XU Xiao Bai immediately nod, which she has been subjected to countless first few times to help the squad leader, the confrontation moved from the grace of the book of the year, behind and to the small fry.And then the other day, after she fainted and monitor Pei Naochun classmates took her back to school medical room, which she said thank you I do not know how many times.

  Really not to return.
  ”Squad.”XU Xiao-Min Chun sip white, courage,” Before now, I have been very troublesome to you, the day before yesterday fainted, and you’ve worked hard to help me back, did you like something to drink, I give you to buy a drink okay?”
  The village behind the text also heard, can not help but show of hands: “I have no?”
  XU Xiao-white surprised a moment, nodded: “Yes, when I went to buy together, thank you.”This is probably the girls mind, and in fact several times before she has let people secretly central apples, milk and stuff thanks to the trio, her heart may faint, of Pei Yiming is a little ignorant girl’s emotions, I could not help but think of some of the other more special.
  She wanted to know what he likes to eat what fruit.
  She w北京风月网ould like to know before sending milk, he had not noticed that his tastes are not the same and another two bottles.
  She wanted to know.
  Obviously did not mind the exact answer, not perception action and small mind, what seems to quietly leak.
  ”Are you so poor soft drinks?”Pei Naochun sent not rolling his eyes, took a turn from the next village wen, his first look at this campus TV serials relish, and without affecting the performance, in the case of psychology, there is a partnership of common progress, not errand, he has been secretly watching, said the fall in love scenes appear in the end when.
  Unfortunately, this son of their own stupid brain circuits.The next was kind enough to bring a variety of crooked thinking Zhuang wen, the two joined together, it really is invincible.
  Chong Wen also puzzled looked in the past, thi北京体验网s is not