to get out of this step.”

  Pei Naochun Initially, only hope that his son has the most basic self-reliance and self-protection capabilities, so do not be makin people, can kick, he slowly found, self up Pei Yiming, turned into another man, he began have certain ambitions for the future have their own expectations, no longer dependent on his father left the property, he also began his own career and life, with planning.
  That being the case, he will naturally be supported in the end.
  Pei Yiming silent for a long time, he watched his father: “I worry about failure, I do not know if I can do it.”
  Pei Naochun see him suddenly smiled: “That’s not you and me?Although I am better than before, and yet an easy to use brick, you can play a considerable role, again, even if you fail, you are my most precious son.”
  He lingered to Pei Yim佛山桑拿网ing sent a final boost for the Blessings.
  Then is frantically business, in fact, the process of entrepreneurship, the father did not make any recommendations actively, he is more like a supporter, every time when Pei Yiming wandering, he will be behind, to look at the past to encourage and then he said: “want to do, just do it.”He is responsible for his son move forward when running, a little bit stuffed omissions, then guided his son to think, in the end why these problems.
  With the success of the company, Pei Yiming has become more and more mature, he slowly, no longer need to look back, even wandering, but also in the estimation bravely taken that step after a good maximum loss, encountered a problem, Jing Xiaxin to summarize reflection, he gradually learned how to deal with all the problems themselves.
  ”Son, I have to go.”Th北京风月网at morning, Pei Naochun suddenly into his office, as before every return to discuss things like,” You’ve grown up.”
  At that moment, Pei Yiming is fear and anxiety, he stood up, the delay can not sit down.
  ”Like I was saying, this time as stolen, I most fear is that, when you have not grown up, they are forced, pai杭州桑拿