Column story

One night, the end of the column tedious work, open the phone in a bored into the space of others Browse, accidentally click on to a network named Clara space, the space, there are many, many articles and illustrations.The column was deeply moved by the article inside the sentence, the article Clara plain, easy to understand, a lot of paper to write the true feelings of pain and vulnerable groups, touching.Although the column is not much culture, but he can not help but to each article posting, because she wrote the voice of the workers, you have to have a voice of sense.Although the pillars of post it so few pens, but sometimes witty, rhyming frustrated, fun, and even Clara looked strange enough, I can not believe just by mine workers do not have much of a stomach ink.Sometimes some typos or lied, but Clara knew he wanted to express What do you mean, too seriously back posts.    So spring to winter, Hanlaishuwang, a few years later, the column always look forward to, look forward to Clara each week published an article, and then to her post, and then look forward to Clara replies.    There was a time, not written sign off Clara, Clara is eager to awaken the desire to continue writing columns.Clara thank him always, she was a faithful reader of each article, even though he did not know Jiaosha, long-sawed, but also do not want to know.But Clara know, a few years later, look at the past, these are mine, or immature or mature, put them into a series of light shining title page of life, old age and then slowly taste.    Clara pillars really want to know is what type of woman, but just want to be invisible Clara masked men.    Maybe give him my articles bring some food for thought of it, think Clara.Writing columns are posted in maturing.Clara just want to tell him that the network is virtual, or finding true friend in reality it.Let enrich their spare time writing, Clara was pleased to see the progress of writing columns!

Column like mountain-Hulushan

Tuan Lee went on the road changed his mind, and thus met the two mountains.  Tuan Lee is an ancient village, a few years ago had been there once.New Year’s nothing else to do, wanted to go visit.To the 309 national highway, we find the right hilltop towering red walls and black tiles with a group of temples, very delicate.It changed its mind, and go straight to the hill.  There is a mountain village.Saw the sign clinics, know Zouping County town bridge village pond.I knew here between Zibo and Binzhou.It turned out that some are in the realm of Binzhou City.  An old man going to go to the market after asking for directions along the road through wheat fields of the village, went to the foot of the mountain.He looked up the hill, a small hill, the temple is very small, but very delicate.Was about to find way up the mountain, the mountain dog called up.  I put the puppy cry my understanding is welcome.Follow the call, he went to the hillside.Mountain corner, an elderly man standing in the head, warmly invited me to sit burglary.  Here is the original home of the elderly.Chat with the old man into the house, knowing the circumstances surrounding the mountain.Confucianism salty old man named Li, 69 years old this year, is the foot of the bridge sub-village.  By him, I know the hill called the pillar-like mountains, because whichever sprung up, like a column named.As early as the Ming Dynasty, the mountains have temples, courtyards hatchback is divided into three rooms, magnificent momentum.But the Japanese bombing destroyed in 1945.Site leaving only sporadic wall base and Duanbei.  The beginning of this century, the old idea sprouted rebuilt temples, so the funds raised ninety million, based on his childhood memories to see the temples, built the present size.Accompanied by the elderly, I visited the hilltop building.  The main hall is of Princess Palace, the median for Tarzan Grandma statue.GuanYinDian opposite, and both sides of songziniangniang Fortuna, form a quadrangle courtyard.The entire yard, compact structure, living in the mountains, solemn beauty.On the screen wall south of the hospital, reads a poem: rugged trails through quiet at midnight chanting Buddhist temple book.  Sunian shuffled around to find Jervis, forest stop words woodcutter.  Inscribed: Horse in Lao Ju wipe month.The understanding, this is his private school teacher as a child at the age of eighty statue of king made, so claiming Lao.After writing, the old man said if the rugged trails instead on rugged trails with the following sentence antithesis.However, due to a temporary wall poem, due to inability to modify very sorry.  Top of the mountain, scan the horizon, stretching across the mountain, the highest point is Hulushan.It originally Pengyang Township, now merged into the towns and villages Wang ZHOUCUN.Look at the time too early, I bid farewell to the old man, went to Hulushan.  Across the road, through a sort of small mountain reservoir.The water has been frozen.I go Caicai ice, feeling very thick, weather forecast today, the lowest temperature of minus nine degrees, thick ice also appears normal.  Dongyang evening from the village up the hill.Gable an old house, a dry gourd hanging along the walls and a few three or four children at play.Childish children, colorful clothes, tiger hat, very cute.I photographed the little girl shyly silent lollipop in his mouth, a little boy was generous to a finger, said: yeah!People laughing.  The villages along the mountain road, roadside Catcher in the still snow.From the beginning of the hillside, large tracts of atrazine spike grass waving wind.Mountainside low-lying, sunny leeward, farmer living on the other side of the mountain village of Peng in the sun.Listen to them, Shanxi and mirror surface has a doctor-stone.Are two boulders, have their own characteristics, great local reputation.  I would not miss this scenery, and quickly reached the top, the way to find.And finally the other side of the mountain to find them.  Der stone two or three meters long, recumbency on the hillside, slippery slide, is formed of natural SLIDE.Another one erected by the roadside, and the moss stone flower formation is said above, to treat skin diseases, so called doctor-.Although very few people for medical treatment, the first and fifteenth burned incense and bowed have continued to come.  In the mountains, he picked up a gourd Asia waist.Listen to the old people say, the mountain was first called Fluke Hill, then turn the sound called Hulushan.In fact, I know the meaning of the gourd Fluke have expressed the meaning of.Whatever called, we are pinned on the good wishes of people seeking Gods Jubilee.  Down along the mountain road, the foot has air-raid shelter built in the last century, a.I got to see the look, twenty centimeters thick iron concrete door, said to be built in accordance with standard radiation protection.Listen to the locals, there are more than five meters deep air-raid shelter, has been leading the other side of the mountain.  After reading the dugout, you have to back down.Xi Yang from the West Village to return.Before leaving, the habit of standing on the mountain overlooking the gourd.I saw the opposite column like mountains, just back in the arms of Changbai Mountain.With the mountains as a barrier, beauty in even more spectacular highlights the momentum to.Two mountains across the millennium as partners, also considered sympathetic.  Seen in this light, New Year’s Day 2009, I learned a lot the day visited two mountains, it is two spans two counties and cities.


[REVIEW] everyone is a sunflower, the sun is warm and the pursuit of dreams, the living space is too narrow, squeezed, stepped on, are living doubled up.Winter freeze to death too many, spring sandstorm big, summer toxic fire, when frosty autumn.  The sky is unstoppable haze, steady stream of vehicles rolled up layers of dust, look at the world, I think Han Han “Solo Mission”, true colors as a book illustrator that, like the dim, gray walls and black tiles Jiangbei, no bright south bridges, chimney gushing out of the fog to hide in the spring, as well as who is going to put the kite?Thundered run over the wheel of history, word of Hong heart broken, tripod in cold Burnt.    I think the violin Iraq Kill handed down to babbling humming Yeah, Eileen Chang gown, a red smear of rouge, watching the drama off screen drama of life.Rejoicing or grief and tears to make a few lines, and then swallow the powder.All have faded bright, thick paint with a Van Gogh memorial Iris, began psychedelic rock world, hiding in the billiard room of the youth, to taste Bloody Mary bar dancers, ecstasy against Coke, then spit into tears dry.    Everyone sunflower, sunshine and warmth is the pursuit of the dream, living space is too narrow, squeezed, stepped on, are living doubled up.Winter freeze to death too many, spring sandstorm big, summer toxic fire, when frosty autumn.    Southern snow, north degenerate, creatures bloom, decay death.  If you give me a piece of white jade rice paper, I can only holding a dust cover.[Editor: If rain]

Colors of life

[REVIEW] Qing Yan like the blue, she said the family curtains, bed mantle, napkins, and a series of wallpaper is blue.She said that in such a space to be happy, to feel the drift of clouds in the blue sky in the side curls, can hear the birds singing shallow.    Every time I hear loud and rapid knock on the door, I knew it was coming Yen Ching.Open the door, not the people, the voice had come floating.Ruo, fast, dead heat outside, I want ice watermelon “,” Ruo, fast, out cold dead, I want hot tea.”Every few days, and will gather on a small Qing Yan will quietly listen to her son high and long, her husband got a promotion, son in kindergarten various anecdotes, her husband start a business, and prosperity.But each day, her son and husband are always the topic of conversation.  I like the sound of Qing Yan, those lengthy complicated daily life, out of her mouth, as the nightingale general, soften joyous.How dull mind, happiness will follow Dangqi ripples.  Qing Yan like blue, she said the family curtains, bed mantle, napkins, and a series of wallpaper is blue.She said that in such a space to be happy, to feel the drift of clouds in the blue sky in the side curls, can hear the birds singing shallow.She said the light blue color is lonely, she could see a light blue mermaid in the night to hear the sad swim across the ocean each piece.She also said that Tibetan blue is blue and near-black, desperate color.  She likes to hold my hand, so I told her to look, she said that my pupil is blue, that is her color, and then will be anxiously asked me to see her pupil what color, I said: it is blue.  Said the man at the mall roll, easily tempted, I hope life has been a clear color blue.  One day, or, in Yan in the eye and clear eyes saw a light blue, such as the Dead Sea in general, any of my fingers shaking in her eyes, nor did it flow.I knew it was not my reflection in the color of her Mouzhong, is her own.Only a moment, as she was like a nightingale sing her happy.  Qing Yan again, I found her pupil is a dark black, the heart seems to be pulling a bit, Qing Yan said, it was nearly black and green, the color of despair.  She said that these days, every day when he returned, she could see the pink in his eyes, it was like a sweet love color, but not for her, when handed him slippers, he will not be called to her pet name says thank you.When she served her well-prepared dishes, he always said already full.With her son and have less time, even his mouth Nama gentle laugh blurred together.  She said her life all of a sudden a lot more color, opened his eyes every day, is no longer blue, black, pink, white…….Also a lot more voices, slamming doors, son of color cry, and his call name of another woman’s voice, the sound of scrambling ear, the sound of thorns heart.Finally, struggling to cope, she said: divorce, and she went to live well, I just son.  She said that life is not always only one color, each color changes are likely to flip to another color, like blue, will become black, and black is more than able to see the despair, hopelessness short, is more tough, like life, like thick.  Slowly listening to her talk, no one seems to be talking about important things.I know Qing Yan is no longer a small woman lost love, it is a brave and tenacious mother.  She wanted to speak, in her I saw the color of time, as beautiful as a rainbow after the rain, also heard the sound of the clock Qingbai.Calm and bright feeling.

Colors of life (poems)

1.Black and white world can put a piece of entirely different day and night, but sometimes the enemy is unclear as a symbol of the sun and the moon, good cop bad cop in turn exhibit their own rich content confused expression of non-scores in the last minute sail reality and fantasy fish armor thunderous Storm dragon walking dignified and free child chess cold water rub shoulders through mid half clear the bones supporting the original sober burning often corresponds calm, heaven and earth swept over completely complementary profane story in black and white eye, up and down orderly Smart white days due to the weight of the same black writing 2.Roots of blue Yan is not a mask and a romantic at heart colors always rash to say that a man and a woman on the other side marked fine mind as a mark can break it into numerous pieces of bread the same amount of detail you can put wine filled up drunk two cups of handsome bearing thousands of course, to draw a clear view of the river decomposition of the detail in your reading my years on the other side I touch your name in the night 3.Mountains, such as Dai I’ll let you know, the night before I was in the window cut his arms out of his own shadow, shiny eyes lips curved around the Shiba rippling smile I want the lights burning bright as day to make water bottles dressed up long spring tea was very hot so that let the gentle wind sleeve eat only during the rainy season so that lonely reclining gates pure look around I know this is a long-lasting roses were waiting for half of the volume bun look sad I know the past once they have been inevitable exodus nowhere it is green, such as mountains Dai 4.Blue tears we know the ocean is the deepest drop of tears as white spray flying hair make mood never sleeps at the end of the horizon often see golden eyes and the eyes of the majority over the open clouds outspoken simple but telling Star May 5 brilliant ebb and flow.Red orange yellow green blue purple neon season you counting every pulse of the city at his feverish head full of fantasy flowers gradually youngest faces fresh colorful night accompanied by soft and delicate skin in the season turns playing a junction Who we are eager to hit the white stoned street value slowly opened the show unfold long thick fingers grasping a handful of neon let the bones abundance of mellow lyrics no longer quiet

Colorful years, that a heart incense

Because of the degeneracy of literary friends Dan article, Bin Fen teacher and I have only met online reunion edge.A full three years of Cantabile years, those memories uncertain in the depths of the soul, how many have been waking in knocking, he had numerous lengthy precipitation of youth look back and yearning, so warm, so fragrant.    You vaguely remember thirty years ago, a young and beautiful Normal University students assigned to the school the focus of Changle, as our first new homeroom teacher 2.Student Registration that day, my classmates and your first impression is very like a clean, slightly volume of short hair, fashion reveals a youthful pretty.Wearing a plaid short-sleeved, bring out your body Jiao good.Bin Fen teacher, you probably will not know, at that time we, a group of girls who started 42.3 years, in fact, would have been quietly talking about the campus which a young female teacher in private most beautiful?We were very proud of our long teacher in the campus is the most beautiful teacher.So that when a man named Wenying class girls and I also argued, when she tried to defend her English class teacher, and now think is really cute innocence in.    You versatile, literature, painting everything to get affordable.And educational work with special care, your dorm right below a staircase next to our classroom hut, so small that can not be minimized, very simple furnishings, then I can not understand why you want to live on campus?Changle town and not return home?Great to know this is a kind of professionalism, dedication is a young teacher.I feel that time you and our time together is very long, from morning reading sessions began, to the end of the night self-study.The whole heart into our gang of naughty student body.    Like your standard fluent Mandarin, in the early 1980s of the last century, we Changle the southern town really is not very popular Mandarin-speaking, elementary school language teacher in the classroom, always with no written language Shengzhou expression to be read that Tang could have catchy Song.So when your language class is really a perfect enjoyment, you can put Guo “street lights” read like a serenade is so elegant and beautiful, the Water Margin in the “Luti jurisdiction over the town of Kansai punch” to explain too vivid, superb.There is a delightful evening of good feelings, so when all of a sudden I started to like to read extracurricular books, I just kept imagining what language lesson after three punches to Lu Zheng butcher killed?This text is really you speaking live, speaks vividly to the extreme.I can not wait to know the sequel, but also embarrassed in their spare time to haunt you tell me the next story.    So at home rummaging through to find his father’s collection, the set of “Water Margin” Yimushixing half know anything to bite down, I was always confused about Song Jiang repeatedly talks about “amnesty” What does it mean?But I was able to put 108 in accordance with the ranking title verbatim back down.That is, the first day of that year, I came into contact with a lot of extracurricular fiction, of course, inevitable in a boring math lesson buried plants were seized up reading novels teacher.Sometimes you will find sheepishly, begged you to go to the fiction going back to the classroom teacher.He said it was not his father’s collection of lost.Because you used to be my father taught good student, very respectful to my father.Then you have to ask the film I just smiled a few hair only, and not too much I inwit.Up to a few like that is like reading writing is a good thing, but other subjects can not be ignored.But at heart I am still afraid you’ll go tell my father, then there is no communication tools like the telephone, is up to you back to your home from five villages in Changle Middle School Sunday.Sometimes passing lane nine front of my house, just met my father said a few words, so I am happy to say that you are my good performance in school and did not mention what I peeked fiction.At that time I really said to myself at the bottom of my heart, Bin Fen teacher too good to me, be sure to read her a good language class.Then really like reading teacher who is to read the same.    So I also want when represents the language lessons the class, the class seven dozen students, I remember to say to you: I do not want English class representative, let me look at it and change Xiaoyan.You told me very patiently: Reading can not side branches, and small Yan Zuowen you are well written, teachers like you.Every time you read the language class representative Xiaoyan writing and my writing time in class, I could hear especially carefully, compare your essay inadequate and lacking in what the.In fact, that time for writing, just out of a very simple hobby, so-called Aiwujiwu.For literature penetration and understanding are still stuck in a very superficial state, there is a funny thing, and I’m good friends Yahong speak up or will laugh.I remember once we’ve arranged to write an essay on any subject, anything can be written, very wide range.Asian seat with red bother writing, hee hee asked me to help her write better, especially because the two of us is better, I will immediately agreed to write her a poem well, anyway Yahong not asked me to write more well, turn in work on it.The result is to let me and Yahong ridiculous, I helped write that poem Yahong get your praise, the whole class was still there when Pham Van read out.I did not thing I read when the essay had had a moderate score.Remember Yahong I should not complain at that time also helped her to write so well, she may not want to show his face in front of their classmates.    A good teacher can affect student life and loving appreciation.So far, I can not say how deep attainments own text, however, you are a real literary mentor of my youth, if the first day when you taught me not, I’m not sure I would Literature there are so deep hobbies, over so many years, and accompanied by the text of the day is so beautiful and warm.In fact, you just taught me a year, but the share of mentor but it is kind of lingering, as unforgettable.    When I read on the Internet your “singing, the rebirth of a new language,” the blog post, my heart is aching, life there is a lot of frustration and disappointments, and you are so strong to face.Thirty years is not met, dear teacher, blog where your face is so elegant, smile, or so the sun.Last year I returned to Shengzhou Xiaoyan learned in your body is not good, wanted to come to see you, because his father was seriously ill, he shelved.In my father’s eyes, you are a good student that he taught various aspects of development.In the eyes of our students, you are taught one of our talented Cantabile, very beautiful and kind of a good teacher!    Colorful years, that a heart incense.Homecoming, that ray of warmth.Bubbling flow is truth in life and recollections, life is echoed in the beautiful notes!    The quiet night, I used the most simple and plain undecorated words to write you again, dear teacher!bless you!Only deeply bless you!

Colorful window

Open windows and doors, a sun continuously poured into the inside of my window, the wind fresh, warm light, stroking my lonely mind and body, lifted the spirit of being lamented, it was really felt out of the window everything is so real and vibrant wonderful, everywhere filled with warmth and light field that heady style, the familiar and also unfamiliar pop songs, each with a brand-new meteorological breeze.    I stood up in their window overlooking a long time, their eyes fixed on an old maple on that hillside gully not far, more than half naked branches of winter in the head in an atmosphere Su Joseph standing in the vast hillside Room seemed to be quietly in the corner and whisper in the winter after the farewell sigh of autumn, maple leaves on the branches occasionally sporadic glowing Yiyi and the sun, no, and that the strands of the cold nod miss the foliage was heavy with layers of a touch of melancholy and shadow marks, mottled maple leaf in the wind, twisting and swaying with one original and beautiful memories, singing poems about to leave.I seem to have heard their voices heard and their emotional attachment of the branches of caution.Heavy fall on each other’s heart is in my common sense, in my eyes gradually become a colorful picture depicting dignified, page after page of condensate with life primary color prints.    All in the mood, all in people’s imagination presented, that is, a person’s heart have revealed.I, looking at the sun gradually gone, in one of the questions and answers trying to get rid of that kind left in the mind of distractions and selfishness, wanted to give growing on maple trees, the setting sun and the earth leaving a proposition, however, Roam heart but Swagger with waves of hooves, grazing the mood among the joys and sorrows with the pros and cons of the song came from a distance restaurants “nothing” of the melody: “.I waited a long time to tell you, tell you my last request.”It seems like I’m standing on the stage of life, facing the rush of people and well-being of ups and downs, loudly singing, singing.Dash of rhythm flowing in my veins, it is the sun, wind and rain that is, there are those standing around me people are listening, are big eyes staring quizzically at me, all together aftertaste that “final demand”, ah, the wind away tired, eager to spring on the branches; the sun also feel powerless, do a final gloss, tis also with many white clouds and lonely Yiyi, hovering in the sky in Imada in the hills, as in a shared Ono and mountains that left a dream.and I?What it last request?All is lost in his and her deception and seduction in the best time, ah, suddenly, a bird in my eyes in the wings, which stretch clips that light and wind, as well as the color of the wings, sometimes on sometimes come down to earth with elegant poise, and to pay off its own singing from heaven and earth to pick up songs.I awakened from one loss came in thinking, thinking back to the pace again in real life: like the bird, like all the desire and pursuit to the vast world of emotions, handed in different angles to appreciate and remarks about each of its people.    A plum on me, thrust the table in its mouth, the taste of trying to get it to drive luxury and dreams on my brain and heart, as well as those of little or no practical cranky.At this point, I have a few talking and laughing saw the child being led by a kite lying on a grassy slope away, and they mutually running and jumping, chasing with, playfully put everything dissolve sun and wind, Flanagan traction kite lines are also children’s hands in the air, flying up and down, left and right with totem.I work and how want to return to childhood at the moment, ah, how much you want under the care of parents carefree play with, how much to a group of children as innocent as that which Liangxiaowucai can do?.That surge of sweet and sour plum sweet and sour taste in my mouth and turn, and I felt a sick taste, I quickly forced to swallow it goes to, for their thoughts and wishes I think there is a hint of spicy bitter astringent pull.Out of the window, there are indeed many unexpected things with the scene, as long as we observe and experience, will be found, it will be harvested, which will give us a lot of inspiration and insights.    I, if you do not open the windows, staring out of the situation is not able to see the old maple tree and leaves it?You could see a bird flying in the sunset below tired to do?Can you see those kids and kites?Many species can initiation of imagination and mood in such an environment inside you?And to have so many associations it?.

Colorful tulips

— This is a letter to Wen Wen docile black powder of a noble and graceful thinking about blooming gorgeous colors engraved in your cheerful red vivid yellow purple passion with you to show your beautiful This is a brilliant the plume of warm breath thinking about care in line with your feelings and moving red and yellow pleasing purple powder arouses pleasant black charming you use to write your sincere love of thinking about this is a pristine wilderness wrapped in green thick touch of incense Yan Yan Ran Ran laugh your thick lush Wan Wan Fang Ping Ping Ting Ting about about the beauty of the enthusiasm you use to eulogize your life thinking I accompany this extremely intoxicated revel in the passion of your life in revel in your warm smile intoxicated in your loved Benedict affection in [editor: Butterflies]

Colorful summer, crape myrtle flowers

[REVIEW] autumn crape myrtle, summer bloom branches, in between writing a mood of quiet walk.Every time I see you, you can always see the room with a unique feel, character behind the breakdown of the share of lonely silent, exquisite and tempting to spend the next book’s heart.  According to the contract come the summer, the colorful language of flowers, light singing in the branches Fangfei.Still walked leisurely pace, hang some changes into a pair of transparent wings, carrying gentle, beautiful crape myrtle flowers fly, flying imprint early summer.- Inscription [micro] colorful summer hot wind, with a fresh and romantic style, down the clarity of the blue sky, through the pain of those circumstances, and finally, in the shade of thick green branches, blooming into a fry the brilliant and beautiful.Fragrance of sun, shade and bustling drag move, shake off the broken shadow of a condensed.    Gardenia is blooming season, big flower big flower fragrant white petals, in Xin green branches, brush off quietly that refers to the cool spring, brush off those green years of hesitation and feeling lonely.A shallow Qingchou songs, Yang Kai rainy season in facial features that touch of astringent Joseph.    Willow Qing Yang, soft and bright colors green, purple street between Qian Chen, whipped into a painted screen Dicui.Xu Yiyi positive, off from Zenren?And on top of that Baqiao, already sounded faint complains, you, can promise me leaning on the bar side whitening, waving, and then a Gu Gu?    Rubao vines, Montreal shade at noon.Played with the sound of cicadas in summer delicately singing voice, sing shallow frogs, crickets and that.Swallows whisper, from the clouds skimming over, flashing fireflies, carrying Shadeng to leisurely.And in May the Blue Bird, demure and elegant posture, in the forefront of his thoughts wander Xpress.    Pomegranate blooming all over, Xia dye fire, the warm touch of CLS, open into the summer graceful flowers.The full House in silence, only this brilliant flushed bright red, is a lush green shadow Puff, the danger of a few Xu Yanli, a dash of vivid.    Salvinia lush, simple and dignified.Qiuran rough trunk, asked countless broken pieces of pale yellow flowers, such as the sky of stars, hanging branches, a touch of sweet as ever.Fine, too shallow, deeply moved by that fine fragrant petals, like a burst of light rain, quietly floating down.    Florence condensation banana, was silent, washed with green, standing in the window, which Ye Tingting Xieshen several feet, such as cover lush.Xu Xiaoxiang Guan outside the cluster that is, seeing sad Autumn months.If there is Yu Xiaoxiao, Yelan wind, which is kind of emptiness, drops buckle ring, that’s shallow Heart Lake, next term-day order!    Which clusters Qiang Hongwei white, pink pleasant open Coquette, Qiaoxiaoqianxi, to soften the fresh Asaka, sent through the window hidden.Only saw overt or brilliant flowers, graceful standing, pleasing.Set up or holding a roll of the poem, confronted with the full House of red fat green thin, the phrase “full frame homes rose a fragrant”, is also blurted chant?    Under quiet cool fresh vine, through a string of bright blue surplus fruit drape, feel comfortable pure heart.As if a bamboo chair, on the one Qingming, by incense to sleep, pillow bamboo dream, that dream whether alone smile laugh?Or twelve and confidant, devote themselves to sit, product fair, excluding Chinese Year of Things Past, self-romantic, casual heart, is how comfortable!    A flying dragonfly green, green Xin thin airfoil slightly flaring around the pool glanced.And that pool of lotus leaf Tada Mimicengceng, or dark or light green, pink stem lifts that wins the snow, budding flower.Wind set deep pool, Lotus quiet, not a trace of dye Qian Chen.Weibi eyes and imagine the beginning of a lotus, perfectly clear snow in the sun quietly stretch, Painting willowy look, could not help but breathtaking.The heart, in this ethereal soft moments, such as Zen meditation, quiet like a lotus opening.    [] Crape myrtle flowers Summer in the offing, Spring gradually fall, blooming start Shudan, petals retreat, Evergreen shady when only see Zhifan leaf green, the sun wins the snow.That spike clusters of crape myrtle flowers, carrying a colorful curtain of beautiful words, in this season of Fangfei Fade spit out a brilliant Fan Ying, from bottom to top, a round, clusters, strife and Yan.Yuanwang “like Yan Yan Xia Qing, if Jiang Xue started falling, colorful flowers, very romantic poetry.”Turns out to be complicated Pa secret decorated, Hang embroidered heap.    Those or purple or bluish or pure white or pink flowers Xianxiu Smart matter to soften each petal are so light, so graceful.A breeze, the flowers gently quivering, sober and elegant fragrance slightest lungs, a fragrant twist, and wind wandering, that elegant and romantic feelings creeping ran off, such as the dance Yan Jinghong, such as costume lightly, wind-induced Jiao Miao difficult to make out.    Rummaged Poem, a search of ancient and modern Jia Yun, who could be more beautiful than the copy of your poem Song Dynasty poet Yang Wanli of it: “like crazy, such as drunk Li also good, the wind pressure dew bully exceptionally oblique.Who Road flower no red Hundred Days, crape myrtle long put spent six months.”Crape myrtle, crape myrtle, multi-nice name, so poetic, so elegant.And more delicate flowers, so gentle, so quiet, as long as shallow touch of warmth, then blossoms into a surplus natural colorful summer elegant charm.    Into Summer Fun expectations, into the crape myrtle flowers of the season, he went into full swing in July, looking back, who Qiaoxiaoyanran, misty bloom?Who temporary end of the pen, clean scent of ink Netherlands?Who is free to move hearts, purple robe fluttering?Who is hidden in the branches, florid Yingying?Who spun style in July, opened the flimsy petals?When you watched, they saw that the glowing light of purple or reddish flowers with a delicate bud patchwork capsules arranged on the branches Dai blue, yellow flower crystal clear, as graceful dancers skirt, wind, dancing lightly.    Autumn crape myrtle, summer bloom branches, in between writing a mood of quiet walk.Every time I see you, you can always see the room with a unique feel, character behind the breakdown of the share of lonely silent, exquisite and tempting to spend the next book’s heart.Also well versed in things, my heart deep insight into your feelings.You come, always leaving the line deep and shallow footprints, stepping on the text, brought me many wonderful and moving.Such as veil-like soul intersection lingering feelings, as you put pen to paper relaxed attitude, away to send a cordial and calm, so that all the people around you can feel comfortable and be careful Yutie share of attention, also become far more different kind of truth and warmth.    In this chaotic world of glitz, between people you come to me, when thoughts of the heart and heart intersection collision, when love and gratitude for the love talk monologue, delivered all the text, for whom remain flooded?Only the soul purple share, will change with the seasons, gradually subsided, precipitation, quiet, watery.    Often secretly bringing back memories in mind, what kind of quiet elegance, there are parties that keep warmth in purple, in micro see the joy and the atmosphere suddenly?Jiao Ying looked at those pink flowers, watching the fall of the crape myrtle warmth of this beautiful name, could not help heart Yang Qi bursts quiet.A flower can savor the taste of life, a green leaf can have fun with information, a hint of mood quietly grow in the moment, deep feelings filled the atrium.    So be it, I will crape myrtle flowers stuffed into their own most true heart, your heart and flowers bloom along with the beautiful.Tian Ran that flowers that bloom charming, demure that flowers that bloom Tragic, between the lofty Red, cemented a picture of the same age, the same companions, walk hand in hand, the four seasons of life, since then, no longer lonely or alone.[Editor: Can children]

Colorful snow

Li Shimin had just ascended the throne when the western border unrest.Especially the East Turkic leader of Tang Jie Li Khan has been eyeing, I would like to expand to the east.  This year, the interest rate collar Jie has run more than 10 million strong, soon hit only 40 miles away from Chang’an edge of the Wei, Jie Li Shimin know just ascended the throne, unstable position, then sent messengers to see Chang Li Shimin, said he brought elite million overnight can overcome Chang, let Li Shimin quickly ceded land, took it on board.  Li Shimin a furious, snapped a shot Throne stood up: Do you eat beef these things, I thought it was a big scare?Come on, put this guy’s tongue cut!Front of the temple guards apart from anything else, put the bluster of Turkic messenger bet down.  End repair Turkic messenger, Li Shimin Zheng Xi was appointed generalissimo Bingbushangshu Li Jing, led to 100,000 crack troops against Jie Li.  This is Li Jing, but a terrific character, he Shangzhi astronomy Xiao geography, is more proficient in the art of war, made meritorious contributions to the unity of the Tang Dynasty.Li Jing Li Shimin let in command against Jie Li, it is to wipe out the Eastern Turks.After Li Jing enough to allow immediate point Qi 100,000 elite troops, the mighty open to the Wei side.  Li Jing in command of the expedition news quickly spread among the camp’s Jie Li.Jie Li also know that the powerful Li Jing.He heard that Li Jing brought 100,000 elite troops, and themselves evenly matched, it heralds go, can not fight this battle, and immediately after the team changed the former team, withdrawal!  Really order down ah, Jie Li under the order, 100,000 Turkish troops turned away until the army arrives Li Jing Wei, Jie Li has 40 years of withdrawal.See defeated Jie Li, Li Jing cold smile, this guy menacing Jie Li, also did not expect to have to withdraw so fast, I’m a vegetarian Li Jing?How can we allow you come and want to stay away?Under the order Li Jing, 100,000 troops rushed chase.Li Jing Jie Li saw the chase, ordered the troops to accelerate progress must not be allowed to catch up with Tang Jun.  In this way, Jie Li ran with troops, with troops chasing Li Jing, half a month’s time, Li Jing Li Jie took the catch north of Yin, Li Jing and saw Yin difficult terrain, troops two weeks to have some fatigue , it heralds the camp Yin Shannan surface, such as a rest after catching army.  After Yin Jie Li fled to the north, also set up camp, and heralds go, and now they have to safety, do not have to worry about chasing Tang Jun, the sergeant can enjoy drinking song.Soldiers a coach has made, that’s not playing?Have to give a feast of joy in tent.  In fact, Jie Li is not really escape, he used to lure the enemy in depth of the meter.He knows there is a strong contingent of Tang Dynasty, Li Jing is led this elite 100,000.Jie Li has long been pondering, in order to exterminate the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty have to exterminate elite troops, so he will lead the 10 million horses, close to the city of Chang’an, to put on a decisive battle with Tang Jun appearance, but in reality is to Tang cited elite hole, and then retreat, ACADEMIC be diverted to the Tang.Before Changan Jie Li march, already in the Yin planted heavily, and the construction of a number of organs, Yin fortifications in the hinterland, in order to put down the pockets of front Tang Jun, Li Jing as long as dare to lead the troops into the Yin, his roar of cannons.Yin army ambush in the hinterland will by virtue of the authority, the fortifications of Tang Jun slap in the face, and then he took around 50,000 elite troops Yin Shannan face, cut off the retreat of Tang Jun, finally to a pincer attack, Tang Jun, the pines.This article is taken from the children’s site (WWW.060s.COM) Jie Li of Li Jing lure the enemy does not seem to see it, Jie Li all the way north to withdraw, he really the way to kill.See Li Jing Jie Li has been in the design, happy forehead wrinkles are open.As he let Spies to inquire about the news of Tang Jun, side drinking songs in tent.  This day, Jie Li is merry camp, the cavalry.Li Jing Yin Shannan troops face in camp, but also every night Sheng Xiao, did not continue to pursue the meaning.Jie Li a, wonder, and this is not the Yin Li Jing how to catch chasing?Does he know I’m a massive ambush in Yin?Impossible, I must be afraid that Li Jing in Yin ambush, so just be careful.Jie Li squinting his eyes, and immediately called the police department will be broad, so broad a dam with police troops to attack the Tang camp, except for defeat are not allowed to win, the introduction of the Yin Tang Jun.  Wide enough to allow the police away, then in a little while and Li Jing Yin Shannan face of Xu Ji hit a.Wide police should not have the ability and Xu Ji, Jie Li let him win the war.He certainly can not play, can defeat Jie Li to let him go, it is very easy.Wide police and Xu Ji to play a few rounds, is Xu Ji robbed pick out a helmet, and if his head slowly shrink a little, his forehead on the open eye in the sky.Wide police screamed, ran Boma, Xu Ji big grab in the air in one fell swoop, Cui Ma chase, Yin has been tracked north, the result of a broad police men all soldiers, police stumbled into the wide scared castles, Xu Ji just beat a retreat.  Jie Li looked out of their wits wide police laughed: wide generals try and look like, so loaded down!Wide police one, this is my dress ah?This is really my defeat, his head almost let people go pick up.Jie Li told police wide, all with a daily troops to attack Tang Jun, the more people there to bring more, as Tang Jun, the pursuit of the troops will be more and more, until the time of Tang Jun, all out, he gave the order, command mountains comprehensive ambush attack, let Tang Jun wipe out.  After that fight.Wide police troops were to attack the Tang camp every day, troops of 1000 increased to 2000, the last added 10000.Li Jing can not come out against, sounding only sent troops to meet the enemy vanguard, troops also increased as the number of police wide.Jie Li saw rejoicing: Li Jing Li Jing ah, your kid will soon be finished!He then passed an ambush in the Yin army, ready for battle, as long as he’s in Jun Zhang cannons three times, immediately hit out.  On this day, Jie Li also ordered police to attack wide Tang camp, this time with the wide 20,000 police horse.20,000 horse not a small number ah, looks like it’s mighty, stretching for miles.Police troops just wide of the line to the hinterland of Yin, the sky suddenly float snow goose feather, and that there were numerous snow, Yin became the blink of an eye the whole world of snow.  Suddenly, some of the soldiers cried: Look it, the sky began to snow colorful, red and green and purple with yellow, it looks beautiful!These soldiers shouted, marching soldiers have looked up, the sky really see the colorful float the snow, snowflake-like bloom like fireworks in the sky.This snow is no stranger to the Turks, but this was the first time they saw snow colorful, out of curiosity, the soldiers feel slowed down, he grabbed one waving snow, and some also colorful snow holding in her hand Lane, licking, want to try what flavor colorful snow.  After about half an hour, Yin Shannan face suddenly gunfire and groaning, with Li Jing Tang Yin flood of the hinterland, the soldiers shouting in unison: kill Yeah, Charge, do not let it eat raw meat ran!Wide police immediately sit closer look, Yukino Flag fluttering in the Tang Jun, flying with No..A look at a lot of men would probably Tang Jun has dispatched the army, he quickly ordered Spies fly newspaper Jie Li, and heralds the team was renamed after former team, withdrawal!  Wide police let the soldiers withdraw, but can not be dismissed soldiers.Turkic soldiers somehow, one by one all threw a sword and his body poking random scratch up.Wide police anxious: This is how you?What do the throwing knives and guns?I want to surrender?What are you scratch it?Is how long the lice?Just then, police have wide body felt itchiness, the heart that is broken, me too long lice?Quickly put the sword to hang right away, freeing up both hands on the body random scratch.  At this point, Li Jing led troops have arrived, Turkic soldiers simply scratching, which have strength to fight?Tang Jun stormed enemy, sword in one fell swoop, as cut melon vegetable in general, instant, 20,000 Turkish soldiers will be thrown in the valley, the blood flow into the ice.Even wide police failed to escape, he was scratching the side while Cui Ma fled, but was caught up Xu Ji, a shot pierced and cool.  At this time, Gordon Lee has been reported, said Tang Jun, the army mobilized, has rounded Yin.Jie Li screamed: to well!Immediately messenger gun point.After three sound cannons, Yin ambush in the Turkic soldiers all rushed down the hill, but one by one hand but could not see a sword and can not hear the sound of what Hansha, only to hear a yell: itchy ah, really fuckin itch!While shouting in his face while poking bum hands.Do not take knives and guns to fight, it is not court death it?Tang Jun, bow and arrow swords and guns together and the Turkic ambush on all fell on the hillside, those authorities in advance fortifications repaired useless on.  Jie Li heard the news of defeat Turkic soldiers, stunned and stared: how could this?How my soldiers will not take guns and knives before going to the sounding of the die?Do they not have possessed?Gordon Lee would like to send Spies tackling, may have been too late, led by Li Jing 100,000 elite troops have crossed Yin, lunged toward the camp Jie Li.Jie Li Xianshibumiao too busy hands of the soldiers, his Maxima jumped and ran and ran.  Gordon Lee a run, the Turks no coach, Tang Jun arrived, they are inadvertently resistance, one flee.Tang Jun has been hunted down, dead Turkic soldiers dead, injured injuries, not run some of the prisoners became Tang Jun,.Tang Jun victory, but not see Jie Li, Li Jing Xu Ji life led 100 cavalry along the direction Jie Li to escape to catch up, and finally in the wilderness will capture Jie Li, Tang Shengkun prisoner detention camp.  Jie Li kneeling in front of Li Jing, shake their heads: Li Jing ah, I really did not think you would Yaofa.Li Jing cold smile: What am I Yaofa?I just used the day it skillfully.Li Jing said, in fact, he had seen the trick Jie Li, Jie Li defeated when the camp is not chaos, it would be false failure.Li Jing put the meter on the meter all the way to catch up, reaching Yin, he heard Jie Li camp, the soldiers ordered vertical drinking song, Jie Li glance this is a lure the enemy, destroy the natural barrier would like to take the Yin Tang Jun.Li Jing is what people do?Great military strategist, seen the world.As he ordered Xu Ji and wide police fake fight, paralysis Jie Li, a face Yinshan terrain secret survey found that Yin really advantageous, hinterland can accommodate millions of soldiers, if Jie Li ambush heavily in the mountains, Tang Jun hastily into the mountains, It must have been a frontal attack.His dark astrologers, Yin know in few days there will be snow, so he secretly formulated a number of body itching powder, so the soldiers brought over a few peak Yin, waiting for days.As a result, among the day ACADEMIC really began to snow, Li Jing soldiers then ordered to stand with bamboo powder body into the air blowing on the peak itch, itch powder body is winds, they stick to the snow, because the powder body is colorful itching powder Therefore Turkic soldiers only to see the colorful snow.And here, Tang Jun, Li Jing ordered all soldiers with green fabric covering the head, the skin is not exposed.Colorful Turkish soldiers to the snow skin, Turkic soldiers immediately itchiness, and Tang Jun protection is very strict, there is all right.As a result, the Turkish soldiers lost the fighting, Tang Jun, the one they were without a fight.  Yin War, defeated Jie Li was convinced.Since then, the Eastern Turks do not make trouble, even some other small countries of the Western scared after hearing cruelly, have rushed to worship Chang Li Shimin, the emperor returned wearing a hat child, Khan called the day.