A mirror of life, the life of Noah’s Ark

Life is a mirror of life for Noah’s Ark feeling confidant, like friendship and more than a foot, one inch less than love, more friends of the opposite sex to bring a mysterious veil.It was their praise, it was derogatory, some people think does not matter, it is important that can not be done honorably.With the continuous development of society, both men and women, must assume greater responsibility and pressure, need decompression, need to be released, in particular to a certain age, everyone in life with a mask on the brightly lit stage social extremely difficult.Fewer and fewer people care about you, live a few less people care about the lives of people ask, if you really can have a friend around to encourage each other, support each other, that it is a blessing!Life can meet a friend, and the two can become a true friend, is how scarce the blessing also.Heterosexual friends like to live next door neighbor in love, from love, close, love is different from that only understanding and spiritual dialogue, is the pistachio when you are depressed, are relieved when your pain pill.Which includes mutual appreciation, understanding, support, blessings, and these feelings are pure, simple, though occasionally some confusion with each other, some illusion, however, it only occasionally, intellect and kindness will make you understand the only Friendship It can last forever, forever and Ever..And only this pure feeling, nothing will become required, nothing to attempt real affection!Inside of modern life, regardless of social status level, people need to recognize others of their own, praise, understanding, love, and these, in your work, in the family, very, very difficult to get, because you and your spouse, with your colleagues It has been unable to have a wonderful distance between you too familiar with, so that all overlook each other’s presence or absence.People began to anxiety from the heart, began Fuzao began suspicion, began to confusion, and even began to despair, then, if fortunate enough to have a friend, the United States and which was also of life, might change your life, you might be able to turn for the better.Confidant of energy is so large, mirror, living the life of Noah’s Ark.Cherish, cherish the treasure again, in life there are always some moved, in which the total number of financial injection of passion, and this wonderful friendship never let it bloom into flowers of our life!

17-year-old girl forced swallowed 114 condoms filled with drugs, world

17-year-old girl forced swallowed 114 condoms filled with drugs, how many mutilated world of adolescent drug lords?!  In 2005, 17-year-old Rachel and 15-year-old Sydney man Chris child was arrested in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, when the two are preparing to swallow 114 hotels with a $ 1 million worth of heroin condoms.  Rachel is scheduled boarding from Sydney, flew to Hong Kong drug trafficking.But before boarding, Rachel go back.But drug cartels in the person responsible for monitoring her promise she never quit, under coercion, she had to start a drug mule.  After reaching the hotel in Hong Kong face a large number of drugs, she once again regret.She was very scared, worried that these drugs will explode in his stomach.  Just as she was ready to reject drug trafficking, police broke into the house just.  Rachel told the media that the Australian police knew she wanted to be drug trafficking, because they heard the dialogue Rachel and other drug traffickers, but they did not make any moves to stop, so she wants to sue the Australian police.  In Rachel was arrested five days later, forced them to drug trafficking Chen led the “Bali Nine gang” drug gangs have been arrested.When arrested, they are preparing to smuggle 8 in Bali.3 kg of heroin.  Rachel gave Chen admitted that the threat of prison to write a letter, warning her not to expose behind the “boss”.  And behind the controls of one of Jackie Chan and “Bali Nine gang” is the world’s largest number of drug gangs, “Crescent Moon”, this organization has always been engaged in illegal activities of drug trafficking from Myanmar to overseas.  In prison, prison guards often beat Rachel with a pistol, and her only friend is also due to carry, but the harsh prison life, committed suicide in prison.  All this so that Rachel was devastated, and further suffer from anxiety and depression.  Court documents also show that, after Rachel suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, and bipolar and borderline personality disorder.  A young girls this way, withered.  In his father had been tireless efforts, Rachel after serving five years in Hong Kong, Sydney’s Long Bay has been back to continue serving one year and eight months.  After released from prison, her neck and chest tattoo “endurance” on her right arm on the pattern of the “death” of the term.  Rachel does not know what will go after his release new life, or will always be in the “death” of sleep.  If successful drug trafficking, she will be paid $ 60 sounds like a lot, but is a mere $ 60, Rachel ruined the entire youth.  Rachel freed, recently gave an interview to the media.  She said: To this day he still under the influence of drug trafficking issue.  She’s a striking phrase, he said: “In the beginning Andrew Chan to expect is going to happen, but he did not let us stop there.  ”Next, Rachel broke more sad and drug trafficking inside prison  .  When the jail in Hong Kong, Rachel had been shot with a pistol jailer.  The other put her hit the ground hard, hit the back of her almost unconscious.  Rachel was scared wah-wah barking, but the people around them relish.  A good relationship with Rachel Friends of inmates, and finally can not stand the beatings captivity, committed suicide.  This series of encounters, like a reality version of American Horror Story.One by one Rachel challenge the already fragile nerves.She finally pushed to the brink of the brink of collapse, soon to be sent to hospital for psychological treatment.  The most frightening thing is, though Andrew Chan, has been locked up in jail after the wall, but the terrorist threat drug cartels, but not away from Rachel.  Rachel was in prison, Andrew Chan received a letter of threat, the letter sent from Bali’s Kerobokan prison.  (△ Figure: Andrew Chan) Andrew Charles warned in the letter: Rachel “Bijin your mouth,” if she confessed insider drug cartels, “I’ll make you uncomfortable!”As a boy, Rachel’s dad is always very busy, he rarely took time to accompany children to take care of her emotions.  For Rachel and said: “other people’s father” mostly just legend, it only got to see.  Rachel bad long wait until college, her father did to their senses and finally intends to educate their children, but the children embarked on a crooked road.  This time, ready to betray my father, hoping to launch motion requesting release of daughter.  After two years’ imprisonment, his father paid 10,000 Australian dollars, requested that her daughter returned to Sydney’s Long Bay prison, and her daughter here serve their sentence.  Eventually, Rachel sat in Hong Kong five years in prison after approval returned to Sydney to complete the remaining sentence, was released after being imprisoned for a total of 6 years and 8 months.  Rachel was released from prison in addition to a large prison spit grievances: complaints actually tearful Australian Federal Police.  Rachel had learned afterwards: that year, the Australian police were aware of the existence of Rachel, and she listed, and the list of actions to monitor drug trafficking.  Rachel in Sydney to Hong Kong before boarding, said she heard a sudden thump his chest hairs everywhere, and my heart is all secretly uneasy.  At that time she had a kind of foreboding: finished, this quasi be a bad thing!  Rachel said she was scared since changed his mind and did not want to drug trafficking is the man meat.  Unfortunately, the case she was intimidated forced drug cartels, will fly to Hong Kong last resort.  If I had informed the Australian police, can come to the rescue, at that moment shake her, pulling her hand, she would not embark on the road of crime, and wasted youth in prison.  Rachel Therefore the anger and grievances, passed on to Australian Federal Police who.  She believes that the police do not act, law enforcement is serious dereliction of duty, she was even more chilling disappointed.  Before I do drug trafficking, even they know it all.They listened to our conversation, but did not stop us.I’m considering sue the federal police.You see, I still benefit greatly influence.  But then, Rachel after his release is still not a major worry, she settled in Western Sydney, but also find a hairdresser chief.  (△ Figure: Rachel becomes a hairdresser) has a carrying her boyfriend went to work, the two Yiyanbuge dispute in the car, a fit of anger of Rachel shot her boyfriend beat.Boyfriend, girlfriend is sturdy mad to beat shouts “help”, completely turning the vehicle deviates from the lane, eventually intercepted by police.  When Rachel was arrested on the grounds of the police is: There is no medication to control his mental condition.  Later, Rachel Burwood court handed down violence injunction, prohibiting her track, harassment, intimidation and attacks ex-boyfriend, not reckless destruction of any property.  Young and frivolous refrain from impulse, Rachel’s experience of crime and the ensuing painful price, is a living counter-example.  (△ figure: so young Rachel) In recent years, juvenile crime was high momentum, has become a problem of the whole society should be concerned.We all know: Minors lack of adequate intellectual and social experience, if they do not have good family education as a yardstick, they are easily induced crime, path of no return.  Like Rachel being questioned, although pleaded guilty and repented.  But we from her later interview, you can also see this bold, reckless girl, never really aware of their behavior, would bring significant harm.  Press two-dimensional code Follow us also want to read our other articles?  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