d do not like to go there to help Dad, but not interested in doing business, brother, big brother like what you think??”

  Ruan Zhiwen eyes flashed complex, “Brother like guns!”Big Brother □□ a hand made of wood, he kept for many years, very often, trance and they will do the wood □□ quietly look out!
  And that a wood □□, is then tetra home, big brother to do.
  No baby brother.
  Nguyen rain relieved smile, “Let the big brother to do something you enjoy is not good?”
  ”Milk does not agree!”Ruan Zhiwen moved his lips,” Dad will not agree!”They’re old Ruan because the army lost two people, one of his grandfather, is a tetra.
  To a lost lif杭州桑拿e, a life and death do not know.
  Army word for old Ruan, it wanted the river, is a taboo.
  Nguyen rain face flash of decisive, “I will let grandma and dad agreed!”Brother’s wish, she will help him complete.
  This time Ruanzhi Wen impress.
  He seems to feel that they first met as young girl.
  The young girl has always been suc杭州桑拿洗浴h a!
  Even when she was young, her idea is very positive, if bent to do something, no one can stop her.
  Like when she returned late Ruan Ling Jiang, river patrol late when Ruan people do not agree, because one more person out, it means that more of a ration.
  But the young girl still do.
  Not only patrol the river late, Ruan also allows people to accept the late River.
  Today, the.
  They say they do not know how long, originally from the back yard ready to hold a straw standing in the corner of Ruan Zhiwu blankly, eyes floating on a layer of water vapor inside, he stared, “the young girl.”This family is not the best understanding of his daily life and his younger brother, nor is his birth raised his parents, but the young girl!
  A silly young girl for three years.
  Ruan Zhiwu always wanted to join the army, but these wo杭州桑拿rds how he said they do not export.
  Used to be a young girl because of silly, three bedrooms people need to take care of the young girl.
  And I do not know tetra life and death, he propose