It’s spring, it’s time to sow

Grandpa lives alone in his hometown. My mother who works in the county seat comes home to see him once a half month, my brother who attends high school in the county seat goes back to see him once a month, and my father and I, who are far away from home, call him once a week.. These data are all his thoughts.   Dad’s apartment and dormitory will be handed over to grandpa after the batch is approved, but grandpa is not willing to do so. He said he couldn’t put down the vegetable plot at home, where he had his entire youth and middle age, his thoughts and thoughts, and I know that more, he couldn’t put down the plot of land..   When I called back on Saturday morning, my grandfather was hoeing in the vegetable field. He said he would plant some green vegetables.   I told him that we are not at home at ordinary times. He is the only one who can plant less and eat more..   Grandpa said that how to do it, spring, is should kind of things, standing in the ground empty, whole body is uncomfortable.   When you leave your hometown, you will always forget when to plant vegetables and when to cut rice seedlings.. Forget when the wild flowers on the mountain will bloom and when to thank.   But I often miss those young days when I was a child. I used to draw water in rice fields full of rice seedlings, dig loaches near rice fields where rice grows vigorously, and pick up missing wheat ears in rice fields full of rice stalks..   Frame by frame, frame by frame, after growing up, it was fixed on a notepad belonging only to that childhood, where there was the most innocent smile and the most carefree smile.   At that time, happiness was a very simple thing, that is, one maltose and one pack of snacks were enough, and they have been missed for a long time..   Silent for a whole winter’s branches, already rippling thick green, the blessing of the spring thunder waves and 30 percent passes through the earth, rumbling like the horn of spring playing. The cuckoo, who has disappeared for a long time, began to show its tactful singing voice again, serving as its chassis in every corner of the earth’s mountains and rivers.. The yearning to sow was singing loud and clear.   It’s spring and it’s time to sow.   If you don’t sow, how can you reap the harvest? If you don’t sow, how can you wait for the golden fruit of spring?   The ancient precepts of spring planting and autumn harvest were composed in the passionate march by gentle wind, as if it could be imagined that the busy figures of uncles in the land of their hometown have been framed in the fields into large and beautiful landscape paintings, vivid and enchanting Chunyang.   The seeds and hopes that soak in the valley tanks have finally reached the time for them to show their prowess and set foot on the journey of growth along the look of the workhorse..   In this warm season, sowing is our only language, but with the most beautiful melody. In this season, we sow in the ruins and reap the newly growing life. We sowed in the barren land and reaped the pleasant surprise of birds and flowers.   In this season, sowing is a unique poem, each footprint is a beautiful word, leaving footprints that belong only to cultivators in the trek, and strengthening the initial belief in anticipation..   Tilling, Waiting, Harvesting, A Cycle. After paying the sweat, set foot on the green passage to harvest and obtain the passport to touch the fruit.   It’s spring, it’s time to sow! Sow hope, dream, and hope for ourselves.

If water is good, there is room for greatness

All the time in life, people are suffering from some kind of injustice and injustice.. Ma Yun once said, ” There is no greater injustice than to participate in Qiao Feng in the Tianlong Eight – Part Regulation, and there is no greater injustice than to participate in Ling Huchong in the the legendary swordsman Regulation.”.     How can a person judge his mind if he has not been wronged?. Because the measure of mind should be the performance when a person is facing difficulties. Only when you encounter setbacks, opponents attack you, you are hurt and misunderstood, can your face, your choice and your firmness show a person’s mind and measure under such circumstances.     If a person’s mind can be wider after being wronged, this is undoubtedly the best result, but under what circumstances will injustice make people stronger rather than shrink back??     There is no doubt that the sublimated person is willing to bear this grievance. And willing to bear, the main reason is the firm direction and goal in my heart. I have a dream in my heart, the pain I’ve suffered and the injury I’ve suffered actually count as something? On the contrary, it can become a beautiful memory and then a driving force for progress, just as the wound is a medal for a soldier who fought bravely.!     Looking back suddenly, all these wounds left only indelible marks. If you set your goal on this bumpy road, don’t stay. No matter how difficult it is, you will have to go through all the hardships and hardships.. Because all yesterday’s and today’s experiences are your life’s experience, an experience and an intangible fortune.     It is said that a man’s mind is enlarged by injustice, and a woman is not! I am glad that I have been wronged, sad and confused, all of which have made me today. I know what to cherish, what to abandon and what to remember.. Wounds, setbacks, climbs up again and again, and prepares to move forward again and again, transforming into a calm me today, living in the present moment with gratitude!

I just want to spend my not bad life so quietly

It’s been so long that I don’t know where you found me again.. But all I remember is that from the day when I decided not to meet again, the past has become the past.     On the phone, you said you looked at all my diaries from the back and looked at them all day and night. I don’t know when you began to have so much patience.. You said you saw my busy schedule and felt envious. You said you cried when you saw my classmate Yanling die. You said you saw that I had a new relationship and you were jealous. You said you were angry when you saw my family like him. You said you couldn’t find any mention of you between the lines when you saw your eyes getting sour. You said you hated me? . Ah, you began to ask me who he is? What does it look like? Where?? Began to curse my relationship for no more than 10 months! Finally, a malicious sentence was piled on me: ” I will not let you go as a ghost.”! ” .” Carrying a half – dizzy head and thinking for half a day, how deep is this hatred! I didn’t want to understand for a long time. What did I do to you to make you hate me so much?? From the beginning to the end, you’re talking, I’m listening. No answer, no rebuttal, no doubt, no response . Ah, I know I will only be silent to people who have no feeling, and this silence is enough to drive people mad! Many tests are good.!     In front of others, you are a person worthy of respect. For me, it seems that there has been only constant ridicule, criticism and disdain! I know, because of your position, no one dares to argue with you. Your aloofness doomed your loneliness. Remember what I told you? Learn to enjoy loneliness. Loneliness is not terrible! Who is not alone in this world and who is not alone in leaving? Who is not alone after the hustle and bustle has faded and the lead has been washed away?? Therefore, I appreciate those who will enjoy loneliness and even have a preference for those who will enjoy loneliness.! I don’t exclude aloof people, everyone has the right to choose their own expression and state, but I don’t like people with haze, similar to those who constantly discuss various suicide methods such as hanging and jumping from a building by cutting veins.. This makes me feel weird. What I need is sunshine and rain!     There are too many helplessness in life. If you let gloomy mood grow excessively, you will unconsciously fall into a tragic role and cannot extricate yourself from it.. The real strong are those who still love life and love life after countless hardships, hardships and injustices.. No one came to this world to save you. It is important to learn to give yourself a sense of security.!     I know you often complain about being busy, so you don’t have to envy me for being busy. The moon is overcast and sunny, and people have joys and sorrows, so you don’t have to cry. There is love in your heart and the ability to love. You will naturally meet someone worthy of your love, so you don’t have to be jealous. How much my family likes him is not because of how good he is, but because they know how good I am to him, so you don’t have to feel angry. For such a long time, I have almost forgotten your touch and have no need to think of it, so you can hate me, but don’t hate me too long. It is you who are so miserable. As for who he is? What does he look like?? Where?? Have nothing to do with you; Fate is hard to say, there must be an end to the beginning, but it’s only a matter of time, some ten days, some lifetime, so you don’t have to curse. As for what you said about being a ghost, you won’t let me go. Ha ha, we passed each other countless times when we were a human being. We couldn’t wipe out any sparks. Don’t you think the possibility of being a ghost will be bigger?? . Ah, I know you’ll see this article. I hope you can face up to my friend who I don’t meet. Both you and me are completely different in outlook on life and values.. I don’t care what you think of me, how you hate me and how you treat me, because I have a clear conscience! I am single – minded. My single-minded is not to love only one person all my life, but to be absolutely single-minded when I love one person..     I just want to spend my not bad life in such a quiet way . ah, really . ah

Helpless – snowy night

Night, cold, sitting in the warm room, there is a film on the screen. Out of the window, I don’t know when the snow began to float, pushed open the window, stretched out his arm and let pieces of white angels melt in the palm of his hand.. Or fall with the wind, fall into the ground of the residual leaves, let its cold how much humble but also great life . ah, suddenly a snow, floating so pure, so moving. Is the temperature still high? A beach of water has already appeared on the ground. Under the streetlights, the faint light comforted the world with tears, which seemed ungrateful to the ice beauty, still crying sadly, drizzling, looking down on all hardships, and looking down on all helplessness..     In the alleys, small restaurants often visited were also shrouded in foggy water vapor.. The boss’s turban also seems to have played a role in keeping warm. The old lace seems to have been around for years, wrapping the unique boldness and freedom of northwest people.. The deep eyes are suffused with the helplessness of snow, and the weak eyes are closed, feeling the apathy of a year and the withering of a year. Slowly open your eyes, staring at this inch of land with empty eyes, taking a deep breath and spit it out harshly, but you can’t break through the cold and emotional wounds of the night..     ‘ It’s my treat today”, said the boss quietly.. I am at a loss. ‘ Business is not good, can’t do it anymore, there are no customers, all regular customers, it’s my treat today, even to see me off. The boss chuckled. It turned out to be so. After this month, she will go back to Lanzhou. I have no choice but to nod. The glasses in her hands touched each other, and I think they also shattered her heart and shattered the dreams of the northwest people in the central plains.. Looking out of the window at the fluttering snow, I saw the helpless eyes full of glittering and translucent tears, turning, just not falling down. I understand that this crystal is called being strong and not yielding. I believe that with this tear, she will surely find her own paradise. The white angel under the street lamp prayed silently.     After dinner, I chatted for a long time and learned about a person’s snowy life and a young man’s dream..     There is always a big gap between reality and dream, just like winter snow falling all over the place and turning into mud and water after all. No one can dominate all this, even if they can’t, it is good to be able to change it.. Change your career, change your life path, change your ideal and change your goal. One day, the black chicken will not be far away from becoming phoenix..     A piece of snow, in the sky quietly colorful, interpretation of each dream quietly waiting for, interpretation of the upcoming spring . ah


My father lived in Shanghai for two months, and my daughter maintained a very good relationship with him. After my father went back to his hometown in Huangshan, my daughter did not turn around for many days. When I was eating, watching TV and playing in the neighborhood, she would suddenly round her eyes and ask me doubtfully: Dad, grandpa? Where’s Grandpa? Why is it missing? . Ah, that look, that tone, I can feel, my daughter’s life, already can’t live without grandpa.     I opened the window of memory from my daughter and let the moon of my family shine into the dusty hut for a long time.. In the middle of the night filled with thick dust, I remembered my grandfather who had died for twenty-one years. . Ah, 21 years, with a flick of his finger, my daughter is three years old, and my daughter is looking for grandpa. However, my kind grandpa, grandpa who changed my fate, where are you now? After you went to that world, why didn’t you hear anything and never return again?     In the smoke moving up and down, grandpa’s face, voice, smile and story about grandpa clearly moved to the front from the depths of distant memory..     A small mountain village called Wumu is located on a hillside in the southeast of Huangshan Mountains.. The village is named after the number of acres of land, which shows the scarcity of land. The reality of lack of land and land also warns villagers to maintain a sense of crisis for survival at all times.. In ancient Huizhou, there was a popular sentence with far-reaching influence, ” He was born in Huizhou without repair in the past.”. At the age of thirteen or fourteen, I threw it away. It is precisely because there are many mountains and few land and there are not many people living, so many people eventually chose to leave their homes and go out to do business in Yangzhou, Shanghai and other economically developed places.. The formation of Huizhou Merchants Group and its culture is fundamentally rooted in endless helplessness and bitterness.     This small mountain village, called five acres, has 60 or 70 families and a population of 340. I don’t know why, there is no tradition of doing business here. Honest villagers basically live by farming in poor fields. No one who is used to doing business wants to make a fortune and improve their lives.. Our family is immersed in such an atmosphere. Until now, when I heard that I am from Huizhou, others said that you must be very smart. I smiled, noncommittally.     But grandpa went out, it was a short time before liberation. I don’t know what the villagers think of it. I don’t know how grandpa went out and who he went out with. I just heard that our family’s ancestors did not live in five acres, which is a place called Lan Village 20 or 30 miles from five acres.. The village is on the side of the Hui – Hang Highway, separated by a relatively wide river. Every time I pass by Lancun by bus and look at the small village across the river, I have a hazy feeling in my heart.. – I haven’t been to Lan Village either. After the ancestral graves in Lan Village were washed away by a flood, Grandpa left Lan Village and went to his uncle’s house of five acres.. Grandpa also had a sister, and later left Lancun. I don’t know whether he married or went out to make a living. Anyway, the two never met again..     Grandpa has gone to Hangzhou. He didn’t do business because he had no capital and seemed to have no brains in this respect.. In Hangzhou, grandpa is a small clerk, possibly doing something to deliver letters to others. At the time of liberation, he made some money and returned to five acres. Because there is no land, because he knows the influence of no land on family life, he doesn’t listen to other people’s well-intentioned advice, he doesn’t want to live a life of living under a fence and wandering without land, and he has decided to take root in five acres of land by buying some land.. Who knows the world is hard to predict? After liberation, grandpa was classified as a middle peasant because he was a bit too much.. In an environment where other families are poor peasants, the middle peasants naturally become the object of struggle. For this, grandpa was so angry that he suffered a serious illness that he still rankled about it until his later years..     Because in Hangzhou city it was to deliver letters by bike, grandpa’s driving skills were very good. I can’t imagine how good it is. When I was a child, I heard that your grandfather could ride a bicycle on the ridge when he was young. The ridge is so narrow and rugged that it can ride as freely as it can walk? We all opened our mouths wide and couldn’t admire grandpa very much.. Can ask grandpa, he always said with a smile. I’m still a fan of this matter, whether it’s a real home or not..     The history of smoking in our family can be traced back to grandpa in my memory. Dad is a heavy smoker. Now my wife also called me a smoking gun, and even when my daughter saw me smoking while reading and writing in the study, she would rush downstairs to complain angrily, ” Mom and Dad are smoking upstairs again, so go and criticize him.”!’ to smoke, all know it is not a good thing, but to really addicted people, it is not an easy thing to completely quit it.     Grandpa smokes, not the’ civilized’ cigarette with filter tips. He said the smoke did not taste. I now think that grandpa has his reason, saving money is part of the reason, but the most fundamental thing is that it is just as difficult for a man who smokes a lifetime of dry tobacco to change his taste as to change his wife who has a deep relationship with him every morning and then go back to life.. Even the cigarettes that my father bought him for filial piety without a cigarette holder – this kind of cigarette is too hot and too strong for me to smoke – grandpa can’t get used to it.. More than once, I scolded my father: Give me less money to cheat me by buying such things as cigarettes rather than cigarettes.!     Today’s young people in Wumu Village smoke, and they should all smoke’ civilized’ cigarettes with their mouths.. But old people who are already older often carry a bamboo cigarette rod in their hands. Of high grade, the chimney is made of copper, but the pole is made of bamboo. At the corner of the cigarette holder hangs a boxy cigarette bag made of black cloth and filled with bulging tobacco shreds. These old smokers also carry the same yellow guy called’ fire paper’ with them, which is used for lighting cigarettes. It’s a pleasure to see them smoking. After filling the pipe with tobacco shreds, strike a match, light the fire paper twisted into chopsticks, light the tobacco shreds, then hold the tobacco rod in your lips, take a long, malicious breath, and finish with a ” pa” of your mouth, and slowly spit out the white smoke. Curiously, some nostrils also smoke outward, and smoke fills the eyes.. Also, the smoke coming out of the mouth will flow back up into the nostrils like a white stream, with unlimited taste, which only the smokers themselves will realize. After a tube of tobacco is burnt out, it may knock out smoke excrement or pick out a small wire and fill it with new tobacco again.. Lips on fire paper, ” poop” 1, fire paper again, and then suck the second mouth. Blowing fire paper is really a knowledge. When I was a child, I blew it for my grandfather, and my face turned red. It took a lot of trouble to blow fire paper.. Grandfather scolded impatiently: Give it to me quickly, children playing around and wasting my time.     I miss grandpa now, not because of his smoking, but because he never hit me with a cigarette rod. Of my dozen cousins, this may be an unusual exception. I don’t know if I’m not seeking or if I’m smart.. The taste of the cigarette rod hitting people and the look of others being blamed and beaten have only one word in my heart – fear. In my memory, my grandfather’s cigarette rod never fell on my head. For this reason, I also used to show off and make everyone envy me..     Three in five acres, I only studied for three years. In the third grade, I transferred to the county seat and my father worked in a bank in the county seat. The change of my fate, from then on. I really can’t imagine if I hadn’t transferred to another school at that time, like the rest of the village, I might still be living on a few minutes of land or following the working people to do some broken work in a city in the Yangtze River Delta, and my life would certainly be one hundred times or one thousand times harder than it is now..     It was grandpa who contributed to my transfer.     In five acres, I want to come now, then grandpa should be one of the most discerning people.. Perhaps he had the experience of delivering letters in Hangzhou, and he knew that knowledge could change people’s fate. Of the six daughters grandpa survived, two got jobs in the county seat by reading, one of them was my father. This is an unprecedented precedent in the village of five acres.. Dad said that the conditions for studying in the 1950s and 1960s were very difficult, and in addition to the influence of the middle peasants, in order to change the family’s position in the village, only people could be sent out. Sending out means more heavy burdens on life. Read and ask for money? One less person, the family is short of a labor force, isn’t it? These, grandpa and grandma all carried over. They cut back on clothing and food, save what they can save and squeeze out what they can squeeze, just for the sake of children’s peace of mind to study abroad and for the sake of children’s reading and reading a promise.     Now, it’s my turn. My father is still hesitating about my transfer. First, considering the economic reasons, the salary of 20 or 30 yuan, part of his own life, part of supporting the elderly and part of studying for children, the cost of studying in the city is always far greater than that in the countryside.. Second, because of the fear of mother suffering from heart disease, leaving a person at home, even if it is a child, can help a little more or less, such as picking some water for the water tank, such as picking some vegetables in the mountains, such as mother can bring a bowl of hot water at the bedside when she is ill … Ah, grandpa is angry. Send the children out, you don’t have to worry about things at home. Grandpa said to dad. In front of grandpa’s determination and vision, dad had nothing to say. With grandpa’s full support, I finally went to the county seat and studied in a place I couldn’t understand. During that time, I especially missed five acres and the children in the village. A nine-year-old boy came to a strange place, even if he followed his father ( because he had not lived with him all the time ), he was also unaccustomed to every possible way. He had only one idea in his heart, leaving the strange place and going back to five acres . Ah, four years of summer and winter vacation, the first thing I did was to report to my grandparents and tell them about my studies, my life in the county seat and the new things that happened in the county seat.. Grandpa always smiles and listens to my narration with interest while smoking a cigarette.. Later, I came back from the county seat several times. I kept my old habit of looking for grandpa, but I couldn’t find grandpa at all.. Standing in front of grandpa’s door, like a dream, wondering where grandpa has gone? . Ah, when I wake up and turn around, my nose turns sour and my eyes begin to wash away tears.    Grandpa died in my fourth grade winter vacation. On that occasion, I went home and saw my dying grandfather. He leaned back on the bed, covered with a thick quilt, showing sallow and thin face. He could no longer speak and only looked at me with his eyes. Grandma said loudly in her ear that Zan had come to see you. Grandpa doesn’t even have the strength to nod. I hold his old hand like a tree branch and rub it with my warm little hand while slapping it shut up. I didn’t cry out, but tears still flowed down without self – knowledge … Ah, the next night, grandpa stopped breathing.. The whole family was immersed in grief, and the winter was particularly cold. Later, I heard adults say that grandpa had been chanting your name before he died and could not bear to leave. He didn’t leave until he saw you.. . Ah, grandpa’s grave is under the laurel tree on the hill. On the day of the funeral, the snow stopped, and the mountain valley in the village of Wumu was thick with white, with Dai Xiao mourning his grandfather. The funeral procession was filled with cries and cries.. I followed along with mywood, without crying. Suddenly heard a sigh from an old man on the side of the road: a good man, a good man, and another. Go again, there are not many such old people in the village . ah, grandpa’s name is Bao zhengkang, who died of stomach cancer at the age of 73. Now, 21 years after my grandfather died, Cao wrote this article, sending a long-distance lamentation and remembering it forever..

Dream ripples

The years are engraved with the past, whether the persistent dream has caused ripples due to the tremor between the dribs and drabs.     The passing time, the passing warmth, the blue sky, have long since disappeared Yunlan, a dream of a beautiful scenery and a snowy moon.. With sad gaze, is it looking at the distance at this time. Whether the imaginary wings still soar persistently in the wind. Whether the trace of love has already changed its appearance.     The tears in the eyes, the people in the thoughts, and the promises of thousands of sentences have all fallen flowers and become running water. The heavy footsteps have been kept for thousands of years because of a beautiful dream.. Fireworks on the other side of the bank have blossomed in the past. After the rain, the sunshine gathered and dispersed the dike, but accidentally and involuntarily caused ripples in the dream. In the deep and shallow cycle, the love held up by both hands was let go without any regret..     The night without color, the wind quietly taps the window lattice. I can’t calm down in my dream-like obsession, maybe it’s just a grain of sand and a wave in the sea. The river’s lake, full of snow and wind, has hesitated, expected, obtained and lost.. A period of past, a shallow emotion, but unfortunately cooled down to the end, can only be interpreted with a’ once’ and covered with a’ cool’. What does that brief dream ripple count?     Long song laugh at the sky, hide the light of tears, sadness in the bottom of my heart, ripples in my dream, but only the unharmed eyes hang on my face. When the responsibility of life becomes the leading role, where is the dissolute soul that really finds its place? The ripples of dreams will get a brief peace there again? Can’t help but ask, once the hot first heart why now has become so slim? Is it because the hair has never been white, the beauty has never been old, or because of the agreement that will never be realized, let oneself walk alone in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River, wandering around, as if at a loss?     The persistent dreamer stepped on the unpredictable lines of fate, and the journey may even drop many times, but he still won’t regret his coming out of the immature past, and the short ripple can really count as something.?     When all the memories are locked in layers of smoke and rain, unable to wear through and walk out, I would like to borrow a few wisps of smoke and rain to hide myself deeply in this mysterious poetry garden country, but my faith involuntarily makes me try to avoid forgetting the dream. The soul landed, the heart ran aground, those regrets in the heart, some regrets, whether it will be like the lotus on the soul, which will always be occupied by some wet meaning and gently ripple every night.. In the silent season, though the misty rain is a mystery, the world of mortals has fallen and I am hiding in the gusty cold wind.. Those poetic, pictorial and genuine words are somehow totally different from what I thought and saw.. Like this fairy tale that cannot stand the test of time, it is getting further and further away and weaker.. No longer sentimentally attached to the road when it came, all the sentient past, the persistent dream, the casual chatter and the long-lost tenderness. So is it just because of existence that we are concerned about. Is it because of persistence that ripples on it.     Whether the years that have passed in a hurry will one day never find any trace of the past or ever again. Hey, what does that brief dream ripple really count for? A few photos of childhood, bright-colored time painted with ink, the past and the drop of ink are only a dilapidated old yellow paper painting, which will be scattered in the wind with a touch.. Like the ending that did not begin, who still remembers who was the past and who was the paradise of his life.     After all the ups and downs, when desperate to retain the so-called freedom, the so-called good life, now wake up, is it really the Nanke dream? The persistent dream, the short ripple, how can you easily smooth the rough time and the yearning for a better life. On a windy night, the corners of the eyes are slightly moist. I can’t bear to see the dead leaves drizzling aimlessly towards fate, and the brief ripples of dreams? Is it just a short time standing on the shore of life and watching the scenery on the other shore, just like those flowers that have turned on and off, those lights that have turned on and off.     Stretched out his hand to touch the fragile years, the deeper he remembered, the heavier he seemed to be hurt. And those memories that have been stranded by time can only be lost by the endless waste of time.. It’s just as well in the depths of the season, gently carrying a floral fragrance to intoxicate the past, scooping up a handful of sunshine to sit on the warmth revealed by life, so that the ripples of dreams between dribs and drabs can gurgle under the nib without hesitation..     Sitting in the stern of youth, looking back at the scenery of the bow, the trees on the shore and the people on the shore will all sail one by one. Perhaps the only thing that has not changed is the direction of life and the heart of courage and perseverance.. No longer obsessed with the past scenery, no longer clinging to the impossible dreams and lost things there, maybe they should give up and pick them up again. In fact, they have changed their taste and changed their mood..     You don’t laugh, you don’t make any noise. The memory is tinged with faint flowers, dancing butterflies, and the crisp and pleasant voice of the bird, but at this time you are involuntarily invited to enjoy this happy time, and the ripples between dreams can only stay calm in the heart pond..     Then gently wave goodbye to the moon full of typhoid fever and quietly hold hands to bid farewell to the vague nightmare. Perhaps just wanted to think, disturbed, that once upon a time, the passing away of the past. Hiding in the depths of the years, I entered the same country and the same heaven after a brief dream ripple.? Even if the thorns in front are full of roads, they will hurt the body and scales of their own thorns. The red covered with buried flowers and the sadness lifted up by the moon are just passing away with the wind. How can they be easily stopped??     The dream ripples, the brief confusion, the distant distance, but at this time due to determined yearning no longer confused . ah