Pei Yiming can not, he is definitely not the kind of standard of good student, he was a little straight male, totally did not get the little girl thought, it looks good to anyone, but can not the slightest central air conditioning, and others will remain essential distance; he is not mature enough, the university and also what the boss Chuang Wen also play the game, entrepreneurial inspiration, but also from their favorite games; he even did not know considerate in love, when she encountered the深圳桑拿网 problem, not law gives feasible suggestions to solve the problem, just so silly squatting with her, that she may vent a small temper, ugly cold to a variety of equipment, up until her laugh.
  This may not be perfect, but she has become a perfect life.
  Pei Yiming Zhuang Wen also just finished renovation, the pleasant return to the future quasi beside his wife, he smiled and leaned over: “At that time, we came to this wedding photographs, OK?I read a lot online, from school to marriage, so do we.”
  The sun shines on his face, lit his color is not too dark eyelashes have launched some light, XU Xiao Bai looked in the past, nodded his head: “Good.”
  This is the first legitimate charming atmosphere, Chong Wen also eat a dog food when far away came the breathless male voice: “Pei Yiming, Chong Wen also, XU Xiao Bai -”
  Trio back together, see familiar figure, ah increase the version, they can not forget the face of Wu.
  They came back twice in a pedestrian teacher to visit his alma mater, he also witnessed the fat of course Wu, Pei Yiming could not help but opened the joke: “Old Wu, let’s see how long this done, thou wide-body body fat ah?”
 杭州桑拿 Wu did not care, watching his protege flattered, he and everyone Laoke the first two, then he clung Pei Yiming hand: “squad leader, I have to trouble you that.”
  This familiar call, could not help but hesitated to Pei Yiming: “Wu, you should be doing it again?”
  ”Before outstanding alumni who ask, the plane was delayed can not come, let m