the tasks of institutional infrastructure, one of the tasks is to build long-term mechanism can not be avoided, it is to consider the housing holds links form the necessary cost constraints。 It is a legitimate tax we can expect a cost constraints, the mechanism set up after this, will guide and adjust the expectations of all aspects of the Chinese real estate market and its price performance is more calm, this way, long-term development, to improve the health of its。
Because this tax can make the kind of unbridled speculation factor has been checked, the interaction of supply and demand will be in the "endogenous" to improve the degree of intensive use of land, reducing housing vacancy rate has been formed。
  Imagine these houses are now vacant, without the cost of holding links may have been waiting for, but if they have this tax, even if the owner is not eager to sell to sell the house, will also consider the vacant housing into rental market to hedge tax form economic pressures。 That would make the whole society to effective housing supply potential of a large piece, into the reality of effective supply, the housing market supply and demand situation was certainly improved, but the future will lead to more affordable choice for people considering to buy a house at the start of small and medium size。
This level of intensive use will encourage small and medium sized developers to increase housing supply, thereby increasing the Chinese built-up area of land to expand the process。 These factors combined will have a "ballast promote stability" effect on the real estate market, to increase their health factors。
  Second, the reform is in place mechanisms to build local government functions and the rationalization of financial resources within the building mutually consistent, how to solve the problem in the framework of the tax system established in 1994 its implementation in the province following places。
Chinese local tax system now actually far from forming, below the provincial tax system did not really enter the state。
Biased, features all the criticism, attacked the "land finance" short-term behavior of the grass-roots financial difficulties over the years are still not well ease, as well as local governments keen to engage in hidden liabilities and other issues, and there are inherent defects in the system related。
Only below the provincial tax system actually implemented, to play its positive effects, in order to eliminate these ills。 Functions of Local Government, has long stressed the importance of good public service to make it dedicated to optimize the local investment environment for businesses realize their full vitality in a fair competitive market。   So, if the government really did, how come its financial resources?Within a local government area, public service if done well, optimize the investment environment, local real estate appreciation to enter orbit。
In the case of real estate tax levy, once every few years to re-assessment tax base, in accordance with standard market assessment of the tax base to do, then every time the weight of the basis, local governments are dutifully carry out their functions and cash in the opportunities of financial resources building。 In this way, a local government how to complete the optimization and how to achieve functional transformation exchequer construction, it became the inner contact system construction problem in a system can get through, meaning its positive effect is of course very important。
  Third, the real estate tax reform is to optimize national income redistribution mechanisms, based on the principle of capacity to pay appropriately adjust the high-end income and property owners to reduce the level of society as a whole suffering a tax reform imperative。
Now, Chinese people's need for a better life, including the level of material civilization, spiritual civilization level, as well as the comprehensive development and harmony of the whole society, democratization, rule of law, all of these elements not only to increase per capita income, but also to inhibit the "polarization"。
Over the years, China income gap opened to a large extent with the change of configuration state property。
Now, if you say in this regard to strengthen the mechanisms for optimizing redistribution, not to say that a real estate tax mechanism will solve all problems, but this mechanism is going to be accompanied by。 Tax is not a panacea, but does not play a redistributive role of taxation optimization is totally unacceptable。   In the process of China's modernization, international experience and Chinese practice have shown that direct taxation is in implementing the principle of capacity to pay, the distribution of income and property configuration can reduce the degree of disparity。
At the high end adjustment of income distribution and property configured to balance the entire social income distribution pattern, the proportion of direct taxes rose, the indirect taxes can be lowered。 According to the economic analysis of indirect taxes in the final analysis, mainly public consumption spending is ultimately to bear, in fact, contact with the now hated "bread tax", "moon cake tax", etc.。 In real life, which has been in existence in China, and these people in taxpayer awareness raising, feel a great deal of tax misery。   If the tax structure more out of fat to lean type of regulatory mechanism is formed to increase the proportion of direct taxes, indirect taxes reduce the proportion of new pattern, the extent of tax misery society as a whole is declining。
The reason is that, this time, people in high-income end, although some tax increases pain, but the increase in the tax burden it brings pain to the tax, must be smaller than reduce taxes for low-income people to end the suffering of the elimination of the tax burden, because of the high income just "enjoy material" level, transferring some of the material interests, not the interests of low-income groups in the "subsistence" level of alienation do so, the same tax burden in absolute terms a degree of social suffering caused to drop down, thus the whole society more harmonious。   These characteristics of people with high income, not to say what they have bad behavior, many of which are their own financial technology road-to-head, over the years, in the case of property, real estate prices rising throughout the price relations, legal compliance constantly in real estate the field to do the operation, income will go up naturally。 Then add to them some of the tax burden, although a bit painful, but not actually beating。 This tax misery they offset the underlying great piece of public tax misery, can make the whole more harmonious society。
  Fourth, the tax reform is of great significance to promote democratization, the rule of law。
Real estate tax is a local tax in local communities and grass-roots collection, involving thousands of families, people naturally have asked the government "to pay taxes is how I used," so people will have the right to know more, just ask for more participation local public resource configuration and management of public affairs。
Such participation will naturally spawned by the mechanism of this tax up Forced China will develop bottom-up democracy from the grassroots, so indispensable to China's modernization of public resources, public sector participation in public affairs, democratization, the rule of law institution building, into the "towards the Republic" in the process of promoting a real power support。
In this sense is no trivial matter。 China since the Revolution sought "Towards the Republic", it is to combine democracy and the rule of law into the modern together。 In real life there are so many difficult reforms, but "the situation is pressing."。
Promote the real estate tax reform, it appears to be driven from the economic point of view, but in fact learn from the historical experience of the United States "progressive era", it will certainly encourage this tax and budget system, after public participation and promote public have the right to supervise the development of , the right to challenge a variety of rights, such as the right recommendation together, thereby promoting democratization, rule of law in the process of society as a whole。
  In the future, under the impact of tax cuts Trump New Deal, China on the one hand need to work burdens for businesses, on the other hand must be recognized as a tax to promote China's modernization, should the external pressure into motivation to complete the task of tax reform。
CCP nineteen Report explicitly requested to speed up the establishment of a modern financial system, deepen the reform of the tax system, improve the local tax system。
Real estate tax is clearly the future is expected to grow as the local tax system in a large and stable source of income of the main taxes。 When beginning to build a framework, its contribution to total revenue also will not be particularly significant, since the beginning of the need to cut flexible。
And in terms of revenue growth, which is very promising to become a pillar of financial resources in the local tax system。
  Feasibility feasibility of real estate taxes, the most important of the five areas criticism and questioning, I think it is possible to obtain a clear。   First, it was said, in international experience, to maintain links property tax, and private ownership of land is the ultimate ownership of the match, and all the built-up area of land China are state-owned, how to be able to copy this on private lands real estate tax levy it?Actually not the case。
The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the old capitalist countries – Britain, its ultimate land both private property, but also the public, and all its housing on the land, without exception, should levy is called "CouncilTax" This real estate taxes at the local level。
China, Hong Kong, the ultimate ownership of the entire land is not private, but it has been real estate tax levy is called "rates" of。   International experience is definitely not like only the final ownership of Internet rumors of private land to the introduction of this tax。
Of course, logically we can also say that another reality needs to show actual final separation of ownership and use rights to make such adjustments become necessary。
For example, China in the 1980s efforts to promote a two-step tax for profit, the last of state-owned enterprises (SOEs now called) have to levy income tax。
Some people say you now state-owned enterprises than what Jin ah?It is a country of final property, it was kind enough to receive what income tax?  In principle, the ultimate ownership of the state, but this particular business entity with its own relatively independent of material interests, as a market economy, competition, commodity production operators, it needs to run in a fair competitive environment。 Therefore, national legislation by the state-owned enterprises and other enterprises on a platform, must pay corporate income tax; then, its income from property, according to national ownership and then adjust one, and that is the state-owned assets management system to solve the problem。 Suffice it to say this truth clear from the practice of reform in China。 Cf down, in the case of state-owned land use rights and ownership separate from the owner of private housing on state-owned land is the subject of an independent material interests, if necessary, can be adjusted to tax such benefits by way of legislation。
  Second, many people said, after the purchase of housing prices already include the land lease income, to repeat what the government levied a tax?But look at Global Insight, called the rent and taxes are coordinated relationship, not the relationship between the two can only choose one, China must deal with such a relationship。 But we do not deny, if later after the formation of a stable regulatory mechanism behind the tax aspects of real estate holdings, the front part of the burden of that land leasing market formed, because the parties is expected to change, and its levels may be going down。
How to coordinate the relationship between earth, old earth?Very simple, China already has experience of reform, the old old methods, new approaches earth, we can arrange for a transitional period according to the actual situation, these things will not become a hard obstacle。   Third, some people say, the tax base of real estate tax assessment of the difficulty is very large, Chinese people do not。 I think not。
A few years ago China has 10 places to carry out a pilot assessment of the tax base, the so-called "analog idle", has long been the formation of computer software and design, it can be very easy to get the tax base assessment after substituting data。
Of course, this assessment must be used with taxpayers meet what some issues need to be properly addressed through certain procedures before it can levy。
  Fourth, it was said, the Chinese people not suited to the direct tax, real estate tax levy Refusal to Pay Taxes with the government desperate people will generally appear。
In this regard, local experiments show that by no means so serious。
Beginning to build the institutional framework, to cut into the flexible, so that people look at this thing is not in the public interest and the long-term fundamental interests of everyone。 Chongqing levy from thousands of sets of high-end independent villa, with significant tax resistance did not hear of events。 Not worthwhile because the winners for this year a twenty thousand, two or three million of revenue with the government desperate efforts it。 Of course, we can not say the next administration does not appear friction and trouble, but definitely not saying this to be a hard obstacle。 Be sure to adjust the high income redistribution under it just belongs to the concept, but not beating adjust。   Fifth, it comes to how to deal with the problem of small property right。 This is the Chinese characteristics, dealing with them is really difficult, but this problem must be solved, early settlement initiative to resolve than later。 Once the time to levy real estate taxes, of course, have forced down in accordance with the classification approach to solving the problem of small property right away, the more we delay the more passive。
It should be up to consider the prospects for development, and actively establish a modern economic system in accordance with the spirit of the CPC nineteen of the report presented to the reform, rather than evading difficult。   The first four-point legislative proposals, must first legislation。
The key is, first draft into the first instance, the relevant departments in the interior done for many years before made public, solicit the views of the whole society。
Every citizen can express their opinions, to seek the greatest common divisor of the whole society。
This is called "Towards the Republic" – not simply say we come to a majority, a referendum to get。
Referendum is very simple, the result is that the tax is sure to be dismissed out of hand。 Tax decisions should not rely on such an approach, but talk about truth, rationally consider seeking the greatest common divisor。
"Legislation first" process, I estimate that this tax is likely to have to go fourth instance, the intensity of their dispute may be new, but this is China tax reform must go through。
  Second, we must focus on the integration and reform of all taxes associated with real estate。
Land development and construction front, the trading process, in general, should be based on reducing the burden-oriented。
The tax system, the tax burden to maintain links are added up, and the front part of the tax burden, can reduce the minimize, cancellation fees can be canceled, can reduce the burden to be reduced。
Of course, to be considered as part of the transaction suppress speculation, it can be special treatment for short-term trading hands down。   Deduction Third, properly handle the tax burden under the "first unit" concept。
The things are more complicated, I think when first built framework, must do so tax-free deductions in China。 Such as Chongqing pilot, involving housing stock is the most high-end from the beginning, only the introduction of independent villas, and for the first unit of deduction, exemption from the outset to determine the area of 180 m2。 If this is a small family detached villa, just 180 meters, still do not pay a penny tax。 First built in the framework of this society to accept。
  Specifically, in the end is how many square meters per capita, or deducted from the first suite, or the second suite, and even began to loose collection from the third suite, each have their own reasons。
Nominally we can also discuss the general levy and the actual situation on the obvious need to deduct the first unit and then returned to the taxpayer。
Of course, this kind of thinking a little more complicated, but also could be discussed。 I think, can not be avoided in China, a thorny issue that must be addressed good, how is deducted from the first unit。
As for figuring out how many square meters per capita, China has real estate registration system, technical operations without problems。
  Fourth, we must fully authorized to place, step by step。
Real estate tax is a local tax, if after the legislation passed, obviously there will be levied pattern of rainbow night。
The real estate market more "fire" of cities and regions, such as north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other, can advance。 Through this economic means of regulation, to replace the original purchase, credit limit, limit and other non-market administrative measures。
"Ice" in the region do not worry, there is no complete inventory of places to go, you can consider going after the real ending inventory, and then calmly start the tax regulation mechanism。

Chinese giant pandas arrived in the Finnish capital, the snow turned 15-year sojourn

  Local time on January 18, 2018, Chinese panda "Hua Panther" and "Golden baby" arrived in the Finnish capital Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, to carry out a 15-year research cooperation。
  To ensure the smooth through the adaptation period after two giant pandas arrived in Finland, China sent an experienced breeder and veterinarian random escorted, they will team with meticulous care and Finland two giant pandas, until two pandas adapt to new home life。   Two giant pandas in the future will stay 芬兰艾赫泰 zoo, which is located in the northern part of the zoo in Helsinki more than 300 kilometers, covering 60 hectares, the climate is similar to the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, is Finland's largest wildlife park。 To meet the arrival of giant pandas, the zoo built a cost of 8.2 million euros of the giant panda museum, covering nearly 6,000 square meters, each panda pens about 2,000 square meters, the design philosophy is to provide access to wild habitat for giant pandas surroundings。
  Ahtari zoo in order to promote both Chinese baby, taking into account the Finnish pronunciation in Chinese tell "Leopard" and "treasure" of the tone, then collect the Finnish name for the two giant pandas in the country。
"Pilv" Finnish male name, which means "snow"; "Rumi" is a Finnish female name, meaning "snow"。 Editor: Li Ruichen。

The method of treatment of cervical erosion cervical erosion of food taboos

3, surgical treatment。 If the treatment fails, or cervical hypertrophy, or erosion of deep and wide, and those involving the cervical, consider cervical conization or hysterectomy。 But surgery is now rarely used。
After the understanding of drug treatment, when the treatment of cervical erosion can be selected in such a way, but severe patients, but also to choose surgical treatment, the impact on the female body is there such a treatment, so as a last resort, it is best not to choose such treatment, women should pay attention to this point。
Large area for erosion, inflammatory infiltration deep cervical erosion。
① electric iron: with a special electric trouser, after burning the erosion of tissue, so that necrosis, but also to reach a certain depth, so good therapeutic effect。 ② Cryotherapy: rapid freezing with a special device, so that frozen cervical erosion lesions, necrosis, loss。 Commonly used liquid nitrogen refrigerant, the temperature of the freezer refrigeration head can be reduced to -196 ° C, into the surface of the cervix, frozen tissue necrosis erosion, and then regenerate a new epithelium grow。
1 can be cured。 Generally no adverse reaction, a small number of patients have mild dizziness, abdominal pain, etc.。 ③ laser therapy: the use of carbon dioxide laser treatment, irradiation of the laser head with a special treatment of cervical erosion tissue, so that erosion of tissue carbonization, crusting, loss and re grow new squamous epithelium。
1 generally can be cured。 There were no special bleeding discomfort, a few patients off crazy。
④KS method of treatment of cervical erosion treatment instrument: band light is special heat treatment, no pain。 Good effect。
In the process of the above methods of treatment, it should be noted genital cleansing, prohibited live life, bath and vaginal lavage, should periodically review observed erosion healing。
Taboo diet in patients with cervical erosion cervical erosion in terms of choice of food is very particular about diet should be light and delicious, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat sweets, spicy food, spicy food, etc.。

World Sleep Day 2018 theme of China released in Beijing: regular rest healthy sleep

  Beijing March 17 (Reporter Du Yan) March 21 is World Sleep Day, Chinese Sleep Research Society of China, today announced this year the theme is "regular rest sleep health" and in the country to carry out academic exchanges on this theme , popular science lectures, free medical consultation and other major theme of science activities。
  Reporters learned that the Chinese Sleep Research Society to carry out "the" World Sleep Day After eighteen years of science activities, are released that year China theme each year, organize science-related activities in the country, has become a popular science brands have greater influence。 Chinese Sleep Research Society director Han Fang today released the 2018 China World Sleep Day theme is "regular rest healthy sleep", he called for strengthening the conditions for building science, play and learn the advantages of expert information technology tools to improve service capacity and dissemination of science ability。   Director of the Taipei Medical six homes Sleep Medicine Sun Hongjiang said, sleep is one of physiological phenomena, about one-third of life is spent in sleep time, in the long process of evolution Sleep is the body's circadian rhythm with nature biorhythm synchronization results。 The long-term lack of sleep will affect human cognitive function, such as response speed is reduced and can not concentrate, learning, and memory function, judgment, decision-making abilities decline, which led to all kinds of accidents such as frequent。 Chinese Sleep Research Society advocate, follow the laws of nature and biological rhythms, biological clock in the brain obey instructions, to develop good work and rest rules, sleep healthy living。   It is reported that this year, China will continue to co-sleep study Chinese medicine Holdings Limited to carry out a number of theme activities, and to extend the hospital, currently enrolled in the hospital reached 420, is expected to directly benefit the population will reach 10 million passengers。

How care lips supple lips brought out

How care delicate lips dripping lips to make people look more attractive, and in the cold and dry season, is relatively easy to dry lips, forehead or even a situation of。
So in the end how it lip care following small series to tell us something about how the care of the lips, teach you raise a supple lips!Do not lick their lips care how this is a bad habit to do so, will result in accelerated loss of moisture in the lips, cause peeling chapped。
If the lips swelling can try folk soil method, with sesame oil Mazui, super efficient。
Every night before going to bed wiping his lips to buy the next day will be better。
Adhere to wipe rosy health can be restored。
The method of applying or improve lip balm, with both hands thumb and index finger gently pinch the upper lip, does not move the index finger, thumb and gently rubbing lips circle from the mouth to the intermediate mouth, and then return the same way。 Then lower lip is the same method, but this time for the index finger massage, the last action is with the middle finger to gently push the lips from the center to the corners of the mouth。
How homemade lip membrane lip care a week after treatment, with a hot towel for a while his lips, and then with a cotton swab it on the lips and began to gently wiped dry skin, be careful not to be too hard, in order to avoid bleeding。
After it Moisturizing cream thick painted lips, lip color to see prevail。 Before you eat rub on it。 Let it stay as long as possible on the lips。 Lip love makeup girl, must choose their own cosmetics, makeup at the time of discharge must be clean, otherwise residual moisture loss will accelerate cosmetic lip。
Impact lip color and lip health。
Lip makeup to choose and mild Remover, press the lips 5 seconds with a moistened cotton pad, and then gently wipe from the lips to the middle。
After makeup clean, with a clean damp sponge to wipe it stick if there are more than cosmetic。

Dry skin teach you how to do make up a supple skin

Dry skin how to do after entering the fall and winter weather gradually becomes dry up, and this time the skin is more prone to the drying and even chapped, so at this point the skin moisturizing skin care is the focus of。
So in the end how to do it dry skin following small series to tell us something about how to do skin dry, teach you fill out the supple skin!Dry skin how to do skin severe water shortages cause a variety of skin problems, the following five types of replenishment method of collecting small series, everyone with a look。 1, water to drink 6-8 cups of water, milk, drinks not every day, do not wait until thirsty to drink water, if thirsty, it means your body has a very dry。
2, adequate sleep quality of sleep a day is better than what can not, be sure to Mei Mei's sleep, the water of the skin will。 Do not think boil a night, all right, come back after sleeping on it, do not hold this idea, otherwise your skin will not be good to go there how to do 3 of dry skin, moisturizing mask mask is definitely the most convenient and fast way , choose their own mask, every day adhere to pay, so you will look water of tender skin。 4, moisturizing cream, whether to do good, do not lock the water useless, like a bottle, more water, if you do not cover caps, even if no amount of water will evaporate, is that cream bottle, do not because I think too much oil do not want to use that oil is water lock。 5, spray skin spray drying on the skin, can effectively relieve dry skin, you may be able to remain on the skin, take a minute after the remaining water with a cotton pad Sassafras out, or dry skin worse。

Dalian managing the implementation of the purchase of housing policy and differential housing credit policy

  March 21, the Dalian Municipal People's Government Office issued a notice on the promotion of stable and healthy development of the market in Dalian, effective from March 22, 2018。   Notice that the city residence households have two sets and more housing in the central city to suspend sales of its housing restricted area。 Dalian residence households have one set and more housing in the central city, suspended its sales of housing restricted area。
  Refers to the central city in the mountains, Xigang, Shahekou district, Ganjingzi and high-tech park, Ganjingzi after excluding a restricted area。
Where in the restricted area to buy new homes, it is required to obtain "real estate book" at least two years before they traded。 Within the restricted area, apply for resident commercial purchase of the first set of housing families, the minimum down payment ratio of 30%; has a set of housing households, in order to improve the living conditions apply for commercial individual housing loans again buy housing, the minimum down payment the proportion of 40%。

Not a flat line!We really strict with melon Shuai Shuai and Mu

  Last weekend's Premier League, Manchester City 1-1 away draw against Burnley, cut the lead to 13 points。 After the game talking about the game, coach Guardiola said draw with Manchester City can not explain what。 But in fact, I want to give this tie Manchester City "Spot the Difference", is simply not a difficult thing。   From the technical and tactical point of view, Manchester City face Burnley's defense, offense is not so smooth, it seems that revealed some weak places; defense, the opponent's offensive line also has articles to do。
Manchester United legend Gary – Neville criticized the interpretation of the melon handsome with only six players off the bench, was melon handsome said: "I instinctively called a second team players from the first team up, but they (second team players) play Friday a game, second on the team can not be ranked in order of appearance Yaya – Toure and Zinchenko before, so I did not take them。 "In this regard Neville said:" I really hope he does not make this answer。 I think this argument that he is a joke, an absolute farce。
If you are a Manchester City youth coach, Guardiola rushed to call and ask this thing。 "The implication, melon handsome teenager can choose to bring the field to experience the game, experience the feeling of the English Premier League。 But did not give such an opportunity, Manchester City youth team and reserve team coach will therefore become very frustrated。   - Gary Neville pointed out that this problem is of course expressed his view, but that argument are of concern, but also because Manchester City did not win the game。 If the final score is not 1-1 but 2-1, then the Manchester City bench only six players so what?Even Neville pointed out here, it would not be possible response。 26 league games, Manchester City won melon handsome full 22 games; the remaining four games but did not win the game, you can specify fault the Blue Moon Legion to。
Before losing to Liverpool when the Premier League title race is a bit more suspense restart posture, regardless Manchester City has been holding more than ten-point lead。 In other words, in the long journey in the league, the poor state of some games and even make some mistakes completely normal。 But we have strict requirements of the melon handsome, he seemed to want to win every game the same。
  It holds a huge lead melons are so handsome, chasing after Mike Mussina to mention。
The view was that preceded it, the hugely popular melon handsome Manchester United Mourinho is "heart disease", even if the Red Devils will win also likely to face tremendous pressure。
Mike Mussina stared reasons are many: Manchester United win did not win?What's the score?Scene does not look good?Loukakou / Boge Ba / Sanchez how to play?There teenager did not get enough playing time?Once the conditions did not meet, maybe even how to look for flaws want a good argument, for example, not to attack, for example, with Sanchez is not good, then Boge Ba for example Loukakou or with the bad, or is not to new opportunities……People on the "ideal of victory" has a different opinion, and as long failed to meet some of the people for the "ideal of victory" requirement, vocal opposition may ensue。 Win also criticized for Mourinho this season, it was nothing unusual to。
If Guardiola did not win every game of the tournament have been put under a magnifying glass, the situation of Mike Mussina is not much better。
  This phenomenon, of course, the Premier League and the ubiquitous "grievances bureau" and the British media about the waves。
Conti before Jose Mourinho and has ignited the war of words, Mourinho says there are questions from the media to convey the message: "I do not blame Conti。
I think the media should apologize to him and to me, because they ask the question is completely wrong, so his reaction out of control。
I was asked a question of passion, I'm talking about is my own。
Chelsea coach you to the problem, but it became 'Mourinho said you were a clown'。 Perhaps the reporters who want to say, because I can say cowards, in fact, I was talking about myself。
"Whether a champion or fight four major tyrannical and how many will be involved in the competition for the brightest among marshal, reporters contrast to fan the flames a little about it, even the topic of the dispute will not lead to less energy。 Conti recently said: "I just lost a game, I do not see why you would treat me so, I want to say that every day after class, why other coaches lose when nothing had?"On the other hand, are very prominent in the overall purchasing power of the Premier League, transfers between investment and major signings will become tyrannical point can be discussed。
For example, Sanchez change Mkhitaryan, around the performance of the two, it can lead to numerous topics to。 Sanchez Mourinho really worth spending a huge price Hao smashed it?Mkhitaryan is not being used Mike Mussina waste?Sanchez is not good enough for Arsenal?And between Qi Jiang and Zhu Qiang compete over transfer targets, ultimately, within such a change in top PK- Loukakou and Morata, Matic, Debu Lao, Salah……Various signings certainly hope that their best use, whether it is "reasonable to expensive" or "cheap"; but also high-priced signings staring at the opponent, if the performance is not good, can initiate a natural Fan attacks。
But how could the players every game to come up with an excellent performance of it?Another nice players, but also always been "caught" when。 And if the round had been "caught" players, such stringent requirements naturally be sustained。
  Now in this era, social media ever developed, information channels is very large, the propagation speed is very fast。
Players and coaches are increasingly placed in a full range of "pick and choose" among the highest in the Premier League, let alone the attention。
Proud boast of how much time your point of view, poor performance, when there is much reason to blame you。
In this Bayern defender polyethylene Le mouth, "11-year-old children can comment on INS" years, all kinds of things is also not unusual to enlarge。 Some of these will inevitably exaggerated praise, not all critics are reasonable, and some even arbitrary and cake speech, but today's trend is the case, the players and coaches are used to this environment。 After all, football is king in the world results, poor results when the shot is not immune to eat more things。
People feel demands on the players or coaches of "very strict", because you can actually sounded more channels, and hear the sound of the players accused the coach will be more, after all, broadening the communication platform。   Melon a handsome drop points, Manchester City will expose a lot of problems?Mike Mussina can not win, Manchester United will have to solve a lot of trouble?If an entire season of league look down, you may be able to find these problems will not only lose when exposed, but there did not play well to win the game down, but also playing well but losing battle。 We ask for their support of the team's head coach, perhaps not many onlookers it strictly。
  (Sina Sports Hua Valdivia column) original Sina International Football column: On the other articles 🙁 Editor: Buyi Li)。

Why would the clinical manifestations of bowel bleeding bowel bleeding

The reason why stool blood in the stool symptoms of bleeding is often said, causing the stool bleeding a lot, then it's why the clinical manifestations of which bleeding with bowel movements and small series to see why the introduction of bar stool bleeding!Why bleeding stool for blood in the stool, most people are already familiar with, stool blood refers to blood in the stool, mainly due to the esophagus, stomach, intestinal bleeding。 Digested blood, stool can be represented as a dark red solution (paste), black colors。 It is a common symptom of anorectal。 Many causes of bowel bleeding, including disease from the lower digestive tract; also including those from upper gastrointestinal diseases and hematology。
Anorectal diseases caused by blood in the stool, part of the lower gastrointestinal bleeding。 In general, blood in the stool is just a symptom of the disease, not a separate disease。
To accurately analyze the causes of bowel bleeding, to be combined with other clinical manifestations, trace the root, a comprehensive understanding of comprehensive inspection and analysis, in order to make the correct diagnosis。
1, blood in the stool hemorrhoids which occur in the blood in the stool after defecation or stools, blood red, the blood does not mix with feces。
2, anal fissure stool bowel bleeding why red blood, tissue or wipe falling, anal pain, anal fresh socket。 3, gastrointestinal disease tarry stool bowel movements or in black and red, the plurality of upper gastrointestinal bleeding site; if pure red color, are mostly lower digestive tract bleeding。 4, colorectal cancer blood in the stool。

Stomach bloating how it was self-rated health

As people's living standards pricey, eating three high technology, modern stomach has become a common problem in everyday life we want to do preventive work。
In fact, the stomach can self-test, the following small series to follow the next test their stomach is healthy。 1 Test gastrointestinal health self-test: whether always wanted, consciously heartburn, vomiting acidic water, do not feel hungry, eat something to feel stomach fullness, dry mouth, bitter, astringent and accompanied by smell, or dilute stool or dry or poor。
Stomach bloating how it is healthy self-test diagnostics: The patient often after a meal 30?Stomach pain began 60 minutes; ulcer patients often after meals 3?Beginning 4 hours stomach; stomach pain caused by chronic gastritis irregular, pain location is not fixed, when the pain and stop time。
Prescription: that the fundamental way to protect the gastrointestinal support, and the best go to bed after 3 hours; maintain a regular diet, do not eat too much, hunger satiety; avoid drinking alcohol, tea and; not eat spicy food ; pay attention to water and food hygiene。 Recommended: supine method abdomen, knees bent, stacked two hands, placed on the abdomen to the navel as the center, clockwise massage 5 minutes to a warm feeling appropriate, forced light after advised。