Your lover, for which age?

Everyone imagined the other half look like their future, or will be the age at which.Understand and love this kind of thing at the beginning of time, people will always feel a difference of two 2-year-old is the most normal, everyone knows, after the emotional, two people age difference is not how much distance.Your lover, what age would suit?Road test to do with love.If you can only choose to eat afternoon tea dessert, you can choose what flavor of cake?Taro cake blue-violet purple yellow mango cake blueberry cake white vanilla cake dark chocolate cake A, fell in love with the uncle who cooked in Cardiff you for looking older you love object 5 yrs old and 7 yrs old of.Because you like by uncle.You fit the constellation Virgo, Taurus and Cancer.I am sure you have thought about marrying a cooked-year uncle, or with a husband who vigorously affair, because you just can not refuse mature man in his pursuit of a good show.You also believe that they can in the pursuit and care mature man, to find their own true love.B, like the older objects, including divorce you looking for more than 8 yrs old love object, because you feel there is a mature man is unspeakable charm and sense of security.You can even accept the second marriage of the object, as long as they really love you.You fit the constellation Libra, Aries, Pisces.Because Uncle these constellations, even has entered a mature, he is still very concerned about their appearance and body, so you will be fascinated by this.If the person has been divorced, but now you really pursue, you will still deeply moved, accept each other.C, like an object of similar age appropriate for your age and you like the people close to you do not like large age difference of objects, because you think there will be a generation gap along.It may be acceptable at most a year old freshman yrs old or small objects.You just love the feeling of Liangxiaowucai.Suitable constellation Gemini, Leo, Aquarius.Because you feel your heart is also very immature, sometimes disgruntled, love like a baby, love fashion and trendy things is your nature.d, little brother can accept the pursuit of love to you whether you like young people, but they often provoke them to express their love and the pursuit of boys and young children.If you are willing to lay down their positions, along with age, perhaps smaller than their lover, but also can be sparks of love.Small objects you three years to five years old, you may consider.Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius for you.Because you came to feel that they are more suitable to take care of others, and younger brother live the kind of feeling it is not very pleasant pressure.E, like the rich old man the face of feelings, do you think a real man should have a certain economic capacity, stable and confident personality Dian have to play, you prefer some older ones than you boys, you have a fatal charm.In the subconscious of your eyes are always inseparable from those middle-aged or approaching middle age boys, do you think they have a show of hands every move she makes exudes a mature man’s appeal.As for those younger than your “brother”, the most they can when a friend of the opposite sex.You might also like: Love Test: Why do not you have him take you home to marry what you have the potential ability to make their love Cece longer see God’s love never favored why you how many people crush Cece you, too accurate, right!

Your lover you can tolerate yelling for TA it

Sometimes love is very fragile, especially those in the sweet love, a little quarrel or will change in attitudes to themselves and each other a great deal of impact.Then you can put up with your lover you yelling for TA?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it.  1, in life, you are not a man yelling like it?  Yes → 2 → 4 not look at the situation → 3 2, you are not very demanding of their partner it?  Yes → 3 → 4 not look at the situation → 6 3, if you like singing a different tune it and partner?  Yes No → 4 → 7 look at the situation → 5 4, you are not do not like your partner does not listen to it?  Yes No → 6 → 7 look at the situation → 8 5, you often give their partners make unreasonable demands it?  Yes → 7 No → 8 see mood → 6 6, you can tolerate temper is not it mate?  Yes → 9 No → 7 see mood → 10 7, you are not so important what the partner?  Yes No → 10 → 8 look at the situation → 9 8, Do not you think love does not need to endure it?  Yes → 9 No →?Look at the situation → 10 9, you are not a generous feeling of people treat it?  Yes No → B →?See mood → 10 10, you are not able to objectively look at the feelings of the people do?  Yes No → d → A → B test case to see the answer: A, your lover you can tolerate yelling for TA your lover is a man of great degree, TA have enough patience for you, whether you TA will first consider what your feelings, your love, your TA will often be a devotee.Your temper in the eyes is a kind of cute TA, TA is more important to you than our own, TA would like for you to endure, so you can put up with your lover yelling for TA.  B, you may be able to tolerate a great lover of the TA you afraid you yelling your lover, on the one hand, you have a TA sense of awe, fear of losing your hand, TA, TA is a lack of confidence on their own people, TA always feel good enough for you.TA and TA together when you can be who you always compromise and concession, TA will be happy as long as you feel happy.So your lover is very likely you can tolerate yelling for TA.  C, you may be able to tolerate small lover you yelling for TA your lover is a strong self-esteem and too proud, if you yelling for TA TA will immediately fight back, and you love it it seems to be a protracted war, from time to time we should go to war once.TA feel your love is to care and love, rather than to do your punching bag.So you may be able to tolerate small lover you yelling for TA.  d, your lover you can not tolerate yelling your TA is a very fragile person to TA, TA have become accustomed to TA’s good for you, and your feelings a little bit of change will make TA inner tension.You and your lover feel TA quarrel because of feelings fades, you’re yelling because you do not care about TA TA, TA is a condemnation of people like.So your lover you can not tolerate yelling for TA.The first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Your lover how to treat you do

Really treat people who are worthy of being really rather be, but this is only an idealized state Bale.In love, your tender to be the other half after receipt would be gentle romantic silent or indifferent it?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it!1, do you think you are now a lot of convergence temperaments?Is not always convergent 2, eat tofu, you are put sugar or salt?Sugar salt are shown in Figure 3, you can also do hands-on ability?Is not the usual 4, went to school, you do handwritten love letters?Written not forget the 5, you have to travel with my family over it?Yes No Do not know 6, under normal circumstances you, it is makeup to go out?Full makeup makeup basic care to 7, in love, you tend to be the man you compromise?Is not look at the situation shown in Figure 8, if you have a single person Three years later, hard to find an object, you will?9 more calm Xinrusihui quite crazy, basically what kind of novels do you like following of female role?Gentle and beautiful snow smart independent competent 10, Valentine’s Day, her boyfriend sent jewelry to you, you think this is where the wearing of jewelry?Wrist neck ear A, our reason to be calm, rational you are an intelligent person, you can insight into the people, do not wait for someone else open, you can understand the thoughts and hearts of others.However, such a you, really too sensible, others do not like the way hair hair a little temper, wayward one back, so lovers of you, always reason to be, because you are sensible enough not Caesar Johnson, even if he wanted to lovers your tender loving care, seems to have no use.B, you will be irritable pending treat each other irritably, is not a strange thing.After all, you are a heart sensitive, affectionate people, ah, so you are bound to a very serious emotional.While lovers should also be gentle on you, you always look forward to accommodate you find care for your lover.But fortunately always falls on other people, you find lovers, but always you very irritable, you need to coax type.C, to be gentle and you are a man of great sixth sense, intuition is very powerful, so you will certainly find a person’s Hello, your tender loving care, all sorts of love, the kind of temper, lack of insecure people, or too low emotional intelligence people, you intuitively it excludes, because you want to live too hard, because such a person, you need to care for each other ah.So we are still looking for a type of gentle own right.d, indifferent to be very strange, you obviously quite good ah, but also for lovers great care, concern and care, but also very sensible of you, will actively work hard, with very good ability, your own life a nice people very good.But why will you finally find the kind of very indifferent lover of How about you?What do you think about your own instinct to ignore their own favorite type of bar to satisfy your desire to conquer.You might also like to re-answer: breaking up is measured after you cross the line or make a clean break would be easily measured happen, no matter what your behavior which will make you decide to break up boyfriend?Stand up, you measure who would be derailed objects?

What is your reaction to the angry lover you

More or less there is a contradiction between the couple, but some people can be well resolved, and even make two people’s feelings even better than before.While others will be noisy because once or twice, and finally choose to break.So what does your lover reaction to angry you?Test to know the answer, let’s take a test to be a love it!  Weekdays you compare with the other half open joke too far right?  A, there will be some sense of proportion B, will occasionally silly C, feel nothing, often d, bad mood will test the answer: A, apologize or your other half will take the initiative to apologize, because that is who you get along mode who was wrong to apologize.Weekdays you make a mistake, then you never have any shirk.So if the other party also refused to recognize their mistakes, then you certainly will be particularly angry, even to break.So they are quite rational, they will take the initiative to apologize.  B, especially when you’re guilty angry, your lover will be particularly guilty.Because normally they are bullying you, I feel you stand down, so sometimes they will be more reckless.This time you know what suddenly broke out, make them a bit overwhelmed, would not dare to disturb you, fear you more angry.  C, stoked your lover and not afraid of you, on the contrary, they feel your courage even big, fierce dare them.They are usually fierce you, you honestly listen to training.Now, in turn, they will only inflame wanted to see to what extent you can toss.So the two of you fight, will only become more intense, do not let anyone who.  d, unmoved your lover to angry you simply do not care, because they know your anger comes and get faster.You’re not the kind of person to make aggressive behavior, no matter how angry you are, just hopping about it, there will be no further action.So they have been very used to it, will you let yourself get angry in there.

Your lover lust or not

Love Test: your lover lust or not a person’s daily life habits or petty, can often get a glimpse of this man’s character.Some people do gentle, but once encountered a few setbacks, immediately exposed to nature, to make the ugly.Weekdays are difficult to ascertain each other’s character is exposed, is very important issue of gender relations.Especially girls, boys are attracted when the boy known in advance built-in character and temperament, is a good way to guarantee themselves from harm.Think about his habits or little tricks on weekdays, answer the following questions: First, when he sat on a chair What habit?  ① feet sat side by side.  ② feet Zhang was sitting open open.  Other posture ③.Second, the action when he spoke of the hand is?  ① often put his hand to be seen.  ② let you see his palm talk.  ③ rarely used his hand.Third, when he paid out from where the money or purse?  ① pants pocket.  ② suit pocket.  ③ find everywhere change to pay the bill.Fourth, he likes what color shirt to wear?  ① white.  ② colorful.  ③ rarely wear shirts.Fifth, ride or appointments, he waited when it?  ① almost exactly to the agreed time.  ② early a lot more than the agreed time.  ③ about five minutes ago to.Sixth, in the park or take the elevator, if only two of you, he will suddenly you touch your lower body?  Sometimes ①.  ② often.  ③ never had.Seven, smoking, he quit the habit to spit there?  ① spit up.  ② spit down.  ③ facing you spit.Eight, he put out the cigarette when the action is?  ① directly thrown into the ashtray.  ② lightly touch the edge of the ashtray quenching.  ③ fold it into a V-shape to extinguish.Nine, a careful look at his ears and neck, whether there is a thick layer of dirt?  ① only where there is a.  ② ears and neck are.  ③ not.Ten, he’s a ring on that finger?  ① worn on the little finger or index finger.  ② worn on the ring finger or middle finger.  ③ not wear rings.XI, the top pocket of his suit and put something?  ① only a white towel.  ② pen or notebook.  ③ a suit and tie with a square.XII you to the restaurant, he spent a lot of time is not a la carte menu Aspect?  ① point and you the same thing.  ② taking a closer look hesitant.  ③ point of their favorite things.XIII, after the meal, how he had leftover situation?  ① eat a mess.  ② leaving only a little food.  ③ eat clean.

Your heart has lived a man it?

Love really is would be a wonderful thing, but to love one’s performance is how it?Love a person would feel that we care deeply about a person, think of eating TA, work thinking about TA, dreams are TA, feeling each other has become its own center of the universe.Although this is not good, but everyone loves the way is not the same, some people love is obvious, but some people love quite silent, even their own can not be seen.Let’s make a love test to see if your heart has lived a man it?As shown, a game, and the object, you choose?2 object games not chosen, do you like to watch American TV?Like it or not like a general 3, you are introverts do?Is sometimes not as shown, you will be very sensitive to external 4 it?It is not the occasional 5, meet a friend for a long time not coming to you, you will?And warmly greeted play phone, pretending not to see it adaptable 6, you can very focused to do things right?7 can not look at the situation, one thing wrong, you’ll have it at heart it?You will not see the extent of 8 to choose a calligraphy font, you will?Neat rules of regular script Cursive uninhibited strokes of the official script 9, you are a careless person you?Is more neutral than 10, you are required a lot of people do?Yes, as the case may be, there is no requirement A, no one is a very careless of you who do not mind, for everyone is innocent, cheerful, occasionally a little childish.Probably because your heart is large enough, so everything seems like a thing of the past, like, you bearish on everything, so you live a very carefree.The same is true reflected in your interpersonal relationships, so you do not have very good friends, nor very memorable love, but do not you feel lonely.B, people who have a relatively reluctant to talk options A, B option becomes more commonplace usual.In your life coming in, there is not a person gives you a lot of happiness, he laughed and cried with you.But now you have parted ways, each of whom lived two different lives, you may not last for very good relieved, but society forces you to move forward, so you can choose gradually forgotten, and a new love, but you It does not mention, after all, like happiness.C, home to everyone who came to your mind is a heavy person, your mind may amount of knowledge are far less than those little things you remember and people.You are a little weak and masochistic tendencies, whether it is the face of love or friendship, once the value each other, will become no bottom line and principles, very humble, and occasionally those trivial memories will come to watch it again, feel you live in the memories, so each passing around you parked you clearly remember.d, the common experience of many people you may very rules, or have their own set of principles and views.You believe that “time will tell” point of view, so you can compare and to be good people, to have at least one year is more than friendship.You are very fancy details, you will pass the details of interaction with others and get to know a person, of course, you are valued “common” word, the face of tough storm insurance together, laugh together cry together, this is able to live in your heart basic conditions.You might also like to re-answer: love your psychological preparedness, whether bad?How to measure your peach blossom in April?What’s boyfriend will make you move you measure how disgusted face control freak too lover first constellations original article, reproduced, please contact the site manager, otherwise regarded as infringement.

Your heart get married yet

Wedding night, when the bride and groom excitedly opened the hijab, shy bride looking down at the ground, suddenly Yankouerxiao room, and the finger: Look, look, look at the mouse to eat rice in your home.The next morning, the groom still sleeping, get up to see the bride in mice eat rice, soon thundered: damn mouse!I’m eating rice home!”Whoosh” shoe fly past, the groom woke up, could not help but smiled.This story no other meaning, just want to ask those new employees and even some did two years, three years older employees, why did you choose this job?Now that chose this job, why do not mind the body through the door get married?Often new people easily find the company’s problems, because the bystander.The problem is that you are using ridicule, complaints, angrily, accusing the way, or whether the owner mentality to understand and actively seek to correct these shortcomings and loopholes?Ask yourself, our hearts really get married yet?

Your heart will stay for whom location

Different people, in your heart will occupy different positions, accounting for some people’s previous position, accounting for some people’s position in the post, some people occupy a large space, small space occupied by some people.People space is limited, we can not leave the position in my heart for everyone.But there may be as a person, and you will at all times keep a valuable location in the heart of TA.Well, this man who would be?   1, colleagues and old classmates at the same time you borrow money, you would be more willing to agree to lend colleagues NO-3 YES-2 2, I received a parcel from a friend, you will be particularly happy to do NO-4 YES-5 3, do you like reading comics do NO-6 YES-4 4, you are not good at managing their money and plan to NO-7 YES-5 5, you do not like make-up woman NO-7 YES-6 6, you often regret their own always doing things halfway NO-8 YES-11 7, you had the idea that if he won the lottery how to spend it NO-8 YES-9 8, if going to travel, you will consider joining a tour group rather than do their own research programs NO -9 YES-10 9, your child often talk back to their parents rebellious NO-13 YES-12 10, you think you will not be deceived feelings NO-11 YES-13 11, you believe that “people are basically good” it NO- 14 YES-a 12, do you think a child is very troublesome, difficult to cope with the NO-13 YES-B 13, know someone lying to myself, you can not help but want to expose NO-14 YES-E 14, you think single life is fine NO-15 YES-d 15, for 09 years have some of their own expectations and intentions yet NO-C YES-a test result: a, in love with the person you think of a person Is the need for love, the best you can have a memorable love, this life will be complete.Like you, I love people who will occupy the most important position in the deepest of your heart.You are not considered a strong man, very much hope that someone will be able to accompany yourself vulnerable when you want someone as spiritual support.For such you, if you have a loved one in the heart, even if you are not together, even though they do not know what you love, this feeling will become one of your spiritual power, and you will change relatively strong, courage to face things.  B, not your heart Why do not people leave specific location.Do you think different times, have different importance for their own people there.You can not force someone to stay with their own life, the same will not always be thinking about someone in mind.You will not resist the crowd, but will not have anyone to put too much thought.Are you afraid of loneliness, not suitable alone, alone time tend to make you feel even more lonely and helpless.But you are not willing to stick too close to people, want to be able to retain a lot of personal space.Like you, my heart will always be a lot of empty position, to make preparations for the future people may encounter.However, you can walk into the heart of the people but not many, so sometimes you feel lonely hearts open.  C, true friends around you can have many friends, but these friends may not occupy a very deep place in your heart.Instead, there may not be a particularly close friend, but it will stay in your heart for a long time.Such a confidant, does not require a lot of silly talk with you, but will really understand your idea, can you give some advice and support you confused or vulnerable time.Your friends are not used to complain and show vulnerability, and if your heart know that you have such a close friend, and will make you calm down, make you sober and sensible, helps you strong and brave to face all.  d, families often have other people you have a kind of resist, can not really trust.Only he had to tie him down with his own blood family, will make you feel really hurt and will not betray their own people, is really let yourself be assured of people, most people who know and care about you.For such you, your heart will certainly leave a very important place for the family, like the patron saint of his heart, once thought of as well as family members, you will feel there is a safe haven.Stay around as long as the family, often can make you feel warm and feel at ease.  E, you actually own is a very realistic and sensible person, which makes you will not easily believe that people will not easily give love.Do you think the most important and worthy of belief has always been that only you, think once put too much emotion in others it is inevitable there will likely be hurt.You do not want to hurt your heart, so you will give heart to build rigid wall, would not easily let into the.You would rather let your heart empty, others do not want to let too much occupied position.When you are alone, you will relax.Do you think he is the only multi-considered the safest and most realistic.

Your desire to conquer love

If you have the opportunity to enter another person’s brain to go spy on his inner world, who you most want to get into the mind of it?  A, Movie Star B, politicians C, their favorite people d, they hate people who test result: A, you actually want to try to conquer the other, but always very difficult and soon white flag surrender, because you are by nature fond of freedom, but also afraid of being tied to others, so your desire to conquer is not high, it is only four.  B, you are good at reading people’s master, when you want to conquer a people, prey usually escape your palm Buddha, but if you are faced with an object when you are not interested, it will not go Note to interfere with each other, are persistent type of conqueror and conquered the desire to have seven very.  C, your conquest counted in the normal value for the favorite object of course there is thought to want to conquer, but the surface is still filled with quite low-key, but also know how to use natural techniques subtly let the other party to submit to you, so there is the desire to conquer fifty points.  d, your desire to conquer quite strong, especially in the more difficult to tame the more the object of interest, and sometimes on the other side is not interesting, but would like to take the feeling to conquer each other to increase their sense of superiority, so your desire to conquer eight very.

Where will your home?

It is often said “a flower and plugged into the cow dung,” but now the great wealth of this society fertilizer supplies, cow dung becomes extremely precious, is inserted into flowers on the cow dung, but also has a lottery as luck!Find nourishment adequate, but not rejection occurred cow dung, it is really hard and difficult.Then you belong to the flower of cow dung where it will appear?  Title: you go to a company already almost a year, but still have not seen the big boss, but I heard that tomorrow he will come to you all staff meeting.In the rumors he has a story, what do you think would it be?  A, the company he had only one opportunity to give new colleagues housing allocation.  B, when after graduation he had just work, meetings often Paizhuo the sky, flushed with his supervisor debate.  C, he is a standard “wife tube inflammation,” if his wife is the toe.  d, when he was young, was a cynical, often to get rid of negative phenomena in society, and launch a march to arouse government attention!Test results: A, the company he had only one opportunity to give new colleagues housing allocation.  Your MrRight should be a great sense of responsibility, and is gentle and thoughtful person.In the future you want in life, he can always for your sake, take care of you, spoil you!Everything to you as the center, if you do work and his conflict, he must give up his job to help you.  B, when after graduation he had just work, meetings often Paizhuo the sky, flushed with his supervisor debate.  Your MrRight should be a very hard work of people, commonly known as a workaholic, and a ruthless role!  C, he is a standard “wife tube inflammation,” if his wife is the toe.  You have quite maternal qualities, in your relationship, you want to play the role of caregiver, you want to rely on him, and he should be looked lovely, very lovable!  d, when he was young, was a cynical, often to get rid of negative phenomena in society, and launch a march to arouse government attention!  You’re a typical small woman, your MrRight kind, whether at work, in life, are completely dominate your people mentally and physically, a large image of a man.