What kind of little girl grow taller fast adolescent dietary recommendations

4, Lotus pork ribs 300 grams, 50 grams sago, the leaves a, 30 g, 15 ml wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, soy sauce, the amount。1, the ribs washed, chopped into pieces, boiled in boiling water at picked up, rinse blood; sago washed with water。
2, ribs pumping mix with peanut butter, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, soy, pickled tasty, wrapped in uniform sago。3, lotus leaf shop in the steamer, put sago ribs, and steam for 40 minutes to Serve。Pork ribs provide human physiological activities necessary for high-quality protein, fat, especially rich in calcium can maintain bone health。
Efficacy pork ribs further with nourishing yin, essence of blood。
5, loofah porridge ribs, ribs 150 grams, gourd 120 grams, 100 grams of mushrooms, each of pepper, ginger, salt, sesame oil。
1, peeled and cut into pieces loofah; washed mushrooms cut into pieces; ribs washed, boiled fish out of water; washed rice soaked in water 30 minutes。2, set the fire pot, add the water, ribs, ginger, skim foam fire to boil, turn simmer for 1 hour, neutralized with open Simmer rice, the sub-simmer 20 minutes。
What little girl eating long high speed 3, remove the ginger, gourd into pieces, mushrooms block, transferred to salt, pepper, and cook for 10 minutes, sesame oil Linru。
Ribs can provide physiological activities necessary for high-quality protein, fat, especially rich in calcium can maintain healthy bones。When this dish, ribs should first add water, lit to boil and then put out the taste of rice, can avoid stick pan, and taste better。6, chicken skin mixed。

Mouth ulcers oral ulcers what to eat what to eat fruit

Mouth ulcers oral ulcers what to eat in our lives is very common, many people have happened, and although not a serious illness, but it is difficult Well, then, what to eat with mouth ulcers and mouth ulcers of the small series to see what to eat We introduce!What a mouth ulcers eat, Licorice tea lotus formula: lotus seeds 15 grams, 2 grams of licorice, green tea, 5 grams。
Method: the composition together into the cup, into the water immersion。
Effect: a pure heart Xiere。 Usage: tea-drinking。 Second, through bamboo grass green Congee recipe: fresh bamboo leaves 10 grams, through the grass framed grams, grams of licorice, green beans 30 grams, 150 grams of rice。 Method: short bamboo, through the grass, licorice, chopped into gauze bags, add water were placed together with mung bean, rice for 30 minutes to simmer made porridge。
Oral ulcer eat what effect: heat purging fire, detoxifying sore。 Usage: sooner or later pie。 Third, lotus root carrot drink formula: number of raw radish, lotus root 500 grams。
Method: On both smashed twisted take juice。

Cervical erosion second time four common inspection methods

Cervical erosion is plagued by many women of common gynecological diseases, but pay no attention to diagnosis easy to miss the timing of treatment delay treatment, the following small series to introduce specific cervical erosion second time to check some of。
Cervical erosion second time to check how 1, cervical erosion second time to check how: colposcopy can quickly find invisible disease, take a biopsy of suspicious sites in colposcopy, can significantly improve the accuracy of biopsy。 2, gynecological examination: examination of the cervix size, shape, texture, thickness of the cervical canal, whether there is contact bleeding, followed by inspection of the vulva, vagina, uterus and uterine tissue。 3, cervical smears: cervical smears as routine gynecological examination, simple, cost-effective, is the most important anti-cancer screening examinations and the preferred screening method。 Pathological examination of cervical biopsy pathology cervical biopsy is the basis for diagnosis of cervical cancer。
After cervical cancer screening method which uses a 3% -5% acetic acid solution cervical smear: cervical erosion second time four common inspection method 4, iodine test and visual inspection methods。
Observation cervical epithelial reaction to acetic acid, and then white lesion biopsy。
In addition to the preferred treatment of cervical erosion only, not to hurt the cervix, breaking the traditional repair cervix new concept, as currently the most advanced methods of cervical disease treatment, BBT ablation has good tissue penetration, the energy accumulated in the diseased tissue dermis, in the case not to hurt the normal tissue, to selectively eliminate disease。 The introduction of BBT ablation, effective treatment of cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps and other cervical diseases。

Baby to sleep at night not matter how these methods let the baby sleep soundly

Baby do not sleep at night how the matter?Some babies have to sleep at night, which makes mothers very worried, you know in the end that the baby does not sleep at night how it's going?The following night network come to you talk about how the baby is going to sleep at night not。
Baby to sleep at night without sleep how it conditions the newborn not sleep at night because of sleep may lead to poor conditions。
Baby sleep uncomfortable, too many blankets, diapers are wet or too tight, etc., will let the baby sleep well, I have been crying。Calcium deficiency newborns do not sleep at night may be due to calcium deficiency, so that your baby sleep at night instability, in this case calcium is necessary and timely for the baby。
If the baby before going to bed hungry, do not eat, certainly I do not want to sleep, have been crying。
Your baby is small, certainly not distinguish time, I do not know should sleep at night。For him, to eat is the last word。
Baby to sleep at night not matter how sick newborns do not sleep at night, probably because the baby's body appeared abnormal, sick he would also lead to sleep。Mom had better pay attention to this case, and if found to be normal, necessary and timely to the hospital for check-ups with your baby。Too much sleep during the day and sleep during the day so that the newborn is not sleeping at night, but also affect the quality of sleep at night baby。Thus, during the day, parents can play more than the baby, do not let your baby to sleep all day eating。Some sleep less during the day, at night it is easy to quiet the baby to sleep。

What are the benefits of push-ups not only training the muscles

Such a person muscle strength and function of internal organs are often not strong, physical strength is not good。
These people fit exercise is walking, climbing stairs,, fat burning and so on to make sport。 Diet should avoid overeating, eat sweets, eat less high fat content of food, but intake of high protein food。
Third, in a standard human body weight range of which the upper arm, hip to the thigh and abdominal fat than standard human。 No problem as long as the muscles and joints, can participate in any sport, such as: playing, swimming, horse riding, better。
But if usually not regular exercise, you can not suddenly strenuous exercise。
The former should be doing each exercise before doing warm-up exercises and gymnastics, strengthening muscles。
Just pay attention to the balanced diet, moderate food intake, eat supper, but the amount of intake of fatty foods can contain。 Fourth, various parts of the body skinfold thickness is too thick, overweight people in daily life, climb a few stairs will "breathless"。
Such people should do more aerobic exercise and swimming and more, you can burn fat。
Often do static stretching exercises to strengthen the musculoskeletal。
Also like to remind you that due to the obesity has a tendency to make blood pressure before exercise, and pay attention to the correctness of the action, but do not over-do intense exercise, poor physical condition necessary to stop the movement, not be too hasty。 The diet must not be excessive dieting。 A day to eat 840-1260 coke (200-300 cards) calorie food to ensure nutritional balance。
Sugar is not drastically reduced, so as not to decrease blood sugar, increase the sense of fasting。 In short, no matter what way and means to exercise must abide by a principle, which is "person to person" and step by step。
The correct approach 1, the general benefits of push-ups push-ups push-ups this is what we are most commonly used push-ups, using both hands slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together, chest tighten waist and abdomen, then elbow drops the center of gravity close to the chest fast 1 cm ground position, pause, and then concentrated pectoralis major force pushing up fast。
This is our most popular push-ups in general, the pectoralis major exercise。
2, this narrow-pitch narrow push-ups from the above is based on the distance between the hands holding shoulder width, the same as other essentials posture and posture of the operation。
Narrow push-ups from the main exercise the pectoralis major and arms raphe。
For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

Mild cervical erosion diet principles and therapeutic side

Cervical erosion, a female friend must not ignore it, we are very worried for cervical erosion, check out information about the symptoms of cervical erosion as soon as possible, so help treat the disease, can be diagnosed with cervical erosion, there are many ways, life to Note understanding。
What mild cervical erosion therapeutic approach is, let's introduce you to。 1, Houttuynia pot lung。
Fresh Houttuynia 60 grams, about 200 grams lung, the lung was cut into block。
Washing for removing foam extrusion, add water soup, with little seasoning salt, food drink lung field。
2, verbena liver evaporated。
60 g of fresh Verbena (3D g dried), liver 60-100 grams, cut into small pieces the verbena, liver slices, after mixing with the carrier tile dish, steam cooked take。 1 day。 Mild cervical erosion diet principles and therapeutic side patients with mild cervical erosion diet principles Note 1.Should pay attention to eating light, eat more fruits and vegetables and light food such as lean meat, chicken, eggs, quail eggs, grass carp, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, melon, mushrooms, tofu; 2.Not eat spicy or bland food, will increase because of pelvic congestion, inflammation, or cause excessive uterine muscle contraction, the symptoms get worse, such as chili, pepper, garlic, onion, ginger and so on; 3.Heat longan, red dates, gelatin, royal jelly, etc., coagulation and hormone-containing food ingredients have to eat。

Family documentary feature film "taste of home-veterans' heritage red Family Style

Shenyang Xinhua News Agency November 1 (Reporter Li Zheng) produced by the Liaoning Television Arts Center family documentary feature film "taste of home-veterans" to show a new China fought a bloody war veterans family story now, in the tradition of family tradition in the red nourish people's spiritual heights, widely acclaimed by the audience。 "Taste of home-veterans" Each episode documents the story of a veteran's family。 In mid-2015 ninety-three parade broadcast, there is a screen for 5 seconds on a freeze in Tiananmen Gate salute veterans who shot countless people infected。 Known as the "salute veterans" old comrades called Shi Baodong, his family story also appears in the "taste of home-veteran" in the。
As war veterans, medals Shi Baodong like him to get hurt as much negative。
He said the army melting pot of forging him, he always gratitude party Well, uh army, parenting grace。 Said recall the history of the old military experience: "Party members and cadres first charge, so we had convinced, your life really ah。 "So he actively join the party, so he can join as a party of commandos that is death squads。 In the history of the old "military family", the six children five are a soldier, and his son saw a big hole in his chest by a bullet breakdown, read the noble faith of a soldier, military complex in the bud rooted in the hearts of。
History old told the children: "States have a home, so you, as future generations of historians, must go to the army。
Defending the homeland is my set of house rules。 "According to Liaoning Television Arts Center, the" taste of home-veterans' families now by focusing on veterans stories, show their unique family tradition grown up after the revolution, the expectations for veterans through the values of family, philosophy of life, etc. red family tradition of true record of the idea, inspired by the world passes。 According to reports, "the taste of home-veterans' director footprint throughout China, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places to dig out a lot of touching family stories of veterans, a large collection of precious historical data, and the wonderful story of veteran families in focus zoom lens under。
This temperature profile both bones have been aired on a program received wide praise from the audience。 Internet message in the audience, the "good subject", "do not forget history", "Today's hard-won happy life", "veteran family tradition is not the same," These are high frequency words。 Editor: Fei Fan。

Zuckerberg recently frenzied sell-off of shares to buy Facebook 2.$ 500 million

February 24 evening news, Facebook, chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) recently sold a lot of stock, cash hundred million dollars。
The latest data show that this year February 23, Zuckerberg at an average price of $ 22 per share to sell the shares of Facebook stock, cash of about $ 40 million。
February 22, Zuckerberg at an average price per share sold a million shares of Facebook stock, cash of about $ 81.8 million。
February 20, Zuckerberg at an average price of $ 22 per share to sell the shares of Facebook stock, cash of about $ 38.8 million。
February 16, Zuckerberg at an average price per share sold a million shares of Facebook stock, cash of about $ 43.7 million。 February 15, Zuckerberg at an average price per share sold a million shares of Facebook stock, cash of about $ 43.9 million。 Zuckerberg announced in mid-2015, he decided to donate 99% of its shares held by Facebook to charity。
In addition to Zuckerberg, Facebook other directors and executives recently also dumped stock。

These will be poisoned eat when drinking, be sure to keep in mind (1)

  39-year-old citizen Xiasha Chow after dinner, appeared in skin irritation, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms, he rushed to the Hospital of Zhejiang Province Xiasha district hospital emergency trauma center for treatment。  By asking, Mr. Zhou learned that the medical staff who have taken the same day cefaclor sustained-release capsules, and after inspection found that in addition to the systemic symptoms such as rash, fall in blood pressure is also evident Chow。
Doctors diagnosed Chow happened anaphylactic shock, immediately let him supine, and the establishment of intravenous access, add volume, while his anti-allergy infusion, anti-shock drugs。
  After a series of aggressive treatment, Mr. Zhou gradually stable condition, the body no other discomfort after discharge。Doctors repeatedly asked Zhou to go home rest, non-alcoholic drink and other food。
  Admissions doctor said emergency trauma center, thanks to Chow after feeling unwell, to the hospital in time, this may therefore lost their lives。Because anaphylactic shock occurs suddenly and often very violent, if not in time, often life-threatening。
  In fact, there are a lot of people, like Chow, normally think what is common cephalosporin drugs, even if not read the instructions, do not understand the precautions, the problem is not large, however, this little careless, it may make you killed。  After five clinical pharmacists to remind the public to take friends in the cephalosporins and during withdrawal?7 days should be prohibited from drinking or eating products containing ethanol, ethanol and do not use topical skin disinfectant scrub or cooling, or are likely to cause disulfiram-like reaction, and even lead to serious consequences。  The doctor said: "the patients taking drugs like cephalosporins, upon contact with alcohol, is likely to lead to 'disulfiram-like reaction', i.e. in vivo" accumulation of acetaldehyde 'reaction, clinically manifested as facial and body skin flushing , conjunctival hyperemia, blurred vision, dizziness, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, chest tightness, shortness of breath, sweating, difficulty breathing, confusion, tachycardia, hypotension, acute heart failure, acute liver injury, myocardial infarction , anaphylactic shock and even death。
"So, how to identify the occurrence and of OD 'disulfiram-like reaction'?Doctors advise to observe three signs: First, a large amount of alcohol liquor sudden impatience, and second, after fasting drink more "caught" and the third is drunk immediately attack, and ordinary drunk often reticent to go through the excitement Finally, the sleeping process。
  Further, usually a large amount of alcohol, the elderly, children and patients with liver disease is more likely to occur "disulfiram-like reaction" and a withdrawal cephalosporins?2 weeks there will still reaction。
Therefore, in the medication and are not drinking within two weeks after the withdrawal, but also pay attention to avoid some foods or drugs containing alcohol, such as wine chocolate, Huoxiangzhengqi water, alcoholic beverages, etc.。
  Pharmacy doctors, can cause disulfiram-like reaction following two classes of drugs, the public in taking these commonly used drugs, do remember Prohibition。
  First, the antibiotics: 1, cephalosporins, ceftriaxone, cefoperazone, cefoperazone – sulbactam, moxalactam, cefmetazole, cefminox cefonicid, cefazolin, cefamandole, cefmenoxime, cefotiam, etc.。Wherein up report Cefoperazone Disulfiram-like reactions, the most sensitive。
  2, imidazoles metronidazole, tinidazole, etc.。
  3, other antimicrobial drugs furazolidone, ketoconazole。  Second, hypoglycemic agents: chlorpropamide, tolbutamide, phenformin, glyburide, glipizide, etc.。

Eat what you want longevity?These longevity methods available to everyone (1)

  Human life is limited, but we can be subsistence lifestyle through diet and proper。
So, what food to eat can live longer too?Let us look at macrobiotic diet。
  "Three white" – salt, sugar, fat, too much salt easily lead to increased blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, also increases the burden on the kidneys。In general, a daily salt intake of 6 grams is appropriate。  Sugar is an essential basis of material, but excessive intake easily lead to high blood pressure, obesity, liver damage。When cooking method, can be poured soup, thicken or boiled foods dipped in sauce to eat, the sweet and salty taste of the food surface in shallow ground floor, only to meet one's appetite, without causing sugar, salt intake excess。  Animal fats exacerbate hardening of the arteries, increased cholesterol, can not eat, but they can not eat。
In the edible oil 25 grams per person per day?30 g premise, vegetable oil and animal fat ratio of 10: 7 preferably。
  "Three black" – mushrooms, black fungus, black rice anti mushrooms can prevent cancer, especially mushrooms, there is dissolution of cholesterol, it can be fat, serum cholesterol, preventing osteoporosis。The most important "black and green with" the practice of burning rapeseed mushrooms。  Black fungus is a natural anticoagulant, there is blood, blood, the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, it is recommended that only eat about twice a week。  Black rice looks into the dark, nutrient-rich, the "Black Pearl" and "World rice king" in the world, especially for backache knees soft, limb weakness of the elderly, so there are black rice "rice drugs," said。The black rice boiled fragrance glossy, black rice Ruannuo palatable, easily digested, but also has a good tonic。
  Before the way of doing the morning, you can spend two or three minutes to hand Mama forehead, around back and forth about a thirtieth, and then up and down Keya about thirty times, this is conducive to brain and solid teeth。
  Do near trot after getting a 200, do not underestimate the 200 meters if we can stick to it, is over seventy kilometers a year, saved up but also physical effects。  Down on the use of the opportunity, and you can make a two-step by step, long stick, facilitates the training of renal function, play a role of physical fitness。  Often people who work at the computer, the time might stretch, it is also very good。
Stretching can cause a strong contraction of the muscles of the body most of the blood is back to the heart, increasing blood volume。
  "Looked up" is the advice of some medical experts often bow to work。
Why do I say so?Because the bow to work long hours, and easily lead to cervical spine problems and muscle tension and pain in the back, etc.。People who work often bow to always lift the rise, you can increase lung capacity and inhale more air, reduce muscle tension in the head and neck and chest。
  Before going to bed can go to breathe the air a few minutes, look at the activities, this is conducive to sleep quality, sleep quality is good, people are more spirit and energy。
  Tuiqin human longevity, why do you say so?Some of the cardiologists in the name of medical consultation for the elderly found that after checking the patient's thigh, thigh muscular man found, there will be a strong heart, otherwise there would be no。If the person is not diligent, less active, the body's metabolic rate will slow down, aging is inevitable, the organ will gradually degenerate。Therefore, people to 45 years of age, leg muscles will begin to slack。Therefore, we should pay attention to the leg exercise after middle age。