Enlightenment life

Since the introduction and contact of friends to participate in the regulations of Chinese contemporary anthology, they have been deeply attracted by the content of the anthology.. In addition to his work, he spends most of his time in the corpus every day, looking over the wonderful contents of the corpus one by one, appreciating them carefully, and excerpting the essential parts into a small notebook, reading them repeatedly to achieve the purpose of memorizing, reciting and using them flexibly..     Since early July 2012, I have participated in a three-month training in prose creation. I had the privilege of meeting Miss Han Shi. The first lesson he gave me was to explain the characteristics and skills of prose writing. From the origin of prose, Mr. Han Shi emphatically interpreted the characteristics of prose, the five principles of writing, the basic model of prose, the types of prose, the aesthetic basis of prose creation, the values in prose writing, the sociality of prose, common problems and how to write prose well..     Mr. Han Shi is kind, knowledgeable, humorous and funny in his speech, and easy to understand in his lecture. He comments on the students’ works sentence by sentence and makes them easy to understand. He gives me a very good first impression and makes me more and more interested in training, and some feel resentful of meeting each other late.. Teachers sometimes ask questions in their explanations, feeling like friends talking.     In the past, I had a vague understanding of prose writing. Since I came into contact with the draft regulations on Chinese contemporary essays, especially after listening to teacher Han Shi’s wonderful explanation, I feel like a different person, showing more and more interest in prose writing. Writing not only has rules to follow, but every writing always follows the five principles of’ conciseness, fluency, implication, beauty and integrity’, and the work is getting closer to the style of contemporary prose writing..     This training of contemporary Chinese prose writing has greatly benefited me, who likes prose writing, from a lot of prose writing skills! ‘ Master takes the door and practices personally.”. Han Shi’s wonderful comments and guidance made me forget that he enlightened my prose creation life and changed my prose creation thinking. In the future training and study, I will continue to listen to teacher Han Shi’s wonderful explanation and the key to wisdom to open the door to contemporary prose writing so that there can be better works handed down from ancient times..

Dear God, can you hear my wish

My mother’s small body appears to be rickets. Her rickets body trots from time to time between the kitchen counter, cupboard and faucet. She cuts quickly on the chopping block with a kitchen knife, runs to pick up water and oil, just like the scene I saw when I was a child, except for her old body.. The same was true at that time. I was sitting behind the stove on fire and my mother was busy on the stove. The difference was that her back was not hunched and her waist was not bent. At that time, the mother’s frown was full of the hardships of life.. I picked up a piece of firewood and stuffed it into the stove in the neat dry wood fire next to me. The fire sang happily, the stove lit up and the fire flushed mother’s face.. She picked up a plate of fish and said contentedly, ” There are many people who send fish. This is a big swing in Luojia by using electric motors in central and southern China.”. Tan Jia San Ge and Yang Ma will send a bowl no matter who gets the fish.. The fish your father did not dare to eat, he was afraid of sticking his throat when he was old. What about me?? If you don’t like to eat, you’ll only be frozen in the refrigerator until you come back to eat. She also said that Lanjie said she didn’t receive a wide pepper shell this year and asked me to sell it to her. I said, sell it. I didn’t get it, but she could give her some … ah, she talked about the short words of the parents in the village, and there was a quiet satisfaction in the corner of her brow.. There was an exclamation from the main hall. I ran to see some strange pictures of the TV set that had been on strike for more than a month. My cousin’s brother didn’t ring after a long time, but his nephew, who was still learning machinery, said, ” Try plugging the jack in the back”. This plug is really good.. I hurried to congratulate my mother: ” Congratulations, or your grandson will learn to use it, and the TV won’t go on strike. My mother’s eyes narrowed to the moon.”. Now the mother’s eyebrows stretch into chrysanthemums, and the mark of a life together is full of satisfaction. I wish I could walk more slowly and stay at this moment forever.! I want to have this family with parents, healthy parents, a family that is not rich but peaceful, and parents that we have to talk to at any time.. On Christmas Eve, everyone is wishing. My wish is so common. Dear God, can you hear me?

Collecting antiques is the same as making friends

In the process of collecting antiques, you often encounter the situation that when you see an antique, it looks very beautiful with dragons and phoenixes on it, although it is priced at thousands of prices, it is placed in a bright counter, so you should be careful and be careful. It is likely to be fake and may not be worth a penny.. There is no pattern on an antique, it is dusty, a little ugly, and the asking price is too low to be left in a dark corner, but you have to look at it carefully. It is likely to be a real antique and is worth a lot of money..     The truth is all the same. How can one communicate with others without doing so??     My colleague has a son who is handsome and can’t say that he is wearing a high-end suit every day, carrying a briefcase in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. Everyone who knows him knows that he is an unskillful swindler who cheats on food and drink.. People who don’t know him, at first glance, look like he is a professor, an official, a boss and an elite. Several little girls who were not deeply involved in the world fought to marry him. I heard that one of them even ran away from home for him.. As soon as I arrived at work, my colleagues knew that I was a civil servant by virtue of my strength and wanted to ask me to give his son a diploma in adult education.. Colleagues said: My son hasn’t finished primary school. In the present society, he can’t do without a diploma and it’s hard to find a job. Seeing him getting old and doing nothing every day, he wants to get a college diploma or find a job in the future.. Because of my colleagues’ face, I agreed. The experience of collecting antiques has trained my eyesight. I saw him for the first time. His appearance can deceive those girls who are not involved in the world, but not me. From the light floating eyes hidden behind his phnom penh glasses, I can see his inner emptiness and desolation..     I can’t buy antiques for years to see how gorgeous they look, and I can’t listen to others say where my antiques were dug, how long they have been and how high their value is, and these things are unreliable.. Make friends, also can’t see the appearance of friends, more can’t listen to friends’ words, these things are also unreliable. The essence can only be seen through phenomena. Only then can you know whether you buy real antiques or fake antiques, and whether your friends are real gentlemen or hypocrites.     When you find a real antique among thousands of antiques, although it doesn’t feel smooth and tricky, although it is incomplete and damaged, I also cherish it and can’t afford to lose it, because it is a real antique and a worse real antique is worth 100,000 perfect fake antiques in my heart.. When you find a true friend in the boundless sea of people, although this friend is a bit arrogant and has some shortcomings. I also cherish it very much, because it is a real friend, and a worse friend is worth 100,000 perfect false friends in my heart.. A really bad antique also experienced the baptism of time and the storm of history. It came across time and space, carrying a heavy past and giving people thought and enlightenment.. A really bad friend can also communicate with you and walk with you in the wind and rain of life, so that people will no longer feel lonely and helpless in the journey of life..     I never want fake antiques and never make fake friends.    There are too many similarities between hiding antiques and making friends. The only difference is that real antiques are kept in my closet and real friends are kept in my heart.

Autumn rain in love

[ Editor’s Note ]Apart from the echoes of the years, what the autumn rain beat, there are also laments that it was hard to dream again and regrets that the language of desire should not stop. Ah, the structure of this article is round and the language is clean and elegant.. The use of parallelism adds momentum to the emotion of autumn rain. Please enjoy the full text!     The new words and old fu are also gentle, and the flowers fall silent and sentimental..     The autumn rain and the continuous waves surge, and the clouds and ink in the sky crush the tall buildings..     It’s just the right time for people who have been tortured for several months by the heat of the sun.. Standing in the drizzle, facing the cool breeze, there is a kind of unspeakable Shu Tai in the skeleton of the limbs.. Autumn rain dripping, has always been a good scene for literati to express their feelings. Autumn rain, like songs, is always so wonderful, so romantic, with a word saying: ” Young people listen to rain songs upstairs, red candles faint. In prime of life, when the rain was heard in the boat, the clouds in the river were low, and the wild goose was called the westerly wind. As for the old Fu Qian, who is determined to stay thousands of miles away, they also have the ambition of ” listening to the wind and rain at night, and the Iron Horse Glacier dreaming.”. Apart from the echoes of the years, what the autumn rain beat is the lament that it was hard to dream again and the melancholy that the desire language should not stop.. It seems that only in the autumn rain of this light spirit can the soul be comforted and life be continued. On the ancient road of the world of mortals, another sigh of emotion can be issued: How many cool autumn days in life. ‘ broken rainbow Ji rain, net autumn sky. ‘ Qian Shan, who washed away all the dust, stopped his noisy past, and heroes with lofty ambitions also listened attentively and calmly in the autumn rain, listening to the sounds of nature played by the autumn rain..     Autumn rain is raining, autumn wind is rustling, autumn is heavy, autumn sounds are few and far between, showing the depression of autumn scenery. A curtain of autumn dreams wakes up, and through a curtain of rain, one feels even more anxious.. In autumn, people are not only sad? In fact, when all things in the world are as lonely as people, people are as helpless as all things in the world.. Perhaps the more in the end, it will become more solemn and stirring, such as the yellow flowers in the autumn rain’ falling into mud and grinding into dust’, or the characters who are entangled by the autumn rain’ who have already felt the autumn window is full of autumn, and which can be called rain and wind to help desolation’. Like Li Qingzhao, whose ” people are thinner than yellow flowers”, like sister Lin, whose ” thewindow is not warm”. Even for the ancients worry, anyway, in the autumn rain, will naturally add a caring.     Continuous autumn rain is wrapped in continuous melancholy, affectionate and colorful, gorgeous and plaintive, such as chrysanthemum after rain or withered lotus. This is by no means a disease-free moan, nor is it’ a strong saying of sorrow for assigning new words’. The faint sadness and loneliness are as deep as entering the sky of history, or falling under the spell of mythology, and they do not want to be liberated, nor can they be liberated. Only when the rain comes down and the weather clears will it suddenly become clear that sorrow is born from the heart, joy from the heart, and all joys and sorrows are born from the heart. Many things are beyond reach, but they may not be able to be owned, and they may not be precious after they are owned..     Meditation in the autumn rain, the world of mortals, who also can’t get rid of the entanglement of troubles, who also can’t wipe out the sadness in the heart. Just like knowing that flowers will end up breaking up with branches, knowing that time will end up parting from youth, knowing that fallen leaves belong to autumn wind completely, knowing that there will be no eternity in this world . but life is destined to find happiness in the ups and downs, looking for the fragrance of rice floating in autumn verses, tasting the sweet taste in autumn night, feeling heavy harvest in autumn life, and clearing away the long-lost truth in the depths of the soul in autumn rain.. ‘ unprovoked a night sky order rain, drops broken homesickness wanli heart. ‘ Like a traveler living in a foreign land, he always rambles on about the date of his return with an unexpected autumn rain..     I like the affectionate autumn rain. When the mood is depressed, I walk in the rain with a small green umbrella and watch the rain fly gently. My thoughts are like wings, flying freely in the vast universe. I feel particularly comfortable.. I also like the heavy rain that is bold and unrestrained, listening to the sound of the rain slapping the umbrella in a hurry, like a melodious symphony, and the rain will rinse the dusty road clean..     I love the autumn rain. The autumn rain is always coming down and coming down quietly, unhurried, unhurried, untiring, free and easy, free and free without any fetters..     I love autumn rain. I always sit at the window again and watch it quietly and silently on rainy days.. The continuous drizzle knocked on the plane leaves at the window, and the leaves danced miraculously in the air as if they were spirits falling from the sky, laughing and dancing. Raindrops occasionally flutter and dance in the air with falling tung leaves. At this moment, I will close my eyes and silently listen to the gurgling rain outside the window.     I love autumn rain, autumn rain day, bring me infinite happiness and hope, young heart flying in the rain, all inspiration will be inspired in the rain, and then carefully woven into one beautiful dream after another by me, treasured in the pen, reposed in the wind and rain. All the loss and sadness will also float away in the rain. The breath of life also seemed to pervade the whole world of wind and rain..     I love autumn rain, and I wander in the rain alone with the purple umbrella with tiny flowers.. Drizzle like silk, oblique and dense interwoven into a huge net, a vast expanse of smoke like a cloud between heaven and earth. Walking slowly in this net, walking in this vast expanse, the rain fell on the umbrella and made a slight noise, like a poem with rhythm’ wutong and drizzle, to dusk, dribs and drabs” the poet’s sad voice sounded in my ear, as if I had returned to that long time and shared that melancholy with the poet.. Looking up at the vast expanse of heaven and earth, everything in sight is hazy and unreal, like a poem like a picture like a dream. The fragrance of the soil was brewing in the humid air, and the yellow leaves, moistened by rain, seemed to have returned to their youth..     I love autumn rain and always feel that rain is the messenger of autumn, and fallen leaves are its expression. Gone with the wind rain stroking the dead leaves, unique scenery, there is a kind of incomplete beauty, incomplete beauty makes people tender and considerate, and makes people feel pity..     Autumn rain is affectionate.The melodious sound of the flute in pavilions and pavilions, wrapped in the thick sadness of autumn in the rain, is a cry of sorrow, an autumn grievance, and a Qiu Si, which tells the story of caring for relatives and lovesickness in the distance..     The autumn rain is merciless again. How many thick leaves on the branches have not completely shed their green color, and they have been trampled by the endless autumn rain into patches of yellow and yellow, then withered and fluttered into patches of mottled, soft and rustling carpet at their feet..     Autumn rain is leisure and expectation. When I was a teenager, I didn’t know the taste of sorrow. Autumn rain is an idle song, an elegant dance and a joyful movement.. Most of the years spent in denouncing Fang Qiu were spent feeling the freshness and serenity of the noisy summer and simply experiencing the heroic spirit of ” autumn wind and autumn rain”.     Autumn rain is melancholy and heartbroken. The autumn rain is the tears in the eyes, the wounds in the heart, the eyebrows in the eyes and the desire to say but not in the heart.. In the middle age, when all things were gone, most of them fell into the sad autumn rain to be bound by themselves and could not be freed. They stubbornly went to lament the’ autumn autumn rain is sad and evil people’ helplessness..     Autumn rain floats in the fog, falling on mountains, rivers and high-rise buildings, swimming between heaven and earth like a watercolor painting full of mountains and rivers, relaxing autumn in my breast..     Autumn rain is like clouds, like smoke, like fog, like silk, moving slowly in your eyes, changing constantly, lifting up the deep memories of your scenes. The image, the film, will always be amorous feelings and will always be new.     Autumn rain is like a dream, like poetry, like song, like painting, lingering in your mind, swaying slowly, pulling out your long thoughts. That year, that person, that love, will always be dreamy, infatuated and unforgettable..     The autumn rain has always touched the delicate tone and sensitive nerves of literati and artists, drifting in the most emotional and soft corner of their hearts. ‘ High – rise buildings are dying at dusk, while buttonwood leaves are rustling with rain”, autumn rain is somewhat mournful and depressed in the poet’s works; ‘ I have felt that autumn window is full of sorrow, and that it is worth the rain and rain to help me to be desolate.” In the heart of the wandering child, autumn rain is again pinning on the loneliness of the wandering weary guest and the helplessness of Ping Gen.; The autumn rain turned into sad sadness and helpless sigh in the eyes of those who left..     Yes, autumn rain has both a free and easy and straightforward beauty and a mournful and lonely beauty, which brings to people a double and different mood of aloofness and desolation.. Therefore, what some people see in autumn is the glory of life and Wen Yi, and what others see in autumn is the decline and helplessness of life. Yes, the beauty of autumn has some meaning of Xiaoxiang, ” Where is sorrow synthesized, leaving people’s heart to fall’?”, and adding heart to autumn is sorrow.. In many cases, autumn rain is like a thread, forever stirring the hearts of people and influencing the thoughts of the world of mortals.. The flying rain, like smoke and fog, mixed feelings and reverberated, with bitterness, feelings, understanding and thousands of kinds of emotions that could not be supported.. The sudden or slow sound of rain, such as strewn at random notes, bounces in the heart, bringing a strange palpitation, which makes people feel lonely melancholy and sadness that cannot be escaped..     Yes, the autumn rain continues, washing away the impetuous dust of summer and driving away the hot breath of cool summer. Continuous autumn rain washes away the worldly lead in the world of mortals and strips away the heavy camouflage of passers – by.    Yes, I love the autumn rain, the purity of the rain and the artistic conception in the rain. The clear, transcendent and refined feeling in the rain makes me move and miss … Ah, I love the golden brown red autumn color, and I love the natural and unrestrained and persistent spiritual autumn rain more.!     May people forget the dust and impurities in their chests in the autumn rain, find a peaceful home for their souls and return to a real paradise. May the baptism of autumn rain allow people’s body and mind to soar freely.    A autumn rain, a phase of eyes, a phase of turning and a stop are all shame who thought that a few sprouts of unprovoked wine would turn into sorrow.

Another year at Qingming Festival

Living is a difficult thing. You don’t know when the disaster will come. All we can do is wait quietly, wait for all the unknowns, and wait for the final result..       Taking the child to the Concorde Hospital for radiation therapy seems to take a very long month. A person is busy on the road. In the hospital, the time seems to slow down and a day is as long as a year..     The ward is on the second floor, the first floor is the morgue, and often the deceased patients are taken to another world from here. their relatives are always crying sadly. I feel very sad because time will take away any material or spiritual things. we think life is a long existence. in fact, it is only a fragile glass bottle. once you let go, it will break and can no longer be assembled..     There is a desolate courtyard next to the morgue, where some birds that feed can often be seen pecking at the weeds. I am surprised by the freedom and happiness of these small life, they have no mental burden, so they can roam freely and comfortably here, while thoughtful humans are not so lucky..     I thought she was only in her forties when I first met a woman with breast cancer in the ward. Later, I realized that she was 57 years old. His son was studying in college and took care of her sick mother after a year’s suspension from school.. This woman is a strong and optimistic person. When she was eight years old, she fell on the ground and became disabled. She married a husband ten years older than her. Her husband never earned a penny in his life. She sewed clothes for the family.. She was unable to have children and adopted a boy and a girl whose husband died of liver cancer in 2002. She opened a small shop on her own to earn money for her two children to go to college. Now she is ill and has had her breasts removed. I don’t know what will happen next.. It’s really admirable that a person has such a rough fate but can still persist in living. More importantly, she likes singing, and you will feel that she is a person who can complete the freedom of mind beyond the pain of the body..     Living is a difficult thing. You don’t know when the disaster will come. All we can do is wait quietly, wait for all the unknowns, and wait for the final result..     Today is Qingming Festival, I finally returned home, away from the hospital, feeling a little calm in my heart. In fact, death is a natural thing that every one of us has to experience, and there is nothing to fear. Live brilliantly and die quietly. Life is such a cycle. In fact, you miss a person, just put him in your heart, tombstone is not important, sacrifice is not important, the soul is the best home to place missing, I always think so.     When the passage of time has taken away the young appearance and healthy body, in our memory, there are always some people and things that have left traces. After meeting once and leaving in a hurry, you will have some memories that are worth collecting. That’s good. Everything is a floating cloud, but everything has been real once. Your face will bloom quietly at night even when I am old and even when I arrive in heaven..


Editor’s Note It’s my pleasure to edit your words. Reading your words is our communication. Prose Online will be more brilliant with your joining! This is a colorful land with no boundaries, no distinction between you and me, and facing the whole future.. Sincerely hope that you and I will work together to tap the new fountain of friendship and offer the updated, better, more valuable and closer – to – life fine products to the readers … Ah, I wish you a happy Mid – Autumn Festival!    As soon as I landed in Red Sleeve to add fragrance, I saw a message in the mailbox prompt on the page that Chloe, editor of Prose Online, invited me to join the group of prose lovers. My heart was very happy.. I am a little girl who learns to write. I don’t have much literary talent, but sometimes I like to record my life and just want to add some spiritual nutrition to my heart.. The pursuit of spirit will give people a sense of fulfillment and arouse their enthusiasm for life..     Today, I have another resting place for my spiritual home. While chatting with Chloe, I followed Chloe’s search for my website. The style of prose online is very similar to that of red sleeves. It is my favorite page and also my favorite style. Reading the whole page is like reading a prose poem, elegant and fresh, elegant and light.. The first impression is very good. I think I’ll linger here tonight.     When Chloe joined me in the group and I looked around in a dazed way, everyone had greeted me kindly, and I was like granny Liu entering the grand view garden with an expression of curiosity and joy, greeting everyone carefully.. When I first arrived, I was afraid that my ignorance would make everyone laugh at me. In fact, I am a person who doesn’t like to say many words, and seldom speak in other groups. Sometimes silence is due to deep and sometimes ignorance, and I always fear that my ignorance will be exposed, so I will say few words.. Please don’t blame my reticence among friends in the group, it is really due to my poor talkative character..     Although I have been mixed up in the red sleeve for more than a year, I am still a person who knows nothing about literature. It is my greatest glory to be able to join such a literary fan group as prose online. This is my truth, not my deliberate affectation.. It is my pleasure and motivation to enter such a group of talented people and communicate with so many talented people and women.. Often because of laziness, but also because of exhaustion of inspiration, sometimes they do not start writing for a long time.. The more desolate, the less inspiration for writing. To be able to join such a group of pure literature is what I have been expecting all along. so many talented people and women in the group are examples for me to learn and a mirror to inspire me to write. it will always remind me not to be lazy, but to learn more to enrich my superficiality..     Today is the Mid – Autumn Festival, a day of family reunion and a happy festival. The warmth of the joy of the just-separated party has not yet dissipated. How can I not be happy when such a happy event to meet new friends comes again?? People all need encouragement. Such acquaintance is an encouragement to me and an encouragement to me. The encouragement of the editor is the driving force for me to move forward.. Let this experience serve as a memorial to my first visit to the online website of prose, and it will often remind me of such a beautiful beginning today..[ Responsibility Editor: Get along with[ Original ]

A shadow deep in memory

I always thought that there should be at least one cute puppy in a happy family.. Otherwise, I think there will be a drawback and happiness and happiness will be greatly reduced.. I am often troubled by this defect now, because reality does not allow me to have a beloved puppy for the time being..     Running in Riverside Park every day, I can’t help admiring the lively and lovely dogs when they follow their masters and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content.. Always can’t help but stop, touch the dog’s smooth fur, scratch the dog’s soft chin, and play with the dog. Over time, I have made many dog friends. Every time they see me, they always greet me affectionately, wagging their tails and waiting for my caresses. Sometimes I would fall back on the ground and swing my paws in the air, hoping that I would tickle its belly. When a happy dog leaves with its master, I always feel reluctant to part with it and always think of the shadow deep in my memory, my childhood partner, the little black dog..     Since I was a child, I have a special feeling for small animals. I regard them as close friends and often raise cats, dogs and rabbits despite the opposition of adults.. Sunspots are my first friend and a little black dog that brings me a lot of joy and bitter memories..     Remember that it was the winter of 76 years, with snow and water falling into ice. A little thing like a black velvet ball, curled up beside our shockproof shed and shaking with a weak moan from time to time.. He is a puppy with a short tail. He looks just like a month old and may have been cruelly discarded by his master.. Looking at his miserable face, I quickly and carefully carried him home and gave him a bowl of hot rice soup. Looking at it licking rice soup eagerly and shaking its pitiful short tail from time to time, I smiled happily and named it sunspot.     The arrival of sunspots has added endless fun to my life, but it is not loved by adults and can barely stay in an unwelcome home. Mother always loathes to feed him. Grandma can’t tolerate little black staring at us for dinner, saying it’s unlucky and often driving him out.. Every now and then, I always come out quietly with my rice bowl, and my rice will naturally arrive in Xiao Hei’s stomach. From then on, Xiao Hei became my inseparable partner.     In the spring, sunspots grew up gradually, black fur glistened in the sun, sharp ears were always erect, and they looked alert and heroic.. One morning, a distant relative came to my house, took a fancy to sunspots, asked me to see the melon garden and promised to send two big watermelons in summer as compensation. I refused to promise anything. I told grandma again and again before going to school not to send sunspots away. Then, full of thoughts to go to school. At noon, when school was over, an ominous feeling suddenly hit me, because I didn’t see a black shadow jumping all the way to meet me in the past, and sunspots were taken away.     I immediately threw down my schoolbag, pestering grandma to return my sunspot, crying and making a noise, just like a real wild child. Grandma couldn’t stand my pestering, didn’t attend to dinner, and reluctantly accompanied me to the relatives’ home twenty miles away to ask for sunspots.. We were hungry and eagerly walking, and when the sun tilted to the west, we arrived at our relatives’ house and saw helpless sunspots tied to the trees..     We had a quick meal at our relatives’ house and hurried on with the sunspots. Sunspots are reunited after a long separation, running and jumping back and forth in front of me, biting my trousers and licking my hands from time to time.. From time to time, I threw rice fruit to him from one of his relatives. I met many passers-by on the road and held him for a walk, fearing to lose him again.. The sky gradually darkened and lights lit up in the distance. We couldn’t help but tire and continued our journey. At the end of the day, I met my head teacher. He angrily asked me why I didn’t go to school. When he knew the reason from grandma’s explanation, he made an exception and forgave me. He was a very strict teacher..     Finally, the lost sunspot has been firmly established in our family. It continues to play with me and grow up with me, leaving too many laughter and laughter in the memory of childhood..     Accompanied by sunspots, I went to junior high school in an instant and walked to school a few kilometers away every day.. In the morning light, sunspots dance to send me to school, to the small bridge at the village entrance, and it will squat down for a long time, watch me go away, and then go home slowly. In the twilight, a shadow will quickly come from far and near, and it is sunspots that greet me back from school.     On my second grade day in junior high school, when I came to the village from school, I unexpectedly didn’t see the fast shadow, and an ominous sign hung over my whole body.. I hurried home, asked my family, who all don’t know, murphy . ah, I dare not think about it, frantically running and shouting, looking everywhere, no sunspot trace. In those days, I seemed to have lost my soul. In class, there were sunspot shadows in the brain, so the teacher lambasted them several times.     Until the third day of sunspot disappearance, when I came back from school, I found a black dog skin hanging on the wall. I knew it was sunspot without looking closely..     Grandma told me that sunspots were killed and thrown into the river behind the house.. Dad fished it up and peeled it. Dog meat was cooking in the pan. While adults were drinking wine and eating dog meat, I was staring at the familiar short tail on the dog skin, remembering the little bits and pieces with sunspots. Tears blurred, the black dog skin hanging in Zhang Xuan turned into a black shadow, quickly moving from far to near, from near to far . Ah, now, more than 20 years have passed, and that black shadow remains forever in my memory. Every time I see a dog kissing its owner, I always remember the joy sunspots once brought me and the bitterness of losing sunspots..

A kilo of spareribs

In early spring, I finally hurried home to visit my mother. I didn’t dare to say hello to her in advance when I would go back. I was afraid I would break my promise to her again.. I stood by my mother’s cabin for a long time, watching her busy at a distance, feeling a kind of unspeakable taste in my heart.. I dare not shout, ” Mom, I’m back.”. That would frighten the mother to leave what she was holding in her hand.     I slowed down and my mother heard the voice and asked who it was. When she learned it was me, she hurried out and nearly hit the door.. Mother took me and kept asking this and that, as if there were endless words. The only small bowl of noodles on the table is mother’s Chinese food. I mentioned that my mother answered me airily and could not eat much. So when I pulled this topic from the distant horizon, I knew that my mother had not been drinking broth for a long time, especially at this time of year..     My mother told me a lot about what happened when I was not at home. So my guilt is getting deeper and deeper. I think the only thing I can do now is to buy some spareribs and stew some soup.     The next morning when I asked my neighbors where I could buy spareribs, they smiled and said to me, ” Little girl, stay outside too long. Now you can only buy spareribs by going to the county.”. ‘ So I remembered that in such early spring, people rarely buy fresh meat, and they can’t buy it anywhere within dozens of miles.. I feel very blocked in my heart. I found a reason to go to the county seat hundreds of miles away on the train with only three cars running as fast as a snail at eight o’clock in the morning.. At that time, there were still many people going out to work, and they had to take the bus to the county to transfer. I huddled like a spider on the side of the door and wanted to get there faster.     Nearly two hours’ drive, 2. 5 yuan’s fare, I arrived at the destination, at this time I realized that the only train I had to return to was around 7 o’clock in the evening, and I didn’t have the enthusiasm to come. I used the slowest speed to go back and forth in the street where there was only one intersection. I did not know how many trips I had made. I spent 3 yuan’s money eating a bowl of dumplings and 3 yuan’s money buying a magazine. I looked at the book slowly in the warm sunshine and read the advertisements on the attached pages carefully.. Very not easy to look forward to the sun setting, I excitedly walked towards the vegetable market. Hua 16 yuan bought a kilo of spareribs that couldn’t tell whether they were big or small, but I didn’t have the courage to be picky.. I walked to the station with a sigh of relief, carrying spareribs.     I don’t know how long I’ve waited, and finally I’m looking forward to the bus. At nine o’clock in the evening I woke up my sleeping mother to open the door for me. Ignoring her objection, I hastily built the stove. More than ten minutes later, I woke up my mother again with soup. Mother drank two bowls and said, ” Good drink, good drink, really sweet.”. I felt a little hungry at this time. I found a little less salt and more water. The spareribs were not completely stewed and there was no taste of sparerib soup in the clear soup.. Looking at my mother, I don’t know what else I can do. More and more feel heart wall afflictive.

( Prose ) Regulations on Participation in Meat Eating

Life is good, eating meat becomes a simple thing. Many people are afraid of eating too much fat and cholesterol in order to preserve their health. They even have not eaten much meat and have changed to a vegetarian diet..     Before the reform and opening up, or even earlier, eating meat was a lingering dream in life. Eating is difficult, not to mention eating meat?     At that time, it was the era of planned economy and the food supply was quantitative, with adults weighing more than 30kg and children in their teens weighing about 26kg a month.. It is long body age, lack of oil and water, not enough to eat. Every time I look forward to the end of the month, the 26th, the next month’s food supply will begin and I will be able to eat enough food.. If a family has two or three small boys, it will be broken, ” the small boys eat dead Lao Tzu”, probably only for more than half a month, the family’s food will be eaten up quantitatively, and in the next half a month they will go to the market to buy high-priced food, or they will have to drink porridge.”. When I was young, I knew and memorized an idiom, ” I eat my bread and drink my bread”, which I heard from adults. Although I was still confused and confused, I remembered it. This may be the first idiom I knew..     It was an era of poverty and hardship for the whole people. Without wealth, we just had enough food and clothing.. In addition to grain, non-staple food, especially meat and oil, is even less, that is, a few taels a month. At ordinary times, it is rare to eat meat once a month. Only on May Day or New Year’s Day can you eat meat several times. In my memory, eating meat is related to New Year’s Day, and there are also some greasy fried foods. Because of their small size, they are looking forward to New Year’s Day, waiting for the arrival of winter. After the snow, it is not far from the year.     Because of childhood memories, because once poor life, up to now, I have a particularly good feeling for meat, and it is also fat meat..     In the past, there was a saying that ” the rich flow oil”,’ the fat flow oil”, is very appropriate. Having oil and meat means being rich, and it means being rich in life.. At that time, it was not very good to describe a person who was not welcomed and said, ” What’s good about you, you’re not a piece of fat.”. Eating meat is the expectation of the whole Chinese people. Although Mao Zedong is expensive as chairman and likes to eat braise in soy sauce meat, he may not be able to eat it once a week or even once a month..     There are some concepts that are national and ethnic and are difficult to change. In the nineties of the last century, life was better and thoughts were lifted. People’s independent consciousness was strengthened, complaints began to rise, and the upper class in society also lamented that ” they picked up the bowl to eat meat and put down chopsticks and curses.”. Mean, you have meat to eat, what else is not satisfied, you can’t complain!     In the era of planned economy, when buying meat at the grocery store, tickets were required, and almost everything was required. Moreover, there are also few grocery stores. We have no grocery stores in Jinan Banqiao because of its remoteness, although there are outlets and Banqiao collections.. At the beginning of the year, the government planned how many things to supply the common people in a year, and then each household issued a non-staple food supply certificate, printed, one by one and a thick stack through the neighborhood committees or family committees.. How much to spend in a month, what to spend on holidays, and how many to use, the relevant government departments have given a temporary notice..     Because food is not enough to eat, oil and water are scarce, parents’ wages are not high, and hunger is a frequent occurrence in families with many children.. At that time, there were almost no fat people, very few, all thin and thin, ” thin and monkey – like”, even in those days, they were not tall, similar to the current situation in North Korea..     When selling meat at the grocery store, almost no one wants lean meat and buys fat meat. And the grocery store, without acquaintances, will only sell you lean meat, and the cooked ones will sell you some fat meat. Otherwise, you must say, ” please pull some fat” before the salesperson reluctantly gives you less lean meat.. At that time, all the shops selling meat were state-owned or collective shops. Although they were salespersons, the job of selling meat was also a fat job and had a high social status, because meat could be eaten regularly, and relatives and friends all asked for you and often begged you to buy meat and anything else to eat, which was very popular..     At that time, enterprise workers sometimes ate or dined in the canteen and occasionally sold cooked meat in the canteen.. I remember that the staff canteen of the shipping bureau sometimes sells a kind of square cooked meat, 20 cents a piece, which is very fat meat, with a length of 20cm and a width of 10cm. At the time of dinner, families with a small population and relatively rich families went to the canteen to buy a lunch box made of aluminum and asked the rice seller to spoon more soup.. The soup with a little soy sauce floating on it was dotted with oil flowers, and the fat was floating in the soup, which was very attractive.!     I remember an extremely vain neighbor uncle, because he had four children, his family life was particularly difficult. However, he is also a very face-saving person. Every time he goes out, he wipes his mouth with a small piece of pork fat that has been hidden behind the door for several months, and his mouth is completely greasy. In this way, after going out, his mouth was full of oil, and others thought that he had just eaten meat or food with special oil and water, and his heart was full of pride and joy.. At that time, being able to eat meat was a matter of special dignity, representing wealth and status.     New Year’s Day is a children’s festival. At present, people often say that there is no taste of the year during the New Year. In fact, this is a sign of wealth.. Nothing is missing, there is no hope, the New Year has become the same as the ordinary day, there is no taste of the year.. Earlier in the year, during the Chinese New Year, it was a major event that not every family could do it to buy a pig head at Jinan Meat Joint Factory.. Pig head, seems to be a dime a kilo. Buy it home, first burn it with a red-hot hook on a bee stove, then split it with an axe, wash it clean, boil it in a large pot for an hour, when it’s almost cooked, take it out, then remove the bones, chop up the meat, and add the basic ingredients.. At that time, it was also cold, and when it was put in a large porcelain basin, the meat and soup were congealed together. There is also a layer of lard on the top. When hungry, take a piece of steamed bread or steamed corn – bread, put lard on the top and bite it with a mouthful of oil, especially to satisfy your appetite..     There was a neighbor’s wife working in the meat joint factory, and everyone in our dormitory envied them..The reason for envy is that their family often has meat to eat, which probably has something to do with the corporate welfare of the meat joint factory. It is possible to send meat for the New Year holidays, even if it is bought, it is cheap.. I heard that in Jinan meat joint factory, there is meat for five cents of food in the dining room, and there is a lot of meat for a dime of food.! The dormitory all know this matter, as long as they talk about it, they often send out a exclamation, and people look at him with envious eyes..     In my memory, the story of eating meat is even unforgettable.     There was a younger brother in his family who, when he was a child, was about to celebrate New Year’s Day and cooked some pork at home.. Because the meat was too small to be cooked and did not contain salt, he cried out for meat. As a result, he was allowed to eat a few pieces.. At that time, meat was not often eaten, taste buds and stomach couldn’t adapt to uncooked meat all of a sudden and didn’t put salt in it. Since then, this brother of his family has been hurt and won’t eat pork any more. As soon as others talk about pork, they have made a mental mistake..     When I was seven or eight years old, I once owned a dog, a stupid dog and a yellow one. Pets are playmates and spiritual sustenance for their childhood, and I especially like them. One day, when I went to school, my father hanged it on a tree in front of the house and killed it, saying it was biting people.. How can you bite a dog you own?? I know that it is because of poverty, because there is no meat to eat, and that dog meat is a precious source of protein. Father is a veteran who has experienced war and has seen much more life and death. He knows the hardships of life and the importance of those catties of dog meat to life..     That’s my dog. For this reason, I cried sadly for half a day. My heart was full of resentment. I don’t remember eating dinner or not. I fell asleep on the bed covered with a mat..     The next night, I also tasted the meat of the dog that I kept, which I couldn’t resist.. It was the first time in my life that I ate dog meat, all lean meat and really fragrant!

Peach blossom sacrifice

The peach flower offering to Zhang Jingya is like the legendary’ snow flying in June’ when the sky floats with petals and spreads with the wind all over the sky.. A carelessly stepped on its delicate body for fear of hurting it and found a gap to stand there and watch. The flowers in the tree have fallen and left so few scattered flowers, but they are aloof and arrogant, trying to make people remember their shallow, smiling, basic, and flattering faces, as well as the lingering fragrance of being intoxicated.. If you want to sink your heart, how can you let my heart sink with fallen flowers on the ground?? The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop. It shakes its head and sighs lightly. It recalls the poem that Dai Yu sang when she buried flowers in a dream of red mansions: Flowers are flying all over the sky, and red flowers are fading away. Who has pity?? At this point, the heart followed her singing, just like this broken peach blossom. A lot of people like to watch the Hong Kong Dream of Red Mansions Bill, is it because of one of the four masterpieces? Some people watch the scene of bustle, others watch’ taste’, but a few people can understand it? And a few people can understand Lin Daiyu’s eyes and mind? Empty pathos, dim and hurt. Maybe it’s a woman’s reason. How can she understand her feelings hidden in her heart? How can she be a haggard?? It is said that women are made of water, and peach blossoms are not? The so-called cloud wants clothes and flowers, and the joy of blooming in spring brings surprise and joy.. Leave the beauty to nature, but also to you, to me, to him … ah. You see, they bloom in the branches and whisper to each other in the branches.. In its prosperous and charming scenery, all people can’t forget to leave.. Although the flowers wither, the fruits that can be bred are quietly left on the branches. This is the law of nature. No one can replace and assist you. However, you, the flowers, blend yourself into the soil to enrich the fertile land. Until the next year, the birds will be on the branches again, smiling brightly and brightly. Tao is: water falling out of the spring to also, heaven and earth. Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! April 23, 2018