Father should also be the eldest son of the Republic, so it’s a lot of disasters and a lot of ups and downs..     My father was clever from a young age, and because of his grandfather and grandmother’s diligence and thrift, he had a few acres of farmland in his family and was classified as a landlord when he drew his composition.. And those who are lazy, gambling, smoking and losing their wealth have a glorious component – the poor peasants. Because of the composition of the landlord, the father’s family was bullied. Father vowed to leave this sad, because of excellent academic performance, he broke through the resistance of composition, got above junior high, and then entered the agricultural school.. In the graduation assignment, father wanted to leave home as far as possible and was assigned to poor and backward Shangluo. There, his father dedicated his youth, was loyal to the party, loved his career, was diligent, conscientious and honest. It was not until it was nearly fifty that the fallen leaves returned to their hometown..     My father devoted himself to his work. In my memory, he always worked and almost never tutored me in my studies.. His father was honest and frank by nature, quick – tempered, and had no fewer sinners, but it was also because of honest and frank, his father had a high reputation in the area where he worked.. When I was a child, I was naughty and didn’t get beaten by my father less because I hated iron and steel. Father has no profound reason to speak, but only one sentence: bite the flesh on his arm, make a cruel decision, learn from it and fight for his own breath. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand the philosophy of this sentence at that time. I never seriously and deeply thought about and understood this sentence. Until today, I also became a father. I naturally told my son this sentence, and I realized the feeling of my father at that time..     My father and mother have suffered so much to raise our five children that they can’t wait to break into two halves for a penny, save their clothes and food, and have a hard time, but we can think of the degree of difficulty.. Father didn’t enjoy any happiness, didn’t eat anything good, didn’t pass through anything good, let alone travel or something.     My father worked hard all his life, always serving as a cadre at the grass-roots level, and finally working as a senior engineer. He supposedly should enjoy his old age after retirement, but he also suffered from intractable chronic diseases, and his pension and savings were handed over to the hospital.. The disease afflicts the weak, lean and old father, who has no specific medicine. We can only watch and worry about it.. Every time I see my father and say goodbye to him, my tears come when I close the door, one outside and one inside.. How much I want my father to yell at me like he used to! My father couldn’t find a place to stick needles because of injections and infusions every day. His arms, legs and feet were full of needles.. He is so old that he still travels between home and hospital every day, suffering from pain and suffering from secular coldness.. Seeing this, I collapsed, my dear father, you have suffered too much. It makes no sense. God: Please open your eyes and see why my father has never done a bad thing and never hurt anyone.?     Father is very strong, he also knows some medicine, through his own exploration and research, he is already very professional about his illness. It’s a pity that in the end, the doctor still has to go through the hospital and the doctor. The doctor did not listen to his opinions and suggestions, and missed the best opportunity because of misdiagnosis.. My father’s strength infected me. In my mind, the noblest and greatest person is you: father!     I love you, dad.

Come to Lhasa, come to Potala ( next )

One day, when I came to Lhasa and came to Potala ( next ), Mr. Sorang showed me the oldest building in Potala Palace – the Cave of the French King. The teacher said: In the 9th century, the Potala Palace was destroyed by the Tubo civil strife, and only the Dharma King Cave survived.. The cave houses statues of Songzanganbu, Princess Wencheng and Princess Chizun of Nepal.. It is said that Songzanganbu was built before his death.   Another day, Thrawn took me to see the murals in the cloth palace. The murals are exquisitely composed, dazzling, resplendent and resplendent, and the characters are even more lifelike.. Because most of them are mineral pigments, more than 1300 years have passed and they are still intact and brightly colored despite weather and rain..     Murals also have a wide range of subjects, including historical events, biographies, religious teachings, local conditions in Tibet, folk legends, fairy tales and so on. They cover all aspects of politics, economy, history, religion, literature and art, and social life and can be called a tangible encyclopedia.. There is a mural called’ Saibao Club’ on the south side of the corridor on the sixth floor of the Red Palace. The scene of this mural is really too grand, from Potala Palace to Dazhao Temple and Xiaozhao Temple. There are no fewer than 1,000 characters in the painting, which is very magnificent.. The famous ” macaque changing into human” mural in the east hall of the white house is also a rare treasure. There are also some popular paintings that show various aspects of Tibetan social life, such as horse racing, archery, wrestling, bouldering and other folk sports activities. These exquisite works of art are the epic of Tibetan civilization.     Time passed for many years, and then I read the introduction of ” Qingming River Map” in books and newspapers.. It is the picture that vividly depicts the prosperity of Bianjing Chengping period in the Northern Song Dynasty through a detailed description of the common life in the city with realistic techniques.. The first paragraph describes the scenery in the suburbs of Yuan Ye. The withered trees and grass bridges have made endless journeys.. The middle section describes the scene of Hongqiao. Two large ships crossed Hongqiao, and the bridgehead merchants spread out in rows and crowds of pedestrians gathered.. The last section is a street view of the city. Ge Lou wine market, workshop doctors, many characters, busy streets. The whole scene is huge, the structure is rigorous, and the brushwork is meticulous. It is a famous painting handed down from generation to generation. I don’t know painting skills, but I think the murals of Potala Palace’ Saibao Club’ can be comparable to’ River Painting on Qingming Festival’?     But I think that the most brilliant place in the cloth palace is the eight spiritual towers. The so-called spiritual tower is the tomb tower where the dharma bodies of the Dalai Lama of all previous dynasties are stored. In 1682, the 5th Dalai Lama, Luo Sangjia, died in Bu Gong, and eight years later, Di Ba & Bull. Sangjijiacuo expanded the red palace in the center of the cloth palace and built a spiritual tower for storing the dharma body of the 5th Dalai Lama. The tower is like a white tower in Beihai Park in Beijing. The tower is about five stories high, covered with gold and inlaid with pearl jade.. Gold alone cost more than 110,000 taels of gold, and more than 15,000 diamonds, rubies, jadeites, pearls and corals were inlaid.. It is said that the value of treasures is ten times higher than that of gold. In particular, a string of beads made of sea sand is embedded under the pagoda bottle, which is a treasure given by the emperor shunzhi to the 5th Dalai Lama.. One pearl is bigger than two thumbs and is said to have been taken out of the elephant’s head. In addition to the law of the 5th Dalai Lama, there are sandalwood, silks and satins, precious stones and extremely precious scriptures in the pagoda.. There are also three rare treasures. The first is the Shariputra of Kasyapa, welcomed by Tibetan King Songzanganbu from the Indian city of Magadha. The second one is Sakyamuni Buddha’s Shari Son, the size of a lark egg, which Yuan Shizu Kublai Khan gave him when he first listened to BaSiba’s lecture. The third is a pagoda containing 22 Sakyamuni Buddha relics. Therefore, the 5th Dalai Lama’s minaret is the most expensive of the eight minarets in the cloth palace. Comparable to this is the 13th Dalai Lama’s Lingta Hall ( the latest building in Potala Palace ), which was built in 1934 ( another is 1936 ) in the western part of the Red Palace.. The hall’s spiritual tower is 1485 meters high and its body is wrapped in pure gold foil, sharing more than 18000 taels of pure gold, carving various exquisite designs, and then inlaying various diamonds, pearls, coral and agate. In addition to the spiritual tower, the temple also houses a statue of the 13th Dalai Lama made of silver and a’ manza’ made of 200,000 pearls and coral beads. Thrawn told me: ” Manza is a plate used to hold offerings during sacrifice.”. Top grade Manza is made of gold and silver and inlaid with jewelry. The middle product is made of brass or white copper. The inferior products are usually flat and smooth slabs and boards. The first-class offerings are coral, pearls, pine – eared stones and other pearls and precious stones. The medium ones are precious medicinal fruits such as Terminalia chebula, Fructus Canarii, and Ginseng Radix. The inferior ones are grains and beans such as rice, wheat and highland barley. It is really too poor to buy the above three offerings. Providers can also use river sand, gravel and other items to replace them.. Thrawn told me: For Manza, in fact, it is the all of my heart that the provider is offering himself..     Thrawn went on to say, ” Some poor people, he offered only a dollar, but that dollar is all he has.”. More some people, even a dollar is useless. He had to pick up a small stone and offer it to Buddha, but they will all get the corresponding reward. However, some rich people have offered tens of millions of times more money than the poor, but that is only nine Niu Yi hairs of his great wealth. And because his money is too easy to come, he won’t cherish it at all. He can’t be sincere at the moment of sacrifice. Maybe his heart still has a little loathe to give up, and the result will of course only be negative.. ‘ SuoLang words, strongly shocked my heart.     Now every Spring Festival, you can see from the TV, the famous mountain, the great temple, what, what’s the first sound; What’s the first pillar? What, what, how much . Ah, regardless of the money, like a lyrics question” .’ Where did you come from?. ” Even who” Bodhisattva ” and” True ” and” Accepted ” can really” Bless ” with that unknown sum of money. Don’t you, the Bodhisattva is the same as the Hekun and the adults in the Prime Minister Liu Luoguo’s Regulations on TV Play?? After watching the TV play, I couldn’t help remembering the ” theory” of the 1950s and 1960s when Mr. Wang gang, a famous actor, performed the negative role and Kun so vividly and vividly: if you want to play a hero well, you must learn the hero’s moral character first. When the time came, I thought, if this is really the case, do you have to learn the bad guys first to play the bad guys?? This kind of theory, now seems to have been unable to hear. Later, I saw teacher Wang gang’s brilliant answer to this question in an article. Teacher Wang said: People are not sages. If you don’t have any demons in your heart, then you are sages, but I’m afraid no one is. Then you can’ revive by borrowing a corpse, and let the devil in my heart expand and externalize it with the help of the villain.. To be a bad man and have a good addiction. Of course, when you jump out of this character, when you were still you, you still had to restore the original appearance.   Mr. Wang gang’s a big truth – as to whether Mr. Wang said it or not, I don’t know – was right. I also think that a common man in the world, a man who knows the conscience of heaven and earth, will not, and dare not, accept the ill-gotten gains, let alone Buddha and Bodhisattva.?   Stop gossiping and get back to the point. After listening to Solang’s introduction, I asked several questions: ” 1, why did the 1st to 4th Dalai Lama not build a spiritual tower? 2. The pearl that the emperor shunzhi gave to the 5th Dalai Lama is bigger than two thumbs. You said it was taken out of the elephant’s head.. But as far as I know, pearls come from shellfish. What kind of baby is this elephant taking out of its head? Cows have bezoar, horses have Ma Bao. Is it true that elephants also have elephant treasures? 3. From the 5th Dalai Lama up to the 13th, there were nine Dalai Lama, but only one and two Dalai Lama’s spiritual towers were built in style, and the others were not as good as the others, and one was missing. What is the reason? Sorang said with a smile, ” I didn’t expect to meet you today, a student who dares to ask the teacher.”. I can only answer one question today. That is, the 5th Dalai Lama entered Beijing for pilgrimage in the 9th year of Shunzhi, and was honored and conferred by the emperor shunzhi.. The gold book and the gold seal in the four languages of Man, Han, Mongolian and Tibetan are engraved with’:’ Buddhist monks in the Western Heaven are the ordinary Buddhists in the world.. That is, since then, the Dalai Lama has officially become one of the main leaders of Tibetan Buddhism from a leader of the global sect ( the other main leader is the Panchen Lama of Xigaze ). This may be the reason why the 1st to 4th Dalai Lama did not set up a spiritual tower. As for your saying that there will be no pearl in the elephant skull, the big pearl should be’ elephant treasure’, which sounds reasonable. You can also ask experts to verify it later.. You also asked why there were nine Dalai Lama from the 5th Dalai Lama to the 13th Dalai Lama, but there were only eight spiritual pagodas, and why one was missing? This is a very moving story again. ‘ I quickly said, ” Genra, you don’t want to be the suspense. Tell me about it quickly.”. Suolang smiled and said, ” I didn’t think you, a student, really liked to ask questions.”. Well, you listen carefully. According to the rules of the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation, when the reincarnated child sits in bed, because he is young, a’ regent’ will help him manage government affairs.. After the death of the 5th Dalai Lama, the then regent Sang Jie Jia Cuo did not report to the court for 15 years. He continued to monopolize power under the guise of the 5th Dalai Lama.. After being discovered by the Qing court, he was furious and sternly questioned.. Sang Jiejia was helpless and invited the reincarnated child of the 5th Dalai Lama, Cangyang Jiacuo, who had already been identified by Kangxi 36 years ago, to sit in bed on October 25, when Cangyang Jiacuo was already 15 years old..     By decree of destiny, I got to know Suolang, a good teacher who is knowledgeable and willing to teach.. In those days, I not only broadened my horizons and increased a lot of knowledge about Tibetan history and religion, but also learned a lot of Tibetan language.. Later, I learned that the Tibetan compatriots in Kangding and Aba areas in Sichuan live in harmony with the Han and Tibetan people, the two cultures blend harmoniously, and there are not a few people with deep cultural connotations among the Tibetan compatriots.. My teacher Thrawn is such a person. It is my fate to meet him!     Since then, almost all my free time has been handed over to Potala, which is a big’ encyclopedia’ I got when I came to Lhasa.

Babying age

When the baby was still in the newborn, she started spitting milk half a month after she was born. The doctor told us to hold her up and pat her on the back every time she finished eating milk until she belched.. Children always laugh or cry from time to time when they fall asleep in the moon, and listen to the doctor say that at that time she proves that her body function is normal and she is unconscious..     On the first day after the full moon, the child was nursing, when a gust of wind closed the room, the sound was loud, and the child cried with fright, and she began to understand the sound in consciousness.. Then she began to learn to find her mother’s color clothes in the crowd. On the full moon day, my friend’s child and my child were born one day, because they had something to pass by my house and saw my child bring the child over to eat her milk at that time with curiosity. The clothes we wore were similar in color. She did not cry at first, but when she was breast-fed by my colleague, she took a bite and cried. She refused to eat any more. I held her in my arms and coaxed her. She ate first and stopped eating, and then naturally ate it.. At that time, I understood that the smell of each person was different. By this time, the child had learned to identify the mother with the smell.. A month later, children not only have a leap in hearing, smell and vision, but also have a little memory.. At that time, her small neck was still not long enough to hold her firmly and still hold her head. Two and a half months later, the child stretched out his hands and feet to his eyes, but he still didn’t know how to bite. It turned out that she was understanding her body when she opened it..     When I weighed her for three months, she was only 14kg and my colleague’s child was born on the same day as her and was also a girl, but the child grew to 21kg. When the two children held together to play, I saw her child’s small arms and feet chubby and yelling. As a mother, I felt a sense of failure and jealousy. She gave her child milk most of the time because of lack of milk, and my child ate breast milk. Why did her child grow so fat as a lover, and my child was so thin and heartbreaking?. At that time, the child was already very lively and put her on the bed. She often turned over and over on the big bed. She started not to turn over when she was very active. Later, she began to turn over with the help of adults.. Four months ago, we fed her with a small bottle. She learned to move herself from her forehead to her mouth. Later, she became skilled and drank milk with the bottle in her arms.. I often read some poems to her in front of her, whether she can understand them or not, more often than not when I read Luobin Wang’s’ red palm stirs clear waves’, I found her watching my lips move with her..     In the days after that, I still felt that the child was thin and wanted her to gain weight. My husband and I also specially supplemented the child with nutrition according to the child-rearing method in the book. But after two months, we compared the child with other children. She was still so thin and the children of colleagues were still better than her. As parents, we couldn’t wait to grow meat for the child.. We often hold the two children together to play. My children are very active and lively. They are not afraid of life when they see people. They always stretch out their hand to others with enthusiasm. Her children don’t let others hold them. They cry when they hold them. My children fall in love with the street and point out all day when she is six months old. At first we didn’t know what she meant. Then I realized that the children wanted to go out to play when I saw her happy. After that time, we always took the children to the streets.     After more than six months, her upper jaw slightly sprouted two tender buds. At this time, the child’s big jaw always itches and bites people, but this time the child began to get sick easily. The first injection was by a young nurse. She gave the child an injection, and the child’s blood vessels were thin, usually hitting the head and instep, and the child struggled desperately when shaving his head. If so, my mother and father and I, the three of us bullet and began to give her a shot with the nurse cruelly.. My mother pressed the child’s hands, my father pressed the child’s feet, and I held the child’s head to assist the nurse with injections. The child’s cries tore through our hearts during the injection. At this moment, I felt as if I owed the child very much. As a mother, I didn’t take good care of her and watched her cry. I couldn’t help crying heartily.. The needle went smoothly and the child fell asleep sucking milk. At noon, the child saw her father come to see her in the hospital after the injection. The child seemed to have suffered a lot of injustice and stretched out his hand to her father to hug her. The husband held the child in his arms. The child pointed at me and my parents and spoke to her father, as if believing that we had suffered a lot of injustice and finally buried her head in her father’s arms and cuddled her up. We teased her and she also ignored us.. It turned out that the child’s consciousness began to become independent at that time.. Later, when doing microwave therapy on the same day, a little boy was crying desperately. The child heard the crying and was going to sleep suddenly. He looked at the crying child with his big eyes open and unblinkingly. After a while, he suddenly laughed and clapped his hands. The look of schadenfreude was like saying, ” You also have today, small sample.”.     The child was finally discharged from the hospital. After leaving the hospital, we saw that the child had been shaved with ugly hair. It was not a good idea. We both agreed to shave the child’s head. It was the first time she shaved her baby’s hair. She moved desperately and cried and refused to cooperate. I held her in my arms. The quick-witted hairdresser was a middle-aged woman. She asked me to lift the clothes to nurse the child. The child fell asleep eating milk, shaved her head, woke up, looked at me with open eyes, touched her bare head with the small hand, and suddenly remembered something like her.. Back home, she was still crying and crying, crying and crying. She saw a bowl of steamed eggs on the table. She was curious. We scooped a spoonful for her to drink, and she still had to drink.. From then on, the children began to eat something else, apples, porridge and so on.     The child began to learn to climb on the ground when he was nine months old, but he didn’t know how to do it at the beginning. I held her waist and put her on the bed to climb, but I don’t know why she just couldn’t master the tricks of climbing. Sometimes I don’t know how to do it. One day my sister brought her four-year-old daughter to my house to play. The child was very excited when she sat on the bed and wanted to climb over to let the child hug, but she still couldn’t climb. The child was also very cute. She took off her shoes and climbed with the child on the bed, and the child followed her sister..     By the time the child reaches the age of 11 months, she will have been able to say some simple words or walk step by step with her hands on the wall. She will always carefully loosen her hands and try to stand on her own for a while.. Our adults are always encouraging her to give it a try. Finally, one day she really stopped supporting the wall and walked up step by step. The first walk may be the unstable center of gravity. Although she did not fall, she ran diagonally across to my mother’s arms.. From then on, she began to practice walking every day without people holding her arms, and sometimes she fell. She also did not want people holding her arms and shaking off adults’ hands and getting up to practice walking.. At this moment, I seemed to feel that she was slowly leaving my arms and me. In the days to come, she will slowly learn to be strong, and slowly learn to live independently in the passage of time..     At this moment, I found that her body was also growing stronger day by day. At this time, she especially likes to imitate adults to do things and speak. She will enter her childhood. She is growing up. We also see hope and hope she will be happy forever..

A special dowry

The special dowry Cao Guangran’s time was so anxious that he was caught off guard.. Many of the past in life have not yet been collected and collected, and the scattered pieces have been scattered by it and no trace can be found.. However, there are always some stories that are not moved by time, because the sword of memory is engraved into the depths of the heart. And the older the time, the more unforgettable it is. Since the seeds of memory began to take root and sprout in my heart, the figure of the jujube tree in my courtyard has been deeply embedded in my mind and accompanied me through time after time.. Remember at that time, jujube trees already had the thickness of a bowl mouth, and the gray brown chapped bark scraggy could not stand the withered bark of the years and the new bark came into being at the historic moment.. In this way, the growth rings of life expand round by round. Although the trunk is not tall, it is stout and firm. At a height of more than one person, the trunk branches into three strands, extending in different directions, and then branches in turn, forming a lush crown. Lovely little jujubes are hidden among the branches and leaves, sucking the essence of heaven and earth, the sun and the moon, from small to large, from green to red at any moment, moistening my childhood dream over and over again.. Speaking of the origin of the jujube tree, its origin is slightly legendary. Listen to grandma said that when she got married, her family was extremely poor and could not afford a dowry.. For this reason, grandma’s mother cried sadly for several days, always feeling sorry for her daughter. Fortunately, grandma didn’t care too much. She persuaded her: ” I have a few jujube trees in my family. Please move the small one to make a dowry with me.”! In this way, a package and a small jujube tree became the dowry of grandma in those days. On the wedding day, grandpa and grandma couldn’t wait to plant the little jujube tree. Until later in life, grandma often relishes recalling the sweet scene when they planted trees.. She said that she was holding the jujube tree with her hands solemnly, although it was only as thick as the baby’s arm, grandpa carefully cultivated the soil on the root of the tree with his feet firmly.. Because it is in the cold winter, I dare not water it. Later, two people always love to stand and look around the small jujube tree, thinking about the small jujube tree in their hearts. When winter goes to spring again, grandma’s hope is growing day by day. She often stands on tiptoe wrapped in nothing, leans back on her thin face, looks at the branches of the small jujube tree, and tries to find even a tiny leaf bud, still touching the trunk of the tree like touching the baby’s skin.. The small jujube tree was ungrateful and kept quiet in the warm spring. This can be nasty to grandma. She is frightened and worried and wishes to water it every day.. Sometimes, she stood in front of the small jujube tree, devoutly folded her hands and silently prayed for the small jujube tree. Sometimes, the mouth kept chanting, ” Bless the Bodhisattva.”…… Bodhisattva bless… Bless my little jujube tree. Grandfather comforted her constantly: ” Patience and so on will be fine.”! ‘ grandma is still a pair of uneasy appearance. On the morning of the coming summer, grandma exclaimed with surprise: ” Look, look! The date tree sprouted! ‘ grandpa busy gathered around. She can’t help but say to grandpa. Look, here, and here. She said as she lit her finger to show grandpa. The jujube tree finally lived up to grandma’s expectations and took root in its own home. Since then, the small jujube tree has been accompanying grandma’s years. Throughout the summer, although the small jujube trees were weak and sparse in leaves and did not even see the shadow of a jujube, grandma was already overjoyed.. In the second year, the small jujube trees were full of vigor and leaves were in season. The oval Ye Er was green and thickly dotted with flowers.. The newly-born branches also haughtily grow long quills and look at the air. The yellow flowers, like small grains of rice, are blooming in clusters, giving off a strong aroma. Bees smell sweet and move, shaking their wings and buzzing through the branches and leaves.. The days of the cold and cold are therefore filled with many. Grandma said that the jujube flowers were fragrant that year, and her whole heart was sweet, just like the taste of the jujube in those days.. At the autumn festival, the small jujube trees graciously offered red fruits. Although the number was not large, the family were all drunk in the sweet taste.. Life seems to be no longer so bitter. In grandma’s kind eyes, the small jujube trees grew stronger year by year day by day.. It does not fear the cold and heat, nor the wind, rain, thunder and lightning, and is growing hard. Every time the jujube blossoms are in full bloom, grandma always likes to get up early. The jujube trees are clean and clean. She places her favorite spinning wheel under the trees.. Here has become her spinning’ mill’. Listen, the bees on the trees are ringing, the spinning wheels under the trees are buzzing, and sometimes some rustling of wind-blown leaves is mixed, what a harmonious symphony.’ This song should only be heard in heaven, and it should be heard several times in the world.”. Grandma is holding the cotton wadding that has been rolled out in one hand, changing her movements from time to time, and slowly shaking the spinning wheel in the other hand.. Between grandma’s fingers, cotton wool instantly turns into a spinning thread and turns tightly around the spindle. One day, grandma can spin four or five spindles. These newly formed spinning threads have to go through many complicated procedures before they can be woven into warm clothes for family members.. Think about people’s life in those days. It was really hard and unusual. At that time, grandma sat under the jujube tree spinning all day, seldom resting, and sometimes she would not go to sleep until the middle of the month.. I really admire grandma’s skill of spinning freely in the moonlight, even in the dark night color.. I asked grandma sourly, didn’t I feel tired after all that hard work? She just smiled faintly and said, ” How can I feel tired when I sit there enjoying the flowers, the shade of green, the flying butterfly dance of bees, and the blue sky and white clouds?”? Grandma worked so hard, but she never complained. She spun her love for her family into the spinning thread and into the cotton-padded clothes.. Every time I think about grandma’s words, my tears can’t help flowing down. Jujube trees are brewing their dreams in the spring breeze and summer rain. The small jujube trees hidden in the branches and leaves are growing up day by day. Their smooth and round faces are green and white, white and red, making them more attractive and attractive.. Of course, there are also many dates that cannot keep up with the mature season and are ruthlessly blown into the wind and rain, looking at the young fruits of defeat, grandma cannot help feeling sorry. Children are greedy and can’t wait for dates to mature. They often take advantage of grandma’s unprepared to lay a few green dates to relieve their cravings, but they quickly spit them out after a bite.. Grandma often scolds the date that has been botched with love.. The dates are ripe. Grandma bangs on the branches of the tree with a stick’ pa pa pa’. The red dates descend with the leaves, and some roll on the ground playfully.. Despite grandma’s dissuasion, I already flew up the tree, grabbed a date and threw it into my mouth, ” kacha” a crunchy sound, and the sweet juice of the date suddenly overflowed all over my mouth. The sweet taste of entering the heart into the lungs is still unforgettable. I grabbed the branches and shook them with joy, and the dates crackled and fell to the ground.. Grandma picked up the dates scattered on the ground one by one and washed them cleanly. At this time, the kind-hearted grandmother will share with her neighbors some from the west.. Children are greedy, eat without restraint, and sometimes eat bad stomachs. On one occasion, I was gluttonous and suffered from abdominal distension and vomiting during the night.. When Grandma heard that she was wearing clothes and carrying a yellow oil lamp, she went to my bed to wipe the filth for me. Her eyes glistened with tears and her mouth lightly chastised: ” Don’t listen to advice, look at your affliction.”! ‘ she lovingly rubbed my belly with both hands, rubbing and rubbing. Until I fell asleep. Young people always want to grow up, just like the jujube tree. Who can stop its growth? Later, I took my bags and went to study abroad, sometimes returning home only once a year. Grandma carefully selects some good dates every year, carefully dries them, and then collects them in cloth bags. When I came home, I took it out and watched me devour it greedily. Grandma grinned happily and said, ” Over the years, the greedy looks have not changed a bit like when I was a child.”! ‘ yes! The same is true of grandma’s love for children. Years are like knives, and grandma’s forehead is deeply wrinkled. However, she still refused to relax when she was over seventy. Every day she was the first to get up, busy cleaning the courtyard, washing clothes and cooking meals. After finishing all the work, she did not forget to rest for a while under the jujube tree, which has been her habit for many years.. Just stand and watch silently, sometimes holding the tree with your hands. Maybe it was her happiest moment, I thought. Life is best at brewing joys and sorrows, and several people can escape this fate? On that day, grandma got up early as usual and went to the well to carry water. When she was carrying a full bucket of water to the kitchen, she suddenly fell down and splashed out water, wetting his clothes.. More unfortunately, grandma’s hip bone broke. She fell to the ground and groaned, trying to get up, but there was nothing she could do. Since then, grandma has never stood up again. Grandma, who collapsed in bed, spent three of her most painful spring and autumn periods on her deathbed. Grandma is always looking forward to getting better soon. She still wants to do some housework and think about the jujube tree.. The reality was so cruel that it didn’t give grandma a chance. On a warm spring day, the sun was exceptionally bright. Grandma wanted to see the jujube tree and looked at me expectantly..My father and I carefully picked up grandma and spread a mat and quilt in front of the jujube tree. grandma sat and lay on her back while my father and I held her back.. She looked at the tree and looked serene and peaceful. The breeze caressed her white hair, and a few drops of cloudy tears fell from his vicissitudes of cheeks.. She murmured, ” I should go too. You should live well.”. That autumn, when the moon was full, the dates on the jujube trees were red, they were scattered on the branches, and there was no more laughter under the trees, because grandma had left before the dates were red.. After grandma went, the jujube tree also seemed to be ill at once, with its bark withered and cracked, its dead branches littered, its leaves sparse and its dates even less pitiful.. From the west wind, the withered and yellow leaves fluttered down, and only a few jackdaws pecked at the handful of dates among the branches.. After another three or two years, the jujube tree was bare and never grew a leaf again. Things have changed, and the position of the jujube tree is now occupied by a house.. However, the mark left to me by the jujube tree will never be erased by time.

37. Accept the reality frankly

Sons, you have entered the stage of preparing for high school exams. Mom hopes you will be happy soon.. I remember my mother said at a parent-teacher meeting when you were in primary school, ” I don’t want my children to be the best performers, I just want them to be the happiest.”. Mom wants you to be happy, that is, to learn how to feel happy, not to work hard but not to be happy, only to know that beer and skittles are not happy, to indulge in online games, not to mention happiness. Mom wants you to be happy. She wants you to learn to enjoy life, to accept setbacks, to correct mistakes, not to leave a shadow over life, to be confident but not to have family superiority, and to enjoy life rather than just material things.. You love to spend money and buy books, but you like to buy books. This is a good thing. It is more important to choose to read books and read good books than to work hard.. Mom supports you to buy books and read books. Book is also mother’s love. Books are the ladder of human progress.     Although we often talk, chat, study, live and talk about people and things in the world on weekdays, and you still like to talk about the past and the present, mother only listens to her because she has little reading and little knowledge of the history of humanities, I am willing to be your most faithful listener and study together with you..     The first semester of Senior Three has already passed by half. In these two examinations, you two did not score very well, and you still have to work hard to get away from the score line.! Don’t say one. The kid’s second exam didn’t go well and he was so angry that he couldn’t even eat any food. He said you were ” too careless.”. You don’t even have a good test in your best language. If you write your composition well, Chinese should not hold back. You talked to your mother about your analysis and reflection on this exam, and her mother also likes this way of communication very much.. This test is the second time you have entered the first semester of your third year of high school. For you, these two tests seem to have been ” electrified” for a while. Is it a little painful?. Pain can make you feel a little uncomfortable, but it can also make you more awake. In the face of this exam result, I suggest you do 12 words: ” Accept it calmly, analyze it rationally, and respond positively.”.     It must be a little sad that the exam results are not good. But the exam has passed and the result has become a reality. You must accept it frankly. You are really careless. But I think, ” too sloppy” is only a superficial phenomenon, and you must go further and analyze what causes sloppiness.. From your problem-solving process, it is obvious that it is ” sloppy” that caused the disaster.. You must try your best to recall the situation when you did the problem and calmly analyze what caused your carelessness. It was because the topic was too easy that the main idea came into being? Or was it a mistake caused by something suddenly distracting you?? Or is it because of the sloppiness caused by the bad habits I have developed in my studies at ordinary times? Only if you really find out the reason can you really correct it.     As the saying goes: One minute on stage and ten years off stage. Examinations are based on results, but kung fu is usually studied. In order to solve the problems in this exam, you must carry out your daily study in the future to make real progress..     You live in a different era from mom and dad, advocating stars, forgetting heroes, pursuing changeful and fast rhythm, and departing from persistence and steadiness. You don’t have to worry about eating three meals a day, or whether you can put on your padded jacket when winter comes, let alone suffer from material deprivation. However, to learn to bear the pressure of social competition and the loneliness of the soul, now you have to study hard to get into the ideal university. How many students in the past wanted to study but could not do so because of poor family circumstances?? This is a sharp contrast between different times. I don’t want you to return to the hard road of the previous generation.. More just to cultivate your ability to live independently and constantly innovate your way of thinking.     Time is flowing gently like running water, and the annual Mid – Autumn Festival full moon night is coming again. ” The moon and bright people are looking all over the place tonight, and I don’t know who Qiu Si falls to.”. ‘ Long thoughts also became round, crossing the clouds and crossing the Qian Shan. The treetops hanging in the west gently touched the heartstrings of my son and me! The moon is more touching because of the wish of reunion, because your father came back late and late every year on the third festival reunion night thanks to his work. Why are we all in the dark? Ah, on this full moon night tonight, I brought my son with me a lot of thoughts and mixed feelings, remembering the days when ” hours do not recognize the moon and call it Bai Yupan”, the moon is out of the question of missing.. It will always be so mysterious, so evocative . Ah, looking at the bright full moon, always wondering if Chang ‘e will also taste sweet moon cakes tonight.? When my mother was a child, Tailao often told us the story of Chang ‘e. At that time, we were still young and always wondered. She was as handsome and elegant as Tailao described.? She really wore seamless clothes, attire, dancing out of the gentle and lovely of the night.? I always wanted to know if the Jade Rabbit would sing songs on the full moon night, except for the manipulation of medicine.? I always wanted Chang ‘e to stop Wu Gang from slashing the beautiful osmanthus tree in the moon palace with a big axe – if the osmanthus tree is cut down, the glittering and translucent moon palace will have less fragrant memories … Ah, I always think the moon when my mother was a child is always so charming and always so gentle. Moonlight is always so ethereal and graceful, always so holy and blurred . Ah, years without trace, life is easy to be old. All of a sudden the big guy graduated from high school, and his son really realized the’ lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight, sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home’ poem is no longer just a pale classic, no longer just a soliloquy of the soul world of poetry fairy.!     My mother recalled that when she was a child, there were always dishes cooked by Tailao in the moonlight. Her eyes were full of sweet pomelo and moon cakes worshiping the moon, and peanuts fried by Tailao herself. She had not returned to her family for a long time. The shadow of her hometown gradually overflowed with the crescent moon in my homesick heart.. The distant, dusty mark will always remain in the faint moonlight.. Remember that I took my son, you, who was 11 or 12 years old, along the path when my mother was carrying a basket with bare feet to gather pig grass. The birds sang and the cool breeze brushed through the thick green leaves in the forest and hit a beautiful shadow standing still on the side of the gurgling brook.. But when I saw the handsome face of jiao ying looking up the stream, it looked like it was waiting for us … ah, mom said in our hometown, ” wow, it has changed, it has changed, it has become’ frozen’.When I was here, I caught ” old K”. You don’t understand, then you ask, ” mom, what is” coagulation ”! , what is old k. Oh, the flowers and trees everywhere are flourishing! When my mother caught many crabs in this gully . ”. You haven’t seen trees in the mountains, nor have you heard cicadas in the mountains. The most common sight is the hurried pedestrians and vehicles on the busy streets.. This kind of freshness is getting further and further away from your life and can only be replaced by these sounds..     The mountains on both sides seem to have grown tall and the trees are lush. We can see many towering trees that we hardly saw when we were young, such as fir trees, camphor trees, maple trees, pine trees, especially the maple leaves that became so charming in autumn, like rainbows in the sunset.. Like waving to our mother and child. The pine tree is resolutely tall and straight as if shouting loudly, quick look, quick look, change, change, become more magnificent, more green … Ah, there is hardly any blue sky in it. Also can’t see mowing women, think that when I entered the mountain lifted up his eyes and saw a bare mountain, don’t see such a majestic tree. Looking up, I can’t see the women carrying bamboo sticks and sickles. I wonder where these people have gone? Why don’t you cut the grass now? What firewood do they use for cooking now? . Ah, blooming colorful flowers in my heart, looking up at a cloud inlaid with Phnom Penh in the blue sky, let the bird carrying greetings fly to the branches overlooking the sky, holding a prayer heart to disperse into the sky.. Slowly turn into leaves floating in autumn and gently fall on the ground. ” Falling red is not a heartless thing, turning into spring mud to protect flowers.” Yes, as time flies and rain washes away, it turns into nutrients and moistens trees, waiting for the spring of next year to show its charm again.!     Always on such a moonlit night, think of every year after this night; I have tasted the fried chicken leg that grandma treasured as stale. I have tasted the biggest moon cake left to me by Tailao … more pale space has been added to Tailao’s gaunt face and manner.. Too grandma’s back, like carrying the weight of a mountain. The strong affection always inspires me to bring up my son and cultivate him every day and night.. Looking forward to the moon in my dream. On a moonless dreamland, I still often taste the strong festival flavor … Ah, the moon is especially bright to the Mid – Autumn Festival.! May this bright bright moon turn into a beacon and send thousands of exquisite and deep feelings to every sweet home. The moon is round, the people are round, everything is round. I can only comfort my sadness with the best wishes of’ I hope people will live long and live together in thousands of miles’!


The lights at the intersection are not yet on, the night is already dark, and there is also a mistake in the laws that are destined to happen.. I don’t want to see what is in front of me easily is the established norm, so I often look for some abnormal things and make myself look like an abnormal person.. In other people’s eyes, it’s only a small matter that the dark light is on, but no one notices that every time the light is on, its time always lights up suddenly in a moment and goes out in a hurry before you wake up.. This is somewhat similar to one’s own life. It is often seen that others work hard and ignore the sufferings of others. It is an act of sin. Sometimes one hates one’s existence a little..     Seeing Borges’s autobiography, he flicked through several pages. The book said that there was a tireless voice for his childhood and his works, and that a clear and hazy image was displayed in front of us, along with his own draft regulations for participating in autobiographical essays.. For a generation of masters, we don’t need to say anything more. If we look at the evaluations given by those later generations, we can respect them.. However, seeing him read many books, he did not show any trace in his works, only a few verses, occasionally flashing in his articles. I also saw him reading many books, not only to understand what the predecessors wrote, but also to understand the world scope of others. I had to think twice about what kind of life is behind him, a great writer who has absorbed the literary essence of several times.. Because he is the sixth generation of eye disease sufferer in the family, his sight can no longer guarantee how much time he can see more books, but his works have affected a whole era and are very great..     For me, who is vulgar and superficial, I can’t easily see what other people think? This just speculates whether other people’s world, like most people, is smart enough to crawl around in this despicable world and mix up their own life value.. So after the department meeting, sitting in the dining room drinking milk tea, what comes to mind is Borges’s life. He is an anarchist writer. He has his own scope for literature and the world, while I am an ordinary person who can’t control life. What attitude should I use to look at my future and his own world??     Because he is a wooden person, for the people around him, apart from occasionally caring about things, most of the time he still likes a quiet look at the development of things, like a group of ants, rushing out of the fire ring in order to avoid the fire is their last choice, and so am I.. But I will not give up my character to be a cold-blooded person, either without blood or just in cold blood.. Sometimes this is a contradiction, which promotes the development of the world and the plot of the novel.. And I am a writer, copying other people’s world in my own words, so that people watching can realize more unknown temperament.     If a person does not have his own world view and personality, it is no wonder that he is walking dead.. But if this is true, it is no longer illusory. It is a hundred times better than walking dead, and living people are more or less meaningful.. If you can’t be like Borges, it’s actually good to be a street lamp to guide people home, don’t you think?

Face mountain whispers

A few years ago, I once climbed to the top of the mountain. Once on a trip, I spent a whole day, but I didn’t see the complete shape of the mountain.. I’m across the mountain. When I look at the mountain, I only need such a leisurely glance. Many reasons will be clear to me..       The mountain is near, sitting opposite me. Mountain looks handsome, mountain skin warm. Green velvet shawl, soft, thin and slippery, is the new green thick and full of shrubs and jungles, so kind of green, with the burly body of the mountain, green and bright under the sun of’ long summer’. The fragrance of grass leaves and the fragrance of soil are coming. This is the spirit of heaven and earth that makes me calm. They are coming again..   The mountain is quiet, and I gaze at each other. The days of howling in the north wind are gone, and the flowers of wild rose have smoked and dyed the mountains. Does the mountain’s fresh hair still curl up with fragrance? Such a quiet mountain, such a gentle mountain, should also have fragrant ears and temples. On the rainy autumn day and the winter day when the snow falls on the cold river, I don’t know where such a quiet and gentle mountain has gone. I looked through the window and sent away the bleak long clouds day after day, sending away a cold night breeze and countless empty and helpless days. I am in sight. I am waiting for the quiet and gentle mountain to return. I am waiting for such a golden velvet to come back in a warm and delicate green color, shine in front of my eyes and shine in my heart..   When I wanted to see the mountain, I knew it was in my south. When I was not looking at the mountain, I knew the mountain was in my heart. When I looked at the mountain with my heart, I saw the mountain’s grand bank and calm become more and more solemn in the endless river of time.. Dashan has been standing like this, or it is sitting, counting the four seasons round after round, smiling at the snowy months year after year.. Dashan not only stood on my southern coast, but also touched my wisdom in my heart. Dashan told me that in this world, there is no, or the same, imagination of childish mind.. The sun and the moon reincarnation, the celestial latitude, in calm and quiet, life does not matter for a short time, nor does it matter for a long time. In fact, life is an ardent watch for life.. When I didn’t want to look at the mountain, the mountain was in my heart. When I thought so, I began to smile: I faced the mountain, and the mountain also faced me. I saw the four seasons of the mountain, and the mountain saw my growth. Of course, the mountain also saw my aging, and the mountain also laughed, laughing that the world cared too much about and pursued the length of life.. Dashan is always so tolerant and open – minded. It tells me that he cares about the length and there is nothing wrong with it, but it’s better to care about the process. If the four seasons are not complete, at least there should be spring and summer. It’s good to have flowers and fruits, and it’s good to have fruits mature. If anyone picks them, don’t worry about it..   A few years ago, I once climbed to the top of the mountain. Once I got there, I spent a whole day, but I didn’t see the complete shape of the mountain.. I’m across the mountain. When I look at the mountain, I only need such a leisurely glance. Many reasons will be clear to me.. I see Dashan all his life, but Dashan sees me as a fleeting moment.. Dashan is indeed a mountain in my eyes. I am only passing by in an instant in the eyes of Dashan.. Read countless mountains, you must have seen my deceased friend. Now, when you look at me, are you also looking at my deceased friend? Dashan, I adore you, you are the god without name and without temple! Eternity is your name, heaven and earth are your temples, and the mountains of Wei An are calm. Please bear witness to me and my deceased friend, and I still love her.!   When Dashan bathed in the morning sun, my heart began to feel better. At the moment, Dashan was already bathed in the sunset, smiling without saying a word, but I, having received the oracle from Dashan, must go back to the place where I live from work..       From May to April, 2011, I worked in Un – mo Studio.

Clear water comes out of the lotus and naturally goes to carving

– a brief comment on the lyrics written by Zhang wenliang to participate in Lian Lian’s regulations in the fourth issue of this year’s monthly magazine on participating in song regulations, a song entitled ” participating in Lian’s regulations” attracted my attention. Soon, I listened to the singer Lv Wei at my friend’s house.. The feeling for me is, ” This song should only exist in heaven, and the world can hear it several times.”. Its melody is beautiful and beautiful, its singing is deep and moving, and it naturally touches my heart strings. Listening to the beautiful song and pondering over the lyrics. Not only are the words simple and popular, but they also feel that their meaning is deep and dignified, and their conception is ingenious, so that I can’t help singing three sighs and winning the bidding.!     The famous lyric writer, Mr. Qiao Yu, has a second son named Qiao Fang, who once made friends with me when he jumped the queue in the countryside.. So, I also had a chance to visit Mr Joe near huashi street. Hearing his unique opinion on the writing of lyrics. Because of his age, his original words have been forgotten, but I still remember several key words he said. It is roughly three ” you” and ” you” words: ” have image, lasting appeal and meaning.”. ‘ This is an absolutely insightful standard, so I will make a simple evaluation of Mr. Wen Liang’s lyrics with the standard of Joe the most authoritative.. Tell me about my opinion!     Mr Wen Liang’s lyrics must have been the result of deliberate and accidental efforts.. Because of the lyrics of this song praising lotus flowers, many people have written anti-corruption many times before. There are also many well-known articles among them. To write new ideas, unique ideas. Nature is very difficult to do. The lotus flower sung by this song is a holy flower sent by all previous generations, but due to the limitations of the times and the differences in personal feelings, the starting point is often different.. Lotus, also called lotus, is also called water lotus. In Song Dynasty, Yang Wanli wrote ” Ying Ri Lotus is Another Red” and ” Focus on the Colorful Colors of Lotus”. Du Fu praised Li Bai’s poem ” Clear water comes out of the lotus and naturally goes to carve ornaments.”. ‘ The evaluation of Li Bai’s poems is as natural and beautiful as a lotus flower, like nature itself. In Song Dynasty, Zhou Dunyi’s article on ” Love Lotus” said that the bill was a direct tribute to the character of lotus flower and was an excellent work.. The author has made a unique path and mainly eulogized lotus flower’s rejection of secular pollution and its image of purity and purity.. Not only does it say that it is unique and outstanding among the flowers of land and water vegetation, but it also contains the view of life and the taste of pointing out the disadvantages of the times.. Mr. Wen Liang’s participation in the Lian Lian Li Bill and Zhou Dunyi’s participation in Eileen said. The regulations are similar in shape and have the same effect. They have the beauty of reflecting each other and becoming interesting..     From this point of view, the lyrics to the Lianzhilian Regulations express feelings by image, which is the beauty of image in the good lyrics that Mr. Qiao said.. The lyrics of this song have only two paragraphs, which is the so-called’ why is the room elegant and the fragrance of flowers not much’. Both sections are written in the image of lotus flower, which is gorgeous and eye – catching.. And look at the first paragraph, which starts with: ” Lotus flowers are red and bright; Lotus white lotus root is sweet. ‘ In just 17 words, I wrote the unique beauty of lotus flowers, including the red color of’ lotus flowers in different colors’ and the white color of’ white flowers dotted sporadically, gracefully open and shyly hitting flowers’ written by Zhu Ziqing in participating in the moonlight regulations of lotus pond.. Conveniently also wrote lotus root fragrance, which is also the unique feature of lotus flower. No flower in the world can have such a clean and sweet root. The so-called ” clear water comes out of lotus flower and naturally goes to carve ornaments” also contains praise for lotus root.!     In addition to the beauty of image, a deeper layer is the beauty of lasting appeal. The so-called lasting appeal is the poetic flavor that lets people ponder, appreciate and taste over and over again. As if sweet and mellow wine. lasting charms. It gives people beauty and warms their minds. For example, in the first paragraph, the beauty of the two changes will naturally lead to the sweetness of the lotus root. The beauty of the lotus flower is praiseworthy and appreciated, and the beauty of the lotus root, including, is reminiscent of the selfless dedication of the lotus root.. It can be said that the connection is natural and perfect. Then, it naturally extends to the extraordinary place of lotus root, that is, the high and clean quality of lotus root is free from external interference and pollution.. ‘ sediment is helpless and lotus root is fragrant,” and” lotus flower smiles and brightens”, writing the mutual support and harmonious relationship between lotus flower and lotus root, and clearly writing the true feelings and harmony between people.. Lotus root fragrance in the sand is for the beauty of lotus, but also for the sake of sticking to its own character. Lotus’s smile is to show its own beauty and credit for lotus root.. This is a smile of comfort and thanks to lotus root. This lasting appeal can only be realized through careful taste. Just like Jia Dao’s ” a note left for an absent ecluse” in Tang Dynasty, ”’ when I questioned your pupil, under a pine-tree, ”My teacher,” he answered,” went for herbs ”, but toward which corner of the mountain, how can I tell, through all these clouds?. ‘ read it again, meaningless, read it carefully, can be called less see excellent work.Most of Wen Liang’s lyrics have this charm. Suddenly thought of the Southern Dynasties & Bull; Liang & Bull; Xiao Yan took part in the summer song.” Jiangnan lotus flowers bloom, red flowers cover with clear water. The color of the lotus root is the same as the color of the lotus root. ‘ read carefully, and Wen Liang this lyrics implication, how similar Naier!     As for the meaning of the lyrics, it is self – evident.. Because violet and’ incorruptible’ are homophonic, people have long compared lotus as an official who is clean and spotless.. Someone once painted a picture composed of violet and an egret, called ” incorruptible all the way”. How to express this meaning. There is a need for a different approach. Wen Liang’s lyrics are definitely not disease-free moaning, or ” mice love rice” and other boring works. Most of his works are closely integrated with reality, especially the reality of changing the party’s style and fighting corruption and advocating honesty since the 18th CPC National Congress. It is the fundamental principle of the ruling party to set up the party for the public and govern for the people.. Diligent administration and honest administration determine the people’s trust and feelings for the party. However, in today’s social environment, it can be done’ without being polluted by mud, without being demon. ‘ In high positions, it is difficult for officials with two sleeves to do so. A lot of people who are not firm will end up losing their reputation in the world of mortals. How humble they look in front of clean lotus flowers. Since ancient times, people have eulogized incorruptible officials. Hate the putrefaction of corrupt officials. How many honest and clean ancients in history have been written into the history books, and how many corrupt executives have been nailed to the shame column of history. The lyrics of this song describe people in terms of things and combine honesty with honesty in terms of lotus.. To advocate the honesty and self-discipline of officials at all levels with the noble and clean character of lotus flower. It seems to be just a song, which may play a great role in our country’s anti-corruption campaign.. As for the significance of this song, perhaps it will not be overestimated. I remember that I once read a couplet which was specially used to evaluate the merits and demerits of literary works.. That is: ” To delete the numerous trees is to simplify the three autumn trees and bring out the new February flowers” I use this couplet as an appropriate comment on Wen Liang’s lyrics.. The language of the lyrics is simple and precious. This is exactly the same as the comment made by the participants in Ailien’s regulations to describe lotus as ” not sprawling, but straight from the outside.”. Look at these two sentences at the end: ” Lotus Lian, a natural winner, always sprinkles the cool breeze on the world.”. ‘ The last sentence said is a natural phenomenon, although come and go with every season is always full of vitality and openness every summer.. This is a natural law that people should respect. In the following sentence, the lotus fragrance overflows and sends out plumes of cool breeze to the world. Isn’t it just the call for people to adhere to a clean and honest character?? Short words and long feelings are intriguing. With the deepening of reform and opening – up, corruption is growing dark. Singing this song to promote the main melody undoubtedly adds positive energy to the society.. This song by Mr Wen Liang can be closely linked with reality. Should arouse the attention and love of the whole society. ‘ Clear water comes out of the lotus, and nature goes on carving.” This is the style of Li Bai’s poetry, and Mr. Wen Liang’s lyrics also seem to have a legacy of Taibai, isn’t it! I hope that officials at all levels should come to sing it so that everyone’s heart can establish the character of ” lotus flower” as ” rising from the mud without being polluted” and as high as possible without corruption. I hope that all the people in the country will sing this song and everyone will have noble and elegant character, so the realization of ” China’s rise” may not be a distant future..    .

Approaching President Bojdan

During the winter vacation, I finished reading the regulations of Bojdan and deerfield academy, and I came close to President Bojdan’s life world. The miracle he created in his 66 years of school management gave me great spiritual shock and enlightenment, which greatly benefited me and made my mission and pursuit as an educator clearer and determined to become a’ Bojdan’ type educator..     deerfield academy was founded in 1797 and has a long history. Today it is a boarding high school with a great reputation in the United States.. For decades, its graduates have spread to Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Stanford universities, and’ deerfield academy’ has become synonymous with’ excellence’ in American high schools.     Bojdan was the first president of deerfield academy in the 20th century. He worked there for 66 years. He miraculously turned a school on the verge of closure into a well-known American high school. He also dedicated his life to the school and to his beloved students. Most of the students who came out of his school stepped into the society and became elite in all fields..     Bojdan, the short principal, reminds me of Napoleon of France and Deng Xiaoping of China, all of whom are great men created by the times. It also reminds me of the popular Chinese saying: ” What is concentrated is the essence.”. President Bojdan is an American version of Tao Xingzhi.     President Bojdan has the outstanding talent and moral character that an outstanding president should have, but what I admire and marvel at most are the following five aspects.     First, middle schools should be the channel for students’ development. Although President Bojdan attaches great importance to the quality of education and the quality of education in the school is well known in China, he did not train students into an examination machine, but instead he gave students a variety of extracurricular activities: from electronic jazz, football teams and baseball teams to concerts every Sunday night, he can satisfy every student’s hobby and interests and fully develop his potential.. Although the school’s achievements in entering a higher school rank among the top in the country, his school is not’ learning pressure cooker’. Second, the school has a good style of study. deerfield academy does not have a written student code, but it is very strict with students. The style of study is strong and discipline is strict, but President Bojdan does not intimidate students who have made mistakes, does not arrange punishment in advance, and arouses students’ consciousness with kindness, tolerance and broad mind.. He said: ” For a stupid defect, a child will lose his character, which may be needed for the rest of his life.”. The third is to have extensive contact with students. Bojdan lives among students every day in classrooms, canteens, dormitories, places of activity and the principal’s office. He and his students speak freely and communicate widely, and have achieved student – orientation.. He also paid special attention to the study of students’ psychology and was awarded honorary degrees by 17 colleges and universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton..     Fourth, teaching students according to their aptitude. In the long-term educational practice, President Bojdan paid attention to adopting special education and management according to the characteristics of different students. There are two art-loving students who often like to go out at night, painting stars in the moonlight and old houses under street lamps. He specially approved and watched from a distance without disturbing them.. Now one of them is the director of Princeton University’s Museum of Calligraphy, Painting and Engraving Art.. President Bojdan also has the talent to cultivate some unpopular problem children education into elites. Shelly is a child with a strange character, who does not like studying and is not good at expressing himself.. However, under the care and education of Bojdan, he made great progress in his studies and sports, and later became a teacher, and finally died bravely in the anti-fascist war..     Fifth, the idea that principals should do better than teachers. President Bojdan dressed simply, did not smoke, did not drink, and was kind to teachers and students. He devoted all his energy to school work and used his money to purchase equipment for the school and help students.. He lives in the school, visits the campus one day to pick up rubbish, participates in students’ sports activities, attends lectures every day, receives teachers, students and parents, and writes letters to students’ parents, thus running around and contributing to the development of the school.. He was able to measure his body, demonstrate and inspire every teacher, because in this school, his workload was the largest and he did the best.. He respects each teacher’s different teaching style, never imposes excessive subjective demands on teachers, and gives teachers the right to play and choose freely.. His great personality charm conquered all the teachers and made them love the school as much as the principal..     President Bojdan first came to deerfield academy to become president just to save tuition fees for law school, but later he realized that education was a great cause and fought for it all his life and achieved success in his work.. He was received successively by US President Nixon and Kennedy. His greatest achievement is to train a number of outstanding students who are healthy and mature in mind.. He said: ” Let’s not boast, but we can be gratified by what we have achieved.”. Time is fast, and the winter vacation is coming to an end in an instant. I want to learn from President Bojdan’s school management concept, inspire myself with his dedication to education, inspire myself, spur myself, devote myself to the work of opening school, work hard and forge ahead, penetrate between teachers and students, dare to innovate, take students as the center, take students’ long-term development as the aim, truly improve the quality of running schools, make high-quality schools, and let students who have walked out of their own schools have good health and mind, and also enter the gates of universities such as Tsinghua, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and Nanjing, and become elites in all walks of life in the future..

A Mob Story

[ Editor’s Note ]Things are natural choices, and the fittest survive. You and I are just one of the countless nameless rats in the Jianghu. We must abide by the minimum rules of the game, or we will be eliminated.     I have seen many traditional martial arts novels a long time ago, and those vivid characters in them have evoked many stories about a passing teenager who, though brief, was permeated with infinite dreamlike years.. In the years there were Janjaweed and Iron Horses, Drunken and Lying in Battlefield, Indulging in Jianghu, Sword and Sword Shadows. It’s a pity that they all seem to have already turned into a wisp of lonely smoke in the desert, drifting away, drifting away, finally becoming ashes and dust, and becoming a dream of Nanke.     So there is no reason left but the wind rustling and the cold water turning, and the strong men are impassioned and helpless when they go away.     Liang Yusheng, Jin Yong, Gu Long, Sima Qingyun, Wolong and Wen Ruian will also have many romantic chivalrous men who are proud of the Jianghu, and they will both face each other in the end.. However, those works are still epic, reprinted time and time again, reprinted again and again, pondered again and again in the hands of those directors, and performed again and again by countless stars.. Time and time again bewitched our ordinary people’s eyes, and again and again scrambled to earn media ratings from the public.     I remember reading an article by Kundera three years ago, in which he had a very good saying: According to Flaubert, a novelist is someone who wants to disappear behind his work. In turn, according to Kundera himself, this disappearance has long been impossible in today’s widespread media attention.. No matter what style or form of work, almost none survived. Of course, the fate of martial arts works is the same. Even long ago, it was already – it should be said that it was inevitable – moving to the mundane world.. Since it is written in the Jianghu, it will eventually return to the Jianghu.     People like Liang Yusheng, Jin Yong and Gu Long don’t have to mention them. Even the obscure fake and shoddy products can be used as food and wine on the spiritual table by various means, let alone those works of everyone’s style..     And as an ordinary audience, what can be done? How many ideas will there be? Even if there is one, it will only stop seeing the head at most.. But old don’t look at also many ways. After all, people still need to fill the increasingly empty spiritual corner after they have satisfied a relatively abundant material life? Because both are important. Because both are indispensable.     ‘ People are in the Jianghu and can’t help themselves.”.     Anyone who has seen or understood some martial arts knows this sentence, and it is more appropriate than that. Whether it is the author, the work itself, or our ordinary people, they are all helpless and are already in the Jianghu.. The world itself, the society itself, is an infinitely enlarged Jianghu, while all kinds of media are reduced Jianghu.. When it’s our turn, what will we do? What can I do? Is to go with the flow? It’s a maverick? If it is the former that says everything, but if it is the latter, I’m afraid it will be difficult to elaborate on it.     Laws and regulations, ethics, laws of nature, and order of life are all the same, and they all need to be observed and obeyed. As the saying goes, one line has one line of rules, without which no one can live within a radius.. Who let you and I all be in the Jianghu? Who let you and I all exist in this originally man-made shackle? Since it is a game, you must abide by the minimum rules of the game, or you will be eliminated from the game if you are light, and come to a bad end may also be particularly well known if you are heavy..     It can be seen that the old saying is right: things are natural and the fittest survive. Because you and I both came by chance, Jianghu already existed before you and me, even those Jianghu rules that cannot be overstepped at will already exist. And you and I are not big men who can storm the storm and set off waves. You and I are only one of the countless nameless rats in the Jianghu, and only people in the Jianghu can live by themselves.. Or unknown, or both.[ Editor in Charge: Rain Also Odd ]