Are you better than your rival

There is now a rival in front of you dangling it?To do about this test, we look at this in the end where rival than hello, you do not have those advantages.But also some tips, tips on how you make the correction in your heart that he will not be lured away by the woman.You have probably only in his mind, not whether someone is better than you, he will not leave you.Reveal the answer you want?That we go.  1, she is at first glance people think it is a beautiful person?  YES-3 NO-2 2, she always walked upright yet?  YES-6 NO-7 3, her hair quality is very okay?  YES-4 NO-5 4, you comb and her head is not the same as you type?  YES-12 NO-5 5, she likes to pet it?  YES-14 NO-8 6, you are a special person you like clean?  YES-11 NO-9 7, he often praise you to your advantage before others do?  YES-8 NO-10 8, he was often in front of your face you do praise?In case no one else.  YES-9 NO-10 9, you are a regular and he made a small temper it?  YES-11 NO-13 10, you always think he has a lot of things you hide it?  YES-12 NO-13 11, you often dream about him and you fight it?  YES-18 NO-12 12, you do have a drink of your lover?  YES-14 NO-16 13, do you think is your rival who often find him to help do things?  YES-17 NO-15 14, do you think she is a woman like you yu?  YES-15 NO-17 15, you do not like her feeling contrived?  YES-19 NO-20 16, you are very envious of that type legs MM do?  YES-20 NO-19 17, he was never angry with you right?  YES-21 NO-B 18, you believe in yourself you will not lose that woman?  YES-21 NO-22 19, you’re willing to care for the elderly and children do?  YES-22 NO-B 20, you believe in your own life is the control it?  YES-19 NO-A 21, you really listen to your lover, then you?  YES-d NO-B 22, you most often wear dress suits it works?  YES-d NO-C test results: A, she looks prettier than you.She is more beautiful than you look on a woman.Although not all the appearance of a woman, but the woman is the sole weapon to attract the opposite sex for the first time.And beautiful woman usually from internal or external proud, even though the man for the moment of vanity bowed in their good graces, as time goes by, they will be tired, will be found in the woman’s body, a lot of things better than appearance is more important.Do you want to defeat this rival for the first time way is to put your sweetheart before she let you go seduce him realize the advantages of your body, and her vulgar.You should try to show their attractive side, but remember not to be too exaggerated, otherwise it would have been his antipathy.  B, her heart than you kindness.She is a good heart than you woman.Good heart is a woman who’s a unique feeling, such a woman would be very easy to arouse the pity of the opposite sex, so he very consciously wanted to protect her and take care of her, even with her life impulse.Usually the woman once been a man, would let this man intoxicated, so he waited for her to rob you talk to her after the competition is hardly any chance of.You can beat her for the first time is to be more kind-hearted than her, more than her tenderness for you, he.But this feeling must not be fitted out, if from the heart, and is reflected out of the feeling from the heart.Otherwise it will give him something you feel very contrived.  C, her temperament than you outstanding.Her temperament makes him a woman the more dazzling people.Although she looks not beautiful, body there is no conspicuous place, but she somehow is like a lot of the opposite sex, love.That is because her temperament, she can give a talented and very refined feeling.So that people feel rotten and bustling place, at least someone can have a clean soul, not tainted.If you want to beat a rival such case, remember not to be too narrow-minded, do not look at your lover looked like a thief.For such a friend, maybe he was just holding on to appreciate the vision to look at, and if you endless something out of nothing, it will be counterproductive, make him really faithless.  d, she did not attract him you.Yeah you more than anything?She is definitely not your opponent, because your lover has begun to walk into that vortex of your loyal.He does not mind other people is not better than hello, hello than how much they will stick to their faith in love, and you keep in the end.Or more, you want are considering this woman is simply not your opponent, your body can attract all his characteristics and personality, the woman who is completely absent.She and you are two different types of women, living in two different worlds.You do not need to worry about you, he will want to change like the type, because based on your answers to this test, at least shows that he has not tended to the woman’s intentions.

Your lover to you more than infatuation

This test can measure you for your lover or your lover on your level of infatuation – Topic: If you or your lover’s cell phone fell into the toilet he (she) would be how do?  A, to call a plumber to clear the sewer B, hand out to C, d taken out with a mop broom and some other tools, well, back to a new phone, not the old and new do not come!Test results: A, to call a plumber to clear the sewer select a person: infatuation index 95%.In love before, he (she) are among the most persistent, willing to pay a silent love and dedication type.They will not easily fall into a relationship, but once there are like people will feel from the outset we will of course be together forever.Then, when it did not, he (she) often become screaming in pain, like the end of the world, and secretly resolved never to not be so crazy to love others, and a crying two busy three hanged situation may also occur in your Lovers.Perhaps such a move a bit exaggerated, but in fact this is just the reaction that they subconsciously make, regard themselves as the world’s most tragic male (female) protagonist.This lover wants to break up with you must be prepared to fight a protracted war Oh, he (she) can not easily get rid of the objects, and even launch your parents and friends to join lobbying war.  B, B selects manually pulled people: 30% Index fool.In his (her) mind, love and marriage are two different things, in love, he (she) would be more to be free, not to equate love and marriage, occasionally make some seem infatuated move, but all love to please, so they have been entangled it.He (she) believes in love Well anyway, you should do these things.But for the strange temptation he (she) is willing to maintain an ambiguous relationship, less likely to refuse flying Yan Fu and even enjoyed the love of the other sex, and any pleasant to the eye of the opposite sex to see him (her) very generous exchanges even open talk about the topic of men and women and erotic jokes, if you are a jealous lover may need to be psychologically prepared oh he (she) was very attracted to the other sex, but this curiosity will soon fade away, if you insist on waiting for them tired the will to go home.  C, 70% taken out fool index broom with a mop and some other tools.He (she) is a deal with feelings very serious lover, that he is definitely the kind of “faithful men and women infatuation,” the most representative of the true nature of honor, people can conduct a variety of moving infatuation, he (she) will be scripted, even intensified do.He (she) believes Well love is to love considerate crazy job.But it is interesting, he (she) does have another characteristic, this is what he (she) can not get infatuated with arch reason – when he (she) after breaking up with love, will soon rely on their own land cool head to get rid of rational analysis on a period of infatuation, quickly forget about everything, but as wild animals fast recovery.The next time, he (she) would love frenzy, let others unsuccessful.  d, well, back to a new phone, not the old and new do not come!  Infatuation index 10%.For he (she) super reality, any more than a shadow lover is just a part of life in any love of it.Of course, he will also break up (her) sad, but he (she) take the reality route, will air shortly after to smoke, according to eat dinner, dancing, happy to continue to live.Because he (she) is not the kind of person Weiaichikuang, so crazy in the rain in front of the other side to back, or let it be threats Chiung Yao’s novels in the plot to him (her) who are eating full support of not doing things the idle will do things that love bread more than anything else, he (she) is disdain whom it.Valentine fell in love with this you also have to learn to let go of the free and easy, and rational process your feelings, do not be too sticky, when necessary, please show your independent spirit they will appreciate the!

You love the taste of which are based?

Love everyone has a different definition of the same, every couple of live mode is not the same.But the taste of love they are all the same, nothing more than the ups and downs, of course, we definitely prefer their love is always sweet, but if you love only sweet it is too unreal.Then your love is what it taste-based?And small series to finish this test you will know.When in a bad mood, following which method is the easiest way to release your emotions and find happiness?Eat a big meal watching comedy movies shopping sleeping cry A, sweet and sour at any dictionary, sweet and always happy linked, whether it is sweet, Britney, or a gratifying “honey”.Sweet and sour love, nature is lovely, spring catkins with the direction of laughter, accompanied by summer pond ripples like a baby, autumn leaves in front of breathtaking mountain in winter enjoy the wonderful fireplace in lover’s arms.A quarrel, one may become noisy love wonderful swap products, just add a slice of lemon in a good dessert, not only can not change the love upbeat track, but the icing on the cake for love.This love, though not experienced a bitter after profound, but very rare, I hope you can cherish intentions, you know you can become bitter sweet and sour, however bitter it is very difficult to become sweet.B, maybe romance romantic bitterness is paid for carrying a certain bitterness, because of a too perfect memories will always continue to impact the real screen, so people were injured good memories, even severely.After all, romance is the reality of the fairy tale, and fairy tales will always be with the twelve bells Cinderella knocking disappear, and all sorts of nostalgia is endless wait after.Your love is full of color dramatic, dull feeling mode lets you focus too busy, then romantic love became a frequent visitor, this time followed by bitterness, like much, worry much, much more to read, love after much bitterness it even more strongly.So love the way, just to be forever, this bitterness may become the best memories of old photos, if one day the feelings interrupted, then later days, the romantic memories may become a dagger in your heart bitterness engraved on every night.C, such as water, light and your love is not strong taste, no captivating plot, often no more people moving romantic, light and water is best described your love, the kind of quiet and indifferent, calm Zhiyuan writing with your feelings, like a trickle, long and melodious.This love may seem boring, ordinary life seems to be an old married couple, surrounded by everything around, not too much passion to render, but the water was light love object is the envy of everyone, often end up in the melee of love acquired is such a love of victory.For the day is true, people are real, they all require a more realistic feeling to go carrying everything, your feelings like this, has shown signs of mundane, but all over the world tasting numerous taste, and then I look back, only to find life less light is the real dull.d, miserable bitter love is like a lotus flower, looks elegant and beautiful, elegant, pleasant, but as internal lotus-like miserable.This love is not necessarily displaced, were all opposition, not necessarily plaintive and moving, seemingly everything people willing to fail.If you love miserable, probably because you are insecure love in my heart, no courage to face a feeling, then you chose to escape, but not willing to let your pain, and ultimately led to bitter cup wine tasting accompanied by his tears.I hope you can cherish their own happiness, for the foreseeable tragedy not rushed forward, because this love though delicate and charming, pathetic, but no one will be adequate to the course of time for healing feelings, day life, always Zaibu Dong, many worry.E, some spicy full arm’s length of spicy, some people tasted spicy, of course, some spicy, such as life workaholic.Seen in this light, spicy and full of love is not everyone’s nerves are affordable, so there are too many people to express the feelings of such awe, or hope and far; spicy and full of emotion also have the right pride and pride, because there are a lot of people Weak three thousand, just take a spoonful drink.This outbreak is intense feelings, into which people are always desperate, adhere to in the end, sometimes the impact of love is somewhat destructive, but people are bored.You have chosen this kind of love, doomed to go through some stormy, because love never let yourself taste spicy, spicy too strong, involved in other taste, but neither fish nor fowl.Here, in addition to blessing, can we say.  You might also like: test your marriage values correct it?  Couple Love Test game test when you meet your life partner?  Test your alien Past and Present

The way you love how much trouble

Title: You and your lover together cycling inside the park, which one do you think is the most beautiful picture?  A, Valentine carrier you, you stand behind B, Valentine carrier you, the front seat C, you carrier Valentine, Valentine’s sitting or standing behind d, two tandem bicycle ride together E, Valentine pull car, you accompany walking beside the test results: A, lover take you, you can always talk about love standing behind carefree, all the details to make you feel very sweet.Love the way very happy, this type of person is very simple heart, not mind, not easy to care about, it is easy to simply enjoy the moment the feeling of love.  B, upload your lover, you sit in the front seat you’re prone to think the worst when dealing with pain to the heart Tibet.Love the way trouble than joy, this type of person belonging to the plight of the flower of love, is easier to think too much, it is easy to love when Oshin.  C, you load lover, lover or sitting or standing behind your feelings smooth life, nothing can make you very happy or upset.Love the way unhappy or upset, this type of self-centered people can grasp very ordinary couple and progress, everything is under control.  d, and together they ride a tandem bicycle you will only remember the happy things, not lovesick.Love is more than happy to worry about the way, this type of person super self-confidence, and it is easy to appreciate each other’s strengths.  E, pull the car lover, you accompany your walk easily Sweat the Small Stuff in the next, take a magnifying glass to issue unlimited expansion.Love is trouble on the road, this type of person is easy to find fault with each other’s point, because he is falling in love to get married, and therefore does not allow the slightest error.

How strong your love self-esteem

Love Test: how strong your love self-esteem?A teddy bear friends’ rooms, you think who sent?  A, a friend (please Fridays) B, parents (please three) Second, a couple in Qingsheng, whose birthday you want?  A, man (please to XI) B, the woman (Please VII) Third, you had a child being bullied playmate or sibling unpleasant memories?  A, YES (Please nine) B, NO (please four) Fourth, the table there is an unfinished portrait of man, what do you think is missing?  A, beard (please seven) B, glasses (please Saturday) V. How do you feel about some childish people?  A, trying to protect him (please or two) B, disgust (please four) VI. Why do you think the rabbit rapid run?  A, was chased Wolf (Please eight) B, playmates and play (please to 13) Seven, you have like 10 years older than their own people?  A, YES (please eight) B, NO (please and sixteen) Eight, a pair of celebrity magazine cover photo, why you think the content published?  A, divorce messages (XII) B, exchanges gossip (please to twenty) Nine, you almost never suffered setbacks?  A, YES (please ten) B, NO (please six) ten, you experience some unforgettable romance?  A, YES (please-XIV) B, NO (please to 13) XI, you like to use Arabic numerals rather than national character?  A, YES (please seventeenth) B, NO (please to fifteen) Twelve, a man you ever unrequited love for a long time?  A, YES (please Shap) B, NO (please to twenty-) shopping together thirteen, girls and women, what do you think is the relationship between the two?  A, mother and daughter (please XII) B, a neighbor (please nineteenth) XIV, when the direction of your courtship, you always can not refuse?  A, YES (please nineteenth) B, NO (please to 13) five, a couple in a fight, how do you think the next woman?  A, turned away (Please twenty-four) B, beat the man (Please twenty-two) six, you think you are knowledgeable person?  A, YES (please to twenty) B, NO (please to fifteen) seven, you believe that there are never degenerate love?  A, YES (please to fifteen) B, NO (please and sixteen) eight, painting on the nail, you can choose what kind of pattern?  A, flower (please sixteen to twenty) B, geometry (please XXIII) nine, you have been a student ferocious female teacher taught?  A, YES (please XXIII) B, NO (please Shap) XX, the table of family photos, photos of you who helped?  A, passing people (Please twenty-two) B, the automatic camera tripod (please to twenty-) XXI you very focus on maintenance of shoes, bags, etc.?   A, YES (please sixteen to twenty) B, NO (please XXVII) XXII, your other half is a prerequisite for a few?   A, four more (please to twenty-five) B, the following three (please XXVII) xxiii, found to have been packed with people waiting for the elevator when the elevator, then you will squeeze say?  A, YES (please to d) B, NO (go to E) XXIV and the other half was drinking in a good atmosphere, you will think this time the moon is full moon?  A, YES (go to A) B, NO (please to twenty-five) twenty-five friends got engaged, and the other half did not say then kiss you believe it?  A, YES (go to A) B, NO (go to B) XXVI, originally the campus to play the little girl is gone, do you think they go home yet?  A, YES (go to C) B, NO (go to d) xxvii, red please say five kinds of things within ten seconds.  To reach YES (Go to B) failure to NO (please to d) Test results: ◇ A type: you are sloppy and do not suppress their own people, always casual revel in pursuit of the life you want, not wronged themselves do not like to do, so the community is always a unique style, others find no way for you.Once you talk about love feels bound hand and foot, and therefore less deliberately and with each other, always looking for an excuse to say no time to meet, so easy to let the other party that you do not love him, care about him, and finally ended up at the break and drinking places.In fact, already in love gains and losses, without paying how can harvest, so do not be so headstrong, conceived more for each other, otherwise they do not fall in love.◇ B type: You are a strong self-esteem, self-confident man, nothing can tolerate failure, so often try to be brave to do something beyond their scope of things, only to meet the expectations of others.You can say this is a nice miserable, once suffered setbacks fail, often depressed, or unable to respond to long, self-adjustment capability is quite poor, about love can not give up a strong self-esteem, always fit figure, even if it is like each other I do not want to admit, and back down the other side misunderstood you.It takes courage to love, can not be too rigidly stick to self-esteem, which can miss Oh happy match!◇?Type: You are a man of great inferiority, for fear others see their true colors, always showed a very confident, unyielding way, never allow others to correct, criticize, or like a hedgehog, so that we I think you get along well, but in the end you do not know what to think.Romantically, because of lack of confidence, you are the love and fear of injury, fear of once close friends, the other does not like you, so everything to each other’s preferences as a priority, blindly to meet each other’s expectations, eventually losing real self, so instead let the other party feel you were deceived.For the true self, the other side is like true love you.◇ d type: You are a strong self-defensive center who met with so much resolve to escape, even to the responsibility, blame on to others who will never be able to learn from mistakes and grow.Romantically, you often only crush others in the side is a third party to seize the initiative, to make you regret it.As the heart of your defense is too strong, you have a favorable impression of the opposite sex can not be close to you, of course, do not fall in love.Moderate to protect yourself is necessary, but do not over play, otherwise it will scare away a bunch of people, not always talk about love.◇ è Type: Have you ever had an unpleasant childhood?Or unpleasant experience?Let your heart there is a strong tendency to reject feelings, even masochistic tendencies, and think they can not and will not be happy, so long as someone to show you the good, even if the heart is really like each other, will deliberately stabbed the other side, the other side hate you, leave you, whether this is so sad?The so-called solution-maker people, you should seriously explore the reasons, relieve their psychological barriers, or may become a tragic figure oh!

How high the level of your love?

Love test: Do you love the number of segments that you do not accidentally eat sushi choking spicy mustard, spicy red when the brain, your next move is what?  A, tea or boiled water B, does not do anything, endure look like C, enjoy the feeling spicy d, drink a big gulp of Coke E, eat around other dishes taste test results: A Love selected number of segments 40 points: perseverance you just blindly pay, until the awakening of love was wrong.This type of people know how to accommodate each other, hope that their silence to pay the other party can be moved, but if you do not find someone to fit, your feelings will be very tortuous road.  Option B section 80 the number of love: your feelings take I can, and will never be affliction.Before this type of person who is lovesick, now the cocoon into a butterfly, and think back to my own feel free to do the best.  selected?Love Paragraphs 55 minutes: you lie dead attractiveness, like sweet talk “dead tired” each other.This type of person personality romantic, simple, feel love when both parties must be able to share each other’s feelings.  D love selected number of segments 99 points: You know how to show their charm, the other fans round and round.This type of person has a peacock-type qualities, as long as there are heterosexual, they will show their strengths, and strive to the other side captured the hearts.  ê selected number of segments 20 points love: hot-pursuit of you, forcing more tightly, the other party will only spared the farther.This type of person, once fell in love with each other, they will pay all the feelings, but this may instead make each other feel a lot of pressure, resulting in the idea of bailing.

Your love Dan advanced enough yet?EQ is very important

Dan love in your opinion would it bother representative?Not really.Dan judge you love is emotional intelligence in love, and you see the maturity of Outlook on Love.This has great significance for your lover oh.So, the next to do with a love test to see what your love Dan.1, if you forget the other important anniversaries you will be very angry?2 occasionally will not return to school romance, like people encountered, or you will quietly concerned about confession?Quietly concerned mora decided to declare 3, call each other, send text messages, the other side did not respond to three hours, you will?Even though they reply, and also temper the Cold War worry, worry about the other wants something the other party, its own 4 do their thing, you can not accept premarital sex?Is to look at the situation instead of five, you talked to more than three times the love?Yes, just three instead of six, you think money and love are two completely unrelated things?Yes, look at the situation instead of seven, and you often compare current and former?8 will sometimes not, you will because the other side of a little trick, you can not help falling in love with him, who advised not OK?Yes, occasionally not as shown, once you determine the relationship, he would no longer talk to the opposite sex are not allowed 9?Yes, to the extent not yet 10, he makes you do something you do not like something, you will?Direct opposition, do not swallow you do not like to show calm, to see if there is no other solution to 11, you would say it is very concerned about his every word, and pondering the meaning behind the words?Yes, sometimes it is not 12, you are extremely difficult to get out the hurt feelings of lost love?Yes Fortunately, not A, two stars love Dan comes to love you very immature, even a bit naive, because in your eyes to determine the relationship, torture is an important means to prove the importance of each other, do not make rather die.Note that for small cheer masterpiece beverages, true love is not presumptuous, but restraint.Your love oh Dan is still very low, the need to strengthen the culture of emotional intelligence.B, three stars love your love Dan Dan is not high not low, in love you can feel ecstasy, happiness and feel like drowning and I abhor the inclusion of an unstable state, in this state, you will eventually find a sweetheart with the feeling never lost a sense of.In simple terms, you both love the little temper, but also benefit from this state, because it feels very warm, a symbol of youth.C, love Dan four stars you have some experience of love, the heart is more mature, know how to restrain inner feelings, understand that people are not perfect, is better than gold, you can make basic concessions, make each other’s lives more harmonious reduce conflicts, but your heart still pursue a more ideal love.Your love dan high, and further it lonely at the top.d, Dan five stars love your view of love is quite mature, you will benefit and get really belongs to your happiness.Can you keenly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each person.Full of self-restraint, not to idealize things, to get rid of jealousy, or masochistic obsession with troubled.Your love Dan is very high, and you can play against really happy thing.You might also like to re-answer: your perfect match, is born of a love test Which boys: love compulsory you choose right?Spotted initiative!You, there will be a better person how to measure your ability to tease Han wait for love to hold your hand?

Your time has come to love it

This is a quiet night, a man leaning against the window looking at the lake, guess what is in his heart?  A, can not miss to accompany his wife B, thinking like to say how funny jokes and pranks friends did not come C, waiting to participate in a lively banquet d, waiting for his family back to E, miss his missing dog or other pet test the results: a, can not miss to accompany his wife you really want a boyfriend, or you’re just in love.You will love to see all very beautiful, With a simple division of Santa Claus, enjoy the sweet love life is a good thing, but to remind you, when disagree, it is also a good time to know each other.  B, thinking like to say how funny jokes and pranks your friends did not come to live a free life, cool, healthy and happy, rarely chores trouble, but they sometimes miss the fun to get down to business, your love development the best is from a friend, he must be like-minded with you, can develop into a friendship, love and marriage.  C, waiting to go to a lively dinner party you are naturally lively, outgoing and good fun, but not easy with the opposite sex into a stable relationship, you is not easy to let others control you, do not want to control other people, if you want to have a boyfriend, and carefully talk about a love, your time yet to come, because you would rather focus most of my friends who live on the d, waiting for you to come back with the family closer family relationships, love and care for their families in more than body, you can be very obedient and well-behaved children, but difficult to do a romantic lover, to enthusiastic suitors, always vigilant to prevent heart hurt, when you contact the British family values heavier happy heterosexual couples only.  E, miss his missing dog or other pet that you do not easily trust relatives or friends, convinced that everyone should have privacy, reserved little secret is your nature, because the more worried you get hurt, and it’s pet inter easily cultivate good feelings, though you love your lover, but in fact you just need more care and love.

Your love how investment operation

How about you pick the object of vision?It will not be experienced?Love experiences suffered?Hit the bar twice, so-called blue chip stocks you can do once elected?Testing will know it.  Topic: If you have some pink love, the memory of which one of the sweetest picture in retrospect?  1.Valentine left in his body hickey 2.Other scarf hiding inside 3.Together cycling test results: 1.Select “lover to remain in himself hickey” Your Love investment operation miserable, because the emotional urge you not to listen, because of the feeling of the moment and determined, the temerity to approach, the result is capital has been lost stuck, so chose this answer, you should pay special attention Oh, because you can easily impulse, and then a feeling of affected households.  2.Select “hiding in each other’s scarves inside” Your Love investment operation to take a chance, because the sub-soft ears of you, easy to believe hearsay, if unfortunate error messages, you will throw good money after bad; in fact, types of people, especially to be careful next to wits or villain more, if wits, then listen to them, you will choose a good object, if the villain a lot, then you will because sub-soft ears, it is easy to I believe their words, believe it will cross many heterosexual friends.  3.Select “cyclists with” love after investment potential bullish Games, are carefully selected to make a decision because of you, basically not makes mistakes, but if you are too cautious, careful people will be one step ahead Oh, so this type people to be especially careful, in fact, you have a lot of painful according to previous experience, knew he could not be too impulsive, and when should quietly observing, you will feel that he must appreciate this man has no talent or character in the end, OK would like a lot, it will start with the decision, so your feelings will be very sweet.But really have to be careful too slow to be taken away, oh.

Your strong feelings of love it?

In love there are too many changes, and sometimes a little friction may lead to your feelings shattered, sometimes small three intervention will lead to your love a gap, sometimes parents’ views It can also cause your love completely broken.All in all, just because you love is not strong enough, it will be defeated in the small details.So, whether you love it strong?Together to make a psychological test it!Look at your love is solid!One day early in the morning, you open the door, saw the door of a box.You pick up the box, he opened it, there is a box knife stained with blood.A neighbor tells you that he saw three men through the front of your house, a corridor is cleaner B, is a courier C, is a hydrotechnic d.Who do you think is filled with a knife box on your doorstep it?Figure 1A-2B-3C-4D1B-2C-3D-4A1C-2D-3B-4A1D-2A-3C-4BA, you are a passionate and straightforward person, their romance is proactive.But while the need for sincere and frank, and excessive passion between lovers might kill off the private space of the two sides, let love into bondage inadvertently.So I suggest you get rid of impulsive character, or you can easily fall into the extreme warm and cold.B, you’re a thinking man, let the other fascinating places that your sense of humor in mind those strange ideas and seize the opportunity.Recommendations can maintain the characteristics of humor, but you do not make people feel frivolous, chatting with each other to focus on topics of interest with each other, so as to make each other feel important.C, you are a very gentle person, always gentle enough to bring people, easy to get along with feeling.Normally in contact with the person it did not take long, the other will be willing to put their thoughts to share with you.You can give each other a feeling of home, but you are too insecure, then gradually become dependent on each other, care about each other even then you have to learn to be independent.d, you are practical, reliable, patience, perseverance, and very pragmatic.So with you, you’ll learn how to face difficulties in life, and learn to pay and play.Your sense of responsibility will make you feel like being in the cradle, feeling warm and sturdy.  You might also like: most suitable for your kind of man is God?  Why measuring your circle of friends shrinks?  You are what kind of star princess you type into the woman left the odds?