Her head down, do not know what thinking.

  Yi Jin Cheng nothing to smile smile: “In any case, he is now putting on airs, I do not think he is my loved one, he even normal people are not really,” his eyes contemptuously, “So, who he knows now is what.”
  Xin long micro started up, put a finger on the wheelchair armrest clenched, his eyes looked at him and fell.
  She now finally know why a start to see Yi Jin Cheng time, it is particularly dislike him.
  In many cases, the real villain is not terrible, terrible is the false good.
  Yi Jin Cheng is harmless to humans and animals to deceive others with this face, who knows he’s smiling face, heart and thinking it?
  She asked Systems: “Yi Jin Cheng Xing know what time twilight of life experience?He said is true?”
  System: “recently learned, he said,.it is true.”
  Before she asked Xing twilight of identity, secretive system has refused to tell her, now hear the truth from her most hated person in his mouth, say angry ghosts are cheated.
  Her gas is such an important thing, is not actually willing Xing evening to tell her, but an outsider!

d this time her that era are related.

  And there is the promise behind the Tong Tong Xu, Yangzhou is big, but later vindicated in the future, but also the fastest Xu stood up, not on杭州桑拿洗浴ly that, also became a front-line family, but later Dingding famousYangzhou Xu!
  It is said that Xu Yangzhou wealthy!
  At first, she was still in the orphanage, they had not received a little house outside charity each year, at least at that time with her school bag and book are donated Yangzhou Xu.
  Indeed, she lived in the orphanag广州桑拿网e, Yangzhou Xu also contribute a lot to build.
  So, treat Xu Tong Tong, Nguyen rain did not intentionally get close to her, she did not want to go with something approaching Xu Tong Tong calculations, but yet want to help the next Xu Tong Tong.
  Not for anything else, just to Xu year built orphanages, and gave her a temporary home A late.
  Ruan Zhiwen looking complex, he whispered, “rain, you have so much confidence it will be reopening?”
  Nguyen rain got into blind eyes, “Brother, I do not know what you’re talking about??”Some words, she can not say, but she guessed brother if not self-sufficient children blame her.
  ”Big Brother how to do?”Ruan Zhiwen some worry,” If you really follow guess, when we can go to take the exam, but Shaogen Jin brother born on learning!”He again places the University of peasants and soldiers南宁夜网 to let out, we can not let Big Brother lifetime farming village in July Pass it!
  Nguyen rain pondered, “Let the brother and join the army!”Ruan Zhiwu in physical fitness for the army, however, and only old Ruan people, the army seems to have scared, so we knew Ruan Zhiwu more suitable to go the way of troops, but no one dared to mention to mention.
  Ruanzhi Wen also own sister was scared of the idea, he lowered his voice, “Little Sister, you know what you’re talking about it??”
  Put the army in front of my grandmother, would any death!
  Nguyen rain nodded, “Do you think Big Brother is suitable to do?”
  ”Big Brother does not like reading, an

Was declared immediately told people to do.

  The last seven locked van, the van that seven suspects have since it can only be traced all.
  In addition to this approach, Zhoucheng Xuan really can not think of any other way.
  ”How can we have so much time to check seven vehicles!”Su Qing anxious, and now has about noon, they delay time is really too long, but now in addition to doing really no other way.
  I could not think of what other way between Chen diving sudden, now we can only do so.
  ”You worry, I will as soon as the investigation!”Zhoucheng Xuan Chen to assure diving.
  During this time the investigation of Chen diving are pitching in, he gave Bi Ying called and asked about fairies.
  Bi Ying told him that the goblins have been brought back to the store, trying to comfort her, but she did not listen to anything.
  However, a word not finished Bi Ying, Ye Xiao Yao put the phone robbed in the past: “Chen diving, right now you tell me how the situation!What have not found my sister!”
  ”You wait, I go back and tell you.”Chen diving know the phone he could not only make her more freak, Bi Ying difficult for a person to control her.
  After Chen diving hung up the phone, Su Qing stepped forward and said: “I go back with you.”
  They then drove straight to the head of the shop door, saw Chen Ye Xiao Yao fish

sult is always good; watching Pei Yiming do things to c南宁夜网onsider more comprehensive, has become patient, pay attention, this is a small oversight by time and time again, doing things slowly accumulated experience; he is not looked like the same two periods nose Man, every day arrogance of the world, who look down on the same.

  Even in the “lavish” He thought his杭州龙凤网 son the hardest to correct, Pei Yiming also promptly stopped the car, he did not dare to do in the face of the father being taken advantage of, over time, those fair-weather friends and then he drifted away, he realized person after the difference between friendship, it also can be a little win their hearts, cherish sincere friend.
  These changes, for Pei Yiming it, more than enough.
  ”Anyway,.Anyway, time to say!”Pei Yiming look of confidence, he did not sign up, others can not force him?FG still do not understand what is established, he successfully planted a flag for their own precarious.
  High School class where the three of them, the class teacher is assigned to teach mathematics Wu, the Wu, Chen and a very good relationship in the past, and three of them also said that several answer, when to see Wu, Pei Yiming and my heart qui深圳桑拿网te happy, after learning meet familiar fly teacher, at least to ensure that life will not be much of a problem.
  Be followed, he was Wu’s remarks show to play a senseless operation.
  After the self-introduction in practice like other sectors, vigorous and resolute Wu launched the new class leadership election, he was nominated for everyone ranging, high-sounding, he said: “This time we can say is class talent, experienced high eleven years, I also understand the people here do, I hope before experienced students can stand up and take responsibility, the students do not have experience, you can actively try.”He looked around, smiled and said,” It’s like our students Yiming, when he was in nine classes, which are spread fame can go outside, we do not know who, called in nine classes

Months, came back.Since the turn to crank up the ocean.Schools here are also urging her powerful reminder.

  Royal Park early winter cold in the morning and evening.Lu seventy-one Although not a hardship to get up, but in the morning or be infected Lusi, will largely depend on the bed while the text was only lift the bed up Xiaoya.
  ”Do not be late on the first day of school Okay?Baby, give your teacher save face.”Wen Xiaoya the uniforms to land seventy-one ready, waiting for her to come out, help her get dressed,” how to come back so many lazy?”

Chapter 259 are counseling
  Lu seventy-one silent, “Mom, you obviously become more sticky Okay?Also helped me get dressed.You know I’m black sunspots online, I have to say eight people attending, and clothing to hand out food to mouth.”
  Wen Xiaoya hearts of a sudden, but taut nerves but loose down, the baby business as usual.
  ”You are the clothes to hand out food to mouth ah, when you bought clothes from his past meal?Cloakroom are others to help you tidy up, what to wear is also good with someone else, you ah, born fairies life ~~~~~ ”
  ”.”Makes sense.Lu seventy-one crooked head, kissed her mother at home, “I was born to enjoy life life ~ ~ ~ ~”
  Lu was sent together to cultural Xiaoya school, watching the cars go far, Lu seventy-one play a half-day hands down, suddenly Puchi, he laughed out.
  It was more than her counseling, she was so happy, it really is born to enjoy life ah life.
  ”What laughing?”Zhou Miao

respectively, listening to everyone shouted in unison Thank squad, his red eyes almost instantly, chaos can not be moved dialed his heart, he wants a firm, the squad leader to do something, hum, he have no interest.

  But who can do calculations too fate!
  That day, after the placement of new classmates, teachers meet the day, Pei Yiming while北京夜网 carrying the book, never mind how to Laoke the tinkling Joseph, sat down on the back seat, ready to think about the future a better life.
  He also did not dare to reveal this in front of my father, some hypocritically: “Unfortunately, can not contribute to the students after us, since we more time, you can also go to school outside the small restaurant to eat two meals, all for a long time did not go.”The heart of the villain actually started to dance, junior high school that distant chic life is finally coming again.
  ”Also okay?”Chong Wen also do the class cadre would think that quite interesting, he had no official addiction, may be able to look at the class under his influence, getting better and better, recognized by others feeling really bad,” In fact, when we have class leaders can run for re-ah?Anyway, we are quite experi都市体验网enced.”
  What is this nonsense!Pei Yiming an almost resorted Iron Palm, he brakes in mind: “What, we must not give other students the opportunity to?”
  Chong Wen also’d choke in the past did not hold back: “They lot of students do not love high school sophomore class cadre, people want to read seriously, say, the capable, this is what people grab opportunities.”
  Never say anything Pei Naochun also nodded his head, he laughed within herself, Pei Yiming myself only in the mountains, did not find that this is not to say long year, he really changed much.
  Pei Naochun’d see clearly, he looked at his son and slowly began to concentrate on their studies – although originally designed for counseling Pei Naochun of Zaoxin homework and not lose face in front of everyone’s face-saving mood is everything, can re

There 1MIPS operating speed of 1 meter and memory.MIPS here does not refer to the MIPS architecture, but the abbreviation of “one million per second number of machine language instructions,” the.

  We often hear the higher frequency ü a section, running faster, the higher the price.MIPS is actually a more accurate measure of processor speed than the frequency.5MHz such as 8086, can be accomplished computer instructions per 330,000.That is its speed is 0.33mips.
  The Oriental Institute last year’s ERM-1 processor operation rate of 3mips.As for the Oriental Institute at Stanford University and co-developed a new MIPS architecture, its first commercial microprocessor operation rate of S-100, it is a staggering 6mips, all processors on the market after explosion.
  The US market as early as last year, there have been a professional computer workstation, a Boston-based Apollo Computer Inc..Workstation market is now the number one supplier.Including Boeing, General Motors, it will purchase a new computer workstation computer as a small supplement.
  Apollo’s workstation, using a Motorola MC68000 processor.Motorola puppet company in 1979 launched version MC68000 processor, the computing speed of 8MHz 1.4MIPS.And just last month, the frequency of Motorola’s collaboration with Toshiba Corporation of Japan to improve lithography technology, the new 12.2 is increased to a 5MHz mc68010, computing speed.4MI

surprisingly, the 苏州桑拿three basic experimental class can enter only some are hanging Pei Naochun, but the teacher said, and with the last performance-based, so that evened down substantially the.

  Not only finished things with my father, Wen also fit Three Musketeers again in the experimental class dreams for Pei Yiming, the more worthy happy, and he was finally able to say goodbye to monitor this position, it is true, he has been in this position many certainly, whether teachers or class of students are very kind to him, respected, can bring in addition to the additional role, it is difficult for him to endure.
  To give a simple example, no matter what the subject teacher, when asking questions if people can not find, the first thought is, basically he, a “squad leader to answer it,” you have to let Pei Yiming immediately got up, which also he did北京养生会所 not have to lead to completely lazy, only obediently lectures.
  There is, no matter big and small, as long as the teacher handled properly, it is a basic “Where squad” on this simple sentence, he would have immediately put in place.
  Ever since became the squad leader, he’s the bitter tears, really can be said for three days and three nights endless.
  Always do not like the limelight, he is on the festival as host, but also a poetry reading, but also to take part in collective singing sections, although the final performance is not bad, can recall the way the time went in fear of error, a bit worried.
  Chen is too trust him, what activities they would class on his shoulder, Pei Yiming’s a bit obsessive-compulsive disorder in these areas, what had to be considered too full, have to be perfect, everyone is satisfied with the job, the final result is good You can process it difficult, hard to explain.
  In short, Pei Yiming, the squad leader can remove this burden really could not be better to wait until the second year, that is, any day of the birds to fly high, wide sea any fish swim slightly!
  although.In a classmate and high

Sort of temper, Shuaixiu go “none of your business!”

  Sheng Joe How could miss the obvious clues, with a small step up, smiled and asked, “What is the bundle soul chain?”
  White son muffled and dumb, just before Taibu Zhao.Sheng Joe did not know what to say in order to trigger his story, only to follow him all the way to all kinds of temptations speech.
  When they went to the place just said to the collection, Sheng Joe still could not let the white son of a successful opening, the first road cycle of the door has been opened, leaving much of their time already.
  Sheng Joe is not Guannameduo, he hugged White’s arm, shouting “Come ah!I caught clues friends!Come on people, do not let him slip!”
  White son “.”
  How come you do not follow the story?
  I heard this from other hundreds of people, to see people holding Sheng Joe superfluous arms in the back, are not laughing, and quickly ran surrounded by the white son.
  Sheng Joe passed away in the river to see things to say, and everyone certainly clues on him, but how to let him open it?
  Then I heard a vicious road Shen Jun meaning “Do you say that?Do not say you killed!”
  White son “???”
  How to play threatened group?
  Director told the headset in “Do not say anything, he did not dare to beat you.”
  White son really his lips together, saying nothing, Shen Jun Italian glared at him for a long time and found that the threat is useless, eyeball in a circle

ving a denomination banknotes fifty.

  Pei Yiming frowned, quickly made a sign for the other side silenced, then reluctantly went: “Do not say a recess yelling, there are many students in the class to break it.”
  Just an impatient male students embarrassed scratched his head, but the bill quickly stuffed into the 苏州夜网hands of Pei Yiming: “I am not afraid that they forget it?Every time I have been several reciprocal class post.”Having said that, he also embarrassed, each class, there are always one or two such stubborn forgetfulness molecules back and forth to be scolded, incorrigible, always for dragging the hind legs of the class doing unlimited contributions, Keke, which he refers to himself a.
  This time is to shift costs, yesterday squad has a number of names on the podium, and another on his sick leave did not know the girls did not pay.
  ”Next time do not wait so long, every time you got left a.”Pei Yiming casually said a few words, took the money back seat registration up, wrote half, he can not help but looked dazed look.
  God knows, how could he became squad!
  Things should be traced back to a high-end, placement near the time the class was北京夜网 full of sad emotions, we have begun based on their good subjects, current results and start to make a choice in the liberal arts or science in the future expectations, and this time placement, but because of the difference in scores, to separate the experimental class.
  Then, in Pei Yiming heart, and what a full relief.
  His pro-father, also Wen in his tireless efforts, the results finally improved steadily, glancing to the part of liberal arts subjects, but in the last exam, the results overall have capital to enter the experimental class, Chong Wen Pei Yiming and also two it is needless to say that this teaching and learning, the more they teach Pei Naochun, the more knowledge into the system, by heart, for a long time their performance also improved, the basic can firmly before the class a few.
  They carefully counted, not