Let foreigners kick the habit of Chinese martial arts are his translations!

May 9 electric obsessed with martial arts, a former US diplomat opened a martial arts website, introduce Chinese martial arts to Western readers, the tremendous response。 Because obsessed with martial arts began the translation of the road, the man who discovered the IP network in the online world of Chinese culture, he translated the story for those night bursts in the English-speaking world。
Some people even said, is to accompany the stories of their own to get rid of drug addiction。 He is a former US diplomat Lai Jingping, is now "the martial arts world," founder of the site, he provides network novels translated into voracious readers。 "People are attracted to new things," Lai Jingping said, he came to California at the age of 3 and grew up in the United States。
In the love of martial arts, Lai Jingping started to learn Chinese。 He enrolled at the beginning of Chinese parents to seek help, then he studied international relations at the University of California, Berkeley。
After college, Lai Jingping translation forum in SPCNET popular martial arts, to become a diplomat continues。
The left Laijing Ping (Source: China Weekly) in 2014, Lai Jingping dedicated website a translation of martial arts "martial arts world ()"。 This gave birth to two years of site soon became hardcore "fans" gathering place, as long as the translation of a publication, readers landed read, update and urged translators hurry, "the martial arts world" now has 3.9 million views a day。 "You could say we're spread Chinese culture around the world。 "Ambitious Lai Jingping said he once dreamed of becoming a diplomat, to promote the Sino-US relations。
"This is another way I strengthen bilateral relations。 "When Lai Jingping said to myself resigned diplomats work at the end of 2015, he finally threw himself into his own fascination with the world 10 years ago in the。
Disc in the Chinese time now, Lai Jingping living alone in an apartment in Chengdu, rarely go out, but still often go to see their grandparents。 On Wuxiaworld web sites, web readers from all over the world known for his LordRen, but in the eyes of two elderly people, often said he has been their grandchildren "mediocre"。 In the old house, there are a lot of "old stuff", such as tape and CD discs。 Every time I see these, Lai Jingping will remember childhood time spent with his father 20 years ago in Oklahoma City。 That was in the early 1990s, PhD parents in the United States just to the United States he received soon, with Chinese friends talk about the gap, they often come with a disc from home in Sichuan over, not only Teresa of "Northland spring ", but also" Xiao Fang "and" Loess Plateau "。 Those discs and some hair due to repeat old, has become a "curios" Those living in exotic Chinese often interchangeable。
It was Lai Jingping beyond sporadic Chinese dialogue, the first real taste of Chinese appearance。 In addition, each time returning home from parents will give him some stories tape, the "Three Kingdoms", but also "Water Margin" and other works of storytelling。 Of course, when he did not understand the meaning of those stories carried loyalty。
Mid-1998, the family moved to San Francisco, a live ten years。
Lai Jingping parents thought to send him to Chinese schools, where the teaching content because of "too shallow" and finally gave up。 High school, his first exposure to martial arts and television series, began strongly want to learn Chinese。
But until studying at Berkeley, he accepted the system of Chinese learning Chinese language class he was in the Minor。
When the University of California, Berkeley, School of International Relations to study, in addition to a number of Chinese and American students and the surrounding Lai Jingping no different, until he inadvertently learned martial arts world of Jin Yong and Gu Long。 Because these novels is no good translation, Lai Jingping had to go to various forums to find fragmentary translations, often unable to read because of the limited level of Chinese martial arts frustrated。
This became the direct cause want to translate novels after his graduation。
After a long time, he finally get to know what is dead, what is martial arts and chivalry, and thinking about their relations with China。 Only later did he understand that every literary genre are the product of a particular culture, those martial arts stories, carrying the Chinese people clearly love and hate, fear and pain。
In those chivalrous and steel frame tenderness of the world of words, so he was surprised not only martial arts masterpiece, but also because of the attitude of those heroes of life, and different from secular moral choices。 He likes to "Swordsman" in the wind took, because of the fierce and ambitious style figures, although not understood by the world, but still go its own way, dedicated to the pursuit of their own。 Sometimes, Lai Jingping even feel that he or Happy just like the kind of attitude represented by the three Chinese characters, how much it has affected his way of interaction with others。
The double life of young diplomats in a year after graduating from college, Lai Jingping decided to give up high-paying job at a law firm in Los Angeles, and eventually admitted to the United States Department of State, to be a "civil servant"。 Because so interested in China had chosen international relations, and now he finally get into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and dreams of one day being accredited as a diplomat to the country of his birth。
After that, the young diplomats Lai Jingping rotation began his career in Canada, Malaysia and other places。 In the first year in Kuala Lumpur, he spent as a visa officer at the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Malaysia。 Daily tasks, is sitting at the visa face all kinds of people, they kept asking to go to the purpose of the United States。 Slightly boring tasks so that he was somewhat startled, and sometimes his thoughts will be blown out, imagine the US consulate in Chengdu, twenty years ago, the parents were asked the same question, what kind of scene。 They may hope for the future, some excitement, narrating plans for the future in front of strangers; perhaps they are embarrassed, ill at ease to answer questions after waiting for a reply, as if waiting for a verdict。 In addition to Visa, Lai Jingping is also responsible for the security of US citizens in Malaysia, but also because a case is handled properly, get a Medal of Merit issued by the US government。 Two years later, the US embassy added in Toronto, due to his excellent overall performance and won the Medal of Honor Senior。 The young diplomat at the same time on the career of steady improvement, but has a little-known "Small World"。
Whenever the successful completion of the day's work, he finally returned home, but after a short break, open the computer, start a new job – translate novels。 At that time he often removed from the different forums to discuss the plot and all kinds of martial arts friends, did not expect to in the near future, he will become RWX, and as his official professional translation network novels。 But, he was translated to try and not completed。
Cologne's "The Wandering Moon knife · ·" after the end of the translation put on later wuxiaworld site, while another works of Jin Yong's "Dragon" is because it is too abstruse but ultimately did not escape the fate of the "tails" of。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Self-awareness of blind spots can affect relationships

From the above case, character flaws is reflected in the self-awareness of blind spots, and we all exist in different areas of self-perception of different layers of blind spots。 Survey shows that we can not predict ambassador factor in our happy。
We rarely focus on their own behavior, usually unconsciously to do this, what makes us decide, is what drives us, how will we act and the perception of these, we are somewhat at a loss。 Most ordinary people tend to believe the extent of their own in many ways better than others, of course, will not achieve narcissistic。 But how could everyone better than others?In view of this, most people are difficult to accurately understand their own。 At some point, ignoring also a well-intentioned。 Maybe Bob will think he is very funny, their own entertainment。
But in many ways, self-awareness of blind spots would discourage people correctly understand the world。 Decisions we make every day are based on our understanding of their own。
Self-awareness of blind spots have our health, work, and ability to learn adversely。
Maybe I'll go to the doctor to give up, because I think I am more than other people healthy; I might work incorrectly estimated completion time; maybe I'll think I'm smart enough, nothing new to learn to pass the exam, but also to get a good achievement。
When we make decisions based on false self-perception, what comes next is hurt, on his own or others。
Self-awareness of blind spots can affect interpersonal relationships at the same conclusion can be drawn, reflected in the interaction between people。 If communication with people, you know nothing about their behavior, it is difficult to know the relationship you will go to the right direction or not。
If you want to see your own thoughtful than the real you, you may be hard to notice you, you think of your partner in。 Perhaps also because of low self-esteem underestimate our good quality, the lack of security in interpersonal relationships, and that everyone will be in the relationship of influence。
Self-awareness blind spots exist in all aspects of performance, and any one of which can make a good relationship slowly fade away。 Many studies have shown that self-perception of the blind spot is part of human nature, but it makes us achieve our goals and achieved good interpersonal barriers。
Understand the reasons for self-awareness blind spots produced, perhaps we can better get along with others。
The next time, because I will self-awareness blind spots created to analyze and to "read" the role of self-awareness of blind spots hypothesis。

Abdominal weight loss methods to teach you how to effectively reduce belly

We all know that belly fat accumulation is likely to result in, a lot of people are on their belly bulge can be described as hate, there is no good way to do the following abdominal weight loss Xiao Bian teach you a few abdominal weight loss methods, to teach you how to effectively reduce belly, as long as adhere to will be able to get rid of stubborn fat。
The most effective way to thin abdominal 1.Eat better to eat less clever counting calories, observation component, try not to eat junk food really flat belly golden rule, but if you can appropriate eat some lean belly food, you will be able to more quickly reach the goal, Paul you can see changes in waist!Abdominal weight loss methods to teach you how to effectively reduce belly Xiao Bian suggest that you usually eat: tomatoes fruits and vegetables have the title of champion of thin belly often see some girls, curvaceous waist from behind, from the side to see: Wow!How can protrude in front of a small pot!This can not blame fat, and there Often this is because the intestinal accumulate too much waste。
At this time, to the oil super power of tomatoes is starting to roll!It is rich in dietary fiber, can absorb excess fat in the intestine, grease and toxins will be excreted。
Before meals to eat a tomato, but also can prevent intestinal absorption of fat, so you no longer small pot of trouble。 The most effective way to thin abdominal 2.Drink green tea benefits of 12 weeks to lose belly fat is to drink caffeine drinks eight times more than green tea is really a lot, in addition to skin, anti-cancer, the researchers also found that even the latest is a good belly fat burners。 New research journal "Nutrition" found that drinking the equivalent of 4 cups of green tea a day were 12 weeks of exercise to lose belly fat is 8 times more than those who exercise ordinary drinking caffeine drinks, the researchers infer that green tea containing catechol can effectively accelerate fat metabolism。 Abdominal weight loss methods to teach you how to lean belly belly most effective way to reduce 3.Go to bed early slept 5?6 hours, 35% of adults who gain weight 10 pounds a healthy diet, regular exercise to eliminate stress and belly fat are useful, but only if you sleep must be adequate。
Lack of sleep can lead to pressure, and was followed by an increase in abdominal fat。 Lack of sleep, stress hormones rise, gain weight, three closely related。
Dr. Olson says。
In a six-year study, Canadian researchers found that those who slept every night 5?6 hours, 35% of adults who gain weight 10 pounds, nearly 6 percent of people waist and abdomen than those who slept 7 day?8 hours of rough people。
The most effective way to thin abdominal 4.Put faster walking speed, abdominal fat can burn calories more than a quarter as long as the recapture faster walking speed, you can consume nearly a quarter of the calories for your belly fat。
The latest case of the University of Arkansas study found that even when the exerciser consume the same calories per week, for those who do more than the same week of brisk walking a half-hour training 2-3 times, go faster, more intense people in the three months will lose more than 20% of visceral fat stubborn, and those who take a longer time, slower others no change。

How legs Meridian Health Meridian therapy of human diabetes

Meridian points therapy 1, let the patient prone on the bed, the doctor three times point pressure Jiaji Points。 2, left middle finger pressure doctor Ojo, left right thumb coaching pancreatic shu two minutes, and then successively with coaching right thumb and forefinger spleen, stomach Yu, triple burner Yu and two minutes each shenshu。 3, left thumb and index finger withhold Geshu right thumb and index finger while withholding Danshu coaching two minutes, then let the patient turn over in bed to do the following actions: ① Roufu with both hands, press the navel, about 36 times。
② left hand thumb pressure secondary blind Yu, Huang Yu the right time。
③ puffer sea once, about three times Tianshu。
4, the pressure Juque left thumb, right middle finger rubbing pressure à door kneading until gas was then rubbed in the above construction。 5, the left thumb and left index finger pressed door beams, right middle three fingers kneading Qihai cis。
6, left thumb and right buckle with a pulse, index and middle fingers and lower abdominal pressure water, buckle left right middle finger with the thumb pressure pulse à door, beat up。 7, the left thumb pressure Juque right thumb finger pressure pressing Zhang door door Orlando, knead until gas through three homeopathic screwed, pressed and rubbed three times from left to right with the palm。 Following on how the leg, right hand and right thumb pressed stone off, press the left index finger door beams, knead until gas through homeopathic twist three times。
8, he left ring finger, middle finger, index finger dividing Tiantu point, Xuanji, canopy right thumb rubbing Juque pressure, until the gas was。
9, three fingers snap left armpit, household gas thumb button, the right hand thumb rubbing pressure left the pylorus until the gas was。 10, the left thumb Juque pressure, the partial pressure of the right abdominal three fingers Shangwan construction, the gas is passed up。 Following pressure on the right hand middle finger rubbing up through gate gas Orlando。

+ 10 14 Duncan pulled one calf spurs 20 into the air reversal points 2-2

  Ticker on April 29, the Spurs to 93-89 win over the Mavericks away, will always tie 2-2。   - Tim Duncan scored 14 points and 10 rebounds, Tony – Parker 10 points and three assists off the bench Manu – Manu Ginobili 23 points, – Boris Diaw 17 points, Tiago – Split 10 points 12 rebounds。   Mavericks 20 points almost complete reversal。 Montana – Ellis scored 20 points, Dirk – Nowitzki 19 points 7 rebounds, Jose – Calderon 13 points, Samuel – Dalembert grabbed 15 rebounds。   With a magic pointer by the Cavaliers before the whistle Carter, the Mavericks a poise, took the lead to 2-1。 But in the face of strong Spurs, the Mavericks still far from Advantage。
  Dirk Nowitzki in three consecutive games of 20 points or less, this is his first time since the 2001 playoffs for the first time, it was on the face of the Spurs。 Dirk Nowitzki played not bad, but the Spurs defense is too strict, did not give him too much space, more time, Dirk Nowitzki select pass。   After the opening, Nowitzki good condition, continuous shot twice, the Mavericks 12-2 to start a wave。
Spurs played the game nearly seven minutes after the vote just a ball, put after Ginobili made an immediate effect, GDP turns three succeeded, rapidly narrowing the gap。
Ginobili one arranged Spurs this section of the final six points, this section only to 18-23 behind。   Section II has become dominated by Spurs。 Ginobili continuation of a state, but was benched to rest after playing two minutes。 Spurs offensive unabated, the 7-0 shot, middle section, they go beyond to 34-27。
Manu Ginobili returned to the field after, immediately hit the third, then sent assists, the Spurs in this section last 2 minutes 23 seconds to play 6-0 after leading by 14 points at 50-36。   Section 3 minutes to play, the Mavericks also failed to hit a ball, the Spurs to 58-38 obtain 20 points of advantage。
Mavericks tenacious counterattack, Ellis and Calderon have been hit three-pointers, shot after a wave of 14-2, only to fall behind 52-60 at the half this section。
Dirk Nowitzki before the end of this section, hit two goals, after the Mavericks to 65-73 at a disadvantage in this section。   Mavericks continue to counterattack the fourth quarter, the game there are 5 minutes 29 seconds, Dirk Nowitzki hit a fadeaway, chasing the score became 79-79。
Spurs 20-point advantage vanish, after Leonard throws a ball, Blair layup, the Mavericks to 81-80 go-ahead。
  The two teams back to the same starting line, and entered the stage of life and death with Bo。
Ellis game there are 52 seconds with a fine cast scored 3 points, to tie 87-87。
  After Dior hit a three-pointers, Dirk Nowitzki tipped succeeded, when there are seconds in the game, the Mavericks to 89-90 behind。
  Ginobili made two free throws only one critical moment in。 After Ellis layup, but the ball bounced twice on the rim fall out。   Mavericks had to foul, to keep up with a different, but also in seconds。 The Ginobili hit two free throws to seal the victory finally。

Magical banana skin leather cleaners also do prevention and treatment of frostbite

Banana peel has a strong practical efficacy of the treatment as well as function, so we after eating a banana, but do not immediately throw away the banana skin Oh。 The following small series to bring effectiveness and role of the banana peel to introduce。
First, the efficacy and role of the banana peel of 1, efficacy and role of leather cleaners banana peel is more, one of which is an effective cleanser large。 It can be used to wipe the banana skin leather, leather sofa。 This will ensure long shiny clothes and prolong the life of leather。 Scrubbing oil can also be used in many places, such as the stove hood and a rub on the spirit oh。
Housewives can try。 2, after the prevention and treatment of frostbite, chapped skin banana skin can also be solved because the drying occurs, wipe the affected area several days in a row, can make the skin smooth up。 After the addition of ginger mash the banana peel can play the role of anti-inflammatory analgesic, hand, foot rub with banana peel, but also prevention of frostbite。 In addition, the banana peel dry milling, or a good beauty to share Oh。
3, the treatment of skin pruritus banana peel banana contains large amounts of mesothelin, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi。 Related experiments have proved that the banana peel to treat skin itching caused due to fungi or bacteria and beriberi, is very good。 Patients can selection of fresh banana peel skin itch。 Such as athlete's foot, ringworm, tinea repeated friction and the like, or the end of the mash, or fried with water, once every few days, can be effective。 4, ripening banana skin with a ripening effect, the same can be put together ripening fruit, you will soon be able to eat a ripe fruit, such as mango, kiwi, etc.。
Magical banana skin leather cleaners also do prevention and treatment of frostbite 5, hangover, cure mouth ulcers we do not know it, but also has the effect of banana peel hangover oh。
The banana peel 60 grams boil water, after drinking can effectively relieve the symptoms of drunkenness。 Banana peel is good medicine blindly, its dry goods plus another herb called Fo Tan, mother of the pot with water, add brown sugar to taste, drink can cure oral inflammation, ulcers, as well as a laxative effect。

Drizzle, wet Whose heart

Vase, Fangfei season, time went into April。    In April, the South of rain, rain, thin, quietly awakened in the night with all the dust dream。    Like the season, like the rain。Often, the dead of night, holding the favorite green tea, by the window, listening to the rain。Rain, falling on the tree leaves outside the window, so light, so soft, leaves to enjoy the rain touch, merry dance in the night。    I prefer to get up early in the morning, just for a stroll in the drizzle, only to see the scenery drizzle。That water, because rain, Yanbo transitory man; that mountain, because the rain and misty skies are linked together, tell a mountain or days。    Mountain reflected in the lake, the wind slightly blowing, glittering, Smart up everything!    “Misty rain Elm Willow”, Lake willow, elm green color, softly off the hearts of love, inexplicable, just to feel warm heart, in this tender green gradually sink!    In trail running, on both sides surrounded by trees, birds early morning, a sparrow?No name or other birds?With their crisp voice, scared off the dew on the leaves, dew gently landed on the soft wet soil, silent。    Lake of the cherry blossoms, camellias, open Masamori, even more beautiful than the rain。Dew, like light and moist flower petals on the mood。I could not help but gently touch, dew dripping moist palm, slowly smear, the dough, so when a heart gently rippled wet warmth!    Woman, emotion, such as rain, sow love life。    Once I thought that we would meet in what way it?Is a knot lilac love women, recruited through Rainy Ting, to you?Or, in the West that the broken bridge, as Bai and Xu Xian encounter?No, I'd rather be left behind in your past life lotus in a pond, quietly waiting for you to find。Until you find a me, I know, you'll get me Fengyun seeds, planted in your heart, and with your effort nourishment, let me open into the most beautiful flower, shy Netherlands!    Drizzle, with the emotion of the dough, wet warmth, quietly blooming flower of love。    From met, endless tempting of Love。All love begins to strike the eye of a sudden。All the water was shining all the mighty mountain, all at the moment。I love those crazy spring vines such as pumping branches, Zizi growth; love, as contained in the memory of holding a crystal bottle, bit by bit, all about you。    Jalan Acacia drizzle, when the endless tenderness of Love。Suddenly, thoughts in mind as they watch endless, and even feel a little spread of the。Flood, what a wonderful word。I remember little snow Zen words: flooding is actually indulgence, in fact, already a disaster。He did not want to want to get a way, has been distracted, has been in a trance, trance has been in mental state。Flooding to collapse, like walking a tightrope, are also deemed to walk the edge of the abyss, opened to accelerate the car with no brakes。When love becomes a disaster, to avoid it?Smart woman might, however, not smart, that crazy in love crazy, and certainly when poking a knife, but also to move forward in the chest, back, to exhaust himself, the fried dry time, only half-tone, and finally shouted, his name, think about the flood。    The depths of love, never posterior。Like shining like diamonds, pure, clean,。Care deeply about, but the original, just your name in my heart, flourish, my days are covered by the!    Love, boundless flood Yeah, that is the abyss Yeah, jump kick, do not know the outcome。I do not know what the outcome is not what we have been longing for stories from young?Is not it?    One“I love you”To muster the courage to say how much?Just met the man waited and waited, blurted it will rain sway!    Red depths, you are my miss, I'm warm, I can not help!    The depths of the Red, Heart Xiangxie you keep quiet and stay at Homecoming interdependence warm, writing part of our end of time。The fishes continuously Qiannian, between eternal heart, any time flies, either vicissitudes of things, I also smile, I also regret。    “Acacia ten million inch thread, not an arrangement at the world。”For whom care deeply crazy, known ends of the earth king?Endless thoughts, jump in this continuous drizzle, walk!Everything about you, full fill my little heart Fengyun!    Really want to, just like that old song they sing the same: a twisted piece of clay you leave a long memory makes me smile, and then a plastic one I often accompany the king next to the permanent Banjun side, we will be two break together, and then you and I reconcile with water, and re-re-re-make mud, a twist you again, then I'm a plastic, from now on I can say that I have you in the mud, the mud you have me, I have mud you, you have me in the mud。    At the moment, like your thoughts, you can perceive it?    Drizzle, wet Whose heart?mine?your?Or also, our?

Dear!I'm waiting for you to go home

Dear!These three words in my mouth a little strange to say it, but my heart, I was so eager affectionate with each other we can say it as if its a matter of the last century, those warm atmosphere is gone, you smile face fixed in my heart, like you now so cold。    Rain outside the window, I've smoked three cigarettes on the balcony, perhaps reluctantly, in fact, is really helpless, the smoke became my best friend, I know you always dislike, you always when I It is to restrain myself do not smoke。    I put the text condensed and concentrated, and then the depressed mood depression, could not help the tears fall, said Men do not cry easily, I have stood on the edge of despair, my dear, in the end what you want?I struggle with, work with, I want to extend our love is far, far away, you did not smile, but you quarrel with to pass the time, but you use the sink to frustrate my desire to heal the heart。    Late at night, I do not know if I should pick you up from work, maybe I do not receive you, two children were asleep, drooling watching them little face, I knew I could not bear, bear this home , when we were young, our youth so the temptation insolent, you are like a flower nestled in my arms, looking forward to the next life, I have no house, no skill, no superior material life, but at that time I was secretly vowed, We will give you the most happy life。    We are so young, we are in a love of gardens, unexpected, you're pregnant, panicked eyes watching you, I made a decision, would you please marry me, no house, no wedding, you do not have any complaints, we it's that in hand, you become my most beautiful bride。How much I love you, when I married my nothing, half-set of the house for my children to court, I stood on the dock of the case law of the ignorant , the heart is cold, and you by my side, I was the warmth of the sun, I made concessions, I took you and your child wandering, you are so strong with me。    I am so grateful to you, because you gave me a lot of warmth and happiness, earth wind and rain, we snuggle together。My father was long gone, and nothing to rely on, no background, I only rely on myself, my pursuit of their own dreams, but to give up in order to live the dream。I wanted to have fun natures gradually disappeared, 20-year-old wall as I mature, I want you and your child how tightly against me, so I want stronger station。I looked hard just to let some of you will have a stable, whenever the home that point meager salary to you, I always sigh in my heart, but it is also so satisfying, because you and your children are waiting for me。    Today's society is the law of the jungle society, everyone is valued interests, a man working hard in the community is not an easy thing, will end in disappointment, will be looked down, my dear, I have been the hardest hit, I believe I thin the shoulders can give you hold up one day。    Zaikuzailei, I clenched his teeth, I'm not willing to spend a single cent, I always think of you and your child's smiling face, a quiet life though bitter point, but I feel very happy from the heart。I do not smoke, do not drink, I always put the money saved for you to buy your favorite clothes, buy a favorite toy。Our second baby came, this is the love given to our second gift, I know my burden is even heavier, but look at you busy in the kitchen, watching the children in my leg side to climb climbing, I have no complaints, I just want to abandon you, for life is not separated。    Finally, we have our own house, the house is small, but our own, no longer have to stand under the eaves of others watching the rain, my dear, I promise action to achieve the first, it gives you a truly belongs our home。    But you smile a little, and I was dumb, I did not even care, I naively thought you should meet a woman guarding their nest, watching the children grew up, how happy, I really to think you're a happy little woman, under my umbrella, you open the most beautiful flowers。    In order to better life, I chose to work outside the home, from work back to the dormitory, always like to open the phone to see if you and your child on the screen saver, I always say:“This is my wife, this is my child, my dear, I will make you happier”。But gradually, your phone less, less information, not even the last。I wistfully, watching helplessly phones, how you and your child looking forward to the news and my heart。Sometimes I was thinking, you are a person with two children is not easy, you are busy enough as long as you are safe, that is my greatest wish。    But I wish you can play a phone call or send a message greeting me and let me know you've been concerned about me, every call home, you are always impatient, I started to say a few words you sharp and I quarrel, saying that I only know to make money, regardless of home, I said idle outside。But dear, you really do not know me out of sad。I want to hear a child's voice, how I miss you, but you do not know, I heard children shouting“Daddy, Daddy”How happy my heart is!But how much frustration there, to make a living, and I have separated you, no man likes wandering outside, but it is only men support the family, to work hard to be able to feed their families, in order to allow a loved one to live the days of plenty, in order for the child and the other children do not lack food and clothing。    When I returned to the area, they have their own hard work careers, thought can the dust settles, you can take compensate I owe you and your children, and what I do at home, what do you say all right, I promise, you want to what I bought, my dear, I was always around you and the kids are, and you do not want to separate。But virtually but feel you are getting away from me, your smile is gone, you whined, you ignore my existence in the name of the phone, you take a child to me on the day of the disappeared。When my career started, you and I could not help each other, I understand, because I am a man, when I put everything to in front of you, you have become so indifferent, so many years, I have loved you, just feel in my heart that you have is so strange。    You do not do it for me earlier, my dirty clothes messy stalls at the bedside, send their children to school, often find that their overall mood mess, my dear, you've changed, you no longer care what clothes I wear every day, What to eat dinner, whether happy every day, whether work tired, you just know mouth for money, a fight has become commonplace, the child's eyes have been afraid of this battlefield full of war, I was desperately construction of the house, I have no want happiness。    The child is not wrong, after all, two children, think about my life experience, think about that scene different parent of the child to me to court, I do not Haner war, I can not let my children go my way, I do not want to let them lose either one of the parents, they need their own biological parents。I was tired, but do not want to let go, watching the children, I shed tears again and again, again and again drunk, I have been persuaded that you or your line of your vegetarian。    You say enough to stay at home, looking for a job to evacuate mood, as long as you happy, as long as you back to your bad temper, I agreed, but I did not expect to regret his decision。    The outside world is too messy, and there are many temptations, dear, although you are a bad temper, but you alone, I was afraid you cheated, you are afraid of being bullied, but you use facts to break my heart, you go to work became erratic, coming home is not Cheyebugui。I'm not a weak man, I want life in exchange for your heart, but to see two children, I endured, tears, bleeding endure, you have changed, become so strange, is no longer a year the little girl in my arms, no longer a girl wearing a pink dress, thick makeup you put on your face to hide the whole person, I am almost not recognize you, you give up home, abandoned children, abandoned that you work hard for the love。    Children always ask me:“Where is my father, my mother went to?How not to accompany us to play?How not to go home for dinner?Is not us?It is not that we do something wrong?”Watching the children pitiful face, my heart is broken, what can I say, clutching a child, I burst into tears。    Honey, even if there is no love, even though I just said, I still want to be with you go, because the child is innocent, my dear, do you ever think back?If someday you cheated, you should in what would appear in front of me and the children, and I, what should the attitude to accept you。    There are too many words to say to you, the ups and downs of the past few years we have traveled together, and I know I have a lot of mistakes, or because of neglect your work, make you a person spent a lot of lonely days, did not give you the luxury of life, it is what I do is not good enough, but I have been working hard, always wanted children and you live more happy, I am also trying to get rid of my bad temper, my dear, I always silent, because there are too many sad farewells。    Do not want to smoke, I have not remember the first few pieces, and smoking can only temporarily relieve depression, but the heart is unable to calm down。    Tonight, I really want to pick you up from work, send you an umbrella, but I still did not move, I'm afraid to see you in front of the scene when I will make more heartache, I do not want to expose any of you coming home or not go lie; to the child's room, I was just watching the children lost in thought, silent tears, perhaps I knew that I did not receive you, or you do not go to work, your body perfume frequent it is that I assume the brand can not, at this point I feel really useless; you've got alcohol always makes me vomit, I do the dishes have been cool, the children had eaten, I'm afraid you dislike leftovers, We have already done the new waiting for you, in fact, I know and do not do the same, you have not used the family meal, just as you are tired of me。    Honey, I'm just a man, flesh and blood, there is love and hate, and if no children, I believe I will not hesitate to make the choice of divorce, and now face you, I do not know my way will not be in the child repeat itself, I can not think, I was so scared, my poor child is innocent, my heart is so sore!Honey, your heart is doing what, how willing you home three hearts broken?    Night, or so quiet, rain, or so large, the lone figure of the window, who knows his heart has been riddled with injuries, broken, love and hate so entangled, my dearest Pathwalker!I am in the end how to do!Do nostalgia is not what we had, is not nostalgia two children pleading eyes!    I do not want anger, do not want to struggle, I just want to talk, talk about our past, we talk about the future。    I know tonight I waited less than you, dipped in tears I wrote this letter because you have not given me any time to speak up, you always not at home, you always impatient, you always Hengmei quarrel vertical eye, my dear, I hope you can stop and read it, no matter what kind of love will gradually dull, by the two people operating outside world again wonderful, people still want to come back to reality Come。    Such is life, I want much, as long as your heart, and our warm home。If you read this letter still resolutely to go, if you give us someone worth, give you more happy home, so I do not stop you, fate is so bizarre, you can have a better life, and my children do not will retain。If you still love this home, I still feel your shoulder to rely on, but also feel that their kids are proud of you, and you look back, I and the children still in place waiting for you, accompany you to the end of life。    ——– always love you man

The six habits help you prevent high blood pressure (1)

  If you have symptoms of high blood pressure occurs, the body is more prone to a variety of cardiovascular disorders and blood circulation, is very unfavorable for life。You have to know how to effectively control and prevention of high blood pressure, abnormal blood pressure and avoid the phenomenon, so as to ensure the normal functioning of our。  1, a balanced diet。
In the diet should pay more attention to adjust nutrition to maintain a balanced diet, avoid eating some of the high-calorie, high-energy, high-fat foods, because these foods tend to cause the body to accumulate large amounts of cholesterol and fat, is not conducive to blood pressure control。  But also can eat more high-fiber foods, such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, eggplant, bean sprouts, onions, etc. These foods are beneficial to remove excess cholesterol in the human stomach, reducing pressure vessels。  2, work and rest。Must adjust their own daily habits, can not be overworked。
But to work and rest, each about an hour to work properly take ten minutes, proper distant look at the scenery, and the brain helps to reduce eye pressure, also can ensure blood pressure control。
If often in a state of fatigue, pressure vessels will rise, leading to the phenomenon of a variety of cardiovascular and endocrine system disorders。  3, appropriate outdoor sports。
If you are able to exercise a day, helps to reduce body fat, promote blood circulation system, reduce blood viscosity, thereby promoting stable blood pressure。
Life, many people pay no attention to outdoor exercise, the body's function is hindered, slow blood flow system is not conducive to balanced blood pressure。
So you should always to outdoor activities。
  4, learn to relax。
In ordinary life, to keep cheerful, positive and optimistic attitude towards life, when too much pressure, through a variety of effective and timely way to soothe and regulate their emotions。So that it can avoid the increase in blood pressure, reduce the impact of negative emotions on hypertension。  5, regularly check blood pressure。
In order to better prevent symptoms of high blood pressure, you should regularly to the hospital for medical examination, understand the changes in blood pressure, if you have symptoms of high blood pressure, should select the appropriate treatment in a timely manner, mitigating the effects of high blood pressure on the human body。
  6, it is critical to maintain adequate sleep。
Usually let the brain get enough rest, should remain eight hours of sleep every day, adjust the normal function of the brain, promote the body's recovery。Also early hours daily should develop good biological clock helps promote the adjustment of blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of high blood pressure。  Contents of the above described method is prevention of hypertension, I hope we can pay more attention to blood pressure control, develop good habits and avoid abnormal increase in blood pressure and affect the body's blood circulation。

Amending the law, regulation Social Media: A Global blocking action set off a fake news

  The good news is, has formed a broad consensus from government to business, from academia to industry, the era of social media flood of false news in global governance。
Whether it is government regulators, the media, the Internet or corporate users self-organization, launched a coordinated multi-combat false news "blocking action"。
  Concern is always shouting "Internet freedom" Western countries are also a fundamental shift in the attitudes and behavior。
Last May, the British Parliament asked the Government to refuse to remove illegal content whether the conduct constitutes a crime to give definition, and the introduction of more stringent judicial means。 Last February, the Italian government submitted a draft law to Parliament, the proposed penalties for false news related sites, or even be sentenced to two years' imprisonment responsible person。
These "severe" means what Western countries in the past the moral high ground to stand strongly condemned。   As a major source of false news, Facebook, Google and other emerging Internet technology company became the target of public criticism。 Under pressure of public opinion, these Internet companies have also accelerated the pace of the fight against false news。 2016, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has repeatedly emphasized that "we are not the media, but a technology company," but this year he is also the "tool to prevent the abuse of" the most important task as face book。
Although Zuckerberg did not use "false news" argument, but the discerning eye can see, "abuse tool" the most outstanding performance is the mass dissemination of false news and the resulting "information cocoon room", "filter bubble" "echo chamber" and other negative effects。 In fact, over the past year, the major social networking sites to combat the false news on a global scale are unprecedented strength and breadth。 This shows that take place in the media industry on the concept of a fundamental change: technology is not absolutely neutral, the same algorithm can be given to journalism ethics and values。
  And Journalism for the previous history of false news "blocking action" is different in this social platform to focus the campaign in the past as a "silent majority" of the public by means of coupling effect of new media, to gather up to be reckoned with。
Reporters from more than 140 countries and regions, academics and users together to build "an international fact-checking network", take on global news crackdown, training for developing countries, "the fact that the inspectors' obligations。   There is no doubt that 2018 is a critical year, "Nick false news"。
Its effectiveness depends on the government, enterprises to the private sector, on all fronts can truly seamless, maximum force。