Avril child’s mother ugly

Tomorrow is Friday, and some worry about Avril children, go to school today, the class transferred to the new boy Kaisen even an invitation to her and asked her to go to a movie together after school tomorrow.This is the first time the boys and her date, her delight, but do not know how to stop mother and Kaisen touch the positive tomorrow.Because, as a mother Seya is poorly dressed woman, commonly used as a bird feces, like bad perfume, her closet of those clothes, each piece is extremely exaggerated gorgeous, people boast about.Even more exasperating is that mothers take their unshakeable every day after school, for Avril children suffered ridicule and students talk.I want their own school bus to go home, but the mother always insisted that it makes very helpless Avril children.  Long one night so bored Avril children’s passed, and the next morning, Avril children hesitation, or reveal his own voice to the mother.Hey, honey, you do not feel the burden, I am not deliberately pick up your mother still insists that as usual.But this time, Avril children interrupted his mother’s words: No, Mom, I’m not afraid of you in trouble, but I do not want that my friends laugh at me, if you do not wipe it unpleasant perfume, did not wear gaudy clothes, maybe I would not be so shameful!  Oh, oh Seya’s face was crimson rose, half did not say a word, for a moment, she Samsam said: Yes, my mother understand.Avril children know that they hurt the mother’s heart, she sometimes felt a little guilty, would go on to apologize, dating conceivable after school, she hesitated, or bite the bullet, turned away.  Finally, wait until the school bell rang in the afternoon, and Avril children and Lucy just down the steps, not enough time to say hello and Kaisen, suddenly, later came a loud noise, followed by a terrible scream and the sound of running.Gosh, it was a shoot to kill!I came back a girl shouting loudly with fear, followed by wave after wave of crowds Bay over to Avril children Avril children’s glasses have been knocked off, and she was the crowd hit to hit to, simply can not be found Lucy’s shadow, but do not know which direction to run.  Avril children anxious cried.Suddenly, a familiar smell to it coming between her nose, the kind of strong bird feces taste Oh, mom!Avril children’s tears will fall, and she looked down towards the crowd which shares a special perfume, faintly, where there are abnormal side cordial color of the flag.Avril children immediately struggling towards the color of the flag stumbled rush.Soon, the police rushed to confirm the so-called shooting incident just a misunderstanding, but because of the panic, many students are pushed down the trampled.Fortunately, Avril children because to find the right exit and intact.  At home, settled after Avril children, the mother said to her: Honey, I’m sorry, I have to accompany your father today to attend an important party, if possible, we may be late to come back.Well, Avril children lie down in peace.Today, his mother’s arms are so warm, she was no longer afraid.After a child, Avril children want to go to the kitchen to drink water, she put on the spare glasses, walked slowly groping was dark.Suddenly, the living room that glamorous woman she was shocked!That dressed in elegant dress, who exudes a touch of lavender scent of a woman is really his mother do?  There, his father and mother talking.Dear, long time no see you dress so beautiful.Father gently praise the.Hiss!Keep it down, do not put Avril children woke up, I do not want her to see me look of the thing.Mother whispered to his father.In fact, why do not she tell the truth it?You wipe the taste of the kind of perfume, clothes to wear that color, just to get her to be able to find you in a crowd it?Pity the father said to his mother.I do not want her unhappy for me.The mother said softly.  Avril children shocked!It turned out that this is the truth of the matter.In the very young, Avril child was diagnosed with optic atrophy, only huge glasses to make her barely see something, which she often make some jokes at school, the students attracted ridicule.  You do not know, when I heard about the shootings occurred some universities, they begin to worry constantly, if Avril children unfortunately have encountered such a thing, she will not find direction in the dark, thanks to today I still secretly went after the mother are still occurring today, fear, emotion, he spoke of his father.  Unconsciously, Avril child’s eyes were moist, original, motherly love not those noble taste or smell of lavender roses smell, but that can stimulate the bird feces smell of her nasal olfactory cells in all rich in flavor it has been on their side.

Avoid funeral

REVIEW: almost, but the fight, stay away, quickly pack up essential belongings, with my brother called and put Rattus dog, called out the car, all the way north, at my brother’s going Jingben also, tentatively called the trip, saying “avoid mourning”.  Autumn Mian Mian not, cry heard everywhere scrambling.    The night comes complained Xiao, a few fleeting soul fly.    An old lady neighbor building last night of sleep among the unfortunate soul has gone outside the middle of the night sky, free Happy’d go myself, Oh, too busy a large family.Middle of the night they rang point obituary notice of firecrackers, crackling rang a pass, the sound of firecrackers and the inclusion of all the men and women or becoming a deep sigh, or crying, or plaintive voice, like listening to their own sleep at night a “Zhuge Liang Xiao hanging” of opera in general, I hath the sound of babbling and unclear drama that Touyunnaozhang, it really troubles.So stumbled wait until dawn, managed to open his eyes, fingers tugged own nerve, then a closer looked at the bedroom scene, rang up his ears at a neighbor wail – finally convinced that this is not a dream, indeed the neighborhood homes Granny swallowed air.    An old saying, no event in life except death, although inevitably great care, but showing that this road gates of hell for millions of households, it is indeed not be taken lightly, not to mention the old lady knee had five children and a woman, as the grandchildren of little children not operand, many relatives and neighbors, she has gone away, how can we not disturb this posted everywhere “filial piety statesman, build a harmonious society,” the community it?Ever since, the middle of the night, lambasted the entire area of building dozens of residents to understand – the sound of the gun, or has less of a relative or a neighbor or a friend or passers-by, are heard in a dream a “Zhuge Liang condole “or becoming a deep sigh and endless suffering, would think that I would be the one alternative – to return home for nearly a year, but the district was mixed, they have a lot of floating population, I light vision, poor memory, after all, is not able to meet these acquaintance acquaintances cooked to recognize that the old lady is the story behind the contralateral floor actually unclear.However, this play is not listening to white, the white people’s guns can not be put, and after thinking about it, decided that afternoon to the home side floor neighbors sympathy, condolence visit to the way visit.    After breakfast, went to the store to go to work, do not want to really sleepy harder and harder, had to give myself a vacation, called a car, yawning all the way Jing Wang brother went there, to the Big Brother house, put down the words, “to borrow a place to sleep, “said then fell asleep in his room up to noon only to wake up, to uphold feel lack of energy, he went back to work.Until the afternoon, finally busy, and on the way home to meet his mother, his hand twisted a bag of fruits and vegetables, met said to me, “the old lady next door Zheng passed away, ‘human money’ has been given over, you put this to fruits and vegetables their home bring up the past, I still do go out, you went to dinner Cheng eat it. “.I look of frustration, “ah” sound, he took the bag and strode back to the cell diameter and go.    The cell door, surprised to find a cell door Tiffany white long (presumably called “streamers evocation” it, I know it is unknown) is suspended on a bamboo support Lao Gao, not far from the approach road is sounded cymbals children, child cymbals, percussion and other sounds seem self-assured, especially the wind came, sonorous, that spiritualism banner with the TV drama tetralogy eat only a little wind, it seems very proud.    Back home, put on a mourning, screw on the mother asked a bag of fruits and vegetables, just out of the house, scraping assassination assassination came a burst of Cang Jian sent a powerful subwoofer loud “you had to register friends and family, the tragic death of mother very grateful for your visit, scheduled meal tonight at 6:00 at the plaza east district.”I was really surprised – Well, this communication is really scary, I remember when each household funeral be subject to word of mouth, now, is really with the times, blaze new trails which!I recovered, locked the door.Following the sound, he turned his floor, Cheng surprised to find the door already voices, magnificent momentum.    Fortunately, Cheng also happens to live on the first floor, it is much easier to do funeral.Corridor mouth put tables, table sat Zheng Granny’s eldest son, my judge and “Zhengda Shu” is in, but not very familiar with him.Has put on the table a pen and paper, apparently registration lists to visit each house of representatives and the gift “human money” (slang – is actually incense money, but every Which funeral, families and basis having how much do lose one of their own family situation and relationship closeness grant a certain amount of comfort are provided for the yuan, while a funeral while those rebate towels or soap, bowl life like as Dali) of.The table also put a microphone attached to the microphone tight floor on its side of the two super bass speaker.Middle floor house set mourning, mourning following kneeling a few dutiful son Xiao Zheng Granny Sun, several priests hands while beating gongs and drums to greet the instruments used, while marching Xuanmen measured steps, murmuring, circling back and forth with one lively.The road out of the floor to put five or six square table, due to the large number of relatives and friends, it is difficult to entertain, thanks to Zheng family wanted to come up with ideas to scrape together seventy-eight mahjong, one per table, so regardless of subject and object, they would not be in mourning no occasion to entertainment, therefore we are able to play in harmony at the mahjong table in the hall and – their pain too sad, the music will melt.The other side of the road in order to put four or five large wreaths, dozens of white turban, sleeves Department of Cheng Xiao cloth relatives come and go, but each is busy.I’ll fruits and vegetables on the table, greeted with a cry Zhengda Shu, after all, could not help but noisy, Duolu away – As for dinner, but it is not under consideration of the.Do not want to just turn around, actually can “pop” of a sound, turned around, man, save, wearing a scarf, Department of filial piety cloth sleeves, waist fat and strong, back to me.Outraged, loudly shouted, “Zimo!I Zimo up!”Yanba, was another long laugh.My heart silently a few times, “alas”, and have not looked back, turned away.    At home, shut the door window, priests who still can not stop Cheng of Fallot, only to hear the doors wing of the powerful instruments “Qiang Qiang bang bang” ringing off the hook, but also faintly hear all kinds “Ah!Ah!what!Hey!”Mantra, there are sometimes notice a subwoofer issued.Finally the rest of the priests who do not want another burst of gunfire rumble – even in this ‘bereavement’ on the occasion of mourning was not enough heartache, which crews could hear people piercing cannons up.This is the power of firecrackers but also somehow big change of position, even horizontally in a wooden cabinet room shook gave shake, I went over to the cabinet look, can not help but perplexing – it is a home raised capuchin Rattus Happy big dog smell cannons, ducked piece of wood placed horizontally cabinet – Yousi own a dog got into the coffin shivering.In ancient times, a man is just a few kilometers from heaven anecdote, this one person’s anecdote heaven utter confusion, showing people today Quintessence of ancient heritage work, although can not be considered fully compliant with antiquity, but also a difference of no more.    Avoid in the house for a while, Shaojue belly hungry, go to the area outside the restaurant picking up two bowls of rice, on the way home just east of the square to meet a few eaten “Funeral Feast” (he coined the word, local customs, do after the funeral a fee for each household “human money” before the end of the funeral, be subject to various people entertained each household three meals a day is indispensable in order to make the etiquette, the twenty-three short day, long as four or five days , depending on the length of time-consuming Master) talking about the intersection of the middle-aged, “this food is done, do not last when Zhang dead delicious”, “is, but not many dishes, table 89 individuals, so only a la carte ‘,’ key there, did not even alcohol and tobacco are available, hey, my one hundred of ‘human money’ to also lose a change of position.’Overheard a few words, my heart feel more disliked.Returned to the house, think of this funeral is estimated to have twenty-three days considered finished, it can be extremely nice, two days, even if I stayed to live, and I’m afraid the dog was also a schizophrenic.    Almost, but fighting, stay away, quickly pack up essential belongings, with my brother called and put Rattus dog, called out the car, all the way north, Jingben at my brother’s go also, tentatively called the trip, saying “avoid mourning”.Lazy because I do things this mourning both anger and humorous, thinking back to when my grandfather died young, I though Bubur, also sorrow Szczecin, aunts aunt Ju Su Yi-off ceremony, the Yezhe are mostly to Mourn the Death and Music noisy, but no this and other style, the sound of weeping language chatter, no more so revered.Today, things change, life and death, or cocaine, human unpredictable, I talk to rely on pen, special to remember it for this article.[Editor: Tree man]

Aviation museum record

Aviation Museum to look at is a recent idea.Beijing vast majority of museums I have been to, Aviation Museum is one of several museums have not been.The reason to go is very simple: First, fill the gaps visit to see their country’s aviation industry yesterday, today and tomorrow; the second is for the future grandchildren to visit to understand the point of the situation.It is understood that it is the history of China’s opening up a large Air Museum, located in Changping District of Beijing Xiaotangshan foot.In mid-1986 to build a museum, officially opened in November 1989.It covers an area of 700,000 square meters, the collection of more than 270 aircraft, 99 national heritage aircraft, aviation nearly ten thousand pieces of cultural relics, is currently Asia’s largest aviation museum in the world among the top five.    Sent his grandson to school after less than eight, my wife and I would drive from the North, all the way north along the Badaling Expressway.Since it is not a weekend further smooth running, the speed of substantially 90 km per hour before the line.And then run at high speed along a dozen kilometers along the sand road.A straight concrete road through a dedicated museum door.Looked from the window, a milky white pillar ramp holding one whole body, is urgently increase in single-seat lightweight fighter stands a large stone on the left front; China Aviation Museum several characters embedded in the door on the right wall special eye-catching.    Beijing blue autumn sky, mountains and lush green vegetation, if not stop here, who would have thought it would be hidden beneath a huge secret it.    The museum is not far to walk forward along the road, it will appear in front of rows of aircraft.While browsing a variety of different aircraft, inadvertently came in front of a cave.Here is one of two grand-scale exhibition Aviation Museum “exhibition cavern”.Hall cavern is excavated using the seventies storage hangar renovation, the grand open a total area of 20,000 square meters, mainly on display in different periods of precious aircraft representative.CJ -5, ending the history of China can not build aircraft: the F-12 fighter aircraft is our new fully self-designed; transport -5, was the prime minister of the ashes thrown into the motherland and so on.Among the many exhibits left me in the deepest impression is during the Korean war, only a dozen hours of training experience Volunteer Air Force, with their high degree of political responsibility and brave and indomitable fighting spirit, defeated the US-led coalition air force The data.Although I did not record it, but it is deeply engraved in my mind, Volunteer Air Force defeated.    When I drove away Aviation Museum, to visit people up more gradually.There wearing camouflage military training classes to students rows; more is to come together with young people and adults.    October 3rd month later, with a grandson he went to the Air Museum.


In early August, the weather is unbearably hot, Like Zhang asked me: old Liu, where to go to avoid the heat of it a few days?  I said: recently Shenlongjia not popular to do to travel?How about we go to Wan Jitian?  You mean to see Savage ah?Do not go, do not go!Fix encountered a savage mother back to the cave gone will never come back.Like Zhang said carefully.  I laughed and said: You people engage in an affair daring big unit, seduce a married woman, her husband is not afraid to pour your emasculated, go to the mountains on the timid, and let me tell you, where in addition to the modern, savage the traces were found, but the temperature is low, water quality, you should really go to some reluctant to leave.  Like Zhang finally decided to firmly say: We both went out a few days difference!  Into the mountains that day, do we have opened the eyes of, not common on the plains of plane trees, dove tree, money tree, boxwood gold everywhere, tall and stout cedar water, car driving on mountain road, shadow blocks out the sun, breezy, sparsely populated , a temperature drop of several degrees, people feel refreshed, Zhennai paradise.Like Zhang quite feeling: old Liu, a worthwhile trip na!  Tour guide is a twenty-year-old girl, surnamed Su, came over after dinner she invited us to participate in cultural activities organized local young men and women.While walking I was chatting with the girl Su asked their activities, she said: everyone is singing and dancing together.  Like Zhang asked: is it social dance?  Su said the girl: No, our local dance, it is easy to jump.  I asked: Is your song “Dragon Boat Melody”?  Sue girl asked me: Brother, you will not even know?  I casually sings: gold silver children it lock, child lock silver silver friends, Aso girl called Yang bird I sing a song in her hometown, happy straight applause, said: Brother, you sing so good!  The first time she called me brother, I did not pay much attention, when she again called me brother, I do not think my ears listened then said: Sue girl, you call us Like Zhang is more appropriate Brother, I’m afraid is bigger than your father do!Call me old Liu bar?  Sue girl is very stubborn to say: Well no, I just want to call you brother, we are here to tourists, as long as the man is bigger than my big brother I have said.I think, as the Romans do, do not argue with her..  To field activities, Su served as party presided girl, she sent me an invitation to her duet with “Dragon Boat Melody”, which character asks when she comes to shove my thing?I learned their dialect to read a character asks: Well I’ll push you!Prompting the audience cheering, Like Zhang during the event also participated in their dance, to party late San.  Travel fatigue, back to the hotel hastily had a bath, I lay down and fell asleep.Like Zhang middle of the night to the toilet to see big open eyes, bedside several cigarette butts, and I said: Boss, we often travel, you have not heard of elective beds problems, this is how?Tomorrow, but also climbing, do not sleep tired how to play?  Like Zhang slightly look a gift horse, thought for a moment and said: Liu, compared to the two of us, who is younger?Who is more handsome?  I even thought to say: you have to ask it?Your thirties, I’m fifty years old; you burly, Xiangmaotangtang, my old-fashioned, face full of purse discount, simply immeasurably, you do not sleep at night, pondering this stuff doing?  Like Zhang said: Yes, I also wonder, you say you are a bad old man, others a girl angel wildly like what you ah?She fishes it should be like me!  I said: Boss, you fill our minds are filled with what ah?People that allow visitors to relax physically and mentally, there is nothing like it or not the problem, sleep!Tomorrow, but also climbing!  Early next morning, we called the Soviet Union the girl to eat breakfast, she easily took my purple mug, eating breakfast she said to me: Brother, I have given you good bubble tea drink with road.I quickly thanked reach spots, Su girl shoved her umbrella to block the sun I.I say: Thank you, Sue girl, I’m an old man afraid of the sun, your own umbrella bar!  Like Zhang see in the eyes of the Soviet Union on extremely uneven heart girl joke: Sue, you people here out of fashion Zhaonv Xu Xing ah?  Su girl, after all, a naive woman, such estimates are also many jokes, graceful and said: Brother, you want us to settle it?I’m looking for you, how about a young widow?We do not ask here Zhaonv Xu, regardless of old and tender, just pick afford three load of manure.Tours of our entire people laugh, to get a big red face Like Zhang.  Back to the hotel, Like Zhang gas does not make one for: old Liu, you say it when you are young grab publicity stunts, you’re going to retire, and play out what you have to grab the limelight?I really want to seduce a return than your son is still small enough for you to drink a pot Xiaoya headband, not to say I do not explain when working with sister-in-law!  I said: Boss, you all day long sight of these officer is money beautiful, seemingly a very common thing to have to think at the crooked, the Soviet Union was the girl that respect the elderly, not love, but not your imagination mess thing, you think no one like you home red flag does not fall, colorful flags fluttering outside?  Afternoon dinner, the Soviet Union did something to make the girl more unbalanced mind Like Zhang thing, then she helped me put on a good job chopsticks quietly away, after a while child I was about to eat Duanwan, she took her two glasses of wine came and said to me: brother, first, do not eat, I bought two glasses of wine, I drink with you!We are here to die wine bubble out of the mountains with Ganoderma lucidum, medlar and a dozen flavor ingredients, nutritious does not intoxicate cheaper.  I hastened to say: Thank you, Sue girl, how much money?I pay.  Sue girl said: Brother, this is what I ask you to drink, and how it will take your money?  I said: how does this quest?Your income is not high, we have to help the travel agency members enough to take care of, how can I also let you spend it?  Sue girl said: Brother, I saw it, you were a nice, had never been seen climbing the morning, we had a group is not a lesbian legs and feet inconvenient it?There is a ditch on the mountain, others are self-serving cross-over, only your oldest, yet the woman back in the past, our sights are not turning back, said that if you put that members leave, and this the more trouble it!I am grateful to you from the heart.  I said: He is not young men and women accept not pro yet?I am an old man on the right, to say this is a small thing.  Night, Like Zhang expressed dissatisfaction say to me: old Liu, you crafty, opportunistic, winning the hearts and minds of the girls, I really do not authentic.  I said: Boss, you are typical of a gentleman’s belly suspicious mind, you are reluctant to back the prime of a disabled person, she was too ugly, she can not put it lost in the mountains?At that time I can not think so much, just think a travel team to take care of each other.  On the third day at noon, we came out of the station wagon from one attraction, is in disorder outside attractions too tightly blocking all types of vehicles, a car people are hungry, there is a travel area staff holding a small flag in there pointing, but those car drivers ignore deaf, indifferent.I wander to go off, left Duanzhaochabei right hand a paper folding fan looked at the traffic jam situation, then boarded a truck, does not speak, paper folding fan command vehicles to clear, but ten minutes, on the road smooth, I go back on the car, the whole car people stand together shouted: good brother Liu!The results on this day lunch time, not only the girl Sue bought me wine, several women (including women with disabilities have the legs), gave I bought wine.I said: I want all of you drunk ah?I did not offend anyone, or are replaced by beer?I have money to buy more beer, we look with excitement.That afternoon delayed the time to visit attractions, since we tour the busiest day.Sue girl said: Brother, I have not seen her brother since a tour guide such a person, I serve you, this is my phone number you take.He said as he handed me a piece of paper.  Night, Like Zhang said to me: old Liu, I simply refused to accept you before, this time to see you do have extraordinary place, but I still do not understand how you seduce a woman.  I replied: I travel with you are friendly relationship, which is that you will never understand, you will not be pure and deep in thought, hopeless.

Aventure pass me by

Renzailvtu there will be fantasy, dreams that.I wonder if there is not a woman, men want to have Aventure.I still have this fantasy: makes you happy is not really a slight probability Aventure Aventure, takes a plane crash less the same but fantasy: fear, like crash-like, flashed a thought, an idea flashed.But I have problems: the journey will not take the initiative to talk to people.Not a big shelf, shy.Nature to do so.I think a word is frivolous.Some men and women did a few takes on the familiar past life he hated it, did not open the train had been playing cards, children share intimate way: Hi!You see you, you see you, hate!I tell you once Aventure, really Aventure.I was painting, Zeiyan.Last year, flew to Beijing from Shanghai, one saw the front ranks of votes are checking woman, beauty!After the sides so nice, really professional beauty!She turned around and gone.Gone, I forget.I’m always late, several times a Radio Broadcasting to me, even the name with the surname.That I was the last person into the cabin.Filled in, and saw she was not her I was looking for: such beauty, how could not see it.The best art museum painting, I look the way you hook rows of seat number, actually on her side: I rely on the corridor, she centered the window a little girl.I saw the positive!Shape too accurate, and facial features nose, pen center, words like Wang Xizhi.Wang’s words, the very posture Mei.I was secretly pleased.The problem is shy at the same time place.You know, shy is actually a stubborn mood.We just sat side by side, I could not see her through the head unless eyes are on the ears in the temple where she simply sat me alone, she could peek.Shy: an old man’s heart boy Complex.We were brought up not to talk to the girls, to see beautiful female superior, nervous, cautious.This state of mind with a lifetime.I usually nonsense very relaxed, not many people in the party, who looks outstanding, I would secretly cautious.Now this.No way, this is a character.I would like to draw the beauty around.Talking to her, but at the moment I would not know what to do, might as well not Aventure.Take off.She began to sleep, stooping down, hair drawn, blocking face.Flight attendants to send tea, and I saved for her on my little table, waiting to give it to her just handed delivery also romantic ah I have a buddy when children jump the queue, can hit fist Intuit ruthless, but he often came to the county car get off at the station waiting for the girl, rushing to give the baggage I carry nothing but this trick.But did not succeed.Her whole sleeping, did not drink, do not pay attention cups.She occasionally got up and seatback reclined.The Chinese side so rarely beautiful in the end I was turned away and looked really amazing!Took out a ballpoint pen, an envelope, the back is white, I quickly sketched, aircraft slightly bumpy, bumpy lines also.Also like.I remember that there is no one around to peek note that simply committing the crime.Finished.Beijing to.Aventure ended.Aircraft parked, lights are turned on, I got up and let her out, gone to see her alive, did not speak a word.She Peugeot to that, you know, buried away.The next plane, put what movie, Hong Kong film.She played the Queen, silk and satin, with angry Oh, no wonder that she is cast.After a while, on newsstands a magazine cover color, but also her name check: Fan Bingbing, who sitting next to Sleeping Beauty.Be suspense novels OK, keep looking.The result, as I said above, the results as.

Aventure Lijiang

We meet a few friends to play to Kunming, Lijiang friend got into the car to take us.Came to Lijiang, it really gives a fresh feeling.Several flower floating in clear blue sky low clouds, the air is very pure, natural stone at the foot of the multicolored.In a creek in the street, both sides of the weeping willow in the breeze through the brush.Antique cottage, businesses are colorful dress.Yulong Snow Mountain is spectacular blocking her cold northwest.Also it provides water for her, surrounded by the horse manure basin wide enough food.Tea-Horse Road market town became.    We have a pedestrian walking and talking, a while came to Blue Moon Bar, a few chairs scattered inside, there are two people sitting on a high chair, arms babbling guitar and sang songs in minority languages.I can not help on the ground with their peers on stage singing a song, or dance for a while.There are days like a sieve singing, blurred changing lights, people forget the troubles Su Chen.Out of the bar, we are in front of her, a few people doing the V-sign to a group photo.Suddenly I found two head to the woman, staring at my eyes fixed, these two beautiful woman prohibitive.They wear colorful casual clothes, petals on the hem open.They talked with facial expressions, trance, I am knocking on the door two sister Lin.    We continue no eyes Guangzhao Square Street, see Weaver from the daughter of the Lugu Lake in front of the old hand-loom buried engaged in traditional textile, did not tourists or noisy footsteps not far from the sound of music coming from the bar move, and they did not put a piece of silverware shop door molding of silver pieces on the board repeatedly beat Immaculate iron craftsman, like the eyes of visitors has become a landscape and ancient city living advertisement.    I walked on, see a ginger candy shop, I purchased together with a few companions bag of sugar, which put less sugar in ginger, sugar and more is also very crisp, while on the entrance of the.While I was taking pictures, eye while watching the store’s clothing, while the companion can not see, I could find hurry eye, in this unfamiliar place, and they can not be got separated, and pretty soon, I see they walked leisurely to talk about what clothes look good in front, one of them also bought a bag and ethnic embroidery done a dishwashing gowns.I bought it at a staff fellow silver bracelet, bought a large shawl, there is a dress, I wear these in the body, feeling my mental state and coordinated here, into the role.    Aventure is the essence of everything down there, go to embrace new everything.Aventure Aventure addition to beauty, there are mountains Aventure Aventure water, holy Yulong Snow Mountain, flying eaves Alice wall screen wall, the blue sky jade, Yan Jing blooming flower, curl of smoke hung in the balance, when I walk in the old town, in the early morning silence, the ancient city alleys, gently stroked my heartstrings, gently playing with no ups and downs but it is slowly warm music, extending my thoughts will be endless, fly.Is this it can not be a Aventure?    Surround yourself with snow-capped mountains, exposure to static if the daughter of the sea, reflecting the mountains and my own shadow, my breathing seems this mountain, this water blend in, even I was afraid he slightly larger movements and sounds will disturb quiet here, my heart is so calm, so gingerly, as untouchable, fear from such tender feelings are awakened in.Is this not an affair it?    Lying meadow wildflowers grew, new fragrant weed through my heart and lungs, quietly looking at the distant sky deep blue tiles, white clouds look the slightest trot over, everything is becoming distorted, and I would even suspect blue sky, white clouds that, I also braved the weeds off a stalk of green juice to see distant yak slow chewing grass, you suddenly feel like a cow is no doubt, in the arms of mother earth, newborn baby in general is full of fantasy and longing.Is that this is not their own Aventure!Gently open the sealed long dream, listen to the clip-clop Road inn, a lengthy rain seemed to call me.German writer once said a word the black race, tourism is Aventure, colorful, fantasy blurred, people get enough; the event, a romantic encounter, a moment eyebrows.I think, for the beautiful Lijiang impressive, even more so, but with the “affair” to describe it to describe the encounter is an ideal fit.Return no rain ruthless.