to say thank you?That he is to be thanked ah?But his clever head melon quickly thought of the answer: “You want to drink right?Xiaobai, Naochun also helped back How about you, he has no part?”

  ”.Has.”XU Xiao-white, of course promised, her little eyes on him shift Pei Yiming not open.
  Pei Yiming can never follow common sense out the card, he just frowned and lo无锡夜网oked in the past, quite seriously, said: “XU Xiao Bai, Wu yesterday said it Fucai?To comment civilized campus, with a thorough investigation into the recent acts of campus drink, that time to the point of being arrested!”
  ”.”Pei Naochun just yet flattered expression immediately became reluctant, he’d be able to understand his son to comply with norms, how can you say so, it will not modify your tone?
  ”Besides, if the drink spilled on the floor of the class, cleaning will be very hard, when the duty of students to also burden.”Having said that, Pei Yiming understand from a high in 2011 and his father every day, Wen also left to do with health, is also facing a variety of wonderful situation, some students do not sweep up chewing gum out on the floor, have a drink, coffee to endure a sticky gooey, have somehow do a bunch of small scraps of paper on the ground, in short, only do health, we know that these acts are more than spanking.
  ”Ok.”XU Xiao Bai reluctantly smiled, and she thought,” that or we go out after school, I buy you, that ye Naicha?”She began to think about the school gate Which milk better to drink some.
  ”No it.”Pei Yimin上海419论坛g immediately rejected,” we are not to help you drink your tea, faint text or whether you have or someone else, we will help all the same, we are all students mom!What care do so!”Before XU Xiao Bai quietly sent a small gift has been received, in Pei Yiming heart, which is enough, what what need to treat it?This does not seem to care about it he was?
  Chong Wen also immediately raised their hands: “It’s okay, he does not drink I drink!”He silly smile, white tea earn feeling qui