“If this is the uninhabited islands, you have a way to leave it?”

  Donna sighed: “It can only fight the aircraft down.”
  Yu Ze: “.”
  Hope things do not develop to that step.
  Coastline never seem to go finish, I do not know how long to go, sight or less the same, only the sea can not see a passing ship, even in heaven, nor plane flew.
  The only difference is that the sun gradually came to a horizon, the night enveloped the earth began.
  Yu Ze prompt decision camped at the beach.
  He chose a plateau at the beach, let Donna sat down on a stone post, he dived into the woods to find a lot of branches out.
  Donna shocked: “What are you doing?”
  ”When night comes, I do not know the island has no beast, the fire on the first point to say.”Yu Ze side of the firewood piled up, while saying:” Bonfire night also let pass by here we find the aircraft or vessel.”
  Donna what to say, Zhang of the mouth, finally closed.
  He spoke nothing wrong reason, she did not object.
  Yu Ze good hands after the pyre of wood, but also got into the jungle not far from his back and forth several times, finally gathering together enough firewood burning night.
  He worked as a laborer, Donna negative

he led a booming.”

  Pei Yiming heart sank, I do not know why, he kind of deep sense of foreboding.
  ”.So, I will point to a few names, you have to be a model to the students Well!Come, come Yiming, which is less you can not complete.”Wu take the lead in applause, was flattered, he admired Chen had Pei Yiming so fly skeleton staff has been a long time, and now come full circle, this envious of students, or to his hands, he may have to make good use of each other’s talent.
  Pei Yiming surprised a moment, he always felt that some surprisingly familiar lines, can be their own heart, he tried to resist: “I think this kind of opportunity, or to let the other students exercise more exercise.”
  ”Well Yiming, do not be modest, I believe we are like me, you certainly can do that!”Wu applauded the lead up, he’d put it in good fait北京会所体验网h, talented people will shine, we already saw.
  With this, Pei Yiming finally understand this inexplicable sense of familiarity come from, and a year ago, he was not that itWhat is the upper arch Chen do?
  ”Yiming big squad, red duck!”Chong Wen also as a professional brother, hit the front and immediately calls for the boss.
  ”Yiming, refueling!”Pei Naochun fist encouragement, laughed within herself.
  He also refused to do the room?Pei Yiming incarnation smirk boy, helpless to stand up, too, which monitor the hat, again at an alarming rate to his head flew from this set, the end of the third year are estimated Nabuxialai.
  So Pei Yiming so it became squad leader.
  ”Squad leader, it is my money.”XU Xiao Bai came from the next group, hands still muzzled, two days before she was to leave fever, missed this notice.
  ”OK, it wou苏州夜网ld have paid all.”Pei Yiming has picked last in the book, looked up at XU Xiao-white and fragile to explain,” If there is anything I can do, remember to say, do not try to be brave.”He went to a lingering fear now, we have a good day on the course, XU Xiao Wang Zhuoshang a white lie, actually fainted burned, shocked the whole class.