, historic small city first middle school, and finally ushered in the sixtieth anniversary celebration, in order to meet this time of celebration, at the school under a heavy book, prepare half and half before that he once began to contact alumni, hope that we can in this special day, look back to campus.

  At school a little more deeply qualifications of teachers, most of them have reached the level of students everywhere, and their mouth, so a teacher also often hung Standard: “You are my passing worst session.”At the same time, teachers also often mention some, are treated as the benchmark legend,” you had the seniors XX / sister school, I teach during the reading, very motivated after graduation to enter the University of XX, now.”In short, the purpose is very simple, is to set a good goal, these still do not know the future will be directed at this benc苏州桑拿hmark go all out in which students.
  For teachers, there is no more than to see their own to teach students to create a new day more proud of things.
  And with all the Wu classes, so basically we heard several names – Pei Yiming, Chong Wen also, Naochun Pei, XU Xiao-white, they often appear in Wu’s mouth, play different roles, including understanding, superior ability the squad leader; diligent, come from behind Pei Naochun; lively temper, Chuang Wen also among the best; meticulous man, in the first paragraph of XU Xiao-white, which also interspersed with a variety of stories between them.
  There are even ear almost from the cocoon of student unbearable at school post bar Tucao: “On the Wu in the end when his men to stop telling stories of four kings?”” Wu word to prove that you are taught – four kings.”” Old Wu’s class meeting: the c杭州桑拿ontents of five minutes, twenty minutes four kings story.”
  Although they are not on campus, campus may still have their legends.
  ”Yiming, how did not come today Naochun?”Chuang Wen Pei Yiming and also at the school gate and will be, stuck his hand pocket, puzzled and asked,” celebra