China China

China since ancient times is a great country, the history of ancient civilization, Tang Dynasty, Kangxi and Qianlong, Chinese people use their diligence and wisdom to stand on top of the East, but history is like flowing river, not static, when we closed our doors, indulge when the dream of a big country, the invaders with guns opened the door to China, China began awakened from a dream, began the struggle of salvation and, after decades of struggle up to today, though experienced, the great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and other errors route, but we eventually move towards a brilliant.    Now China’s GDP ranked second in the world, is the fastest growing country.Economic, cultural, educational, political..Has made considerable progress, further enhance the overall national strength.But we should be prepared, but also the development of China’s neighboring countries and the United States caused a lot of fear, especially in China’s development of a serious threat to US influence in the world, how will the United States allow China Development.    In recent years, China’s neighboring often turbulent, and stability is a prerequisite for a country’s development, the United States has been the world’s dominant win over China’s neighboring countries, manufacturing China threat theory, create conflicts, the tension surrounding the situation in China, the United States and Europe.Japan and other countries to want to restrict China.And Russia, Europe and the United States due to historical and other reasons and disagreements, but also because China and Russia have common interests and go together.    Therefore, China should continue to develop steadily internal and external development will have to try to help neighboring countries, and their good relations, to establish good international relations with Africa, Russia, to maintain good relations with countries willing to cooperate with China in Europe, and common development, but facing the South China Sea.Diaoyu Islands issue must be adamant.In short development is the last word, when the country grow and develop, and to mutual benefit with other countries in order to expand its influence, to sustainable development and prosperity.Current is also facing domestic problems, an aging population, the gap between rich and poor widened significantly, environmental degradation.    As the saying goes faster thanks to the front of the train to run with, and now we are trying to achieve China’s prosperity under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.The overall trend for the better, but after taking office President Xi uncovered many flies tiger by anti-corruption policy, which is well known.Civil servants are servants of the people, and many civil servants but still feudal bureaucracy, not to serve the people, but for their own services.    China two thousand years of feudal system, although access bundle, but people are still affected, many people still have servility, some civil servants or officials of.So it should change the thinking style, the civil service is excellent staff elected by the people, take people’s hard-earned money.How can you not the sake of the people, serve the people.And we the people have the right to let them provide us with quality of service, like asking the waiter attitude is not good, we do not buy his account as.Rights should establish a national center of political participation channels for ordinary people, let us realize the supervision and reporting.The people are the eyes of the country, if not the eyes, the state will become blind, such as the right to vote of the people simply can not be achieved on the ground floor.Establish and improve the people’s supervision system, open and transparent management of the country.    Establish a complete legal system, rule of law, not of men.States should strive to improve the wages of working people and social status, so that labor workers and peasants recognized by society.China is now well-developed education, but very narrow channels of employment contemporary college students, a lot of people crush test public servants, because civil servants are treated.Social status better than the average worker, workers.The peasants doing the dirtiest most tired of living, but earn less money, are looked down upon, so people should also improve labor practices.Eliminate occupational discrimination, so that people strive for in their favorite locations.In addition to the lifeline of the national industry, other industries, implementation of free institutions, to revitalize industry.All reforms suited to the development of all, learn from other countries advanced culture, advanced management methods.    While the development should also protect the natural environment, we must not be destroyed for immediate and future development path for future generations.And environment for development, the purpose is the development of a better life, and dust storms, fog and haze how we can live more.China, Chinese in our common struggle must be able to move towards prosperity

Chance meeting

Sometimes, particularly pessimistic ideas, and you may never touched, so after the individual (as I write poetry, I read all of the text space, has been to accommodate my little temper, and so on).Wait until the drama ended, these people will leave about them all.Because this inexplicable feelings, impermanence of change, there have been laughter, there have been sad.    Everything has its reason must have its fruit.When you lose, you will find that once their original abundance so, with so many.After a shelf life, all the things that need to return a piece    I believe love is doomed to happiness.People are willing to pay for love, will be happy.Who can resist that one can pay for regardless of whether love, like never been hurt people.Is not a heartbroken cry, can be arrived through all the laughter.Is not treasure not have time, we will lose time and contrite Mo.Immature love is not doped sharp injuries.Resulting in heart crevices, difficult to heal.Always afraid this will become better, this is purely untrue.    Always thought that forgetting is the ultimate destiny, but does not touch the original allergen.When you hear a lot of pet owners, she remembered the cat.Certain period of time, this animal is very fond of cats, tame soft.Also specifically search of the dictionary, just to give her take a good name, when nothing for her scratching.When she became particularly sticky, they began to fear, dodge, so that was abandoned, and sometimes feel that they are also quite brutal, holding in her hand when love, love is not immediately discarded.He is like a friend said, sometimes you are too cruel, and even abandon it so outrightly.Like a long time, and finally get the answer in an article, “too deep feelings, one can only flee.Even the courage to bear respectively.”Sometimes letting go is also a sake.    A certain period of time, heal the wounds.On the life trajectory, quietly remember a fortune.Easily indelible achievements of life, subversion.Swoop to get perfect.This irreversible time, when every night, and often linger in the mind.Woke up to find that, not arriving, not end up prices.That frame, sooner or later turn to, at the time of thrust round hoof, in the past would have slipped out of sight.    While everyone wants a different lifestyle, but I always unknowingly deviate from the established track.Perhaps the heart of the proud, but will miss a lot of good.Such a lack of courage I always like to escape, do not want to bow condescension.Although he knows everything in farewell, and you will eventually leave, but can not help to regret.    Moved many times, laughter and tears, smudges the color of life.When the lost time, should turn elegant.Still want comfort, love is a million revolutions of thousands of back matter, happiness and strive for their own business needs.Drunk laugh to accompany the monarch some 30,000, no complaints from the War.    Feelings are consumables, when tempting lingering, should think Italy and Japan to make dim sum, only from the United States, once the shortcomings exposed in real life, every single heart can not load, what people want, may Finally, nothing at all.So, people need to learn to be content, know how to cherish.    Friends said that maybe it selfish.So expect marriage, you can get more love.But with the growth, the ability to love only a gradual degradation.Life is a one-way street, this time irreversible, and not vice versa, had to cast an unforgettable memory.    After a harsh winter, only to find that it is the occasion of a spring.

Burning smoke Pavilion

There is a riverside pavilion, which was also Grand Riverview.Yangtze River flood water level rose up to drown pavilion base and become a standard floating the river side of the building.Spring and winter, especially in the dry season become a good place for recreational.Tingbian stood, overlooking the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River in Sheung Shui this is turning deep water, wide river, boat trips up and down or across the whistle corner, many riverboat dock into the water, the Yangtze River Bridge across the two sides, both sides of the marshland lush green trees, tall buildings stand , picturesque marshland, leisure and entertainment staff very much exercise.Burning smoke Tingbian crowd gathering, or photographic pictures, or peacefulness, small game or chess, or kite-flying competition, or Tangulunjin poly chat, or walking back and forth and so on, this is the Grand scenic tour, the public also Anqing viewing field. Burning cigarette kiosk seat base three; the lowest layer is a blanket square cement platform dam on the Yangtze river, build the foundation wall a few meters on this basis and as a two-story platform, on the east and west sides have two-story stone stairs platforms, stairs and white marble platform surrounded by a fence, and then build on this platform to third base layer kiosks, pavilions whole refined and elegant, magnificent grand.Red bars sight, the painting Fang cornices, rather Lingnan style of the Qing Dynasty.A few pillars hold up the pavilion, people in even the pillar of rest and leisure bench, overlooking the Yangtze River, from time to time to come to the patriotic education of students to understand the history and culture of that time, as well as flood control and when people come to watch the river, deployment flood relief work. Burning cigarette kiosk according to recent flood wall near the old Pier One in Anqing. Located along the Yangtze River in Anqing City West, settling time is 1987 .There are pavilions around the stone, rockery, burning smoke relief, landscaping, patchwork.Wherein engraved “burning cigarette Pavilion” on a paper base rockery stone, describes the burning cigarette passes anqing.Anhui commemorate the history of the captaincy Bowen Wei burning cigarette in Anqing.The pavilion also to commemorate Sun Yat-sen when Anqing, Anqing praise to witness history burned people imperialists feat trafficking of opium. Anqing people burning cigarette kiosk to add a landscape, a place for visitors to the public, but also warns people to pay attention to health, away from the dangers of tobacco, physical fitness, to defend the homeland.

Blissful silence is a good landscape

There are some scenery, whether you look or not look, it is all there; some scenery, whether you like it or not like it all there.It was there in blissful silence, but does not affect it exudes the beauty of their own.  A cup of coffee, gracefully end in plain above the table, that the shadow cast along the light in flavor coffee beans on the table, brown, quietly float in the air, there were numerous, quietly, is so charming, this is it unique beautiful scenery, so you could not help wondering exposure to such a landscape.Then you will not think that is how a coffee, smell the aroma, so you want to feel something good to taste, enjoy this taste slightest lubrication.  Music box, just open up, it will not stop turning, emits pleasant voice ringing, the melody, romantic and warm, people forget the flow of time, just as it has been the music sound, slowly flow past.You certainly did not see it that way with the music and dancing is music box, which is so pleased, with around indulge in this music together.This time, you will not look at the music box, think of something that beautiful moment, think of those who have had a sweet embrace.These, along with the music, staged scenes.Music box is not open, but the infinite memories in it, which is its unique landscape.  Oil painting hanging on the wall, it is a wind undulating waves of grain, golden one, you can see that wheat heavy shaking, as if quietly lovely smile, it is also pleasing to see how this looks, it makes you follow a smile, which is a harvest season, let your peace of mind and satisfaction, a good aftertaste, aftertaste, because even if the painting hanging above a long time, but cast a little bit of dust, but but people never get tired, every one wants to look at.Landscape painting which is its best scenery.  That drops pattered clock ringing, it is the hour and minute hands of the friction, which is the friction of time, looked at the clock, you can easily think of the legend of those times, you’ll easily feel , second will flow away in a minute, are not you say stop to stop, are not you care about do not care it’s there, just so regardless of whether the clock still keeps it that serious look, because time has always been serious, it is blissful silence, but with this kind of work, nothing to do with the world, without you I am nothing to do, maybe this time it does not matter.What a tough time ah, it has the scenery, too tough, not up deliberately to change.  Placed in the pot out the window, it identifies that it is called “nine-xiang”, carefully smell, it seems to have little aroma floating in the air.Attractive may not be that much, if any scent, but that piece of green leaves that look like a combination of growth.Life has always been kind of a magical thing, every day early morning, Shengelanyao saw it in the morning light irradiation, do not you think that it is a miracle?This is the best scenery on life.  I do not know you’re there, do not call you, do not give you information, just disappear in your life, though you know there, but blissful silence, do not want to bother you a tranquil and quiet the only.Just quietly memories of some of your pieces, so perhaps this is enough, down over time, as all things change, the passage of time, people have changed, you do not remember me, does not matter, there are always a person remember your.You forget these precious moments, there is no relationship, there are always some people slowly collection time will be in the heart, and then from time to time out, drying in the sun, in one day, somewhere, take a memorable afternoon.Blissful silence, those who have a good view of your.  So he quietly stood on the balcony there, watching those people coming and going, busy, he sometimes smiled, sometimes brow furrowed, he was thinking about those people who do it.King of all Poets silent love language, as if everything happened yesterday, ears still hear faint like those Emotion.Although the sun is not shining, although the outside world is very noisy, very confusing, but in his eyes, just focus on that place, at that landscape, so he always unconsciously initiated to stay.People say, trance dream is to have color.This time, he must revel in a dream and do not want to return to reality, because in a dream, he wants to have the scenery.  I have been here, quietly watching the child in their own territory, watching the years is constantly changing me, I’m not the same every day, every time I’m not the same, sometimes lamented, leaving some What scenery, missed again is how a landscape, do not think looking at herself in the mirror, touch the face, the face is still the same, not the same, perhaps it is the heart.Mood changes of direction both toward mature every day, then the innocent eyes could not find, instead, it is to have slowly filled the eyes of cognitive confusion.The mouth was no longer that silly laugh, but light Minzui lips smile, in fact, it was just enough to mature, no longer change it, this is me, I’m his best landscape.  Good secular quiet, years of stable, blissful silence is a good landscape.

Because a woman

Seen such a story: in mid-1925, presided over the tomb of Tutankhamen in Egypt to explore Howard – Carter opened the king’s gold coffin, he was surprised to find that with the 18 year old mummy of King’s forehead stood a small small garlands, it was the young queen gave her deceased husband. This sentimental and romantic scene so many people regret, how fortunate the young king, when he live the life of the tree died, he was lucky not to get those gold, but get a bunch of the world’s most precious flowers accompanied.And I am so fortunate that, through 3300 years of time and space, I can not see the face of the young queen, was able to see her eyes blurred and unlimited emotions. Begonia flowers a thin woman, just pure love bloom, then into the evening sunset lonely figure, sigh, pick a bouquet of fragrant garlands, together with the love buried together.This to life, think of love, knowing she was born happy, think of a person, she would sit in tears. Because that woman, feminine make thousands in a bouquet of flowers; because that woman, heaven and earth freehand do not give up and walk away. Because that woman, I want to dye her sad lips with rouge red light, her cheeks with the powder Danmo tears. Smoked memories beautiful, but far but the Tang Dynasty. Peking University professor Kong Qingdong clear that a great extent the history of human civilization is composed of men of letters and jointly promote the development of Prostitutes.This sentence I have incredible, “brothel”, privately think only as a cultural fringe of “fallen woman”, her history of civilization of a country is no sense of, not to say contains a huge culture.Later it dawned ancient brothel is also divided into two kinds of public and private.The state-run agency official art rehearsal setting, which is the artist, proficient in poetry, dance duet. Records, then Sangui Chen Yuanyuan and for Kunshan Geisha wide open Shanhaiguan put the Qing Dynasty Central Plains, Chen Yuanyuan, what kind of woman?She “resigned Elegant capacity, the amount of Sau Yi Feng”, singing and dancing, when the crown color art, we have celebrities grace.Each stage performances, vivid colors superior, the crown was alone, “whom died in the audience,” no wonder Wu Sangui had “weep all six military Gao Su, red crown roots of anger”.Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu Liguor, Fanglangxinghai, quite good feast tour, felt concern for the fate, he was in the “Park Qinhuai,” the brothel, everywhere sad, music and dance music in the face of the woman wrote: “Yanlong cold moon in the water cage sand, Bells Qinhuai near restaurants.Business women do not know subjugation hate, across the still sing the “backyard flower” “.And Bai’s “Pipa”, “long-awaited, still holds partly concealed ‘Road to make the ancient brothel woman’s sadness and frustration, when women stop the song, get up,’ I want to sleep tired monarch to go” then attracted “forward desolately not like the sound of heavy smell all sold-out cover weep”. Because of Bai, “the same world people meet, why have met” sigh of sympathy, because “the wind Hubao autumn leaf, even to Qi Jun worthy fold” of Liu’s sobs, because “Mo climb I, I climbed too biased heart.I Qujiang pond Liu, the man climbed off the man, “the fireworks inferiority complex, I began to hate the Tang Dynasty tens of millions of soldiers far from a gentleman in front of a 37-year-old woman, will be unarmed,” After more than a thousand years without a left out “of Yang Yuhuan in Mawei hanged.Look at them laughter and tears, I heard a muffled cry from the Tang Dynasty: I desire to be a lifetime collection of good, properly placed, carefully preserved, free my surprise, I am bitter free, free I looked free, free me no branches to follow.Between the tears in their eyes, when the woman, a professor of holes in the pen and stood up, if Spring Buddha, she has black hair shed. A book, a cup of tea, a quiet woman should be beautiful picture, although some loneliness, but like plum corner, like exudes a hint of fragrance.Baby Anne said: Your mind should maintain this appearance, slightly nervous force, not loose, treat uncertain some calm.Damage is carrying, silence is extended, the end is a new beginning, so I will have respect for your heart. Since young, has been worshiping a female star, she was elegant, Yanqing Li Yung, love kindness, such as the ravine of orchids, dense with a touch of elegance to the fragrance, and conversation reveals a culture and accomplishment.Often thought, this woman must have been a good school, only men can go wider world through this female talent. Weekend until years later, again saw her talk show, when she wore a white strapless dress, although graceful, natural collarbone was full of dry wrinkles, it is hideous, a jade heart suddenly fell to the ground, cracked and broken, do not want to pick up, I think I just how ruthless, she rapidly blooming in the most beautiful years, as a support full bow, Zhang to the extreme, but can not withstand the wind and frost erosion, was sealed time, sank.Idol’s decline, like the hero bald, old age, I was overcome with grief. Really want to say out loud to her, you are a woman, you should always beautiful youth.However, his tongue, and finally silence.Gently turn off the TV, I searched one by one she absolutely heroic figure in Oakland on Baidu, a single part of her unique and perfect bloom again. I laughed, appearance of the world, depending on your staring at her eyes, I am a woman, use a soft heart to see her. The same woman, the most powerful way to nail that old Empress left half a foot long, not with eyes closed and ability in hand, who say scrap waste will come, when the Boxer Rebellion at the gates of Beijing, she took the emperor fled, before his departure has not forgotten the beloved concubine of Emperor Guangxu, her eyes to tear down the goblin Zhenfei drowned in the well.This woman, harden cruel, I would rather believe that she is not a woman, this man, a coward, and I believe he is not a man. This woman advocates, women’s pride can also be tenderness million, you may grace and elegance, simplicity can be simple, can be fiery hot, cold silence can be sparse.This woman, though I did not see you, and Zhao Zhao evening twilight, but still miss her, but each and every year. Because that woman, you have never written a person’s full name in the fog a mirror or glass, then wipe hurry? Because that woman, do you want to hear your favorite people in the world will be “dear” was changed to call out “Baby”? Because that woman, you catch a long way in order to live a night person, people you want to have a gently wiped the tears cheeks? .Let people know how to understand, so that people do not understand do not understand, let the world is the world, I am willing to be my cocoon (Jane frame).

Autumn, knot Chou Yuan

Blown away by the sun, the pool of lotus leaf will wither, and dyed yellow rain Indus, they withered grass everywhere, dark clouds late Tanabata wipe clear the Milky Way, warm summer they withered.Wind chimes, accompanied by zither, from the mundane world infected body, knot Chou Yuan autumn came, like a paper umbrella propped lilac girl, Chou Yuan to walk slowly forward.    Autumn Chouyuan knot must come, her dark hair, a frost is a dyed to a dark green free, that stretch of pale, from camphor, rose to a tree, then all the way to the way.Autumn is a certain knot Chou Yuan came, her eyes, so dry, even tears can not baptism, lost Limbo spring and summer Mount Bi, from ponds, streams into rivers, is crying?Withered?I was crying?Autumn is a certain knot Chou Yuan came, her arms, print engraved Aging, sun drying off the mark a little bit into the skin of her from the street, alley to the quiet lane, leaves are slowly accumulate and finally into autumn scar.Autumn is a certain knot Chou Yuan came, her voice, not the mildly spring and summer of passion, like a lute, bead shed, thin string Ashes to Ashes, from ducks, geese to swans are singing – autumn, and worry, and the autumn.    Autumn is such Chou Yuan, Song of Triumph, the rustling banana is silent, the wind Creeping, Creeping is quietly fades.I picked up the broken hair fall, watching the autumn of dry eye, stroking the fall of the old arms, listening to sad song of autumn, really want to give the lilac-like knot Chou Yuan girl to comfort.I want to write in the autumn sky, but even God Chou Yuan also compassion autumn, this situation Hekan, could not bear to look at the phase, so God stay away, just like the gentleman away from the kitchen, original, high autumn high autumn, not the air is crisp, but a ruthless with compassion.I would like autumn melt into the water, but even the autumn lake sigh of Chou Yuan, Ganchangcunduan, flower abortion messy, so stay away lake, each went about “marsh from the bottom as one of the” Jiu ” “never again to separate the ‘Autumn’, the original, not the ages, but became relaxed and Lethe.My poor autumn ah, and it was days away and abandoned water, floating Caesar became four cloves, became the mountains and plains of Canhong, just adding a layer of resentment.    A silk and a paper umbrella, Qingcu double Dai Lo.The original “million Eagles storied dye” after all, will not lead to a Chunhong, “Muyun close to make overflow raw cold, silent silverside turn jade plate” Li eventually fail to get a date, “Xi Bai Yunfei autumn wind, vegetation, yellow come off the geese go south “and so do not come after all, also a waiting, the only knot Chou Yuan’s ‘silver candle Autumn cold painted screen’ to” add beneficial hate worry about the End of the World.”Oh, is this fall’s sad, you knot Chou Yuan come, but I could not bear to you again knot Chou Yuan away, you eyeful vicissitudes of life, vast burn, you lose Yunhuan cold one place, you no frequency trace , silly mood, so Chou Yuan, Chou Yuan and anxious, anxious and confused.You can flick my sleeves, everything changed his voice, you move a move skirt, the world changed color.So, please do not sad, we are in total with your pulse, we are all hurt your sorrow.Would like to one day, I can ask to days of ethereal tenderness and water, so that you become an always blooming lilac, only propped paper umbrella, slowly turn the clock resides.

Autumn hiking

That one autumn afternoon, the breeze is not dry, the sun is just right, my husband and I go home Shangfen.Although rural customs and etiquette is more complicated, but it did not affect my mood telescope autumn tour.    For fall, especially in late autumn, he has always had a sentimental one kind of melancholy, perhaps on of Fan “Pik days, yellow leaves, the autumn even wave, wave Han Yancui.”Memory is too deep, and Xu Wangwei or the” Qiu Lu Gui soul born micro, thin light Luo has not dressing.Zheng silver night long to get attentive, Xinqie availability can not bear to go.”Deep-seated too, always feel that autumn is a sad season, is a heartbroken season, is a sad season.My mind always emerge out of a picture, bleak mountain vegetation withered, Painting a beautiful woman leaning against a tree standing, tears in their eyes confused looks into the distance, the distance has her looking forward to read to her, and her hope and not sad.    This time, however autumn hike made me a different insight into the fall, a fall full of vitality, a poetic overflowing fall.Elder’s grave is located in an apple orchard, please, “Mr. King” seen poised, really is the case before jade patron.Although a late fall, but he did not see signs of a little bleak.A blue sky, such as washing, clear and lofty, dazzling blue of pure blue, absolutely no impurities, not even a trace of half thread no clouds decoration.Perhaps this is the most authentic beauty of the sky, the United States and thorough, the United States alone.Warm in the sun shone on him, people very comfortable, it seems that every pore open comfortably, and enjoy the sun gentle touch.Hillsides are studded with red apple fruit, so beautiful and so proud, wanton flaunt the color of life.The memory of the late autumn of vegetation should be withered bust, I see the scene is vibrant, delightful.Over and over grass or green or dark green, yellow little sluggish, every leaf in the stretch the body, showing vigorous vitality.    Walk mountains, a falling leaf or a small cool breeze makes me feel good.In the city surrounded by steel and concrete, I blindly everyday bustle like a poor ants, few such pursuits and the beauty of nature up close.But in the end such a busy number sense?    In Montreal, leaves and weeds, I see the spirit of autumn – Chrysanthemum, they are dedicated to growing, small to yellow petals unfold, even small have to work hard to bloom the most beautiful gesture.Whether high winds or storm, whether the sun or bright sun, has always maintained a simple and elegant pure heart, peace of mind in the mortal world this long, solitary fang dark place.”Not in favor chrysanthemum flowers, flowers do not spend more,” we are living in the earthly fireworks, if we have a wild chrysanthemum heart of Sudan and listen to the wind and rain, Dankan clouds, waiting for the party in the heart of beautiful pure sky, it is also able to have another successful.    This fall is beautiful, intoxicating, its vigor and vitality make up this world especially sentimental and romantic.Each season has its unique style and charm, everyone everything also has its own value.White plum blossoms fall said: “Everybody relaxed and clean, Qiu Yun mood, the season of prosperity mountains and rivers, should be quiet silent.Autumn still in charge, but fall for youth.And we do not insist to clean up the ruins of the landscape, because time still proudly flowing.Always believed that all things exist, all with the mission, regardless of the ups and downs, has its own strength of character.Things both fixed number, we should live comfortably, and landscapes were clear Huan.”Existence of all things, all with a mission.Plants, mountain stone, heaven and earth are crystalline, regardless done a pillar of, or paving feet, has its irreplaceable role, Lang Lang has left this mortal world in the strength of character.    Unconsciously, has gone to the edge of the hillside, across the waist-high weeds, eyes suddenly see the light.Appeared in front of an open ground, in a tree-shaded black tiles and white walls of the cottage proudly.I wonder, this is not the paradise described by Tao Yuanming it?In this charming mountains, grass desolately, bursts of insects, birds and daily co-Yin, dance and leaves, which is how the romance and poetry.I should imagine this cottage there lived a beautiful and elegant woman and her handsome husband and lovely children, there were a total break with the daily work, handle accompanied, never betray.It is “Mao low eaves a small, green grass on the river, Zuili phase Mei Wu sound good” warm and sweet.    I was immersed in his own imagination, when unrestrained, heard the call of her husband, she turned to look, I’m too far away from the original cemetery.Ashamed, and we ought to prepare worship with something, but I passed out in this endless Autumn Lane.Rotary walked quickly, worship ceremony has begun.In addition to worship ancestors, but also worship the mountain god, worship one named “Dragon,” the old trees, old tree is said to have been a hundred years old, and then figure hale and hearty, tall and strong, a top posture proudly Earth.    The end of the worship activities, an elder began distributing apples.I looked at the hands of the ugly apples, with no desire to want to put it in his mouth.My husband saw my hesitation and smiled, “you taste, the more ugly the more delicious apples,” I am dubious, after used to carry mineral water washed apples, a little bite, the flesh is extremely fresh, so light a light bite, a surge of pure sweet juice it down the throat into the body can not tell the unspeakable comfortable and refreshing.”Wow, too sweet,” I cried, next to relatives laughed.This apple is the best food I’ve ever had, and the most ugly.Apple always see this, I have bothered to buy.Now I know Apple is not profiling.God is always the most fair, it does not favor anybody anything.Beautiful appearance may not have mature content, we have extraordinary intelligence but not necessarily very lucky.Thousands of years, sometimes sunny and sometimes stormy, no one can view his life, nor I who have bad luck.We are just passing it this mortal world, worldly fame and fortune just superficial.Why not the heart of it flat, no jealousy, no competition, no hatred, low self-esteem.The past will come, do not go stay strong.    The downhill, I reluctantly bid farewell to this charming Castle.This is a sentimental fall, which is a poetic fall, I do not see the “autumn wind blows cold weather, vegetation exposed to shake off the frost,” the sadness, but felt the “cloud skies Yihe row, will lead to poetry Bi Xiao of “the good.Everything has a multi-faceted, so-called “environment from the heart,” we are only willing to maintain a pure heart in which numerous secular world, a sincere heart, a good heart, with a moon, carrying a breeze , lightly weak fame and fortune joy and sorrow, so that my Red walked each day warm and happy.

And just as you say good night

Well tonight silent, no stars and no moon, only the waves of cool breeze.    A solitary swaying independent film off my nervous excitement, with hope in their eyes sitting in front of the computer, wait for you my warm greetings and lonely, waiting for you my enthusiasm disappeared tired, so you write down the other side of the pen story, waiting for you to pick up the elegant and romantic songs left behind.So wait, the original idea of the imagination, so will miss his grasp, so look forward to pouring wrapped green dream, so quietly watching magnanimous love.    But you do not always respond, you are still parked in thinking did not wake up in the sweet harbor?    Knowing that everything has changed, knowing that the story faded everywhere desolately, knowing that the onset of winter from the War in shallow sigh, knowing no yellow spring attachment, may still crave a share of dedicated Fangfei corner of the truth, even a drop of tears warmth.    If you are a snowflake, I would like to take in hand, a little warmth to those who have experienced.If you are a touching song, I would like to turn it into a maxim, covered with eternal stamp.If you are a good book, I wish patience to read through the ancient constant shortage, explore spend that night.Not to mention the loneliness and sorrow, do not shy eyes become stiff, bloom time I walk in your starting point, to Shihai flowers in your way, we have no end, only the end of the distance.    Misty kind of miss it, you always melancholy as you roam alone.Maybe you did not realize you may not care, but I need to know the cold heart warm.Then you rest it in my room, remove your heavy load, took a nap in my smile in.    I am very attached to yesterday, so the black mountain land, that bridge that grass slope that nourish my dream home.Where my beautiful and cherished falling, I plead Johnson also had tears falling down his back laughing sigh of youth.    Remember when we met you?Remember you said it?You say there is a distant landscape, printed in my heart never alone.Remember when we were yet?I still remember the promise you?I say sun to catch the falling clouds we’ll meet by chance, looking back together piece of sky belongs to us once, and then hold your arm to see the sea.    So every night is full of longing, and each is eager to pass.Waiting Alone perseverance alone, alone in reducing the summer intoxicated.In fact, everything has already been answered, all very natural in their lives crawling track to climb, and there was warm and there is also joy waves.You do not belong to me, but come and snuggle in my world.I do not want to update my old-fashioned Schwimmer, even if you are passing though you are a shadow, I would like to beauty and sadness with the passing wait to become legends in their hearts.    Even if you grant me a hint of indifference, even if you turn away.In fact, the already hazy world, why care about whether the front group beautiful flower?    Night began to sleep, let me accompany clouds, the soulful eyes dipped over the edges of poetry written to accompany my night long.No bitter self-deprecating attempt to lure in the temptation, that night I was missing store, then you cynical purse gift.  Not missed forever regret, to have a care in the look back in!Past getting old, happy or sad, or who know?    This is a passionate night, if you have a sense, and I recorded it yesterday vicissitudes copy unforgettable smile today.This night, walk with you life.    Do not dismay, your dream is very far away, but memories of the burning longing.Waiting for you, just as you say: late Ann!

Are you a book

In my heart, you are a book, I read every day, despite the years has been left marks in the title page, you can still feel often read new.Troubled, I will sit corner, head Yang recalled, warm story of eleven thrown, there are hot paste, there Xin Qin; no lament, no complain a little, bit by bit, it will let the warm wind, let time become happy and beautiful, so filled with memories of the gentle breath.    My world, there are a lot of text and reference symbol can be pressed against the bottom of my heart just a book, it was turned into rolls of one, from the heavens, although the ordinary, but not dull, though not gorgeous, but it is natural.    Traveling thousands of miles, can be read only one book, and missed by just because of love, because somewhere induction each other, because after a lot of do not know and understand, and searching among the ignorant many cold Leng Qingqing.One day, I know the name, but do not know the day, put in the hands holding the book, but not from want.    For a book, life some people can not read, or later deride throw in the recycle bin, and then browse or after chapter completely forgotten; may also like me, found her no longer read, fully immersive, quietly silent reading, eyebrows in each paragraph, moved in that brief words from the bottom of my heart.I do not want sensation, not hoping very touching, but it is naturally as the story of the stream, gently in the side through, leaving traces of warm, decorated in flowing memory.    A book is a story, a story may also have a lot of heroes, heart, and that a large number of integrated, lives quietly in travel, the interpretation of the ordinary self, a quiet life in the joy of self, in fact, I know the title page there: if you well, is sunny.

Ai woodcutter thoughts

The vegetation wilderness experience with the opposition brilliant, aerospace Starfall, local is not bright, thick ice a look at Jade ship; dimly lit, to meet with the color of snow; this year, the city had a good winter landscape beauty. Lake bubble shapes and sizes, are frozen in the Yukino world, a Daqing spent Christmas Eve of Chinese cities, not beautiful Christmas holiday bells, I listened Santa crunchy sound broadcasting in the United States from ringtones looking forward to the Europeans and Americans of Chinese wild deer away, it has long been forgotten quotations Britain on the road, thinking the great leader of the Chinese **. China’s surging leaders, young people comfortable walking among the team leaders. I is the sea gulls fly, soulful yearning of the Eurasian East, Asia, China sea and land sky; Chinese human stream flowing move.Ai is a woodcutter traveled Cuban natives of Europe and America; like China Sea, China’s mountains, there was a walk in the landscape between the Chinese people’s romance. Ai woodcutter with homesickness China’s rural Tuen broad stream, the beautiful water world, swimming with the United States of Shan changes duck duck, floating cross Xiang Wu, thought the rural cuisine.Songnen smoke stack, does not reject the taste of roast duck in Beijing; China is the United States and good food.China’s mighty big chicken reeds, Heilongjiang China has also said that the swan’s snow-hui, Mao Xiangsi snow geese fly.Stupid warm duck down, say this is Colorful rainbow are beautiful worn on the body, past the pedestrian Jiequ had snow, rain, snow opposition, warm wind blowing drive a cold; thousands of silk dress with beautiful snow also said that the tree of the world, Dance to stay warm bare Yi. Yukino that Heilongjiang, the Songhua River, the Nen River, but also how much of the winter in memory; Mizuno romantic ground warm, the warm day to China, the news of the end of the frozen wilderness of China’s Heilongjiang Province, the earth slightly Heating blow. The sub-surface gravy potato flour, such as homesickness batter, pour in the familiar face that Sam Sun peppers, potatoes, eggplant oil, and I realized Heilongjiang Province, China’s good that winter is hot.I look forward to the warm nostalgia.China is a red flag that beautiful Chinese rooster Wei Dang floating, flowing cocktail young world news.The warm red homesickness, the sweet taste, I can not let a drunk to forget the homesickness that owned the.Heroic Chinese flag wind chicken drunk. Christmas tree the United States, the situation is not from New Year’s Day in China that the United States and China bells. Leaving bare back Chinese people’s voices; dream in China, in the case of intoxicated. I revel in Heng Fa Chuen on the road cow boy, Cishi glass bottles, stumps pink flower close Splendor, cross cow manure care Mutong Di; a lengthy siren sounds nice, the text of a long rhyme to go, I think the Chinese culture is that text words, life day after noon, afternoon language pull a hot day, hiding food is not fragrant day, twenty-four solar terms day; every day warm.Gangzi the Heilongjiang River, said to be everywhere apricot Zhuang, Miao Miao village smoke, thick grass thatched roof village houses, European style leisure wild grass, romantic mid-green leaves that wide fat, Continental ducks say this is a happy cross fly; puff bass called Lala, just chewed yellow rushes shame that the United States, the United States glittering lakes; small rural road twists and turns, sparsely populated small house flip tightly thick; high talent, is short and small cap room whispered; hypertrophy wearing a military coat.A dilapidated large vat, tank old color, soy beans dilapidated drift over cooked paste had caught Bean, fermented butter over song, long white hair color listless superheat tide, dry air through the crack, finely worked, are placed into miso tank that has the same soy sauce fragrant incense vegetation; dissolving the dry sea Xianyan, debauchery with sauce Northeast China. Four Seasons sauce, child melon long; onion lying on the tofu, sauce, dipping sauce, pickles small melon or the incense. Good people Road, is thirty-two vat, but the medium and small points.Kiyoshi capped white vats vitality, depression Su wild, south reading water, light and windy, there is consciousness in Heilongjiang River that is to say on the black wilderness land, rather beautiful life. Long live the Republic beautiful solid.Yukino light tone, not Scattered lingering; winter snow country, romantic dance with a solid, solid snow that road, there is ice water as thorough spiritual progress.Everything lack Lai wild, love to the natural arrogance, you can watch while also carefully slip natural pace, magpie romantic wilderness rat, frame drop the fly; the snow cave the land to avoid the wild romantic mouse, do the winter wild pastime, enjoy winter to call vitality, is also said Hill Bay around; Bai Dai Castle, towering want the world, tired of excess food, bird eagle eyes closed.Wilderness magpie hi wax, color towards the end of installation, training contraction rainbow road, rural smoke warm look, quack melody, tone is that of bounce to and fro, in the branches of the tree that the leaves fall, feast for the eyes that open a cocktail long will the chicken coop pretty proud of.Tuen tree magpie is auspicious bird, beautiful bird peace dove hypertrophy.Big Bird makes me happy to shout back pack rat; let me used to eating northeast Heilongjiang Province, the taste of the dish sinks.Department of vegetables; that is, ten days more than the rest of sub-pot dishes, pork and mutton bone soup potato starch noodles dried vegetables spices Shen Sijia the bottom of the pot broken child, as well as the red pepper, cooked garlic, mung bean seedling, bean yellow tips, cow ears thinking Hong fat that wagging tail, what food has.Department of tasty dishes; the idea of eating their own and a back pack rat who looks. House cylinder sauerkraut, let me say that the south of the Yangtze River is thought pickled mustard aroma; northeast Heilongjiang River people of pickled pork, has solidified resolve frozen solid milk fragrant vegetation, broken pot practicing cold water, a product of uncompleted housing ice; so there is a bright circle of thick ice, the ice is not too thick circle foundation, as well as natural a thin hole in the eye, firewood dip dip China Daqing oil workers battle victories oil, matches Harbin Hulan that wherever he goes in a match root ignited firewood on the run-down on the ice inside the circle to commemorate ice Star moon bend as beautiful and splendid, stained snow Hui love, that filled the warm side of the Galaxy, ice; New Year.My thoughts return to the cross-strait Harbin Songhua River Bridge of land; this year the river ice thickness or thirty more than a few centimeters, a few years ago the river ice thick foundation less water, are on the ice base surface, no black river dust coal ash melting point, the River City Harbin ice river bank on the ground, outside the winter high chimney look, do not see the smoke soot, only one said to be hot water vapor, fog digestion same dissolution. Heard people say that an astronaut, was returning from the cold Frappuccino away, living in the Songnen Plain; if so, later said he came to the Chinese oil developers from Gansu Province Yumen Oilfield, the withdrawal of Soviet experts, He lived in the back of Russia’s heating before, “lean” and looking for the identity of the same oil.Song Diwa, 100 Lake City, the name of oil workers in America.Hero of the Republic of Daqing. In recent years, Daqing has the same hero call for countries and peoples of the world; pan of ice water floating fish fry, fish frozen to death.Daqing has the best ice-breaking aerospace snowy returned; world-class skiing in the wilderness Songnen, Barry is the fertile fields of astronaut ice, waving a beautiful snowflake, let’s Heilongjiang to the water, the more the chilly sweet.We wore thick cotton clothes, cotton-padded jacket, looking mighty can see fertile Baili Bing astronauts; glance, the eye does not warm wool, and then glance, frost can be at the forefront eyelash, heating wet sky come raindrops, snowflakes just as bright in the eyes. Goodbye, handshake cigarettes.Goodbye, the largest producer of the brand of cigarettes; ask who can produce a thing.A brilliant century to dissipate the ice ring. Not intoxicated dissipate the ice, if you stand beautiful side. 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