Bundesbank monthly QE will buy 10 billion euros bonds

China Securities News Network news, according to foreign media on the 13th, the German central bank [microblogging], a senior official said the German central bank every month to buy about 10 billion euros of German government bonds, which will be launched in March, the European Central Bank quantitative easing part of the measures。  Last month, the ECB announced a quantitative easing policy aimed at curbing inflation is expected to decline and prices declining trend。The plan includes the purchase of each month about 60 billion euros of securities, mostly government bonds and private sector assets。  Germany's central bank is responsible for matters relating to the trading operations officer Andre Bartholomae said, there are many details to be noted, also includes details of the purchase of negative yield bonds。German government bonds earnings shorter period (up to five) are negative rate。This means that the German central bank to buy bonds from the outset to withstand negative returns, which will cause losses。  Germany's central bank director Bartholomae market in an interview that the ECB will need to decide whether to buy if there is only one offer, or appear only in a few cases was purchased under the offer。He also said that pricing also needs more details。In addition, Bartholomae also said that late in the project, the supply of certain term government bonds in the secondary market will be reduced。Bartholomae said Ideally, buy bonds of all maturities, liquidity and reflects the specific part of the。

BlackRock: Emerging market valuations lower than developed markets 35%

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News Beijing 22 morning news, the Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates unchanged last week, the suspension into the rate hike cycle, mainly due to the risk of inflation from the outside and remains in the doldrums。The world's largest investment management firm BlackRock (BlackRock), chief global investment strategist and chief model portfolio and Las Koesterich solutions business executives believe there are some opportunities for US stocks utilities sector and reaffirms bullish on emerging markets。  Utilities sector is often seen as a substitute for bonds is very sensitive to interest rates。If interest rates rise, utility stocks generally fell。BlackRock pointed out that long-term interest rates are now apparent lack of upward momentum, and this year the utilities sector has significantly lagged behind other sectors, so you can consider increasing exposure to this sector。  BlackRock believes the best opportunities in emerging markets, especially in Asian emerging markets。  With the global markets stabilize, the Zhou Xinxing market funds appear inflows of $ 200 million, a net inflow of funds for nearly three weeks slightly wounded。  Koesterich said: "Now to talk about emerging markets bottomed out a little early, then probably there will be further volatility, but valuations are now very attractive。"Koesterich noted that in the recent lows, emerging market equities book value of less than 1.3 times, the lowest level since the financial crisis, 35% discount compared to developed markets, the largest gap in 12 years。  "For the present, no or only very few emerging market equities held by investors, now may be a good time to start gradually Jiancang," Koesterich case said。(Tony compilation)

Men's open live "Looking rescue Rangers' room: Rangers is Rangers

Cai Yan red ball, which is his life's unexpected events。
  The most uncomfortable time in the summer。 Mosquitoes buzzing all night, leaving him in large and small packages。 Hot summer, the sun a day the car more unbearably hot。 In order to fuel the money, he rarely air conditioning。 If the middle of the night too hot, he would wash my face。
When I want to take a bath shampoo, to find a small field of personal brush with a towel。
  Mimicking his ascetic life, but he did not intend to stop。 His brother suffers from epilepsy, "not as good as ordinary childhood intelligence"。 In the 17-year-old brother of the first month of that year, the family relatives New Year。 Rainy day, a pedestrian umbrella, but the road curved around he's lost。 Brother lost。
That time was a teenager Cai Yan ball together with the family to find a full three days。 But when my brother came back, he had "to die"。
  Cai Yan ball sometimes think, who can help if there were lost brother, my brother is still alive and well maybe。   Before broadcast career began, he and liabilities due to changes in his home, a small business run outside year round。
For a while, his business in the morning, in the afternoon helped the Rangers return home。 As a result, "the business did not do a good job, Rangers did not help."。
  Do live until a friend give advice, he knows can live tramp relief。
A friend told him that if someone presents a reward, he can get some subsidies。
Nothing will Cai Yan ball started too difficult。
The home of his wife and two daughters to rely on him to feed。
He has yet to pay off debt。   He did not take the initiative to be a gift to the fans because of shyness, but each time he is very happy to receive a gift。 That guarantee the basic needs of his wife and children, but also the material basis he continues to look for homeless。   In addition to gifts between live, Cai Yan ball rarely accept other gifts。
His fans witnessed two years, Cai Yan ball several times rejected the Rangers handed to relatives thanks to a red envelope。
Avoidance in the course of a red envelope, Cai Yan ball accidentally stepped on a nail board, also hurt foot。 Fans want to give him crowdfunding change a good quality car, he refused, preferring to borrow money, the loan。
  "The cow is stubborn。 "50-year-old Shi Zhengyi water when Cai Yan ball launched two months to become the audience。 Impressed him that this is the first "stubborn cow" just do not give up less than methods have been exhausted, sometimes for ten and a half to find a homeless expense。
  Compared to succeed, the process of looking helpless More。 Guangdong Cai Yan ball had helped two 20-year-old boy。
The next day, when he was ready to drive the boy to the station, but found them to buy the tickets the day before the money was squandered them in the cafe。 He persuade these young people, three days later, the young man still sit deck of Internet cafes, until tickets run out of money。 One of the injured leg, but would rather play games, I do not want to take the money home treatment。
  So that more fans can not forget is the "dance man"。
He lives in a residential flats, the surrounding residents with daily free-range animals sleep together, unaware of his pungent taste。
Hungry, went next to the trash looking for food。
In his small room, neatly placed to pick up the blankets, clothing。 However, he did not know how to wear a cap, he slept on the bare wood。   He directed the ball Cai Yan laughed, but said nothing。
Cai Yan ball once thought he would not speak。 Until three days later, when there is music outside Cai Yan ball, I see a glimmer of hope。 Rangers dancing limbs awkwardly with the music, also sang along babbling。 "Dance man" name of the resulting。
  Cai Yan ball can do so far。
He could not ask more info。
Even this short walk across the street a few meters, are easily irritated brother dance。
Two weeks later, Cai Yan ball had to leave the dance with brother。
These have not been successfully sent home the Rangers, into a section of notes in the form of pictures and location is stored in his cell phone records in。   "I am an ordinary person。
"He repeatedly emphasized。 He did not have the ability to help each Rangers scattered in the urban fringe。
He can only play a huge country where "small patch", will be reflected to a local rescue shelter。
To borrow from the official power of the shelter these people Rootlessness。 Cai Yan Ball said: "My personal ability is very small, they really need to help all forces in society。 "This idea is also to implement Cai Yan ball choose 'housekeeping' (generally between live, the brush gift to a certain amount, the fans will anchor administrator privileges can gag, manage ordinary fans – Reporters note) in the standard。 Cai Yan ball just look at the enthusiastic fans can help maintain the studio, looking for clues Rangers origin, to decide whether to give him "housekeeping"。 31 "housekeeping" and now has become the ordinary people, "Gur" of superhuman powers, to help him resolve the lonely traveling companion, even more than his ability seekers。
  Live signal hoisted by a huge network, are more and more homeless Douzhu。 Cai Yan ball between the fans and the general live with very different age structure: the majority over 30 years old, working-class, there is little "Tyrant"。   Before becoming Cai Yan ball fans, they are not too concerned about the homeless life appears。
But now, some fans take the initiative to provide clues to him, and according to Cai Yan ball way helped the Rangers return home。 When Cai Yan ball encounters Rangers said he did not understand the dialect, fans far apart is his translation。
Once the trail Rangers home appearance, fans like Cai Yan ball "mobile secretary", starting with looking for possible information, clues, one by one to verify。
  Cai Yan ball equally look at these homeless, and sometimes "forget them taste"。 His fans are also infected, the Rangers took the initiative to bring food to send to drink discovered, rather than through their noses fast。
  "Gur (Cai Yan ball) let me see, Rangers is the Chinese people the bottom。
After we watched the live two years, I feel they are very kind, dignified, not begging to you。 They just could not find my way home。
"Zou Lu fans describe his views on Rangers。
  It is the farmers, small businessmen Cai Yan ball had never experience the sense of accomplishment。 "I became a public figure from an ordinary small bar。
"Cai Yan ball tramp said he was 'homeless' seventy thousand kilometers, but the road is still unknown。
He was not sure how long the journey will last。 "I want to spend more time with his family and children。 After the Rangers could very little time, I went home。 "Cai Yan also faces awkward ball on identity: neither public officials nor the volunteers will have when looking for, contact family trouble。 Difficulties in life still exist。 Two children must go to school, at home, the cost may rise。 But among the fans always want to live, he can stick to it。
  At least, Cai Yan is now looking for the ball, rescue the road in high spirits。
He remembered, there was a homeless out 20 years。 When his brother arrived overnight, Cai Yan ball to know that the Rangers of old parents "have been looking for 20 years in the street."。
At that time, Cai Yan ball with their families are excited to tears。
He thought, if they can return to the lost brother of that year, he hopes to meet a brother, "Cai Yan ball" for him, and sent him home。   China Youth Daily reporter Hu-Ning Youth Online。

Women's health care tips for your health

Means of transport more convenient, greatly reducing the chance of people walking, in fact, walking is the best type of exercise, not violent, and very easy to do, just sit less a station car, and more on the toilet several times, even in the office where you can also go directly coworkers to talk about things and do not call。 Diet articles 10.Reduce salt intake of excessive salt intake not only causes osteoporosis, hypertension and other health problems, but also make your skin aging, wrinkles。 According to the study, reducing salt in the diet will naturally fall in love with vegetables and fruits, also very good for weight loss, but also reduce the per half kilogram blood pressure is also reduced by some women have a family history of hypertension must pay attention。 11.2000 ml of water to drink every day physiologists tell us that each person needs each day 1500?About 2000 ml of water。
Water can not only wash the gastrointestinal, but also to help digestion, promote appetite。
Drink more people, the incidence of constipation and stones will be relatively low, the skin is better。
12.Meal less water you can drink a little water in the course of a meal to a lubricant, but after dinner, do not drink anything, whether it is to drink water, tea or fruit juice will affect the digestion of food, it is best to wait until after 1 hour drink。
Life chapter 13.7 cm high heels limit women's health is a little common sense is not all high heels are bad for your health, high-heeled shoes "health limit" at 7 cm, if more than 7 cm will cause the body forward, will increase the burden on the feet, would caused many orthopedic diseases。
Therefore, the height of the heel is preferably 7 cm or less。 14.Stay up no more than 2 times a week old, after staying up late will be more difficult to restore energy and high spirits, even if no matter how busy work, socialize more, weekly and do not stay up late more than 2 times, and recommended that all arrangements for half an hour a day nap time, allowing the body to get adequate rest is good health。
For more information, please visit Health 6681 health network!。

Asking too much!Portugal play both sides of the Moroccan actually have 11 "Frenchman"

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 20: Russia's 2018 World Cup Group B, Portugal against Morocco。Interestingly, all the players in two teams, and yet there are as many as 11 people born in France。Morocco has long been in the history of France's overseas colonies, so there are a lot of players born in France, Morocco and the effectiveness of selection。In Morocco, 23 people set off the World Cup, there are 8 people born in France, including Tia Burnett defender, midfielder Beierhanda, and Seth, this Nasser, Harriet, da Costa, Buta Yi cloth, Fayi Er。In Portugal, 23 people, there are three players born in France。Including goalkeeper Lopez, midfielder Adrian – Silva and the main left-Houwei Ge Herrero。Indeed, all players in the World Cup, as many as 50 were born in France, of which 29 were selected to play for other countries, and another 21 were representatives of France played (France array 2 people not born in the country , respectively, was born in Cameroon and Umm al-Titi was born in the Congo Mandanda)。The effectiveness of 29 people in other countries, there were many big players, including Argentina's Higuain, Senegal defender Coulibaly, etc.。World Cup as many as 50 players born in France of 28 people, Brazil ranks second in France this data so that dwarfs all other countries, only 28 were ranked second in Brazil, Sweden and Germany 25, Spain 24。

60,000 + Chinese fans watching the World Cup to Russia Russian officials: There are not enthusiastic home team

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Russia highly anticipated 2018 World Cup countdown has entered the final stage, according to Russian state news agency ITAR-TASS reported, although the Chinese team did not reach the World Cup race, but there are still more than 60,000 Chinese fans will travel to Russia to watch the World Cup。Chairman of the Russia-China Tourism Association Yuri – Tusuerkan said in an interview with Tass: "This statement is the case of China we did not anticipate, although the Chinese team not to participate in the competition, but the Chinese fans are still interested in World Cup full。According to the statistics of our association, there are about 60,000 to 70,000 or so fans in China will be Russia match。"At the same time, general manager of the Russian Federation Igor Ivanov said the bus company said they will provide free round-trip ticket to host a number of matches between the cities of fans during the World Cup, Ivanov said they have received many Chinese fans reservation request。In the 44 issued.40,000 free tickets, the number of Russian fans in the first row, while Colombia and Argentina are ranked second and third, the number of Chinese fans in the sixth place。

Quick Weight Loss aerobics balance

Exercise has been able to limit the spread, because its action is simple and effective, not only for people of all ages to practice, there are not many weather and venue。 Everyone can easily achieve the ultimate extent they can be achieved, although tired but good value。
Practice balance exercises, can improve brain balance organs capability, physical fitness, and weight loss。 The method is as follows。 (1) legs with leg stretched balance balance control ① before preparation: legs together, knees squat。 Arms elbow reach。 The lower left hand, palm up, and right palm and hailing back Impossible。
Visual fist。
Quick Weight Loss Exercise With regular aerobics balance: left leg straight steady support, right leg bent on lifting, the foot pointed, rapid upward move extended precursor, legs straight, shoulders above the foot Bengzhi。 On the move the legs close to the upper body。
Variable fist palm, rotating the right rear swing arm supporting the arcuate palm, palm back; spin left arm, left palm to the top of the left swing arc flash palm head straight arm, foot visually。 ② overturned kicking preparation: a support leg straight, left leg bent on stripping, left hand holding the left heel。
Visual front body。 Positive Exercise With: connect action, move the left arm elbow to the top of the left foot lift head, left leg straight, left hook toe, toe to the right。
Upper body upright。 Straight ahead。

Bacterial vaginosis usually should pay attention to what bacterial vaginosis Notes

Woman will inevitably encounter a trouble: gynecological diseases always "love look for a job."!If a female friend daily diet is not the law, there is a bad habit of daily life, it is easy to find the door gynecological diseases!So, for our health, bacterial vaginosis usually should pay attention to what kind of how it can prevent bacterial vaginosis with a look。 You should know the dangers of bacterial vaginosis 1, increase the risk of women with AIDS suffer from bacterial vaginosis AIDS virus into the body to provide a convenient channel, greatly increasing the infectious HIV, so female friends must attention, once suffering from AIDS, life is also a dead end。
2, may lead to other complications when women suffer from bacterial vaginosis, it may lead to disseminated bacterial vaginosis, bacterial vaginosis meningitis, spinal cord, spinal nerve root disease, pelvic inflammatory disease and a series of complications。 Women occurrence of these diseases will bring a lot of damage, bacterial vaginosis also have a great relationship with cancer。
3, the impact of family harmony women with bacterial vaginosis, thinking there will be a serious burden for fear of cancer, fear of infection to her husband, with her husband and thus avoid the occurrence of married life, the couple do not want to go with a different life, the best happens sexual dysfunction, it will affect family harmony, and even depression occurs。
4, when the effects of prenatal and postnatal care of women suffering from bacterial vaginosis, the woman's uterus will be infected, pregnant this time, the woman's uterus will cause infection, and finally lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, etc., from these circumstances it seems pregnant women suffering from bacterial vaginosis can affect the prenatal and postnatal care, so women have to be sure to heal after childbirth before pregnancy。 Note prevention of bacterial vaginosis 1, diet should pay attention to your everyday life, one should develop a regular diet, light-based diet should pay attention, do not eat much spicy food, alcoholic and other beverages or wine should drink less or not drink, can best regular physical activity, improve immunity。 2, to develop good living habits to prevent bacterial vaginosis, women must develop good living habits, usually best to use the shower, no tub bath, swimming pool is not within the strict disinfection, avoid the toilet seat public toilets, etc. , clothing should also wear loose cotton underwear, watch washing clothes, to avoid reinfection of bacterial vaginosis。
3, to pay attention to sexual life sex couples must pay attention to good hygiene work, avoid dirty sex life caused by bacterial infection, but also pay attention to contraception, abortion to avoid damage, leading to vaginitis。
Gynecologist told the majority of female friends in life we must pay attention to protect themselves, once found to have vaginitis, be sure to promptly go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment, avoid delay treatment。

Improve the distribution system in China's guiding ideology and objectives of the reform

Stimulate elements of vitality, expand innovation space is still institutional reform and improve the allocation of the general direction of the future。
Reform of the distribution system in our country, we should be vigilant egalitarianism, adhere to distribution according to work, from the system to prevent acts of free possession of the labor of others。 Second, we must guard against populism, not from objective conditions were too high commitment。
■ When complete study of the distribution system (4) ■ show what the red as the guiding ideology of reform and improve the distribution system of our country, not only to a certain extent, the concept of governance, but also reflect the actual situation and grasp of objective laws。 Party Congress report put forward for the first time, let vitality of labor, knowledge, technology, management and capital to unleash allow all sources of social wealth full play to the benefit of the people。 Third Plenary Session of the party's 18 points out, let all labor, knowledge, technology, management, the vitality of capital to unleash allow all sources of social wealth full play, so that more and more equitable development results benefit all the people。 The distribution system must be compatible with economic development in the discussion of solving allocation problems, we must first clearly understand the distribution system and distribution policy function, status and boundaries: economic development can not be divorced unilaterally emphasize the importance of the distribution system, but can not development of speaking, just to solve the problem of distribution from the distribution system。
Forces determine the relations of production, relations of production on productivity can be counterproductive, but this reaction is, after all, second place。 The key long-term in China is still in the primary stage of socialism and within this historical period, we must clearly recognize that the development is still to solve all problems。 For the result of uneven development as reflected in the widening gap allocation, still rely on the continued development – including development, cultivate new momentum to form a new pattern, explore new directions, including micro-flexibility and social underpinning both to encourage innovation and precision poverty marches – to solve the problem fundamentally。
Faced with this gap can not speak on the allocation of distribution, but can not be expected to solve the problems of uneven development of redistribution。 In short, the distribution system and distribution policy can not conquer the world。
Stimulate elements of vitality, expand innovation space is still institutional reform and improve the allocation of the general direction of the future。
Sustained and rapid economic development, the smooth realization of the second century of goals meet the requirements, improve the distribution system reform in our country, we should be vigilant egalitarianism, adhere to distribution according to work, from the system to eliminate free possession of the labor of other people's behavior。
Second, we must guard against populism, not from objective conditions were too high commitment。 Under the new normal, according to "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" the five development concept for the lead, reform and improve the distribution system。
A good distribution system, to reflect a sharing and coordination; Second, we must provide incentives for innovation。
On sharing and coordination, the participants share opportunities to share profit, mutual benefit and win-win, all aspects of economic relations to avoid distortions, sustainable economic development。
The provision of incentives, the distribution of wealth and income to match their participation and social costs, but also to match the risk borne by the endogenous development have power。
Reform of the distribution system to market economic reform and adapt to the modern First, to play to the market in a decisive role in the distribution of income, better play the role of government, as required in the allocation of resources as。
As mentioned earlier, income distribution and resource allocation but the relationship is "one of the two sides," the。 The efficiency of the distribution system depends on whether income distribution and the risks and costs corresponding。 An efficient distribution system, how many actors get to do wealth or income and they assume the risks and costs proportional to。
This is precisely the basic requirements of a modern market economy。 A well-functioning market mechanisms, also requires due diligence and sophisticated government regulation and high efficiency of government services。
Second, a clear understanding of the market mechanism is the most effective mechanism of promoting equal remuneration elements, and thus must be the decisive force in the promotion of equal distribution of income。
In understanding to solve the wealth gap is greater reliance on government machinery or when reliance on market mechanisms, many people are accustomed to admit the former while ignoring the latter, and even tend to blame the widening income gap as market-oriented reforms。 As everyone knows, both in the developed market economy countries or regions in Southeast China take the lead in the development of market economy, the Gini coefficient of income distribution, the ratio of the income gap between urban and rural residents are less。
In other words, the market mechanism more conducive to remuneration as an element of labor income equalization。 Further, the market mechanism is the most effective mechanism for promoting equal elements of remuneration and, therefore, must be to promote equal income distribution of the power of decision。
Third, the problem is not completely market-oriented reforms triggered by the problems inherent in the market mechanism itself strictly separated。 Not due to lack of market-oriented reform has brought widening gap in income distribution, unfair distribution, gray income, corruption and other issues attributed to the inevitable shortcomings of market mechanisms in order to question and even oppose further market-oriented reforms in the policy advocated in favor of more help Some measures to hinder the role of market mechanisms to。
In China at this stage, to break on income distribution "government illusion" to regain "market" confidence。
Direction of income distribution reform is to further accelerate market-oriented reforms。
Too much emphasis on the role of government income distribution, administrative intervention will make for a long time, monopolies and other anti-separation of urban and rural household market, institutional inefficiency continue to reform away from sight。
In fact, they are exactly the number one cause of China's rich-poor gap。
Artificial division and barriers, easy and hinder market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, leading to "market failure", it tends to prevent people from enjoying equal access to opportunities provided by the Government and other public services, resulting in "government failure"。
In this regard, the future need to get rid of the obstacles factor mobility as a key reform of income distribution。
Distribution system to improve governance and national modernization process to adapt to an important manifestation of the modern state, there is sufficient capacity to exercise effective jurisdiction over its nationals and their wealth。
First, neither the income of individuals or organizations to monitor or expropriation and requisition, countries must have sufficient means of information, flow of income, expenditure and wealth flow position and form to record, track, evaluate and confirm。
If our long-term stay in the country governance "and the government unit dealing with individual units dealing with" level, our government long-term stay in the "resident declaration, officials announced approval of administrative licensing" level, faced with increasingly complex transactions, more and more innovative business models, more flexible forms of employment, we have to taxation, payment, expropriation, compensation will be at a loss。
Secondly, the need for a sound legal basis for the rule of law and procedure, carried out at the intergovernmental grading times authorized and defined adjustment of income and wealth distribution, with the reconsideration relief program of compulsory licensing and timely and flexible。 Again, of course, the modern market economy, the rule of law but also the economy。
Transactions between economic agents should follow the autonomy and legitimacy。
Circumvent any monitoring, taxation, unfair competition acts are subject to legal procedure and timely investigation and correction。
Define and protect property rights, enforce contracts, mediate disputes, we need comprehensive legislation and efficient judicial system。 This is the basis to regulate the distribution order。 Pay attention to whether the reform measures to achieve the stated objectives clearly becoming more rational distribution pattern First。
Reasonable proportion of income share of national income increase, the size of government revenue and expenditure system has some redistribution capacity; gradually increase property income; too high in some industries enterprise income has been effectively controlled, the new format income can obtain a policy to encourage both but fair tax; invest, stimulate employment entrepreneurs to effectively reduce the tax burden; the healthy development of social welfare organizations helping the poor and give full play to the function。
Second, the distribution gap narrowing。 Urban and rural, regional, industry, income and wealth distribution gradually narrow the gap, the national income is not acquired because of the identity, residence, gender, ethnicity, wealth creation, there are differences on sharing benefits; income mobility has improved steadily, everyone has through innovation venture equal opportunity to change their own destiny; by 2020 to achieve a comprehensive poverty reduction goals, competition losers, as well as other victims of the plague those with disabilities can get institutionalized social assistance。 Third, stereotypes mature distribution system。 Government policy to protect property rights, stimulate innovation both coordination and stability of the system, adjust the income gap between existing broad public support, there should be flexibility。 Especially through the distribution system of the rule of law, transparency and democratization, eradication of corruption, suppression privilege to combat illegal, protection of competition。 Fourth, the growing middle class。
Eighth session of the Third Plenary need to "increase the income of low-income people, to expand the proportion of middle-income earners, efforts to narrow the urban-rural, regional, industry, income gap, and gradually form a pattern of olive allocation"。
The middle class is the team's long-term stability "ballast stone", is across the "middle income trap" and "propeller"。
About the standard of the middle class, different parties。
Accordance with the standards of the Asian Development Bank in 2013, namely, "the per capita income of 10-100 / day," who。
Even so, the majority of our migrant workers have reached this standard, and means that 70 per cent of the total population has entered the "middle class," which is called "absolute standards"; there is a relatively standard, that "one country, the median household income (median) 60% – 2 times "in the value of those。
Even so, 40% of 2013 to reach this standard to achieve more than the total population of middle-class standard。 The total will reach 52% -53% by 2020 if the annual growth rate of around 6%, when China enters the "middle class" population population。 This standard seems to make the growth prospects of the middle class can pursue our team, it is expected to close, easy to identify。 (Author: National School of Administration Department of Research and Economics)。

Who must be done before pregnancy examination five categories of people most in need

Who must be done?Pre-pregnancy check is very important to a physical examination, especially in these types of people, those who actually do the physical examination must be done before pregnancy?Following small to talk with you exactly what people must do pre-pregnancy physical examination。 Who must do a physical examination before pregnancy, women with a family history of genetic huei knew from an early age, his mother, and she was very young and it was inherited。 Before getting married, but life huei think it needs a little bit more attention, but when she wants to prepare pregnant to know: in a variety of genetic diseases, maternal and perinatal mortality rate of diabetes is much greater than non-diabetic patients。
According to clinical data show that women with diabetes are about 2% of the population suffer from infertility, and their rates can be as high as 15% -30%。 This is because women once they are pregnant, diabetic disease will increase, thereby increasing and fetal, neonatal complications。 [Check] the focus of pregnancy: glucose and glycated hemoglobin。 Of course, not all patients with diabetes are not able to get pregnant。 However, if you have a genetic history, the women in the March pre-pregnancy should stop taking oral hypoglycemic agents, in order to avoid some of the ingredients in the drugs cause birth defects, could be replaced according to the doctor's diagnosis of insulin, blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin at the desired level of control。
Meanwhile, the control diet, reasonable exercise in life, to minimize the complications caused。 Who must be done before pregnancy examination Second, the "extra baggage type" beautiful little beauty is a food goods, almost urban mobile food broadcast station, bring her to eat only regret is that little body fat, she claimed to belong to the "extra padding type "the beauty。
In fact, whether women are too thin or too fat, it will affect the normal pregnancy。 Possibility for obese women, they gave birth to discharge eggs become healthy embryos are really small。 And because obese women caused by polycystic ovary syndrome are prone to make mature follicles difficult, affecting the normal ovulation, resulting in infertility。