he also has the ability to re-rebuilt it all.

  ”Now you are in pairs, just me and a loner slightly Naochun.”After graduating from university serving to stay in the village 深圳桑拿网Wen also said jokingly.
  Pei Yiming immediately retorted: “You’re looking objects themselves, do not encourage my cousin.”Keke, he is now able to accept their father also have happy, but if Dad Wen also went to a blind date, to find the little girl, I am afraid his ‘stepmother’ to be smaller than him.
  ”You can rest assured cutting, he kaolinite flowers, be sure that not even the return of tourism to return home, I can not control him.”Chong Wen also hum a bit Pei Yiming.
  ”You just hum me?”Pei Yiming looked in the past, eyes with a threat.
  ”I was wrong I was wrong, I surrender boss!”Chong Wen also ran laughing, Pei Yiming blow one finger, so he immediately throw in the towel, it seems no matter how many years past, the boss is still the boss.
  XU Xiao Bai drinking tea, looking behind, I could not stop laughing –
  She long ag南宁夜生活网o, the idea of life is complete and detailed, her desire to have a perfect life step by step, I hope lover encountered, as in her request you can reach the high score.
  At that time she wants to encounter is what kind of people do?It may not be more than successful, but at least make a well-off family, courtly man, mature, always gave her life navigator.
  But life, it seems to be a little deviation is only interesting.
  Suddenly as it came and crisis “savior” suddenly appeared, it broke into her life, her intellect and planning completely off track, at the beginning, she was tangled, and even doubt, people should not be in life, always it is to choose the optimal solution?Like the first test efforts to good schools, eighty percent of what the world can use the data analysis, professional employment rate, enrollment rate, future prospects; the school’s alumni distributed, well-known Alumni Achievement.Even find the object, too, is not powerful combination, should not hold bac