ld pay more serious Easily.”

  ”You’re welcome, I want you to come to the same table.”Pei Yiming This answer neat – although not to the same table, even if the other party, he will help, but in his view, is to seek truth from facts, which is how is how.
  Obvious to all of XU Xiao-white in he found the subject: “the squad leader, you will progress quickly from a high start academic performance, but also very focused to invest in learning, I can assure you learn, you have to ask what tips i杭州桑拿t?”
  ”but.I admitted to you than poor ah?”Pei Yiming looked confused,” If I have to say, it should ask wen?He is better than I managed to get point.”
  Like scene between XU Xiao Pei Yiming and white occurred numerous times, so far, the relationship between the two, the students still common.
  Pei Naochun even once feel, their own little boy does the hate this girl, his home and his son suggestively mentioned sentence: “You say, how we XU Xiao-class whites?”
  Hearing this, immediately Pei Yiming face had changed, very ugly: “Dad, I do not accept, you gave me to find peers do Mom!Even if you are really looking for, but also to find a line of older point ‘?”
  Upon hearing this Pei Naochun asked what he could do, and he can only fool the son, and the table from the determination, in short, his stepmother to find no meanin深圳桑拿网g to his son, to hear this difference did not refer to the guarantee by heaven , Pei Yiming finally relieved, calm down, and within the next month, all the same age female students, including within the XU Xiao-white to enhance vigilance, lest they be Quxianjiuguo, by his own father to close.
  Face of these circumstances都市兔兔体验网, Pei Naochun just want to say: “Why do you always think that many places do not want, should not think too many places Luanxiang?”
  Of course he did not say these words, just quietly watching his son to continue to grow, if predestined, that they will be together after all, you do not need others to interfere.
  Hanlaishuwang, year after year