Away to Li Yu

[Editor’s note: Li Yu fine calligraphy, good painting, through temperament, there is a certain poetry and cultural attainments, especially in terms of the highest achievements.”Homeland painful next month in” describes the vicissitudes of a pronouns of God,.We use our own hearts to the word nostalgia for a home.The language was a touch of pessimism, expressing the author’s feelings of nostalgia of the ancients.  Li Yu has been admired, not for anything else, just sad to see those beautiful words.    This gradually toward solitary person, even carefully read, can not read through.However, with regard to life some of the subtle and delicate idea, but it also happens to coincide.    1, with the water diffusely things, a calculation dream Bliss.”Wu Yeti” used to think that life is but a few decades, emotions a dream; a dream Floating Life is really regrettable heartbroken, why not take a casual groove.    In fact, Li Yu sad Morrow.I also often wonder wonder, I do not know why things are.Chang said: “life is difficult, difficult people” if the afterlife, I would be dancing in the wind under blue sky a cloud, come and go without pull no mix; I want to be a plum corner of the city and enjoy it stocks “and more intoxicating fragrance free” pleasure, people say that while they, Zuimeng life, my unhappy solution.Out hard, but so often Road unclear what they were, because of unclear guest home, I did not know why?But what really got?    confused?    Unexamined, but also the crowd, running every day, just for a moment to discuss the satisfaction of joy, when retired and sit, self-precipitation, but not counted how many valuable things, that the memory of Lin, lonely figure, hard to watch, count what?    ridiculous?    There are no things much ado about.Knowing this, we have to be stupid, so, why not let this so-called things, to diffuse it with the water!    Some people, some things, indeed, people can not figure out, not happy, but why not?To look up a prescription, not to all trades and master yet?The heart of the so-called people angry things, often orchestrated out of himself, can blame it?    Forget it, forget it, let these innocuous big deal over it?When a right is sleepwalking Bale, Bale!(Zuonie days to live, especially since Zuonie, not Rao.    Water hit rock, and can bypass Huan mobility; the world is worried, why hide his face lament.    2, Lihen just as spring grass, but the line farther still students “Qingping Le”.    Southern Tang emperor Li Yu as that the subjugation of hate, painful experience, non-ordinary people we all understand.But as ordinary mortals, the heart of the home of the parents also have deep regret and remorse!    Perhaps young, perhaps seen through the backcountry, perhaps rebellious mischief!Have proclaimed, people say that, “Xiao Qing eventually have to make a road, bang nameless vow to go home” have a tearful lament, tired of life, really “ugly house seemingly endless rain” double whammy ah!Life is not proud of things, in all likelihood, but helpless feeling, actually so obscure ah!    Think about why a man too stubborn, “resting why Azusa Sandinista, Everywhere Castle” have in mind that self-pity, why not gamble, maybe there was hope.    Time is really the best medicine, ah, you can heal all wounds.Well hurt, although the scar, but after all, in the past, and that past, for now, is it not beautiful memories of pain.    Young people, a little hurt a little pain, nothing.The poor are my parents, especially my mother, that kind, honest, hard life, Qin Qin, a woman’s heart for the children dig dig lung, the quasi-typical Chinese women!As the saying goes, know children Morrow mother, as a mother, she cut begins to read the mind of the children, her dreadfully, but can not do anything, can only secretly accompany tears.    People suffered injuries, are more vulnerable, but also more careful when I reluctantly gave up the dream once insisted, they go to Guangzhou, ready to open the door of life second road, she silently helped me Lin Zhaobao children Yibubuxiang station forward, we can see at this moment she should be “unhappy Wan thread between mind around”, all the way to walk all the way silent, perhaps “the silence sound” right!The car finally started running, I look back in that room inadvertently: Independent Iraqis evening breeze Seniors dance autumn wind laughed eyes locked bus shuttle to the class want to ask a few off when carrying children around the house but also to ask ourselves how sad life Chouhen how can avoid double crystal clear lines of tears I only hope then heaven help the good of man my son larger dream is perhaps just not used to it, perhaps the heart unhappy, simply to throw a mobile phone, cut off contact with everyone, the students Ye Hao teacher worth mentioning, even parents and sisters and do not call.Teachers and students worth mentioning, with no contact and no defense, bitter is the watch phone has been, even in the wickets even ask them to help her mother looked at whether someone calls, time of day, two days a month two months in the past, to the day of the third month, depends on sort of whim, pick a broadcast thankful familiar number, just ring out, there will be a familiar voice, with a hint of that joy and a bit anxious blame the sound a bit light read lovingly nickname, then did not think so much, just utter a pass hung up the phone.    .These things are later heard the voices of his family said a lot about her mother suffering.And all of this because of my negligence led to her disturbed mind!Sorry, Mom!Poor parental love, I do not know children can Informed?    Past unbearable regret, nothing in vain Shi.   Auntie things very, tired of endless worry when.    Willing to tread the highest peak, visited the blighted Chi.    3, vehicles such as water Ma Ju-lung, spent months being spring!”Occidentalis” Zuiwo banana idle window listening to the rain, burning the midnight oil over the past breakdown.    Cheng pulls past desolate and miserable, let me see beauty even better now.    The wind had rain Lianwai murmur, like the once abundant spring.    It does not take the world offer all kinds of things, enough to enjoy his life ten thousand kinds of love.    A few consecutive days of rain, the rain did not block the footsteps of spring, there are points in the chilly cold spell, everything plays quietly change!    Looking back, this metropolis of Guangzhou, really is a bit.Southern climates, known since ancient times, the temperature and.Cold summer, it seems very far away!And that was accompanied by the rhythm of the rain seasons, Ye Hao rain, heavy rain worth mentioning, there is always a unique sight, wonderful; gives people more of a special feeling, changeable (fickle)!    Childhood, had in mind, my mom said, like a baby spring weather in general, to please, at the moment, blue skies, the next moment, what should be a thunderstorm, erratic, baffling!Road is often unclear what they were!That really think it happened!    Here, Li Yu, in fact, is the music scene to write a sad, if, really vehicles such as water, Ma Ju-lung, which turned downtown scene, it might well envy?    Guangzhou is a good place, we then compared with the bamboo flute Weng Chong, turns out to be trivial, and not to mention theory!    Human nature is more diverse, varied and Guys and Dolls, strange old man urchin, omnipresent, wonders, really big forest, and what the birds are.    Not to mention the car, the black smoke that slipped twinkling of an eye disappeared children.In that sunlight graceful posture, among Yuet Wah gleaming bright, steady stream.    From February to now, cold and hot, hot, cold, tunic blouse turns turn!Seems to settle down, but no reason to storm greeting, this is not once again become a drowned rat come down!Where a complaint rain!    Among the living, leisure is often, inadvertently wandered the city center, this impermanence of life, pleasures to be timely, do not have time to walk around, a bit pity, which I discovered, how what is the crest of the crowds, spectacular scenery!    This atmosphere, this trend seems to have in common sense, there is fashion, there is nostalgia, and more cold, more than warmth there, only you can not think, they do not dare try!    The simple life, the cycle of work, perhaps, these deep breath through the body and mind have not, but I think, I will not refuse the advent of new things, I will not give up the stick, independence does not mean whatever we want, grow up, It does not mean that can do anything crazy.    Human life is often like rain, wind cohesion between the clouds, interference due to dust, falling land care, emergence into the rain, sprinkle broadcast over all things, drip ran into one thousand streams, hidden under a green sand.Evaporation due to sun again, Hui gather steam, rain.Life comes from, it will return to where nothing sad, nothing joy!    4, the curtain term volume is not busy, who day.”Waves” Think about it, at that time, as a generation of kings, to have such leisure is really commendable ah!    Now, as the term of office workers, but often such leisure, not so much leisure, alone, it is more and more dominated give yourself a little time right!    People there, too busy will be easy cranky, and then inexplicably bad idea that will be followed.Much ado about nothing ah!In fact, people should be able to endure loneliness (or else a slip into the eternal will hate).At this time its waste, it would be better to find something meaningful to do to pass the time Hao.    The spirit can not help but look back a bit of passion for literature to look at the novel, read as masters, feeling good about it, do not expect the future to do something for themselves, although it is of interest.Looks like someone great man said, those who do great things will be required to loneliness!    Whispering Xianting no step, no curtain to not volume.    Their own entertainment, not Yoshiya ah!

Away the frogs

Summer home, just like a hazy poem, confusing, and like a fairy tale legend, secretive gorgeous.Water, moon kissed rolling hills, dense jungle, cheerful river, quiet house, everything is so deep Yiyun Yau, everything is so warm and intoxicating.Walk at home in front of the winding road, full of quiet escape from noisy hustle and bustle of downtown and pleasant to listen to once dotted the childhood color frogs, overlooking echoed in the night sky clarity notes that support flowing to relive that part of the most treasured in my heart sweet best light, it is a leisurely ecstasy lackluster.    This is the village of moonlight, but also rural summer night.    ————————————————– —————————— KAO naughty of blinking stars in the blue sky bright eyes, passionate Roufeng secretly deeply moved by the beautiful flowers and trees skirts, also stroking my hair and fluttering moist skin.Freehand in quiet harmony, elegant in flowing poetic, so graceful night, who can say it is not a match made in heaven natural big stage it?I was ready to stop looking for the stage of the protagonist, suddenly, feeling the ear haunted string of bright frogs, sometimes high-pitched loud, sometimes low qualities, sometimes euphemistically pure, exactly like a symphony full of rich earthy, though not magnificent the music hall celebrity master ensemble of elegant, but it unadorned acoustic concert to bring people rural rustic charm, pastoral, and the authority of the music and then you can not reach the realm.By the bright moonlight, I would like to see these singers of hosting the Games, Mother approached the bushes, approached the river, a frog shadow can never noticed, but I do not feel disappointed, but a kind of unexpected joy, if people could be like frogs hidden corner alone, do not care who he is, who is only concerned about is that there will be a worldly life?There will be disputes fame and reputation do right?I can not bear to go to disturb these lovestruck singer, and the moon, and the stars, and all my friends around to listen quietly together, with heavy intoxicated, take the song together and fly.Graceful moonlight, frogs curl, instant time through the years, in the words of Ambilight reincarnation of large Song Dynasty, and I “devil” Zhao Shi Xiu encounter rainy night in apricot season and share “grass frog ponds everywhere,” the serene, feel worm singing through graceful green screens.I meet with Xin Fang spit in rice flower fields, enjoy the “listen to the frogs,” ecstasy, spectacular vision of the harvest when the cool autumn.Time drove wings continue through time and space, and wandering around in the scent of ink flowing Tang poetry, appreciation “for frogs orchestral” “Only the frogs advocacy with” wonderful and sounding; Fangqing “frogs falling fence”, “dusk Amidst the chaos frogs, “the sounds of nature vanish.Frog song had drunk the ancients, modern people equally drunk frogs.People’s Artist of Lao She loves frogs deep, even with “ten out of spring frogs” for the proposition, please Qi Baishi painting, Qi naturally know how old Lao She’s intention, after the idea of some brains, and a stunning view of frog stand out : in the mountains silhouetted against the mountain rocks spilled on the road in rapids, six small tadpole tail swaying downstream in the rapids down.Ink painting frog but no frogs, frog it really is not?Fun little tadpoles swimming in may forget a mother, the distant shore, frog mother not being drum gills “quack – quack” calling their children do?Phonological maternal love from the United States to the United States, the two great masters of art in Harmony, they would be like frogs appreciate it?If we say that a very important part of the history of Chinese civilization is the history of farming, then the frogs is a bright spot in the history of farming in this section of the bar!    Qianxiansushou breeze as the girl, stroking my cheek, I instinctively revert back to the most authentic self, one after another frog song Youyuanerjin, from near and far, curl Nana, layer upon layer, enveloped silver village, enveloped the quiet summer night, also enveloped my heart, my love.I told perception, rolling hills more crucial because of the silence of the frogs, lively creek because the frogs even more joy, and green fields because of the frogs feel the rich.Under a light-sur-da da Moonlight sand as if Jade had prepared for me, I shrink the body to sit down and soak the whole child’s own ebb and flow in frogs.At this moment, I feel that is the most realistic player to such a wonderful crisp rule watching a grand concert, phonological soft harmony, rhythm, and only frog that is.Thoughts flowing in the frog song, seems himself into a frog, and no Red Dust Ruran, there is no temptation materialistic, does not see the mountains, the non-mountain, water non-water concerns.    Recently back home to visit my mom, a crystal clear, bright as a ribbon of the river was gone, replaced by a vertical and horizontal rocks, sediment deposition, overgrown exposed bed.My heart felt suddenly froze, the original, the river also has year-end life to do the day of her departure, the hometown of losing much material and spiritual wealth?Is this the good of the past be forever recall it?I saw the little boy playing in a poplar riparian something until I looked him in the car approached, water’s palm Hang poly group of tadpoles, children are loaded with water bottles to catch it.I wanted to stop him to put these little creatures a way out, then I want to be, where the way out?Dry sand, hot sun, into the frog’s dream will become a reality yet?How sad indeed!

Away the bells

Had written paragraphs, rendering the theme, but did not eliminate Conclusion quiet and clamor faded word line, perseverance forward extension away, and years away, Mo Chrysanthemum bloom in an instant whom geese neat arrangement , I heard crowing, flying TV drama herringbone flying south all the rivers in the passion play, make notes with a high, full of clouds hand it is accompanied?It offers a breeze, a bright red maple leaf maple leaf gold color, warm season of the idea, conceived in the warm Turui launched in veins, so fragrant juice.Garden story, the narrative is not the same bend in the work of the silhouette, gray embellishment details, the outcome confirms Candle tears sown in the last prayer, the waiting in the meditation, the calm and serenity of mind and then give expectations along memory section find the time already planted on the gap in the booming Bacillus touch iceberg melted droplets, feel the hot hills, forests and meadows anxiety Gobi is not a barrier, the buzz of charades, gurgling answer, have contributed to the spectacular waves a drop of water, there will be a sea; obtaining a leaf, you will always have endless forest flying tender paper boat, carrying the promise of fairy tale.The heart of the mast stands, hanging Ouniao nostalgic trip trekkers, the thunder after lightning, may still be flurry However, in more days, or a ray of sunshine singing, dancing back and forth will be a rainbow With relying.When exhausted, just under the high rick and moon and stars, and the frogs were sleeping climb the towering peaks, in order to identify, it is not just the only bronze foundry, rich texture, you see, his charm, is away, you can see the figure; vanished, but also swing with a long melody (written for teacher’s Day) [editor: can children]

Away Suona Sheng (Revised)

Night countryside is thick.Dark, Heiwa Heiwa is not, nor is the son of his father, he was just a shadow.    Shadow took his son along the slope north of the village, downhill, then uphill, come a long way, finally stopped the down.Shadow toward the open night long to scream loudly: “ah —” aircraft flight surprised, habitually looked to see, discredit a distance.I do not understand why the son wants to come to this place before the middle of nowhere shop, looking down wondering, Bainiaozhaofeng “Suona Sheng Suddenly long triumphantly, to fill the gap sounded.Panic looked up and saw a shadow standing edge of a cliff, craned his neck to play the suona, like a statue.    Son quietly walked over and stood beside I at this time is “carrying the sedan chair,” bearers rhythmic flashing sedan, happy, joyous.Bearers finally tired, I went to rest.Hazy night, I saw the pained expression intentions son.The suona hold arms, sit down: “You come ye?”Son are you silent, weeping into the arms of head.Heiwa lit a cigarette, just smoked a few mouthfuls of choking cough straight: “Dad, are you hanging smoke?You and my mother divorced me more uncomfortable.Can not spoil yourself this way, the sky is not, have a day every day of the “Heiwa turned to look at his son, he suddenly felt his son grow up, as if his own trusted friends, with mixed feelings:” Son, you be honest, dad is not useless?” In my eyes you’re a good father: a sense of responsibility, brilliant ‘,’ talent?”Heiwa smile,” I am a bear bag soft egg, your mom was right, Dad is not hack it, so you much trouble.Mother of the child never too ugly, there is time to look at your mother, “” You’re a good father, but also can bring the joy of a folk artist.They say my mother and you go because you are good with suona blowing, is not it?”Night, Heiwa ‘wow’ to cry out loud, like a cow power to do, in the face of calls sent tip – sad Cancan.    Son sobbed: “Dad, give me a blow,” Harvest “,” accompanied by the cries of aircraft flight, suona melodious song “Harvest” resounded through the night sky.    ”Close your eyes” handsome said: “I want to give you a surprise” white girl laughed: “children playing the game, all right,” white girl turned away.Handsome said: “opened his eyes it” a golden necklace shake in front of a white girl to swing.Her eyes suddenly light up, then fading away: “it up, take it,” handsome surprised a moment: “You do not dream of a gold necklace you?To put your neck on a piece of gilded removed, I’ll give you to wear “white girl dodge:” Take the necklace, rolling!”Handsome bitterly away.White girl closed the door, slumped sitting on the bed.Muran room, a voice said: This gilded Wear, next year, next year I will buy you a real gold bar.    Who?Far past the sound, when the strong weak, warp.Oh, Heiwa, is the voice of Heiwa.So, exceedingly strange, wretched, useless husband, ever the voice of noise now, but full of female temptation.She and handsome living nearly two months, as if life is simply not Heiwa this person been the same, then somehow remembered Heiwa is because the necklace, I think naturally think of Heiwa Heiwa of gold suona, a long time former Heiwa Suona Sheng put aside her girlish heart.    White girl unusual mood of a small pair of black baby did not escape the eye.Heiwa little eyes are parents, and can be considered qualified products, because it is configured in a thin face, it does not seem very small, small, small eyes Lianpan relative harmony.Say nothing to see his little eyes, small eyes tell others and focus, eyes bright thief, able to distinguish male and female mosquitoes flying.So you can see it says Heiwa?Indifferent not want to ask, but were afraid to ask, that white girl temper, ask Heiwa, white girl would fight back ten women instinctively parrots ability to let him overwhelmed, heavily armed every word, sentence smoke she ‘white parrots’ fame is not blown out, “machine gun” ejected spittle, Heiwa shunned.In his view, these are mainly harmless.    White girl usually not hard to get along with, very easy-going, coupled with lingering charm young woman image, but also very charming woman.According to everyone to say, Heiwa white girl home, hey!People will invariably think of the phrase folk saying, you do not understand?On the phrase, the toad and the swan meat Editor’s Note.White girl when the girl had never been seen, there is also a resounding nickname, Jiaosha, oh, cover Qin Chuan, right, yes cover called Qin Chuan, yes, listen, the first Qin Chuan beauty.Why such beauty married Heiwa of it?He says because suona, suona blowing Heiwa called a pleasant young man to participate in the Provincial Ethnic Music Competition win.As a result, there has been a village nicknamed ‘Golden suona’ man, he’s playing suona song “lift palanquin”, “flower”, “back home” and other people’s sleep is often the song.    Heiwa full of hardships when learning to play the suona, that year, with Heiwa father’s words, he is not a business stuff the right way, do not study hard, get some net friends scary squeak miles Ming Road, a look that is playing later half of the goods under the cow.Built rural community is the withdrawal of the previous year, when the dead of night, the village was a play called “Various Artists” movie, suddenly sounded suona, crisp students Suona flutter down from the cliff north of the village, overshadowed the film sound.Immediately, Heiwa has become an object of hatred in the eyes of the people, the public enemy vector.Suddenly, people are noisy flock to the Corps to find live team of commune cadres discussing the new account, be considered together with the old account, in addition to this there are often disturb their dreams intoxicated.Getting president laughed: “They play the suona baby, let me gnaw tube?Well, I went out one father said to him, called baby voice down, “and later president really give Heiwa his father said, Heiwa hear his father say.Heiwa just want to lower some of the Suona.However, blowing suona, not Heiwa Heiwa, and he himself could forget, but also to remember the words of others LOWER?Seeing the masses to find members avail president died down.Gradually, people are surprised to find that their ears have adapted Suona, Suona Sheng hear how could not sleep, suona song became their lullaby.They find the president, blow up the requirements Heiwa.Heiwa not stopped, but forced his father’s despotic power, he went ten miles away on the sparsely populated plateau.    Production brigade dignitaries commune art propaganda team where to Heiwa, the president will be remembered Heiwa, and Heiwa went with the girls outside the village, among them white girl, white girl let the suona Heiwa some beautiful music, then white girl have set a pro, the man is a former village of the Ka handsome, handsome guy, commune primary school teachers.In people’s eyes, the two of them are perfect for each other, like a white girl’s father said, the blind can touch them They who months Jun.However, Heiwa white girl Xunsimihuo keep up, her father said she was barely literate.Later, the white girl also willing barely literate, Heiwa keep walking dead.Fail to beat the girl in the white girl dad a heavy sigh, Heiwa suona blowing the white girl to marry door.    Heiwa has heard the gossip in the village, said she and former lover, has hooked up.Indeed, the handsome to do all these years in Henan decorating projects flush, and would not say a lot of money, at least it is a rich man, in the county to open several sites.In any case he does not believe.Think of her unusual mood, Heiwa finally face a hail of bullets white girl asked: “So what if you say so, I stand,” “Heiwa, divorce it!”Heiwa body to Shaikang, trembling, he looked pained expression, as if some part of the body pain unbearable.To seize the table leg he stood up, however, she seems to overestimate his power, when he almost devote their whole body strength to stand up, covered legs so to lose control, pull up next to a small bench sit down.Recall the uproar around the village rumors, I do not believe, but do not want to believe, can not believe.    ”say something!”” Do you want me to say?You want to hear what I say?What can i say?Is away from you and I are happy, you thought you son?Have you thought yet for his son?” ‘If it was not the son I would have.’Heiwa not speak, he did not want to say, white girl, then clear enough, she sent a clear enough message to him: premeditated, deliberate.    Heiwa sleeves rolled up into his hand dishwashing basin.Son came in and cover their heads low.”Zala?” ‘I do not go to school, my classmates work in the provincial capital, told me to go’.Ceramic bowls collision crisp sound of silence, and the room was immediately repressed, suffocation, the air filled with dull, Heiwa Ziyaliezui, muscle twitching face, red with rage suddenly on the forehead, a volcano about to erupt the.However, Heiwa Heiwa is, is a bear bag soft egg white girl’s eyes, extraordinary imagination, emergency brake.Expression of anger instantly vanished.Like a lamp without oil, eyes suddenly dim: “study hard!Hear me?Dad must be a way to make money, you can not call dad does not read like a “son of Xi mouth moving, unable to pronounce the sound.Heiwa end with a heavy sigh, began to dig bowl rattled raving.Son picked up the broom, looking at Heiwa: “Dad, pay attention to the body!Your sunken eyes of the “Barang.Bowl smashed on the ground, hands trembling Heiwa.White ceramic debris splash in one place, under the cold fluorescent light glowing sheen.Son silently sweep debris rope.            Heiwa friend puzzle tea: “thick cup of tea, say nothing dislike” Chun Hei smiled: “can you?Hey, me ten years did not go home, the saying goes, is home next month, the water is home sweet ah.Well, I came back this time there is no place to go, just right about you.Hey, you do not brick factory?”That mantra from spring wedding, the old school of luck and misfortune are caught in a coal boss’s daughter.Chun Xi after graduation assigned to a coal mine in Shanxi sit in their offices, because people long handsome, chance, and a coal boss’s daughter fall in love, fall in love.Father married his wife let him help, he did not dare negativism, resigned from the state-owned coal mine.Did not last long, after two years of marriage, love encounter grave, his wife unto the bed, then the divorce proceedings, this time, his wife in a car accident a paraplegic, can not tell his life is bitter sweet.  Heiwa biting his lips: “Spring hi, take me to the bar at coal mines in Shanxi!”” How can you have this idea?Not work!Not work!Although in recent years the national mine safety regulation lot, but afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, “” not care so much, baby bigger, more and more money places.Working so hard for so many years at home, there is no improvement, I said that this year put the girl on a white gold-plated necklace neck replace him, to do it anyway.”Chun Xi Bu Zhisheng, looking down wondering what.Suddenly, he said: “If you insist on going to be OK, I’ll give you looking for odd jobs on a ground job, you see?”Heiwa without thinking said:” No.I heard at coal mines can earn more, or under the colliery, “Chun Hei sighed:” Oh, let me do ye say hello?Ok!Hey, you’re gone, who will take care of the children?” I had thought well, just in front of my sister home in the county, I entrust to her the baby ‘Heiwa moment has come to the home of his sister, black girl, black girl his brother entered the room, but had to sit Heiwa yard, said the yard fun.  Heiwa black girl sitting opposite: “I’m going to work in Shanxi coal mine, is worried about the baby,” black girl “ooh” to stand up: “How dangerous coal mines under you are not do not know, we do not earn that money deadly.Heiwa, live hurried, good will.I have a brother you this, if something would have happened, told me to live not live?”Heiwa suffered a straight face:” Sister, I now expect that money earned, life are a little nervous, not talk of big things.A lot of people in the mine dry, both in peace.Now the state coal mine safety can grasp tight, you hoped that would not worry about it. “” Words are so to say, I was still very edgy.Hi!It seems that you are bent on going, I also can not convince you, long in mind.”Heiwa laughed and said: ‘Sister, you relax a bit, cattle count demigod demigod that I can live ninety-nine’ black girl turned her face away, secretly weeping.    Heiwa gone, he carries his own dream of getting rich, with his beloved gone suona.Eve, Heiwa took to the North Slope, the earth is the stage, doing night curtain, trees, birds and animals do the audience, the United States and the United States blew a pass suona, from the beginning Bainiaozhaofeng breath blew several tunes, “lift palanquin” “into the bridal chamber”, “back home”.People who has not heard him play so much a series of tune, they know, after tonight, Heiwa suona will sound on the land in a foreign land.  After breakfast, the white girl back to her village life for over ten years, to unravel the mysteries haunting – asked him why things went handsome?    ’Iron General’ faces the cold plate, past the shut hostess.Standing by the door, all the familiar and unfamiliar, are still the same, seems not always feel like missing something, just can not think.After much deliberation, finally I think of it, before the locked rich family, the whole family in the past few laughter, less popular.Hi!Nobody’s home like a home where ah!Who is the soul of the house ah!She was looking for someone to play asked, he turned around, a neighbor from the house from inside: “Uncle, seeing my son yet?”The neighbor said, smiling:” ye?You do not know?Eva went to his aunt, who lives in the.”” Heiwa it?””Ugh!Shanxi coal mines to “white girl from head to toe to be poured cold water poured, Ji Ling:” coal mines?My God!”White girl turned to the black girl home.    Black girl snappily: “I ask you, baby in the hospital, I saw handsome Why do not let sent word to the hospital?”White girl appears to be some excitement:” Sister, I do not know wow, he did not even give me that.Baby my body is falling meat ah!Baby it?”Words to the sad, tears to the eyes change, were rolling, rolling in Da Zhezhuan children, and finally even as a continuous line line child.    When the handsome back, white girl has begun to clean your room.White girl stop the hands of manual labor: “A few days ago black girl is do not care what you bring me any more?” ‘Hey shout’, handsome skull shot:” Look at my broken memory, such an important thing to forget.I hit her in the bank operating room, so I sent word to say your son is sick, stay county hospital, I forgot busy.Baby better yet?””eat!Do not say “handsome looked at her: ‘I really did not mean’ ‘Then you tell me, Heiwa day and in the end what you say some words, few can stop saying that gossip’ ‘is gossip!Really gossip!Let me Zhashui you just believe it?”White girl into the bathroom.It took a long, white girl back: “You’re no married in Henan?” ‘I swear, there is no’ I think it might be you occupy my mind, it can not tolerate another woman”, “I urge every day, why do not you and I go to marriage license.What Shashi Hou go?I said a few days talk to say nothing, I want Zhunxin.We can not so unclear, unclear of the “handsome blissful silence opened the door.When he came back again and found that white girl pack his clothes: “Where are you going?”I live back home, etc. When are you free up, took out a marriage license, I’ll come back” Time is like a river, not turmoil river, flowing slowly, inadvertently flow to go all the way.’Autumn’ of the weather gradually further and further away, off the earth gradually say goodbye to the summer heat, the public has ‘established a morning autumn chill in the evening’ proverb.Indeed, after the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night widened, and cooler temperatures at night, never see in front of waving palm-leaf fan, then pull the idle chatter of the people.People suffering from heat suffering, this time finally sleep soundly on.    If time is a river, black baby is sleeping in that river in Shanxi, people drift into early autumn, he has been more than six months in Shanxi, and at night, he always armpit folder on the suona, boarded away from mine.Suona sounded, his feelings in song in the lock na enjoy soothing, suona blowing himself even faintly visible to marry white girl, white girl sitting on a mat barricaded’s wedding carriage, from time to time fluffed a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from his face, smile charming.    White girl living in her parents these days feel physically uncomfortable, did not go to work.Handsome seems to have been no time, even the marriage license of the time no white girl could not understand why he would not, or that he did not dare to go and licensing.White girl later found a handsome and tall, pale skin, dressed young woman very close, they often double a double into common figure.Until there is time to work, saw several police escorted the handsome, hear people talk he realized, handsome man in Henan will be labeled as a vegetable, and a wife.    Heiwa was right, she does not understand handsome, is not know.    Shortly after the first snow of winter, black girl find white girl: “Yes Heiwa last generation owe you.To, this is real gold necklace!” ‘Sister, I do not, people called to’ ‘get on, you do not get, in this life Heiwa feel that he owes you, get it quits, he will no longer owe you what a’ black girl Having walked hurriedly wiping away tears.    Black girl was gone, ears white girl haunted by a voice – ‘crunch’ that the sound of a closed courtyard, she sounds sad sad sad.Had gone, the yard was empty, empty heart, not a decline.Gold velvet box in the palm of her hand and she has been reluctant to open, afraid of what she does?I am afraid that even she could not say.White girl’s hand Doudousuosuo opened the box, a golden necklace lying quietly on the soft mat shine, like being stung by a scorpion, she hastily covered box, close your eyes tight.Then, tears streaming out.    Noon to eat rice, black girl received a phone call from the spring of joy, fell to the ground after the handset came the bad news.Everything happened so suddenly, although she does not want to accept this fact, but the fact is, not the people’s will.This simple peasant woman, fighting back heart sad, did not shed a tear.    A long time, she forced myself to stand up, Lelong disheveled hair, and went out, apparently he did not have the spirit of a previous head when walking, can not afford to lift the head, back straight can not afford.At the moment, black girl came to the door of the county high school nephew to school, the students called messenger, let nephew look out.While black girl anxiously at the school gate and turn, the nephew out.She will be a football into the arms of his nephew, choking: “Your dad, your dad, your dad he is gone,” the aunt, nephew to pull off to the side: “Auntie, how could it be?Say nothing to cry, things are not yet clear, this way you ask someone to laugh Mile, “” baby Yeah, really, really, it’s true I do not want to die!You just spring hi t call, he said, he said.”Black girl broke down in tears.    Froze for a moment, nephew suddenly heard a piercing scream: “Dad -” Then, his ear floated Suona, it is playing the Heiwa “Harvest” nephew grinned, laughed and laughed very happy, laughing face became a flower.    Heiwa day of the burial of the ashes is to ask demigod pinch set of winter early March, the day dawn, as the funeral ceremonies loudly screamed: “Since – Spirit -” Everyone raised his coffin, out of Heiwa home, go on the road to heaven, is the master behind the coffin funeral procession, led by Xiao, piercing wails, accompanied Suona Ganchangcunduan, sprinkling world is bleak and Lengse.Graveyard, a life, in spades rolled under relentless lovers round became a ridge loess.    Afternoon, the funeral ceremony Heiwa dust settles, black girl white girl came home, put a red cloth wrapped white girl handed: “Whether Zhashui, you’re Airlines Air Mom, I still have to respect the decision of Heiwa.You take on the Heiwa afraid that one day early to write to me, arranged the funeral.As well as to compensation payments of Heiwa, planing to funeral expenses spent on mine, are here first.I go, “go out looking black girl, white girl Yuning choke.She opened the cloth, is a yellowed paper, she saw one, wants to see before writing, she shuddered and picked up the sheet of paper, hand began to tremble: How are you dear sister?    I am here everything was very good, Wunian.  Recently, we have here an accident often happens, the harsh reality forced me, had to be accountable for my funeral.May feel normal after you see, I will curse.However, where such a thing is very common, because no one can guarantee that tomorrow he was still alive.Some people, before a second still laugh, jump, and a second later can never spoke.I am not afraid, because it already has fully prepared before I came: do not make money, then pay the price.If I like them, I mean, just in case.In case then, sister, white girl, after all, is my son’s mother, at that time, the mine will be the payment of compensation, I want you to compensation payments transferred to the white girl, I said to her: I am not a wimp Heiwa, but also make money – big money ah!    Another, asked Chun Hei batches of two necklaces, one you keep wearing the other one bother you turn to her, I did owe her a gold necklace, honesty and trustworthiness are fundamental in life, I do not want to owe anyone.    From now on this Dayton pen Heiwa white girl looked up, ears heard the familiar and unfamiliar sound lock na – “lift palanquin”, long triumphantly Suona Sheng more drift farther, Gone with the Wind

Away Spring Festival

Since yesterday, the Dragon Spring Festival kicked off.TV overwhelming live with tension spring and the measures of implementation.Reduction in the yard was a sea of people eyeing a major television station scene, I can not help but think of my experience away Spring Festival.    1990 Sixteenth early in the morning, the ground was still covered with a thin layer of snow, when I was carrying a snakeskin bag squeezed into the old provincial capital Wuhan bound bus from home, we begin with the annual Spring Festival forged a bond.    Venture away from the work place is the home of the Dabie Mountain area has thousands of miles away from the Jianghan Plain City Star.This is far from the first time out of doors, and half-way to turn the car several times, have to get up early in the morning starry, carrying luggage, under the escort of his family, walk to town five miles ginkgo, catch the 7:00 first trip shuttle bound for Wuhan.I remember when it is rural wage economy is just emerging from an hour before departure, but the station has long stood in front of the car and squatting a lot of folks Although visitor got up early, went to the town bus station.    Car will not start, although only an early bus, but do not pay attention to what overloaded when station staff selling tickets, just go into the car and baggage.    Perhaps one born delicate, I’m not used to fight together with the villagers desperately to squeeze grab a seat, considered basic to last into the passenger compartment.Settled baggage, I can only lift one foot in the crevices of people standing still.When there is 110 km away, the car bumps in the road debris from the countryside to the town of ginkgo Wuhan to Wuhan, has been a 11:00.    Get off bags packed, diastolic good legs waist, quickly go to a strange city to find Shashi’s condition at the station car park.Lucky in where I get off, a hanging “Wuhan – Shashi ‘brand passenger cars are busy boarding.Busy carrying luggage to the military, but fortunately, people just filled the car, the driver told me that this car should be able to start at 12 o’clock, but no seats, standing room only to Warsaw.Think also transfer the car to Shashi, the time of emergency, but also hesitant what?12 yuan directly to the driver to help me buy a ticket, get on the front row to stand against it.    Car drive onto State Road 318 starting soon.Out from the mountain to the people, but also the first time that a good walk on the road, the first time I saw vast flat fields sight, although the man had been standing, but did not feel tired.Soon, hungry, anyway, people do not know the car is, do not feel ugly, open the luggage, I took out my sister last night I cooked eggs, peeled two rush to solve the needs of lunch.    When that time has not yet Expressway, from Wuhan to Shashi, Shashi bus went to the bus station to throw me in a strange city along State Road 318, is a 21-point night..    Select the venture thousands of miles away in the plains, and in accordance with the traditions and customs in rural areas, thousands of miles every year Spring Festival rush home for the holiday, the Festival and then went to work Jiju.This means that each year around the Spring Festival rush in this connection should be plain from the Dabie Mountain area of the city route.The difficult year for the Chinese New Year Spring Festival history still makes me shudder.    With little outside their own home, plus New Year’s Eve and occupational characteristics requirements must stick to work the first day, for many years, the New Year back home can only choose starting in the first month after the first two days.On the way home dragging children with his wife, an increase of more economic hardship and burden, also increased complaints wife and son of joy, but also a lot of hidden crisis.One year month two days busy working to take his family back home, turn the car in Wuhan, encounter thieves touch away wallet, cash loss of $ 780 as well as the inside of the reporter card and bank card, causing me to get older to fill permit also re review reporter’s license to apply to participate in the examination, a lot of trouble.    After the trip to Mount love sports, homework after a period of preparation, actually the first day in mid-2009, with his wife and children to ride Hui Letang home.As the Spring Festival that year was very warm, with the whole family to buy a down jacket, but also repairing the Mount brigade equipment, imaginary journey actually not difficult appearance.8:00 departure, 16:00 went into the house.The experience and the way feat, many travelers on Mount expressed my admiration of Italy.    With my father passed away around, although traffic conditions to be radically improved, a thousand miles home from a day long past shortened to a half-day trip, but the home is no longer the traditional sense of home, choose New Year departure It reduces the probability of a lot.But after years of hard spring, he has still prefer the spring of each year concerned, as I also wish farmers brothers and sisters, the spring home full of joy safe and smooth.

Away Post Office

Remember as a child, did not field a few miles away rural post offices, elders have to send a letter to their loved ones away from home, only 15 took to the mountain, the post office to send a letter to the county.30 in a back and forth, go out early in the morning, after lunch sweat to look back to the village, people tired backache, leg pain, but also wasted the effort to work out of the mountains.    Post office came into my life, I was in the fifth grade that year.Sister to work in Jiangsu, remitted some money, my father took me to the county money, the way to buy me a new pair of shoes.Post office in the county garden in the city, in front of a bristling olive mailbox from time to time someone entered Investment Trust.Hall bustling, people coming and going, a long row of teams.I was young, I remember my father handed the ID cards and money orders from the window and handed the staff inside.It was a 30-something woman, wearing neat and clean uniforms, holding out a slender little hand in his mouth fan the fan, his eyes glanced a father, money orders taken in the local chapter opened, fingers rubbed it hard, grab a handful of money up.The woman cold attitude, money and identity card wrapped together thrown out.Where young my opinion, is a post office to send a letter calling telegram of withdrawals.    Some grow up, I went to the county school, my sister to send a letter home, directly sent to school, I’ll give Sunday to take back home.Sister wrote to me, I was sitting under a big tree in front of his alma mater, letters from readers excited and happy sister, reading a single word, carefully read, read it again and again.Sister said in the letter rural children go to school in town a rare opportunity, only to read a good book, worthy of the parents put up with hardships.I listened to the words of her sister, both hard every day to study, not to play on the street.It was at that year, I learned to write, go all the way to the post office to send a letter after school.When I arrived at the post office out of breath, people about to close, I took a few cents to buy envelopes and stamps, the neatly folded letter in an envelope, sealed with glue stick tightly, was carefully dropped into the mailbox, he plans to leave.Send a letter to the post office, I spent in the county’s most beautiful and memorable happy times.Post office, and my life is closely linked, she is a transfer of letters, is unforgettable care, thick rain is a blessing.    Go farther away from home city to study, living on the weekend can not go back to get his father to send monthly living expenses from the post office to the school.Pinching money order, I seem to see his father’s mother bent camel’s back to hear that kind of caution.School several miles away from the post office, nowhere bus, I could not bear to spend a few bucks motorcycle ride, to withstand the burning sun to the post office.Post office a few miles away, and I go there once a month, to where it became familiar, like a warm home where.Those post office aunts uncles, friendly attitude, smiled and looked at money orders and student cards, things happen quickly withdrawals formalities, handed the money in my hand, told me to be careful on the way point, good package should cost of living.I also like to put together some flat light word, put into an envelope, along with colorful dreams, bragging to send a number of newspapers and magazines.In the post office, I seem to see Muse in the smile, heard the sound of dreams blossom.    After working out, a monthly salary, I went to the post office to send money home, a painting fill in the order, happily in the crowd.At school, at home to send money to me, but today I was finally able to send money to the family, can use their hands to fight played a better tomorrow, so hard to live a happy mother’s day.In addition to send money home, I sent the manuscript back to the magazine, to retrieve some of the royalties.I remember an article published in a 3000-word essay on a working magazine, the magazine sent me over 200 royalties.When I went to collect the money, do the withdrawal procedures is a 20-year-old girl, she smiled and said she liked Look magazine, published in the above article is that many writers dream of dreams.She encouraged me to continue to work hard, write some articles, more than a post office to pick royalties.    I went to the post office in bursts, watching the olive feel a special closeness.That city, I was a stranger, you are familiar with the post office, like sitting in the hall fill in the order, pasting sealed envelope with a transparent glue, like quietly thinking about the mother thousands of miles away.Since that time, the mother said to the post office to collect the money people, rafts good most of the day’s team also did not get the money, I called my sister hit the money on the card, so save a lot of trouble.After that, I went to the post office, do not fill in the order, but my mind was inexplicable to grow a bit lost and sad.Retrieve a money order, in my hand, a few drops of Tears flowed fell down.Magazine editor teacher wrote to say, now is the era of the paperless office, e-mail submission to use.I do not have a computer, I am sorry to add trouble to the teacher, she did not cast a draft.Occasionally, there is a magazine, and also welcomes manuscripts submission, but when I am pleased if money ran the post office, the staff found a long time before we find a wrinkled envelope.But when I went to the mailbox contributors, above the dust off slow, standing alone in a forgotten corner.I took to the dust, the letter did not cast into the hands, eyes already fills with tears, drop by drop scattered in a crowded city.After that day, I have never been to the post office, a post office every day, away from me, but I miss the day by day to the post office to send money to send a letter of good times.But, in those days, and the post office has a day away from me.

Away on the river of life cries

– those days of old Brothers and Brothers tinker [old] I was young, home cooking with a kitchen knife, if unhappy, your mother would say, “not fast knife (sharp), playing outside listen a little child, leading to closure of scissors sharpening house.””Got it!”I promised.  Not over two or three days, that deep and long, and very rhythmic cries will be heard in the village, “closure.Shears.Sub-le., “So I raced away more fortunate,” Go to my house, my home kitchen knife to grind.”Master saw sharpening business, willingly agreed to go forward with me, also followed behind several children to watch the junior partner.  The knife sharpener mostly on the point of older people, more people call them the old man Brothers.And on the model opera “The Red Lantern” in the hope that Saber-old man hit a child: Brothers who waist tied a canvas apron, bar with a long wooden bench.One end of a wooden bench fixed to the base to put the grindstone, hanging a lower tin small children; cotton intermediate tied to a mat, the lower portion of the bar stool shoulder, called shoulder pads; and the other end hanging small wooden , the box containing his kung scissors sharpening tools, small hammers, large and small steel file, steel shovel, water brush, and spare not the same as the thickness of the grindstone.  The knife sharpener down the long wooden bench, the middle of the cotton shoulder pads to go to the top, he became the seat of the.Even more interesting is his wooden bench, not the same before and after the high stool legs – front leg slightly shorter.Then opened his toolbox, ready at any time to get him to use the tool.  Mother put out a kitchen knife, kitchen knife sharpener master took me home, put the blade up, move to the parallel position of the eyes, squinted looked at, “It’s not the NAO edge!”He said to himself.Few of us around the small children to master the Brothers wooden bench sitting there watching “lively”.First, come up with a chef sharpening a knife at the time of closure of his toolbox, which is his special tools.Closure knife about a half inches, a fixed foot long, one inch wide, half a centimeter thick middle iron, iron symmetrical with two slightly inclined downward, both ends of the wooden handle, closure knife into the “cross” in shape.His chopper on the bench fixed against a wooden article, and a one out of the box hanging hooks, the other end of the chains hanging a hoop, the lower end of the stool from the right hook knife a small hole in channeling over, tightly hooked lower end of the knife, and then ride sitting on the wooden bench, hunched, one foot into the ring in the bottom of the chain firmly placed live, so that the knife was fixed firmly, absolutely still.Hands holding knife with wooden handle both ends of the closure, the closure enough strength to look at what the next blade, each closure look, you slashing a thin layer of iron, the blade becomes many bright.At this point, I realized, after a short wooden bench in the front legs legs, the elderly or knife sharpener just sit closure body slightly forward in order to save effort, the original of this long wooden bench on which a short is with great knowledge of.  Knife, closure is over, remove the knife sharpener small cans child hanging front-end wooden bench, “wanderers, poured me some water, rag enough wow.”I poured water cans child handed knife sharpener, saw and hung in his original position.He reached into small cans child dip in the water, pour onto the grindstone, go down to pour some water on the knife, holding a knife in one hand, one hand on the knife blade upper end of the knife, the grindstone up to and fro, woo rip rip to woo, grinding, grinding this surface while, while mill that side; sometimes to pour some water on the grindstone, sometimes to pour some water on the knife.Mill for a while, then moved fingernails on the blade gently with it, he looked at the degree of wear of the sharp blade, so that repeated several times.He then stopped, the use of this grindstone removed and replaced with another piece of hones, repeat his procedure as before, in order to allow the blade sharper, more shiny.Cook knife in order to allow it a more fragrant beauty of life!  While, on a kitchen knife mill finished, he took out a small hammer child, as well as pliers, rattled the wooden handle kitchen knife tidy up a lot, so are those who master the Brothers, as long as you used to grind knives, knife wooden handle loose there are grinding along at hand, and a knife or wooden handle, do not you say, well he will handle reinforced with iron filing the edge shocked mill hand polished light circle, let you use handy, make your life liking Ruyi.  Then the mother from the house, brought out a bowl of water, “drink water it, take a rest.”Brothers master will take over the water and into a drink, then that is many thanks!  ”Grind over, try not to fast?”” Do not try, can fast.”Niangshui.  ”Grind it with scissors?Or grind together under the bar?”” Line, then grind it down.”Mother said, and took the knife sharpener, handing me a bowl of drinking water, I went into the house to take the scissors.  A cigarette effort, also sharpened the scissors, knife sharpener from the box to come up with a wisp of cotton, cut with scissors a little, proved to be sharpened, and then knock it with his instrument, playing what , but also on hand like trying to cut things like open space, a few together, it gave me confidence to say, “well mill go back.”I called your mother scissors sharpened, and your mother from the house,” How much money?”” There is no fee event, the San Mao sharpening, grinding scissors also Sanmao, give it five cents.”The knife sharpener installed his belongings from the wooden bench bar, continued his journey.”Closure.Shears.Sub-le., “Gradually people so far away, disappeared in the village alley, only that long, vigorous cries, he walked on the road, echoed.[Tinker] Tinker this title is now little known, especially people born after 1980,.  The sixties and seventies, in our Northeast this “Gada” often tinker figure.They are middle-aged man of forty years, their burdens.One end of the burden of the pick is a push-pull small bellows, the bellows above is a small furnace; the other end of the pick is vertically three, four drawers wooden box, containing a hammer, scissors, forceps, hand drill and a small anvil appliances such as different size and with curium complement of silver, copper, aluminum, iron, curium nails, hanging next to a small wooden bench.Tinker burden on the shoulders of Hushanhushan, the rhythm swinging up and down,.  We have nothing fun to watch as a child, a tinker to see the village, we just tinker behind, watching his mysterious wooden box, there was Hushanhushan bear, feel good play.Especially like to see that tinker with their burdens walking posture: one hand on the burden, and the other hand back and forth with the rhythm of the pace of swinging, legs and shift the light and haste, walked the footsteps very much like to go now?Step model table, a lot of character.Tinker walking and crying: “curium pot.Curium curium bowl..Vat.”At this time, we will be back with the naughty and should be followed:” curium pot.Curium curium bowl…Vats, curium..The old lady urinal does not leak soup.”And then the laughter is small partners, Tinker does not bother us, take care of their burdens, walked his ‘T station’ step, yelling” curium pot.Curium curium bowl..Vat.”The years, Tinker mostly in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, the majority of people, big people say, they will be able to know a person that cries curium curium pot cylinder is in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, or their yell tone varies.  Curium football to fill the job, Tinker put down the burden, the good small stove and bellows assembly, remove the burden from small wooden bench, sit down, and then come up with a thick cloth from home in a wooden box drawer pad on his knees, took to curium or cylinder or bowl or pot, curium make up the program are roughly similar, with a hand drill drilling, studded, grinding, etc..  Tinker with the structure simple and original hand drill, about a foot long, about an inch of thickness, composed of two sections round poles.The top three or four inches long handle lever as the parent (parent lever does not move, the term should be called the stator current), the lever for the public (public rotation of the lever, it should be called, the term rotor) below the drill rod i.e..A belt wrapped around the drill rod promoter, connected with a stick.With his left hand holding the upper part of the drill, his right hand clutching a small wooden stick sideways on with a belt tied around the drill pipe, sliding back and forth, this is a simple labor-saving, time-saving principle of leverage, driven to rotate around the drill pipe, drill pipe is lower drill bit into the drill steel and diamond head.The object of the curium complement bit and choose what kind of different metals, different types of nail curium, curium to the cylinder, cracks on both sides of the bowl or pot holes drilled, curium nail mosaic.Then after Tinker’s hammering, curium nail will be more firmly embedded in the nail holes, the crack live curium.Finally, a layer of putty cracks in the cast, and then wipe Calibrating, i.e. at the crack achieve seamless, but also play a masking effect traces.  Curium cylinder than appears curium curium pot pots bowls curium (Cm bowls generally refers, including curium, ocean soldering iron pots, ceramic, iron, aluminum, copper or the like containers) to be more tired, is rough work in general, good curium, only costs a little effort, of course, pay attention to technology.When some broken pot hole, not any way to patch, it will build up the pot upside down on the ground, rust and grime to the edge of the hole to dispose of.Then in a cardboard son very much like a pot of something by natural slope in which the support is good, which is now known as mold it.Point small stove, put a vessel similar to the shape of the crucibles of the ladle, fitted inside the iron powder, powders add some other stuff (now want a catalyst may be catalytically bar), pulling the bellows, the molten iron sintering, the molten iron is poured onto the pan by the well hole die, cooling the molten iron and the like, and also iron melting pot for one, and then grinding, polishing, curium to fix a broken pot the.  Curium up, and is also divided into fine unskilled workers curium curium.Take the bowl curium, it is to have superb skills of the job.”Not a diamond, do not embrace porcelain live”, that is, I think it is coming from the bar.If the owner is a very popular and delicate or very expensive bowl or dish, not only curium after normal use, but also do curium complement the natural texture, yet beautiful, Taiga, which is fine curium live, also known as “live show curium”.  Young, I witnessed an old man holding a blue and white porcelain bowl Tinker curium let up, the old man said it was his grandfather left behind a very origins of the Green magnetic bowl, accidentally hit his son to play the one thirty-four cm-long crack, afraid of a split in the end, not be used again.Tinker took the bowl up and down for a closer look around and say: “This is good for curium is himself or herself, and can take this live, but the price should be higher.”The old man said:” As long as you can make up a good curium, the price is no problem.”Tinker said:” This is the rule, the general price of curium up more than half of the original value, and to tell other people. “Tinker took the bowl, he carefully looked again, and then he began to ‘work’, and I saw him first at the local point to a drop of oil drilling, drill in his hand on the security of the a very small magic bit, the drilling began carefully, about three bags effort smoke, and on both sides of the crack drilled some very irregular grain size of the hole, he blows a borehole mouth at the powder in, he opened the bottom drawer boxes, to find a small iron box, from the inside out two wrapped in aluminum foil, tin foil opened, a package is several tens of small silver bright flash curium nail, a packet it is more like a star-like flowers of different sizes or small silver objects small child, looks very delicate and very small, he started one by one into the drilled hole inlaid silver nail curium, curium and some nails in his view inappropriate, he was engaged in some transformation, also interspersed with embedded “stars” and “flowers” in the hole, let us see dazzling, lined up all the holes, he began to use a only a small little silver hammer on the nail, small “star” and small “flowers” ding,, bite Beat up, sometimes there are light in weight, sometimes in fast or slow.The bowl has been in his hands kept flipping, and then only with a small round chopsticks thick file lightly sanding with, carefully polished, carefully, from time to time to wipe the ground with the palms, feeling, Finally, pick up a clean handkerchief to wipe a few Shan in the above case, looked at that satisfied he was lifted up, then we glance, this marvel from veteran artists superb skills and extraordinary wisdom, just his those curium nail and some small silver objects on the “broken” bowls make up the plum, also dotted with several flower blooming plum!That realistic effects culmination, the traces of long gone cracks.He filling water into the bowl, really watertight, when he exposed a pleasant smile.  Today, faced with these or extinct craft with the river that years of quietly there anymore, leaving us with only memories of memories.These are slowly disappearing from people’s memories, to show the working people of wisdom, recorded the ups and downs of the past era, can only stay in the records of text!  Text, text only, will never let those forgotten, disappearing past away once shining light!

Away old tune

REVIEW thirty years of time, enough to make people forget a lot of things, but the old tune like engraved in my mind as lingering.I often listen to some opera aria, whereby the aftertaste of years old, to find the shadow of the old tune of the opera.  My hometown is near Baiyangdian Baoding, was once very prevalent with local characteristics of opera – the same old tune.    We have a village tune his old troupe, for this reason, every New Year we have a lot of scenery to the village, every household should push the big car to please Aunt aunt grandmother to see a play.Hometown busy summer and fall crop, winter and spring are busy knitting toss dichotoma, from years till end of the year, but the New Year is the Year of the way, there is a large set of catch, not to look out of the village there is drama.After the fifth day, the drama begin at any moment.The stage is located in the old school.From the stage to take myself busy, selling sugar cane candied fruit, hawthorn cake selling, selling water chestnut water chestnuts, selling Zhentouxiannao balloon drop gun.But why has that naughty child children put secretly lit firecrackers, take advantage of people not prepared to take the stage next to throw people, who often surprised, opening the man shout “That little bastard, look at me catch you, not Pa your skin!”Look at how the slightest curse of anger, but added a look of smile in the mouth waves in the eyebrows, perhaps that will be kicked off of the same old tune blessed he forgot upset.    ”Boom choke.Boom choke.”Opera has finally begun already, folks soul gave out hook.”Valiant ages” call home will be wronged, old traitor Pang came on to make young and old man excited, can not wait to go on stage to run the Pang killed, so every performance is always the stage stood a few folks to maintain order.”Qin Xiang Lian” at any moment, on stage and cry to do a mass, stage plays Qin Xiang Lian Feng Ge word a tear, playing child actor choked several times, almost speechless lines, make-up have been washed away by tears.Insiders subtle lay watch the fun, the audience early old ladies cry tears of people like, the word is not correct chamber is not round it does not matter, it does not matter actor forget the words, they only care about the story, the tragic story sung for hundreds of years still around with their emotions, of course, the tears can not change the fate of Qin Xiang Lian’s mother.But then, the concert repertoire for a long time affects people’s right and wrong.I remember when a small daughter father usually do not honor her mother, to see them, we abuse against the parents of the characters pointing small daughter went out blushing Mo Kanwan.Since then a small daughter like a different person, her mother every day boast a sensible rationale.    We Baoding saying goes “eat is inseparable from the stove, listening to opera is inseparable from the old tune”.Weekdays, Hong Mei streets or fields always found wafting high-pitched cries Qingwan old tune, and are often the same old tune to sing here and there, busy folks to increased energy, when slack troupe became the pride of the village.”Pan Yang suits” and “Valiant Chiaki” inside the wonderful aria is sung by villagers affectionate with.    Jizhong plain mundane small village, because of the same old tune have become more bright colors.Hometown of days in the old tune of moisture, becomes gusto.    I grew up listening to the same old tune, in a monotonous time, the bright colors of the old tune light up my childish eyes.Full of righteous soul-stirring old song fills my ignorant childhood.    Troupe in the old school, I was eleven or twelve, Uncle regiment of Banhu division, eating breakfast every day, I saw Uncle tucked banhu walked into the courtyard, and then they spread from there passionate sound of drums rehearsal, Banhu melodious sound, and the actors or bold or Qingwan vocal sound.Let my heart itch, always pestering Uncle took me to see.Sometimes, the actors rehearse extremely rich will make me cry silently, often the drama played out I stood there in a daze.Uncle always blowing my nose, that I like him is like the old tune of the little fool.    Uncle busy often tell me the origin of the old tune.God knows, illiterate Uncle Zehui remember the story of so many old tune.He told me the same old tune originated in the Baiyangdian surrounding the Yuan Dynasty, due west of the tip in nine river Great River prevailed, so called “west tune”, and later through the generations old artist trying to learn from a lot of Hebei local opera nutrients, and only then make it gallantly boarded the big stage, also known as the old tune opera.Old song repertoire contents are mostly praise of heroes and loyal warrior, like “Golden Beach”, “Kou tune” and so on.One old tune after watching the old leadership, he said with emotion: “same old is not old, being vitality”.    Uncle love old love tune to the music comes up, things will walk out a few operas: “Ting Qin left to die alone homes, temporary forbearance chapter sets into anger, Daoqiangjianji locate forest, Qin Gaozuo false respectful.”That’s often the way of righteousness so I respectfully.Now think about it, the old tune impassioned, multi-tracks with masculinity and less affectionate, quite Hebei wind.Old hometown people prefer high-pitched tone that vigorous rhythm.Yes, it conveys the charm and emotions are as people worship and indulge.It allows men and women who are on the plains of heart and pride from the spray stuff.      I was obsessed with that old tune long and elegant flavor.I do not know, my past life is not singing, I do not know how to have an innate drama of love, and that sonorous percussion melodious flute affects all of my footsteps.My favorite young actresses putting the Fengge sing, her voice sweet, who looks handsome, thick black two long braids at the waist dangling, I can not wait long rife Court appearance, standing on stage frequency sleeves dance bright open throat singing my favorite old tune.    Because I like the old tune, I like Uncle shadow, they do not go to school, I was stuck next to Uncle, look at their practice Fengge.I often see Uncle sitting pull Banhu punctual large poplar, Fengge bright open throat singing, sweet voice above the birds on the big poplar.Uncle of it, in addition to eating at home, the rest of the time to soak in the troupe.Gradually, I found Uncle and more time alone together Fengge up.Sometimes I go to Uncle, Uncle seen whispering and Fengge.Uncle always said, go get a glass of water to Uncle, he says that every fan to go to get Uncle.Dayangshu tune with the old charm splashed leaves dancing.Trees, Uncle often the Fengge big braids in your hand touch, when Fengge eyes looked up to see his mouth like a ball of fire, according to for now is enamored of.    One year, Hebei old tune troupe Casting.Fortunately Fengge admitted into the city people take the national wage.Before leaving reluctantly and Uncle, Uncle sent a new banhu.Not long after, but not the news, Uncle asked people to write several letters, did not echo.Uncle thinner, mesmerized pull banhu in the moonlight, pull wet clothes, pull off hearted people, large poplar howling also sadness everywhere.Later, Uncle put away the banhu gently into the closet, he no longer sing the old tune up.Later, I transferred to the city.Each time passing the old tune troupe, I often looked at the closed door guess, Fengge doing now?He is still singing the same old tune?    Thirty years of time, enough to make people forget a lot of things, but the old tune like engraved in my mind as lingering.I often listen to some opera aria, whereby the aftertaste of years old, to find the shadow of the old tune of the opera.    The village troupe disbanded early.Troupe of people scrape together a few troupes, when the dead to funeral open play, the theater are also more than sixty or seventy years old.Old tune hometown in the eyes of modern people lost their charm.Uncle still grow crops, as masons, as if to forget the old tune.Just after getting drunk, Uncle will come up in the closet Banhu collection, remove dust, trembling hands gently stroked Qintong long, long time.Then, pull the strings tuned paragraphs, sing a few “gold transferred to Silver Vision.”For a long time not to sing, Uncle actually some singing through time and space of desolation, adding a little vicissitudes of taste.Poplar stands silent, poplar through the moon, as in the tri-mottled body.Uncle squint, indulge in a high-pitched tone vigorous old rhythm in.Uncle is the love for the old tune are melting into the wine.

Away nursery rhyme

Grandmother lying in the coffin of the moment, through the misty tears I saw in front of her forehead wrinkles, like childhood farm roof eaves side stood a row of sparrows, sadly singing dirge Sparrow hemp, lying on the house, the mother light a fire, female Ma Ji distant and melodious rhymes, mortal hall filled with layers of her life, such as tidal, raging from sad Tsang plot only that water melody, sing in countless months moonlight night light, night light, tingling tree, dates fragrant tunes her father was naive, and I grew up in her arms a large movement of women marry, red wooden box, two women marry, black wooden old grandmother trying to say, my daughter a long look of confusion calling drifting valley cliff spreading waves echo music instantly lost language, to silence the source of life years hit condensation of my eyes, the way memory rafting in the time I stumbled, rolling shiver and shake off foreign land dilute collections of stars in the sky, MO laugh worn clothing the poor are the length of the mountain trees, lotus June high and low

Away nightmare

In the spring of 2000, my wife and I LU Xiao-song French side should be invited, to visit Paris.British Cultural Association in the United Kingdom and the University of London, by the way an invitation, please tell me and his wife to London two “Dream of Red Mansions”, a to East Asia Department of Sinology graduate students to speak at the University of London, is a London for the general public.I accepted the invitation, but Britain did not join the EU’s Schengen agreement, although my wife and I to have a French visa, that visa holders visa-free access to many participated in the Schengen country, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, but not to the United Kingdom, the UK needs to go to the consular Section of the British Embassy in Paris and then visas.My wife and I went to apply for UK visa parts of Britain in Paris, where the visa officer to see that we are Chinese, look seems a bit strange.He got a lady in charge, the lady with a face plate, that we should not she come here to apply for a visa, we should apply in Beijing.Her words made sense, I told her to explain, already with their cultural attache of the British Embassy in Paris by telephone, said the counselor because our bodies are invited to the cultural background of the British Association, the Association is the British Foreign Office, so you can make an exception.Person who is responsible for women and their competent authorities immediately on the phone, confirmed, and decided to give us visas.Just then, she accompanied with our French friends said a few words in French, the French translation of the main ideas of a friend to me, I heard on the anxious, I’m not going to say, do not give me a visa, the my Chinese passport back to me!Why I gave birth to the atmosphere?It turned out that the lady responsible for issuing visas is muttering: You Chinese people, always think of the West, of course, Mr. Liu with those Chinese people in Dover are not the same, however, we can not but special care ah!It turned out that on the day, we just happen before running a visa of a sensational British event: a group of Chinese illegal immigrants, hidden in containers, crossing from France to the British port of Dover.Originally, there is a vent on that container, but revealed the secret fear when checking driver of the car, to plug when crossing.But when the British port of customs checks, partial found in the car, open container, away the goods, immediately found a number have been killed in the Chinese illegal immigrants suffocated.British newspapers reported at the time of this matter, special emphasis has several customs officers responsible for inspection, because suddenly witnessed a twisted corpse, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms only occur immediately on the physical, but also psychological problems derived quickly, Now psychologists have been in treatment for them and so on.Chinese illegal immigrants who leave their homes, anyway, is my fellow!They break the law, they are confused, they are wrong, they are unfortunate, but they are, after all, want to transfer their own living space, go seek a happier life ah!I told them, the same yellow skin, black hair, like, blood vessels, the blood flowing in the same ancestors passed down.You Chinese people, always think of the West, although British diplomats who tried to put me and my wife with my compatriots look at the difference between these tragic death, but suddenly see us, the cold eyes, then pulled a face, do not they clearly express a kind of special care of the Chinese people, in fact, it is a potential discrimination?Visa Office of the people, is not allowed to loud noise, but at the moment, I have mixed feelings, cried out: Give me back my passport!I’m not going!French friends stopped me, criticize me wife whispered, British diplomats inexplicably surprised, but eventually gave us a visa.My wife and I take the train in the undersea tunnel complex mood, from Paris to London.Life has equal value.Search for happiness is the natural rights of every life.The choice of living space, you can be guided by feel is the right idea, but not easy for others condemn violent conduct prohibited.Now life flow between the various space world, including our Chinese domestic different space, there are also entering the rules of the game should not be illegal.But in the end, it is through our common efforts to make this world a different space, and gradually reduce the gap between rich and poor, improve fairness, the rate of increase opportunities, but rewards the strong inhibition, but be kind to the weak incentives, accommodating dissent to promote consultation, harmony, dependent help.Willing foot of this land, people can finally have the advantage of those spaces, while weakening those shortcomings are also difficult to eliminate all the space, and is willing to cases like Dover tragedy, and eventually became a nightmare away.