te happy.

  Pei Yiming first glance, like a band of murderous: “You have not the slightest awareness, help people busy people still have to drink tea?”
  ”I do not drink do not drink.”Chong Wen also immediately surrender,” XU Xiao-white, then I do not drink, you keep yourself Drink!”He wondered Today’s dinner partner, it is better to choose a good tea.
  XU Xiao Bai This time do not know what to say, just subtle smile, turned away.
  Along with her departure, Pei Naochun a direct knock his head on the table, and se深圳桑拿网nt not accompanied by a wailing.
  ”what happened to you?”Pei Yiming little worried.
  ”It’s nothing.”Pei Naochun this sentence is almost squeezed out from between his teeth, he looked at his son, really want to ask, the child’s head in the end who is from that the species of.
  In the original body and memory, the pre-Pei Yiming is苏州夜网 relatively straight male brain, feelings of sensitivity about equal to 0, may in effect bridge and mutual companionship role, he finally slowly to face his own feelings, and to respond to the initiative signal of.
  In this life, Pei Yiming signal head, probably totally one-way, frantically signals of external transport do not want to love.
  Pei Naochun to what happened before now recalled, have wanted to face clutching.
  XU Xiao-white in the initiative to put forward, together to form study groups, to the library to study hall, Pei Yiming immediately refused, he also casually back and Pei Naochun Tucao, he said multi-cultural individuals also can not properly help Pei trouble spring make up classes, ah really makes sense.
  XU Xiao Bai fell down the stairs at the time, the injury is not serious she intended limped down the 北京会所体验网stairs for exercise, Pei Yiming take the initiative to help her find a teacher to be a fake article, and told her to take rest in the classroom.The day after day, Pei Naochun just in the corner of the wall that heard the conversation the two men.
  ”Thank you for helping me for leave that day, otherwise I probably wou