ht clinic, dozens of rafts can breath a hundred people, most symptomatic of oseltamivir fully sold out, hard to find a drug, people only second best to choose other drugs.

  Peitong Tong is the family of the baby, she this disease, frantically anxious to have the whole family, could not wait to wings, flew to the hospital, but repeatedly asked the doctor, one is lack of medicine, the second is full beds, not enough serious symptoms and even hospitalization immune, they are like headless flies, thinking about the wound and take a motor car, the car to seek treatment elsewhere.
  In families where Pei, Fang Lin Mo only that there is calm, she pulled out a cell phone to take the initiative to see family in her circle of friends, many friends issued a similar circle of friends, accompanied by a different child photos, some “personal experience”, some friends feedback, in short, to put it sincere, pretentiously.
  ”Oil is too good sun god!Family friends children influenza, not buy drugs, and even the doctors say is very serious!!I strongly persuaded a frien北京夜网d, she used essential oils in the past with my hesitation, early in the evening three times a day, applied in designated points, just three days, the child fever!Coupled with a good herbal tea on the sun, and now the children have not the slightest problem [chats 1,2].”In the chat, the conversation strip of white friends, the good news came a fervent tone, said to be after a dinner party.
  ”Who knows, even the doctors are helpless influenza virus, actually can not hide in the sun too good health capsules?I and everyone said how many times, usually to ensure healthy eating habits capsule, health is absolutely not a problem to a hundred!My family are eating, all in good health, this time the big niece had a cold, not serious, eat for three days, and immediately recovered!There are more than this do God?Plus a look at disease diagnosis 深圳桑拿网and treatment in hospital, eight hundred thousand to spend less, a bottle of capsules heal

d to join the army at this point, it was tied knife on her grandmother chest JINWOZI.

  But now, little sister well, and tetra though life and death do not know, but if he went to join the army, then, is not it easier to get the message tetra???
  Some things can not think!I thought just as a seed to take root inside the heart is, and f深圳桑拿网inally grow into towering trees.
  Ruan Zhiwu honest face flashed a touch of excitement, he?There is not possible??
  Ruan Zhiwu do not know how long stood in the corner, and finally quietly left the backyard.
  Lin Fangfang is Tuiqin rumors intensified in July Pass village, some say, is the reason Lin Fangfang been in prison, and despise the old Zhou, also said, Lin Fangfang a night out to the county in the day and party Guyu , in fact, have lost early Chen.
  So the old Zhou despise.
  Lin Fangfang off at home three days later, she summoned the courage out of the door of the Lin family, she was going to personally ask rang week, he in the end is how is it??
  Like say, Zhou Lin Fangfang may not sound like it, but it is their parents, when she resisted, Zhou feel too poor, failing to appreciate Zhou, but his father insisted her engagement.
  She only reluctantly recognized down.
  Fortunately, the week is fairly sound synthesizer, a bit better grades in school than the book Lin Yang, Zhou Lin Fangfang also slowly come to accept the existence of sound, but now.
  No one thought, a look down her presence, even despise her, the initiative Tuiqin.
  Thought南宁夜网 here, at home Bie Lin Fangfang how to sit a few days to live, she wanted to personally rang to ask next week, how can he so ungrateful.
  No one thought even Zhou loud people did not see, not only that, it was also a widow to Zhou humiliated, said she was just a tramp, tramp or been in prison, how can she be hurt college son.
  Lin Fangfang of course, not a good temper, and the two get into a fight week widow, widow perennial QUICKER week, Lin Lin Fangfang be pampered, how is a peasant woman oppone

id not entirely Fang Lin Mo just concentrate on th深圳桑拿网e body, but that the other party at home bored, but do these it is just swap the mood, which may think this is just another day, it gradually into the magic.

  Pei affect the judge’s family Another point, the concept of health care products on the very unusual, someone did not eat anything vitamins, protein powder or something like that point, heard health care, the role of physical conditioning, it did not when thing, anyway, eat ate, they would not get that sick, even if they have to toss Fang Lin Mo with, so they also should be under huh oh, after fits and starts its own network or stood raw ash, which will be known aromatic Lin Mo?
  I do not know for a few years, Fang Lin Mo gradually rise of the level, has become a so-called total generation, and God knows how much in the end she entered the cargo, Pei family only knew, when she, with all the stuff every day, all this sun Mei’s things, or even a day kit that can be placed on the table where eight hundred things, coming back from early evening to eat, his family saw could not help but frown, Quanguo she was two, it was all the hate anyway they could hear faint, do not understand, only know wha上海夜网t effect these are different, but also some with the food, eat it anyway, more on the way, the family is the first big right, but not professional and soon they will be persuaded, but a wry smile to let her go, anyway, how the family is not short of money, spend it spent.
  Can be a turning point in the problem, took place in the winter, has come back from the glowing-year-old kindergarten, due to the large-scale outbreak of seasonal influenza, in order to avoid the spread of infectious within students, schools stopped classes directly, they returned home glowing He began a serious flu symptoms, what a fever, runny nose, in short, quite serious.
  This year’s flu seriously to what extent is it?Serious to the city’s major hospitals, pediatricOutpatient direct packed, even at nig


  To say that this is a health care products, is also not quite right, this all-inclusive brand of stuff, what big claim to be able to cure-all wonder drug, as small as practical everyday life of shampoo, toothpaste, everything, before Fang Lin Mo will be in Wu Huimei circle of friends several times seen this stuff, basically what chat and real pictures, how to say how good, what allergies herpes, with just a touc深圳桑拿h will immediately change for the better, not only that, also head here transfer mixed with a lot of shots, at every turn is hundreds of buy, before Fang Lin Mo could not help but see when speechless, and her husband had two Tucao that now more and more rich people, such things can start to buy!
  Wu Hui苏州夜网论坛mei face like a storm as propaganda, at first, Fang Lin Mo is not willing to contact, it is not that she is not curious, but it.
  Man previously Fang Lin Mo and her husband are working in the unit, in their view, toss these things out is particularly grades, especially lost face, anyway retirement pension is enough, why we want to get it?
  But on their own unsuspecting friend Fang Lin Mo, how can Dide Guo other side of a set of rhetoric, in short, so she listens, she stumbled should be, and listen to each other and so on with a propaganda Council, which first opened, then brake the car, and she somehow with gifts from home, and then want to buy the product, and then became deputy, after circle of friends, has become a scraper world, every person recommended began, around friends and family is central not live her rhetoric, but to hold a北京夜生活网 bunch of home, she began to use.
  At first, Pei family is not aware that there is something wrong, it also depends on the time of the home environment, but also to the other end of the original body work, done so much work, have been the leader of his small, live hand can be a lot ; Zhexiang son and daughter, it is the only stable business, living himself had become 996, from time to time go out and socialize, her family d

e way on the planning can be admitted to the best schools, the college entrance examination to enter high school in the province a 211, returned home after graduation to work, and when the university began to love his wife come together, and start a business, three years after marriage gave birth to a daughter Peitong Tong.Ordinarily, this home for the elderly governor, do not give children the burden, but also helps to care for grandchildren, daughter and son work hard, love and beauty, who is also well-behaved children, should not have waves can be everything, it is necessary from the original body Fang Lin Mo’s wife retired to begin.

  Under units, Fang Lin Mo officially retired from the unit at the fifth anniversary of that year, 北京夜网only two years old older than her husband, is the original body, not to the retirement age, while the small granddaughter also started from the kindergarten, at home she was the only year-round.
  She’s born of the people, are the most affected by the most glorious work of education, the unit still had time, but Fang Lin Mo number one female Homo habilis, labor model were selected on a number of times to work on time every day, even approaching retirement, and I never thought of lazy fishing in troubled waters, such a person like her, so she retired and sit, but rather no place to fit in together, sitting at home every day, is a daze for ages, housework over and over again do, floors are spotless, but this heart, head, still empty.
  And that is, at this time, as she and colleague of many years girlfriends Wu Huimei so in a timely ma苏州桑拿网nner will appear in front of her, Wu Huimei hearty and generous man, because there is no title, then be counted as workers with low education and other reasons, in the age of 50 when officially retired, he has been a good few years of retirement.She reached a higher level, Fang Lin Mo own initiative propaganda fr深圳桑拿全套om a new line of business is currently engaged in their own, and that is a good brand sun care produ

ght, the sentence can only put relentless, all right does not matter, he does not mind adult villain too, care about and what systems do?Pei Naochun selectively ignore the fact that he was a flicker assessment system was lost in a fog.

  Answered a God, Pei Naochun finally able to properly looked at the front of the soul, and the soul stood across from him at the moment, gray-haired, wrinkled face a lot, looks older, wore clothes very clean, guess He is a luxurious old, and his face look, but to fill in the full despair, now caught in hand-to-chest position on, like the feeling of heartache to his neck.
  Pei Naochun guess, old man, reckoned met some not-so-wonderful story, I am afraid that the outcome wi杭州夜网ll be very tragic, can make a well-prepared psychologically, he is listening when the old man finished telling his own story, that his hands have been involuntarily clenched into a fist, red with rage.
  This happened back in the old man’s story, indeed for the manufacture of personal tragedy.
  This time, Pei Naochun to enter the world, is based on a compilation of documentary adapted from the interview, the name “Human and Hell”, which is divided into a total of ten chapters, each with a different hero tells a different story , according to the authors wrote in the introduction of the article, these stories are realistic prototypes, plus some re-creation is complete, which called “life-saving drugs” in this section, but after being triggered users upload pictures numerous controversy and discussion.
  Hero, is in town to settle a B Pei’s family, and most of them live in the city indistinguishable, live a normal life – common phrase, to quote a spread to the statement on the network, the family occasional minor illnesses like the common cold, can never ill health, headed the owner of the original body and his wife Fang Lin Mo has a stable job l都市体验网ot of people envy, salary is not too low, the only son of Pei hero knees, playing pee and obedient motivated, pressing all th

o retire, he wondered after retirement, he has more time to be able to spend time with his granddaughter.

  His good knife, cut and raised watermelon is also very neat, cutting things when he could not help but glanced at the hands of a watch, now approaching five in the afternoon, and how not to go home wife Fang Lin Mo?
  To speak of the devil, he cut watermelon just finished out, it was the home doorbell rang, Peitong Tong bouncing da da ran past, tip-toe and open the door, this is probably every child can be lit in the open talent, the door opened, it was a sweat of Fang Lin Mo, her hand holding a large box, direct door, heavily on the ground, panting side hand side Mohan.
  ”Hot day, you do not stay at home, go out one afternoon doing it?By the time heat stroke and see how you do?”Pei Naochun frown.
  ”I am not out to do for you?”Fang Lin Mo a little bit embarrassed, but soon it confidently,” I am busy with my career is!She prospective you have a job, I北京夜网‘m also not allowed to have a career ah?Do not worry, I will not delay things at home!”She threw a glowing, affectionately rub in the past,” Come on, glowing kiss grandma.”
  Peitong Tong immediately sent a wet kiss, shyly covered her mouth and laughed.
  Pei Naochun looked at his wife holding a glowing sofa that went to, his face did not turn a good sign, he just quietly staring at the boxes on the ground, which is what air conditioning unit carton boxes, at the moment being wide open mouth, vaguely see a box inside a box of stuff, then a closer look, will be able to see the “sunshine is good” message.
  Of course he knew what it was, the sun is not a good sign it’s something?This stuff is ruined house.
  When close your eyes, Pei Naochun has prepared a total of twenty such programs, intends to take a good curse a curse Sao operation 0都市体验网09, may this mountain there are mountain high, he has not had time to speak, to feel a black eyes , opened his eyes and in that familiar dark space.
  Yes, 009, can you.
  He angrily thou

steam oven, if no air conditioning, the wind blowing out are warming up almost the.

  ”Grandpa Grandpa, I want to eat watermelon!”Sitting small bench, firmly occupies the opposite position of the fan grumbles Peitong Tong Road, she shed a lot of sweat, to help her mother out the door carefully combed the flow of the sea, now all firmly attached to the forehead, such as water can be squeezed.
  The head of the TV, they were playing chess game, in short, you single-handedly I single-handedly, most people do not understand the.
  Pei Naochun also a sweat, old man wearing a white vest, he put his hand was very large straw-old fan, is a one to.
  He turned his attention away from the 南宁夜网TV and see that cute little granddaughter, became a soft heart directly: “Ok, my grandfather gave you cut the watermelon.”But not only bad cop,” You girl, how can always do away from the fan so close, and so gave the blow ill.”
  ”Not you!”Peitong Tong rare revolt, she wished I would stick together and fans, opened his mouth in front of a fan shouted: ‘ah -‘ This does not sound harsh, not too big, she just liked my voice does get fan get deformed wave-ah?what?Up look, then giggled, happy was not, the child’s happiness is that simple.
  Pei Naochun could not help but be amused, glowing own best in the world is really cute, and gave the lad next to the gods what he does not change, he can not reveal the surface, just past a fairly light of the granddaughter Diliu up, on the sofa that: “obediently sat, grandfather to cut melon you go.”
  P深圳桑拿网eitong Tong grumbles, but still did not work against and grandpa, obediently nodded, with a small adult camel confessed: “That grandfather Kuaiqukuaihui Oh, be careful, very sharp knife, not to hurt.”
  ”it is good.”
  As a grandfather of Filial Piety, Pei Naochun that go immediately into the kitchen, son and dau杭州桑拿洗浴ghter own business hard, they have to go to work Saturday, granddaughter this time there are a lot of staying here, counting the days Pei Naochun’ll be able t

eryone’s attention.

  ”.Here is what I learned responsibility, but also learned the approval of others can bring me much sense of accomplishment, I can say that the basis of all success, is the first high school built in the small town.”
  Amplifying the effect of the venue well, until very far away can be heard clearly.
  ”He is right not it nice?”XU Xiao Bai could not help saying.
  ”You This is the eye of the beholder.”Chong Wen also retorted, but soon, he made a correction,” but I also think it was good, Who is he, he’s my boss, and now the tech industry, the future of the rich class people!Joke, certainly row, you ask the court, some people do not think 深圳桑拿网he is right?”He does not know what kind of strength in the proud.
  ”I feel so too.”Gentle male voice behind the two men sounded particularly familiar, they also look back,Surprise opened his eyes..
  Pei Naochun now also carrying half height of luggage: “I held up transfer point in time, but fortunately did not miss.”He also loo都市夜网k to the future, still looking at the elegance of the man, he certainly felt good, this is his baby son.
  From youth to man, Pei Yiming grow impeccable.
  ”Well, well, we Three Musketeers and fit in the small city of the first junior high school today.”Zhuang Pei Wen smiled Lanzhu Naochun, but he glanced XU Xiao-white make up immediately,” but now is three plus one, plus coffee mate, fighting double.”
  Teenage girls will grow up and will slowly learn to be independent to face the world, and then be able to go forward with its own partner, long life, the perfect no set style.
  [Twenty-seventh evaluation of the world qualified.]

204 Chapter universal health care products (a)?(three)
  Summer, that arrogant sun floating in the air, can not wait for all the water to drain, place as long as he appeared, most people are shunned, on北京夜网ly a little shade to dignitaries from this light toss.
  It’s old district, from the early years, a building also 67-storey, good lighting, which means the room, almost like a

e ask you on behalf of the principal outstanding alumni say a word, to tell you about your life experience, learning experience, give your music.brothers, shed some light.”

  ”Nothing goes to the temple, W北京SPA会所u only when something happens to think of my monitor.”
  ”That is, do not go?”Wu asked Tiaomei.
  ”Go, Wu told us, I absolutely perfect job done!”
  Hearing this, Wu immediately laughed, and now a hundred jin of Iron Palm shot down, almost to Pei Yiming to shoot down, he embarrassed smile, he took a few people in the past, arranged the seats, Pei Yiming fear of pressure he came to power the same way on foot to go.
  Many people today, seats are not enough, XU Xiao Zhuang Wen also saw white and to have pregnant women and children, they make up a direct seat, no seat went behind the trees there, looked at the front of the celebration is about to begin opening ceremony, and once they return to school, all kinds of memories are on the heart.
  President is still the president, but a lot of old, white hair also followed; the forme深圳桑拿网r headmaster who menacing people are still there, just became bald Mediterranean appearance; the next class who looks good-natured and good-looking Lee teacher, has now escalated into a long period of being in command of the order that can not see the front of the shy look.
  And after a series of links, often at the podium that had been forced to call on to do 国旗下讲话 youth, school uniforms for doing a suit, he went directly to the stage, he adjusted the height of the microphone, looked familiar and unfamiliar scene, opening a smile.
  ”.Please look left, right in this building Zhicheng left side of your library, including.Are you trying to say that I have many times I went upstairs studying figure?No, in fact the building was donated my home, my school year, students are preferential places get here in time into the school, I南宁夜网 never thought, after I look like life, for me , life carpe diem, that is all.”
  He stood there, not at all shy to slowly draw ev