“Goubuli” folklore buns

Goubuli founded in 1858.Qing Xianfeng years, Wuqing County, Hebei Yangcun (now Wuqing District) A young man named noble friends, because his father forty a son, adopted son for the sake of peace, so they chose nicknames Gouzi, expect him to as well as to feed the dog (in accordance with the custom of the north, which were full of honest affection beloved).  Gouzi the age of fourteen to Tianjin Arts, at the edge of Liu Tianjin South Canal eat steamed shop a small boy, Gouzi ingenuity and inquisitive, with chefs of well-pointing, noble friends baking craft continues to grow, learn to write a good living, and soon a minor celebrity.  After three years of full divisions, noble friends have mastered the baking of a variety of skills, so they separate out that he opened a franchise bun snack shop – De gather numbers.  He added the right amount of water with the proportion of pork, pork ribs served with soup or tripe soup, add sesame oil, soy sauce special, ginger, diced green onion, flavoring agent, a finely crafted Ban Cheng bun fillings.Leather semi baking buns, after rubbing, release agents, rolling into a diameter of 8.About 5 cm, circular uniform thickness skin.Filling the bag with the fingers pinching off carefully, while forced to twist apart pleats, each of the bun 18 fixed pleats, the pleats flower consistent density, such as white daisy, and finally the hard furnace gas steaming.  Because of good friends noble craft, but also to do things very seriously, never adulterated, production of buns taste soft, delicious and not greasy, the shape of chrysanthemum, color, flavor and shape are unique, people are attracted to Barry miles bun, business is booming, fame soon rang.  As more and more people eat buns his noble friends too busy to talk to the customer, this way, bun people nicknamed him Gouzi selling steamed buns, ignore people.  Over time, people shouting along the mouth, called him the dog to ignore, he operated buns called ignore the dog buns, and the original store size has gradually been forgotten!  It is said that Yuan in Tianjin Zhili Governor trained army, once Goubuli dedicated to the Empress Dowager Cixi as a tribute to Beijing.  Empress Dowager Cixi after the great taste Wyatt, said: mountains beast Yun Zhongyan, land and sheep undersea fresh, fragrant carry less ignore the dog, eat longevity also.  Since then, ignore the dog buns became famous in many places gradually opened a semicolon.  The key is to ignore the dog buns with fine materials, the production of stress, in the choice of materials, recipes, as well as stir dough, rolling pin has a certain trick children, with clear specifications on the work, especially the bun pleated flower symmetry, each buns are 18 fold.Just left drawer of buns, uniform size, color flour soft, fragrant but not greasy.  Goubuli is splendid Chinese culinary culture treasures, was acclaimed as the famous food first in Tianjin Ruin.After more than 160 years of ignore the dog buns, innovation and improvement through six series over one hundred tradition of pork package, Sam Sun bags, purses and innovative varieties of seafood meat package, vegetables package, the whole package has formed crab species.Gold has picked Department of Commerce Golden Tripod quality products, the best Chinese snack, snacks and other domestic and international selection and competition, known as the old Tianjin, China first package.

Gossip tea

Friend sent a box of Trimeresurus, elegant packaging, he said let me try some fresh.I said, that is tea, spiritual cultivation product, is always the same.Friend does not agree: “Biluochun pan in the southern misty rain, hazy light incense, and keep interest Trimeresurus ordinary, innocent weak.Tippy the gas bearing hills, open mellow.”I immediately asked how that Pu’er?Friends false modesty: “Born in Mountain Lake, on top of the clouds, the figure who trained, and floated distant” That is right, like beautiful poetry, on the tea, I consider myself scholarship dredging shallow, mining knowledge paper, is far behind.Confucius said: “gentle, then a gentleman.”That used a friend who is fitting.About tea, I know little about.Tang Lu Yu heard of “tea”, but a phrase unread.Cents chest point of ink, mostly hearsay.A few years ago to Huangshan, Dad bought some Maofeng.I’m not used to drinking, I feel grass Xing Weier.Even tea is fine, persevering, no Fu Xiaoshou ah.I heard Wudang Mountain in nectar disappeared when the tea is picked, the ancient Tao tea, choose and eat leaves, never brewing water, nature and man, it is to be the “moral” in that sentence Imitation of Nature.There is also a tea, called Guapian.Fresh fragrance.Lu’an place for the most, just take pekoe, tea dyeing.Tomb before picking appropriate, and run spring, all conservation.Unfortunately, I only drink one back, go and friends, come and go in a hurry, did not taste the taste of what to. I usually like to drink Tippy, one of the most easy to get this tea, the second is accustomed to.Tieguanyin Pu’er father and I only occasionally taste of, not really anything like it, it belie.I do not drink coffee, I feel that there was a smell of charred corn.Or good tea, clear quietly, unrolled Shu closing any innocent.Sometimes Think small, tea Road, shades sweet astringent, which Barilla, if the conditions of life, joys and sorrows do this set. Good tea need water to well water as the most, chilly river water can.Unified green tea ad saying: “boiled three river.”Tea mood, How open are also.Tea with pure water, experts pick short.And me?Practice is not enough product does not come out, it does not matter.Tea with teapot for the most, followed by Celadon.It is said that, Over time, memory teapot fragrance.That old pot, is not afraid to that age it. If the tea character, “such as cutting, such as consultations, such as cut, such as grinding.”The gentleman is also the case in Germany than jade, tea.Tea, can transfer Su-Qin, read by gold, incense Mozuo pastime into account the World.Also Hearthside Night Talk, talk and laugh through the ages.Fine also splash into, through exchange Zen Wu, dream Torr death.Leaf tea, a glass of water, if a fairy plumage, long Tsing Yi to cross the river, where the beauty, can be felt.Those standing on the sidelines, not as immersive..Tea, not for the poetry, but for the sense of balance.

Gossip stealth

Now on-line stealth has become a popular trend.Everyone on-line stealth has its own story, and the story would not affect anyone, only the parties know.  - Inscription just when the Internet, because it was not familiar with the capabilities of the network, Avatar has been lit.See someone add me, and they also tried to add a few names elegant and fresh friend.I think a person’s screen name and a person’s mind, preference will be associated.So do my QQ friends is to see my mood.I have always liked writing, used to be reading this now is to look at the Internet novel.Each lonely day, while reading the touching plots, while there are friends and strangers a ride without a ride of chatting trivial thing.Encounter vulgar language will be deleted directly.  I grew up as neighbors in the eyes of the good girl, a good student teacher field of vision, the beauty of the boys mouth, proud parents heart.Bright holy cloak tied my words and deeds, regulate my behavior, until now can not change the traditional ethical implications.So remind reason I will not lie, cheat feelings.Although I am more stupid, but still some distance away from a fool, and not like cheated.So I’m not too optimistic about the chat network, alert mind led me to delete a lot of people chatting.There may also have been wronged I can only say I’m sorry in my heart, I do not want to hurt others, do not want to be hurt.  April last year, one day, a friend called Bamboo into my line of sight.He said he was mountain countryman, “would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo”.Said his home on planted with bamboo, beautiful lakes and mountains.I remember almost all the years of poetry frost Daogua did not, then even on Guishi complete a thought of the Artistic Xiaoling guess God: “Ku Teng trees faint crow, bridges people.Road westerly skinny horse, sunset, heartbroken people in the End of the World “!He saw me play the word, then posted to a number of graceful lingering Qingzhao.I re-read a familiar verse, just felt an inexplicable emotions rising, with the desire to talk to the pen again.From that chat, I started to write some of their own feelings.Although it appears that those not full sentences, but it opened my life to enrich the amateur era.Now, come to really appreciate the bamboo forest, he re-awakened my quiet years of Evans, he lit the torch I portray life!With text, I met many literary friends, most pleased that there are a few like-minded brothers and sisters.  From the beginning of the written text, I would like stealth.Not because I was aloof, not because I offbeat.Just want to escape those boring harassment.I hate those who are idle, bored and just want to find a sustenance, or an affair while hypocritically polite.I like honest, I do not like hypocrisy.  ”Survival of the fittest”.In response to suffering, my sexual Gerry mingled into some lively favorite ingredients.But too busy and can not stand, lonely too uncomfortable.So, stealth has become the best choice.I am invisible, most of the time listening to music, see the article, or writing articles.Because the memory is not good enough, I need to write the text absolutely quiet atmosphere, the rationale good idea once interrupted, it is incomprehensible the.I think many will write the text of stealth friends and I had the same idea, inspiration is fleeting, can not make the event.I write poetry begins with fear, but once open ideas, often a lot of ideas, can one go.If interrupted, and for a long time we are unable to put pen to paper.So, to say the message failed to timely respond when friends online stealth write text sorry, I believe that friends will understand me, because my friends and I would feel the same.Free time, it never comments on delays.  It is said that people on the line, most want to pass the lonely, just chatting.I am looking for a place to chat.I want to say: I’m kind of lonely people, but the line just wanted to read their favorite articles, write his thoughts, insights, or listen to your favorite songs.I was happy to enjoy the beautiful part of someone else writing, his thoughts will follow the jump, will be happy with, it will be sadness and sorrow.It is enjoying a non-like character who can not understand, it is a kind of spiritual sustenance level.The stealth, so I can get peace of mind, temporarily forget the troubles of life.You can feel the joy in the text, the taste of philosophy, and thus broaden their horizons, purify dirty, enhance their accomplishment.  Along the way, friends space increased a lot, also left a number of.Leaving almost all paper products are good.So I will spare head lights, the same leisure occasional hello to friends, if people busy, it’s smart to say goodbye.I think this is the respect for others, but also respect for their personality.There was a literary friends, to chat applications on my busiest time.The first time just add the greeting once, even to the end of a farewell kiss lips.I can not accept, so he casually said something, I’m busy, free to talk to you.People actually thought of that angry, very nice words to say, really gentle sweep.I added the friend space space is to be able to sing, learn from each other.The starting point is somewhat lofty, it is no wonder people blame me: “I do not chat plus”.I just speechless, delete.”Different phase plan” ah!  I am invisible, because I did not find a virtual lover on the network time-consuming.If you are like-minded, you may be able to talk to the opposition do not talk about anything confidant.Such a friend is regardless of gender, young and old, regardless of social status of.So gifted talented woman I have a lot of space, which will see several brothers and sisters became friends.They fought on the road of life I gave the letter and had positive suggestions, I cherish such a friend.Although I touched this meet by chance, very warm, as if close friendship.Mutual understanding, with the support of the front row, on the road no longer alone Wenhai.Sincerely touched, touched understanding.Even stealth, for such a friend, never neglect.Is the guiding beacon of good friend, is strength of character can seek comfort, they can help their progress commander.  ”People in groups, feather flock together,” a very open person self-repair will be a lot of good fortune, on the contrary, small-minded people only their own interests at heart, so it is hard amplifier has become, there will be no more confidant.Frog leaving behind only a laughing stock, so I attach great importance to their own learning, always feel that knowledge is not enough.Since entering the ink dance End of the World Literature Network, here where people make more outstanding writers.Enjoy watching their elegant style, with its own deficiencies to correct.Rich literary atmosphere let me indulge, the more carefully portray the mood.  Thank the friends of the trust, I am proud of the ink into the dance End of the World Literature Network comments section worked as a commentator, and then because I like playing and singing entertainment into the art department, and finally into the editorial department worked as a poetry editor.When coupled with the spatial friendship visit, work, study and daily life care, I am more busy, and will become invisible on the line will follow this program, find friends sometimes discuss issues that have forgotten to cancel stealth.The good news is that a true friend is not going to care about the little things in the face of such a.  Stealth is a helpless and wise choice.

Gossip reading

An old saying: After three days without reading, speech tasteless, terrifying.  For this reason, I often have a reading of the amount of plan as to what to read, it is to look at the interest of the.  Read the way the times are no longer single.  This is the first, listening to books.How to Listen?I will use the time to take a walk or a business trip, the relevant books downloaded to your phone or MP4, put on headphones to listen to books.This method is also our home brother introduced.A trip to the difference between listening to a book, and it is important journey of irritability and fatigue did not, and in an instant real time.  This Secondly, watch and listen.Sitting in front of the computer, there is no particular task, I would have to download e-books on the “Storm video”, watching storyteller enraptured, listening to books human cadence.  This Third, of course, is buried in a book, the benefits of this approach is that the place is not optional, bed, sofa, on the toilet, where can also be doodles, to express their feelings, wonderful.  I once described my reading Three Realms, is the book of Bohou and speak, and know what thickness, thin to thick, I do not know thickness Three Realms.  Knowing thickness, it refers to a book arrived in the hands, feeling the product is not one taste.One has not read the book, just to get the hands, wanted to enjoy as soon as possible, sometimes because of other business, not carefully read immediately, and my heart to tears, tight.After reading the part, I will always Yanjuan, and exclaimed: Oh, just read one-tenth of the remaining nine tenths.The thickness of the Book clear in purpose in mind, this is a territory it.  Thick to thin, and that is getting better, and wander the meantime, thick book that’s also too thin, especially when left to the thin pages, slow Tsui ponder, fearing glance.And my daughter on the contrary, she’s reading ability, the speed, so many people gasp in admiration.She is a very Ha (Harry Potter) fans, remember the last one available, she was in one night, it Kenwan.After much regret that my son should aftertaste again.Therefore, holding a book must first obtain its essence, obtaining refined, to vine pruning, simplify.Even if we have ten thousand of thick, thin recognize only a few pages, this is two border.  I do not know the thickness, I guess is the person in between books, books for people with, among book lovers, integration, life in the book, the book inside and outside the book, its capability, access to natural.Mr. Wang Menglao in order “help,” a book she wrote: “Reading is the most happy, that life which found, discovered the experience of life.”I understand, this should be the study of the highest level.  Such a person reaches this realm, you will experience the most of the music school.  At the same time, so many years I have developed a number of “addiction,” which “addiction” that is, I said, reading the “three noes”.One is unwilling to lend their own books, and the second is a new book let others see first, the third is usually reluctant to read someone else’s book over head notes.  The book does not borrow, I should summarize years of painful lessons of.I was brought up to polyethylene reading books for pleasure.Just to work from tens of dollars per month salary, in addition to food and clothing, that meager income is spent on the purchase of books, a few years ago I have bought some good books, but the book has a thousand dollars by the West in the East by perished in.So, now my book is generally “No Admittance” the.  They must first see their own book, as wage earners, not rich, not thin book price, buy this book really should cherish, reading books aimed at obtaining new information and new knowledge, let others to see if the heart is always there Lulu hungry feeling.  Others had not read the head notes of the book, I want to strive to accurately understand the thinking of the author, of course, out of my own head notes, reading just want to exchange ideas with people for the book.At the same time, I study is also intended to follow the trajectory of his thought, his idea of home study, walk back and forth if not very clever graffiti on the side of the head notes, there are speeding train, was a poor sense of pull Fork Road.  Of course, if the eyebrow is Suzi note I note, and the like, it is another matter.  In short, read my life to bring happiness is beyond words, the reading time I swallowed a lot of time, let me confidence up gradually.Some people say can often see the smile from the heart in a man’s face, his heart must be very calm and composed of.  I believe.    Sina User Reviews: People love reading, and my heart the most hidden, is the feeling of the book.  In general, this feeling is very rich, if put to it, is the dinner table about books, not only the color, flavor and taste, seasoning them reading people’s minds, so that the same scholar, appetizers to gluttonous.  So I said, good study notes, seductive, nourishing the heart, stomach, Nourishing, Liver, but also beauty of it.  Chuan Mei reading notes reading, my imagination, back to the ancient imagination.  At the time reading people, mostly in the landscape, mostly under the pine and cypress, according to a dirty floor, holding a roll of yellow book, the much sun and the moon, conservation in his heart.If you look up, there must be something vegetarian, what room, what Lu, what Square, with the wind, with the rain, with a reading voice, scenery to hit you.  Makes you suddenly feel, through the ages scholars who are on your side.  I think Chuan Mei reading, it must be another round of elegance.  If one day, to get into obtaining the room, we will see, a roll of half-open book, meditating on the desk.  We will certainly see, there are several books burr, Xiecha on the shelf, waiting for the owner, like a bird.  If you can sit down, I have to ask Chuan Mei: books are read curling, and can play a good name den?

Gossip man

I am familiar with in a famous valley, it is some of the landscape to attract tourists: there are caves, there are bridges, there are thrilling, “Tiger Mouth”, a flat of “lovers rock”, pink Begonia flowers, the sting scorpion grass, there are people with photo of a dog.  Dogs are very handsome, born not necessarily expensive, but photogenic, yellow curls are most welcome.Dog neck tied silk, bell or something, there is another sound color, were trained quite understanding and conservation, visitors can follow the desire to make some gesture.Such as requiring dog when taking pictures of tourists with some affectionate dog paw hanging visitors will lift arm and a head twisted to visitors; such as tourists want some submissive dog, the dog will be lying in front of the feet of tourists like to do Fushoutieer.Dogs are repeated day after day affectionate and obedient, deferential in the course of time they will take a little more skill because of slick born, their intimacy was to bring a little tired because of the callous born.When the lens is aligned it with its partners – when tourists, while shutter is pressed, it will open Gouzui Paul allowed the dog to make a big yawn and needy.Tourists pity and said: “Look at these dog tired.”Visitors will be another and said:” What a long stay together with people in the tired.”Having said that, the most tired than a man.Man tired, tired that even implicated personnel who do not understand dogs.Some people say that a man tired and more tired in a good tongue.There is no reason we can not say these words: Think of our small to large, who are not listening to us with all kinds of tongue in a wide variety of claims year after year to grow up?If you are a teenager often silent, given some people will say this child is afraid of some Daisha; if you lively, given some would say small child playing so crazy, have grown up yet?If you are sleeping, polite greeting, someone said you would come thing; if you go to see people dodging maybe it was asserted What a shameful thing you did.You grow up, grow up to the age of his own support, you get a job bent on trying to stay here, you rush to turn on the water for the office could someone say that you are in order to improve; your job is to make suggestions to the leadership, to Some people may say that you’ll be able to put yourself.Met two acquaintances odds dissuade you go, some people may say you are half-hearted, if you respect my colleagues who work in errors, some people say you have to understand that people posing as.You visibly pleased by the recognition of some people say you superficial, you praised by some people say you calm face Guzuoshenchen.When open sessions may be more keen to express themselves, did not speak during the meeting must be sent to lure the enemy deep Ayutthaya.Coincides with the exciting scene you tears may be posturing, coincides with the exciting scenes you do not have tears would certainly be cold heart.You praise others are born to flatter, you never praise someone is arrogant self-centered.You laugh more is thin, you do not laugh all day, like who the people say eighty percent of you two hundred Diaoqian.You tolerant as far as possible, be kind to everyone, does not mean not petty, not frivolous nor deep, not blind Shi Fengcheng not arrogant, does not show he is not too deep shrewdness, not half-hearted nor sensible posing.More than for the benefit of others in distress, a little aggrieved to let time dilute their own pocket wronged bring your displeasure the moment, you look forward to more understanding between people, healthy and civilized atmosphere should be filled in the era of civilization , open-minded, bright mind should belong to every advocate of modern civilization people.But you do not think so others will not fault you there will be no next attribute to the tongue, then there tongue will say that you “be a man”.  Literally, “be a man” in the name no praise and no derogatory meaning in life is that people use it more used to the province with a thing for the people of the slightly derogatory generalizations.It was especially afraid of people even said he would be a man, when they have been said to be “really not a man” down to give birth to a bit complacent.Seems to be not so decent man, not a man’s life had become a resounding grand criteria.Careful study of this argument has at least one side of it is less scientific: If we say “be a man” refers to the sleek and well-behaved everything not to offend, it would be “people” itself, there’s too much prejudice, people in the person’s eyes is so?So “not a man” to do then what is it?If the “sour grapes” mentality of the road say “we can not as good as people will behave” in order to publicize their integrity, but also a bit naive then the point of self-appreciation, not to mention with “not a man” to really praise moral character, itself contains an insult to human.[Editor: Tree man]

Gossip Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival people sleep, fragrant wormwood inserted soffit, bunched group rice wine, wine on the altar of a bubble.Before the cows Weaver sit around, they clink Finger Guessing Game, the old river extraordinary heat, drums and gongs dragon boat race.Honeysuckle is worth more, even when the drug fried to pull the vine.The garter snake shame to kill face, not hiding in the cave now face.- Inscription before and after every Dragon Boat Festival, a variety of crops first to mature, dry yellow rapeseed, ripe wheat, corn plant crops, planted seedlings rob, to dig potatoes, silkworms catch the leaves – almost too busy this time of rural people let go of the rest time, just rooster crowing, have up to feed silkworms feed the silkworms mulberry leaves sub-hit, hit mulberry leaf collection rapeseed, wheat cut.Plowing harrowing, sowing songs weeding.Say “hoe Wo day when afternoon, sweat Wo soil”, but this time not a single farmer does not look forward to every day, scorching sun, no moon who does not look forward to late fall, even if there is some kind of light, have a lot to do a little farm work.This is the time when the rural people’s eyes really become “time is money”, the use of drip, can not wait for our four-legged long.    But just so busy, so a Dragon Boat Festival holiday rural people do everything possible to make time for the Dragon Boat Festival.Listen grandparents say, the Dragon Boat Festival is a beautiful fairy Bai Xu Xian and great kindness Good Friday.Bai This is the millennium snake, but she was good-natured, startled to find ways to woo the people, loved the people won; while her husband is her husband, was originally an excellent doctor, but his doctor never received medication, but also cured many condensate difficult diseases.Bai is also past life of grace, and her husband turned into adult form a couple, married her husband homely.And never owned stunning natural beauty of the white girl a coveted recruit some of the bad guys, in particular, has long been the practice of the millennium monk Fa Hai.Fa Hai has repeatedly want to indecent assault White Snake, but have been refused White Snake.Fa Hai love to hate because of the decision to break up and sea Xu Xian and this marriage.So he will be arrested Bai alms bowl with gold, it turned into a big white snake.Deep pass medicine to her husband on the hsiunghuang with little white snake, White Snake resumed prototype.Xu Xian will pour wine on them to Haifa, crabs and sea had turned out to climb.Later, and sea training hard lip service, it just caught her husband go, forcibly tonsured, locked up in a tower Lei Feng.Bai exhausted everything possible to persuade her husband to go home, but unfortunately her husband said both Rufo Men, mood earth.Thus, in the Dragon Boat Festival this day, Bai drank all the family wine on them, poison death.And on the same day, her husband also swallowed their anger and eventually died.To commemorate this great kindness couple, rural people to drink realgar wine in the Dragon Boat Festival to pay homage to this kind of couple.Because heinous and sea finally had turned into a crab walk sideways over to apologize.Hurt people hate him, and turned him into a crab tied up with the leaves of iris rod inserted in mugwort and inserted in the door eaves as a punishment.Since then, the front of the insert mugwort, hanging calamus custom drink realgar is passed down from generation to generation.    As for the dumplings, is said to commemorate the late Warring States period a river to commit suicide Dr. Chu Qu Yuan, Chu because he led the good governance of the people to resist the brutal strong Qin, but was unsuccessful last but not framed Men Do not Cry a river.For fear the fish eat the bodies of Qu Yuan, it will be the people paddled dragon boat dumplings made of rice wine into Oe.Then do not vote dumplings, eating dumplings changed.So every Dragon Boat Festival this day, every household was busy picking Liao leaves, bamboo shell leaf rice dumplings.Dumplings stuffing varied, with the host family’s preferences may.Of course, this day, all major rivers are crowded places, all kinds of intricate dragon boat Ge actually sent one thousand, one bit Biaoxing and strong man, arms whirl round was over, waving giant paddle on the banks of the accompaniment of drums, dragon boat the crowd cheers in advance.    Dragon Boat Festival this day-in-law – in particular, the new law is necessary to lay down alive at hand, ready to pay a visit rich gifts wife’s mother, known as the Dragon Boat Festival speech here.Of course, the son will be the most enthusiastic and the most distinguished hospitality, the trend will get a heavy Favor wife’s mother – tips (pass).Who married the girl, her family will always be someone to meet one day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday back home, and meals with the best hospitality.    This day early in the morning, people put down the job at hand, see it cut mugwort, honeysuckle see on the withdrawal, and then pull a good iris tied into a ball in the shade to dry.It is said that the Dragon Boat Festival this day was cut wormwood, iris, honeysuckle has magical efficacy, better than any health products.So, every day, usually worthless mugwort has become a baby, some people dragging a cart full of mugwort to the market to sell high price.    Dragon Boat Festival is the highest nutritional value of black snake, it said to beauty care, but Liver eyesight rheumatism, so this day can seize a black snake bubble drink, so that you can have four seasons jade, sports and health body.However, this day black snake appears to be particularly aura, but not all hide shadow character, you simply grab vain.    Brothers and sisters in the family sitting at a table in binge drinking toast, Guessing Game guess so, enjoy a day of music.End luncheon in a way even more than dinner.

Gossip Double Ninth Festival

Alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival pro.  Afar brothers climb the mountain, wear cornel but one person.- (Tang) Wang Wei time flies, the day after tomorrow is the Chung Yeung Festival Double Ninth lunar month.After twenty-four solar terms cold dew soon, is the Double Ninth Festival Festival, Chung Yeung Festival will leave after a frost solar terms far, it should now be a late autumn.But this summer came very long, especially in a long time.High temperature, moisture, low pressure.Weather is hazy haze seem heavy in the sun, separated by a layer of yarn.Body sticky, stuffy and fell, touching on a little sweat easily, there is no refreshing autumn weather was clear.Just blooming osmanthus fragrance with a sweet smile, but also the temperature of the past two days 27 and 28 degrees scare.  According to meteorological observatory said that since the summer of this year continuous high temperature, the weather is more than 60 years history of the cattle a long summer, the number of days to 160 days of summer.After the cold air southward about 14 days, the fifteenth of the month to autumn.People look forward to the late autumn, autumn, Tan Kwai fragrance, holding crayfish drink chrysanthemum wine, The red chrysanthemum yellow, fragrant yellow blooms field of view was missing.The park’s lake is heavy rain in the days before the typhoon strong, rising as if the mother’s breast, whole lake full of watery juice.Hudi on the lake is full, the lake iris reed grass almost drowned, and lakeside willow willow waistline, as if by a slim slim graceful Miao girl immersed in the lake, bathed in braids grooming it.  Ninth Chung Yeung Festival in September, the ancients believed: Nine is the number of single positive (double negative number), Nine and for the most number of positive numbers.For example nine days the winds, is the highest-day meaning.Nine hundred ninety-two positive numbers overlap, so as Chong.Chung Yeung Festival in ancient climb, drink chrysanthemum wine, smell the fragrance, holding chelation Shangju, wearing dogwood evil spirits.As for the argument can eat Gaotuan see above Wang Wei, “September 9 Shandong brothers” This poem, cakes pitch, shot high this word.Ranging from climbing to people who eat cake instead of climbing the meaning of.In the past we had a child Chung Yeung Festival, early in the morning before Gaotuan point there are many people queuing up to buy the Double Ninth cake, families young and old will eat a Double Ninth cake.This Double Ninth cake is also very popular with the children’s favorite, because each eat up the Double Ninth cake rustle of coarse particles will be in stores on one side plug cake flower of red or green small flags.Pink trumpet-shaped cone smell of Double Ninth cake, both to let children eat, there are small flags playable, then why not.Chung Yeung Festival day we look forward to eating Double Ninth cakes, and other children than the students in the alley merrily ran a small flag do play the game, alleys filled with the laughter of children.As for what to eat dumplings?Perhaps missing loved ones reunion mean!  You see: “living in a foreign land as a stranger,” “Autumn has always been more than solitude,” Wang Wei, the face of fame and fortune, alone came to Changan prosperous empire, young, he faced the Kyoto bustling markets, packed crowd, the vast crowds in, what the future?Concerned memorable.Lonely wandering in the festival, lonely arises spontaneously.Chung Yeung Looking homeland, foreign land customs, the future of the vast, remote strangeness, and are not used to experiencing how the festival does not give people a feeling of homesickness their loved it?As if his own small boat, he was wandering in the remote village.Others see the front of Royal Park and climb to family and friends laughing and joking, cornel, holding chelating Shangju smell cinnamon, himself alone, how can we not issue “alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival, loved ones, Afar brothers climb the mountain, wear cornel but one person.”Sigh to do!Poet rustic poem about his true feelings in the Chung Yeung Festival, also hard to come by, so it aroused sympathy, no wonder verses become immortal line was blessed person.  Festival assume, wearing dogwood bag, it is said to be Escaping dogwood.Dogwood, also known as the pepper, is a plant with aroma.Chinese medicine has Evodia (Rutaceae: slightly toxic, warm in pain, vomiting Jiangni.) And dogwood (Cornus plants: replenishing liver and kidney, convergence Guse.) Of two different kinds of medicinal materials.  It is said that “Hong Chung Yeung Festival” argument, first seen in “Book of Changes,” a book.”Book of Changes” to Yang Yao nine, the nine listed as positive numbers, September 9 stacked two positive numbers, named for the Chung Yeung Festival.According to research Qu Yuan has “set into the Imperial Palace Chongyang Xi,” the poem, explain the formation of this practice in the Warring States era of two thousand years ago.Chung Yeung Festival customs a lot such as: climbing, cornel, drink chrysanthemum wine, etc. As for the customs Festival assume, first seen in the Liang Wu Jun “Qi added harmonic mind,” a book.Said that there was a fortune teller to the Han Dynasty Runan (Henan Shangcai Southwest) people Huan Jing said ninth day in September there is a disaster, to this day he must bring his family to the highest place in the rural temporary shelter disaster.September – to the lunar calendar this day, Huan Jing quickly took the whole family mountaineering refuge, home after the discovery of the heritage of the Holocaust was really home, and the poultry and livestock are all spared.When Ruhe raging flood and plague comes, chrysanthemum wine aroma pungent, fragrant dogwood stab the heart, Wen Shui magic magic can not close, survived.So that later people have to follow Huan Jing in September – the day, climbing and cornel and drink chrysanthemum wine on the formation of the customs.In fact, the great poet Wang Wei Chung Yeung Festival in the “September – Brothers in Shandong,” a poem, “every festival pro” but also has the connotation of homesickness loved ones, and asked me to look at some classical write Chung Yeung Festival poetry, actually a lot of Autumn lonely state of mind, the modern old man afraid of loneliness is not it?!Hope the festival to visit their children more than they and they not only bring food to the elderly and to send money to wear, and more parents are elderly elders talk about gossip homely words in a short, emotional communication.Mo make the elderly feel lonely “Autumn” Oh!Alas hee, emotion emotions since ancient times are the same ah.  Oh, today’s long summer and Chung Yeung Festival actually superimposed, it is difficult to see things.Now the weather, such as popularity, too anxious uneasy vanity changing ah!”Autumn has always been more than solitude” This year the Double Ninth Festival, Autumn seems sad not become, no autumn can Chongyang scene of the tragedy ah!Ha ha!  Now the ninth day of the lunar month in 1989 targeting the national festival for the elderly, promote the whole society to pay attention to aging, and establish respect for elders, care for the elderly, HelpAge new style, from the Double Ninth Festival has a new meaning of.  Li Bai of the end of the land, Ma’anshan City, Anhui September – the Double Ninth Festival, but also as “an international poetry festival”.Held every year grand poetry festival and cultural activities to promote economic development and cultural prosperity.This not only makes the Chung Yeung Festival has been handed down from ancient customs, but also respect and care for old and new to help the old fashion, but also given the cultural connotation of the new economy.  The Hongqiao Town, we belong to each community more than 60 years old, 2 packs of noodles per person paid to elderly people wish to celebrate the coming festival.  At press time at 12:30 on October 11, 2013, west of Shanghai Cypress home.

Gossip cell “convenience store”

Our family was in 2090 moved to the old town, our old apartment to live in the city center, the house has two decades Building age, the original white-washed walls have been years of desultory wind erosion, wire water also call on the name of the pipe is towed messy bear.    Each cell will have a natural “activity center”, it is not deliberately constructed, but because many people coming and going complex formation.We also have two or three district.They had only convenience stores, liquor sell cigarettes sold Guotie.Some days after opening the boss easy to nearby residents cooked before tea after a meal, there is a group of people there complain homely chatter wife deduction allowance, or whine about inflation wages are not rising, as well as on recent international event to express their views on self-righteous vulgar.Later, there developed into playing poker.With the devaluation of the yuan, the more pressure the greater the chips.A year ago, the boss added a two mahjong, this business is under more fire.Every day, morning and evening two mahjong tables, two poker tables, table bullfighting, playing table upstream.Mahjong table $ 20 a bullfight beef, making the boss ten dollars to five yuan Player.    To the present, the district where the “convenience store” has six, and more than half of men ate lunch dinner, we went over there watching, watching other people play cards and gesticulating as if more than peace of mind of people playing cards.In the evening finish, winning, please late night, losing money, people eat your supper.Not lose not win the spectators who have been discussing the end of the Board, and to lose a lot of money that person as a joke, and expressed admiration for people who win the most money.    These stores became the men’s cheap entertainment, but it is the wife and children of my heart to hate.For children, from those places near the residence, early in the morning, the crackling sound of mahjong is also useful than the alarm clock, the big night, laughing and joking outside rough dreams could hear laughter.    Wives are even more sick of those “convenience store”, just after her husband not to drive home, but to join in the store, just a half-eaten meal, the phone kept ringing telephone, linen urge the faithful need a fourth non-stop the.So, her husband take their food of the time saved to swallow food, chewing out the door.For spectators husband, though not so active, but rarely stayed at home.My father is one of a spectators.    Last month, one of the store, including the boss, Mayu, poker buddies, have been brought to the police station.It’s really strange that our community has always been good law and order, the police come here to find how.It was learned later, is the district where there is a buddy of his wife reported.At this point, we do not know how to spread, but do not know how many people hear laughter Zhibuqiyao.    Meanwhile, those “convenience store” is also a variety of news aggregation sites, the East West family short parents and ultimately, natural.However, what things can go there to inquire into the military, the boss is naturally nosy cell.Once, the mother surgery to surgery, but do not want to do in the county hospital, want to go to the big city hospital good points, however, to the field hospital needs to open a local hospital referral permit to reimbursement of medical expenses, our family and no one to work in the hospital.For a time, really bad Trustee Latin America.    It was quite a coincidence, his father said casually in the store, someone told him, sitting inside that table every night playing mahjong, there is a certain hospital vice president.Ends of the earth, the original close.Meet every day, but sometimes do not know each other is doing.Oh, be easier to find people to say, the things on the run.    We are in this district is a live twenty years, and now New build residential buildings where a large area, there are a lot of people bought a house move there later.Mother also have the intention, but has not agreed to the father, he said to be reluctant to sell this old house.Do not sell the old house, it is to raise money to buy a new house brought great difficulty, because of his father’s insistence, the matter dropped.    My mother and I naturally clear mind, he is no less than give those “convenience store”, twenty years, and their feelings about the same as for mine.Honest part of his father’s life, “convenience store” is his only entertainment, it is also a place full of memories his.I, as a woman, but also the understanding long live the.

Gossip bonsai Title

Chinese painting discourse: “Poetry is invisible painting, painting is tangible poetry.”Thus, in the Ode painting it is very important.Bonsai is the case, an apt and vivid title, is expanding and extending the realm of bonsai can often deepen the theme, play a finishing touch.A pat, personalized titles, Bonsai can make more artistic charm, it is infinite taste.    Bonsai hailed by some three-dimensional painting, a silent poem.The level of bonsai pot, should be able to make the viewer eyebrows, and Title bonsai, bonsai is a bridge between the breeders and the viewer, it can extend the performance of the realm of bonsai, bonsai and improve ideological artistic, Lenovo will help trigger the viewer, the viewer is guided by the thinking went into the exterior connotation bonsai, bonsai grower creative ideas to convey to the viewer, and then communicate with the creation of emotion bonsai breeders and resonate, it deeper into the mood, a better understanding and appreciation of artistic beauty of bonsai, get a deeper level of aesthetic pleasure.    Chinese bonsai has always been the pursuit of create a mood, a stone water, a tree one under the ingenious idea of pruning bonsai arrangements breeders, all showing a site full of rustic charm of the landscape environment.Bonsai is a pot of good artistic representation of the natural world, and watch the bonsai people, under normal circumstances, most eager to enjoy the beauty get is a return to nature.    Environment from the heart, vary.Due to differences in various aspects of ornamental bonsai people, culture, personality, aesthetics and so on, while watching the art of bonsai may not be able to read emotions and to express the bonsai information accurately, so, bonsai breeders to be expressed by Title and guidance, you can let people watch the bonsai better to appreciate and enjoy the wonderful bonsai mood.    Throughout the bonsai of a title can be described as numerous, posture million.If the bonsai is a poem, it is the theme of the poem Title.If the bonsai is a painting, then it should be a title of the painting visual focus.Therefore, it is necessary to accurately Title express the connotation of bonsai.    We savor the famous masterpieces of contemporary Chinese bonsai is not difficult to find, bonsai grower, almost no one is not master of the rules and layout, the use of titles, most of them are appropriate and accurate and refined.    There are many types of bonsai title, not classified secret agents, but whether it is what kind of title, must do the words refined, accurate and appropriate, should not overwhelming, obscure, esoteric pretending.    Bonsai, a title, for bonsai grower personally, as long as the satisfaction, you can call it as a success.However, bonsai must face the viewer, the viewer must withstand the test of aesthetic, only recognized by the viewer and resonate party may become a real success for.    Bonsai better than painting or writing has a wide space can ride let the author’s thoughts, bonsai confined to a limited pot thing, something to reflect the wider world, especially those with themes in the modern sense has some difficulties, but this does not mean is it possible, mood and just plain have expressed nothing profound difference.    Now some people think of a title even more difficult than to bonsai bonsai cultivation, which is a grain of truth to say, since bonsai Title to depend on deep accumulation of knowledge bonsai breeders, experience, training, etc., of literature, deeply rooted will there are a wealth of imagination and creativity, resulting in creative inspiration, will go beyond the general thinking, to find spiritual meaning to ordinary people is not easy to find.Different times, the difference in the world of personal feelings, of understanding will be different bonsai.Therefore, the same scene, due to different people and make a completely different reaction and judgment.    For example, a pot-type bonsai cliff, leisurely people, it is named: Qushui clouds; bold person, it is named: hanging curtain; people have curiosity, which is named: search; tenacious people named him: adversity romantic; handsome man, named for it: as shoe Hirakawa; kind of people, it is named: lonely at the top.And so on, and so forth.    In the treasure house of Chinese ancient literature, poetry occupies a very important position, as if a string of dazzling pearl, Canruo Galaxy.Some spread so far famous masterpiece, its authors are all lyric by King master, one of the famous names segment, but is witty, fantastic.Bonsai bonsai breeders in time for the title, picked easily, is one idyllic bonsai Title.    Bonsai title, is based on the subject and the mood created out of bonsai and only for the bonsai-shaped and service of God, it is also necessary to accurately express the shape and content of bonsai.So, for bonsai cultivation are concerned, we must work hard to continuously improve cultural awareness, continue to observe nature in life, analyze natural, rich experience accumulated and lessons learned, widely read and study the excellent bonsai and Title, improve the aesthetic ability , so that when a bonsai Title thoughtful, carefully, so that a title can be accurately and shaped bonsai coincide with God, highlighting the theme, a point on the eye of the dragon that heavy pen.    Title bonsai, and our poetry and painting, garden spots, like a title, all with a very strong cultural flavor of the local area, this is our unique traditions and customs.It should be said, bonsai Title embodies the characteristics of the part of the Chinese nation.    Bonsai title, not a label, a pot of bonsai should be a combination of organic scene, pots, racks, name.Scenery for the basin as a carrier, separated by a space frame, adjust the height direction.Pots, racks, because King has life become active again.King because proper ornaments decorated and full of life seem more interesting, because apt subtle titles and more exciting and moving, Title point out the mood of bonsai, the bonsai is more ideological and artistic.    Bonsai title, features that summarize the mood, the theme of contrast, play a finishing touch, the viewer by virtue of Title imagination to expand and extend the mood, inspired a series of Lenovo, a taste of the scenario outside the scene as soon as possible.    Bonsai title, is thought to reflect a bonsai breeders, not a title, it is impossible for the viewer to appreciate the feelings of the world as soon as possible and ideological content bonsai breeders, only with their ability to understand the viewer to guessing, pondering, will some people after the concept will be to no avail.To understand the meaning of the scene to guide the Title is one of its methods, which articles need to have the same Title Moreover, because bonsai is not a title, it also brings a lot of inconvenience on title.    Bonsai title, roughly summed up by the image of Title bonsai, bonsai conception by Title, Title allusions to literature and history to scenic Title to Title poems, paintings with a title, a title with trees and flowers to set the modern spirit of the times Chinese Title etc. etc..    Title bonsai, bonsai should be consistent with the content and requirements, it can reflect the characteristics and features of bonsai, to refine the language, personality, beauty, and had to go to some of the subtle.    Bonsai title, we must have real, but also there is virtual; both fresh and natural, but also euphemistic.Void no territory, but in reality too tasteless.Subtle aesthetic one to fulfill the East, Chinese people, especially intellectuals, most attention is the graceful and subtle.For years, there are bonsai Title too straight, too exposed, no recollection of room for a common problem, which is a manifestation of the level is still low, the majority of modern bonsai is urgent efforts to improve breeders’ big problem.    Bonsai title, both with a traditional flavor, but also contains the feelings of the times, so the question is intended to express the mood of the greater, embracing the modern concept of tension.Aesthetic sense bonsai breeders use modern, value orientation to give yourself a title bonsai, it is best to reflect the style of the era and inspire people positive spirit.

Gossip Beijing noodles

Dear readers, young and old travel to Beijing man child, man child sister were children, knows a slogan: “the Great Wall is not a true man, do not eat duck pity.”However, you can also drop (sound spicy) a Pekingese most proud of pride, and that is Beijing noodles.   Speaking of Beijing noodles, or really said head, not like some people say: “Is not the point to put a bowl of noodles fried bean sauce, then mix with a la carte yards to live together!”You what, children made a big mistake – Improper village cadres to take the!You think, if so simple, that on March 22 this year, US President Barack Obama’s young married woman Michelle Obama Why specifically went to Da Dong Roast Duck Tuanjiehu shop to satisfy their craving, one of the staple food is Beijing noodles ah!   Beijing noodles made very easy listening, but do make myself authentic myself, people have to eat a hundred tire, every thirty-five days do not eat one hundred Zhaoer flex heart, it is not an ordinary effort, and at least have two the ability of the above classes.   Beijing noodles have three keys, which are rolling surface, fried bean sauce, garnish code, if you craft a little tide, which rusty keys, making authentic Beijing noodles are not open lock.   Before rolling pin and that you have to face it, and face, you have to face and to moderate hardness, both chewy and not left the Guangliu children, and then woke up about half an hour on.Ganmian You have to roll yourself personally, have a uniform thickness, not one side is hilly, while the trench.When cut with a knife after a good roll, cut out the noodles have the same width.Have to use chopsticks to pick when lo mein noodles, commonly known as Peking Man “pan pick children”.Grilled summer and more people do not bother, old Ah overhead (Beijing dialect, Sun) more than enough, you also have to pick the children pot noodles, that is the Beijing uncle range of children.You say, this is more than some difficulty, buy some cut a cook not to live together yet?If only it were not products, you really do not understand the Beijing noodles.This is what Beijing noodles, revealing the delicate simplicity, accompanied by loud in quiet, not luxurious but do talk about the pomp.A bowl of noodles implies that Beijingers full vigor and enthusiasm peculiar confidence, not in a day moment of power, Bel, “Van child”.   Beijing noodles fried bean sauce is the key to making the.With fried bean sauce, stress, starting Liubiju miso, sauce days source of sweet sauce, sauce ratio of these two is 2: 1.If you are using dry miso, another way is best recommended that in accordance with Guo Degang, with water to soak the mushrooms dry creek miso.Zhajiang starting a fat and lean pork.Pork cut 0.5 cm square Ding, pickled with wine while grasping little dry starch, with the clutch uniform.Green onions, ginger mince children aside children; pan head down oil, anise oil temperature lining up to put seven or eight into a hot, a little cinnamon, ginger, saute diced into stir-fried meat color after release into the green onion, then put a good tune miso and sweet sauce, stir fry a small fire, let the meat sauce and mix well, you do not have to know the children busy stirring constantly, save our paste pot; almost coming to a sticky sauce, on the butter into pieces “dry cantaloupe – another a taste” of the.According to the old Beijing man child to say the least stir fry at 300, the clock a little less than 20 minutes, the gradual evaporation of water, the bubbles become less oil and sauce obvious stratification, oil color clear, rich caramel, pleasant aroma.By this time you are once again thrown into the diced green onion and mix well, you can pan fried bean sauce.   Food code of your children enough to worry about with the.Beijing noodles children’s food code, as should be the outlaw 18 species or which master Lao She is ever mentioned, it is not so particular about, called the most authentic old Beijing noodles noodle shop where children will prepare for you cucumber Sier, comfortable in my radish, bean sprouts children, soybeans mouth to sing, cabbage heart children, green beans mouth to sing, Dougan children, Sier beans, celery, cedar, garlic and other children, what mustard plot has something like, seldom heard.So much food code children put together, blending into red yellow and green together, you are looking at eating it so appetite.Said Beijingers eat noodles with eating Feast like, probably referring to these dishes codes.   Speaking of “old Beijing noodles” always “old Peking” linked “Imperial root”.On the one hand, it “alley”, “courtyard” together, has become Beijing’s iconic cultural symbols, like “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”, came to Beijing is not a bowl of noodles, you have to think What’s missing.On the other hand, eating noodles from Beijing home of the most common form of eating, it is not a surprising thing.Old Beijing noodles Barbara is a very significant and very ordinary.It is simple, but when to do it yourself, but often can not find the essence of its taste, often went to pieces, scratching your head; it complicated, it ‘s really scattered in every household of the capital, a small crack with each.”Noodles” characteristics of this “polarization”, and makes it difficult to accurately capture its qualities in a short time, but can suddenly be attracted.For this reason, not only Beijingers love with noodles, Chinese noodles fell in love with people, many foreigners also fell in love with noodles, in a number of overseas Chinese restaurant, noodles become the representative of China’s food show the infinite charm of noodles.   Barbara told you a few right thing, you know how much power the noodles.   In Incheon, South Korea, where Korean noodles but the birthplace of Korean noodles one day how many bowls you eat?You can say it scared the daylights, seven million children bowl!I am here not flicker, you look at the “2014 Xinhua.9.17, “the report will know; there is an Italian man child due to fall in love with Chinese food noodles, determined to start to open the restaurant – which is December 15, 2014” Tonight net “reported.   As for anecdotes noodles in China, and then more to go.   Guangzhou “Golden Goat” September 2014 No. 20 reported a old man doing business lose this child, owe a bunch of debt, do not have any left several sub-children, the thought of a noodle shop to spend 10 dollars to buy a bowl of noodles.Passing noodle shop, saw a lottery betting, His Holiness took the 10 dollars to buy a lottery ticket, hey, God hungry blind sparrow (sound clever) child, he was shocked in 500 million!The old man not only pay off the debt, but also ready to open a lottery betting; you heard and former Olympic gymnastics champion Teng Haibin Chinese women’s gymnastics team captain Zhang Nan wedding banquet, first course turned out to be a bowl of old Beijing fried bean sauce side story.Wedding first course dishes not on anything, but my mother gave a red envelope son Zhang Nan Teng Haibin.When you guess what the situation, Teng Haibin carefully opened the red envelope, it turned out to be Zhang Nan childhood favorite “mom food” – old Beijing noodles recipes; this seemingly simple but in reality the significance of links, moved All site visitors.”Mom food” is not just a simple recipe, but the mother of the children love sustenance blessing and sustenance, carrying the love, the commitment of marriage.Each session will be “mom food” into the wedding, so the wedding has become full of human touch, let love and commitment to infiltrate the wedding.   If I say that the five major nutritional advantages of old Beijing noodles when you have not saliva flow into the river myself.People concluded that the noodles nutritious, balanced, is every inch a health food.Its health is mainly reflected in the following five characteristics: a low glycemic index.Second, it must complete amino acid.Third, fried bean is rich in enzymes.Fourth, the proportion of animal protein appropriate.Fifth, vitamin-rich.   Old Beijing noodles now envy big, South Korean media proposition will carry out “noodles diplomacy” President Park Geun-hye’s visit to China, to build mutual trust, this is not like a ping-pong diplomacy carried out by Mao Zedong was alive when he was old, like, let Zhajiang plane out of the country, to the world.   Oh, yes, you asked me for the thing greedily advocate of the old Beijing noodles, I forgot to announce you, I am from Beijing!