4 signals suggest women have a good opinion of you

4 signals suggest women have a good opinion of you

Being good to me is like me, this is the way boys think.

But for girls, gentleness may just be a small mask, and the true small signal is often expressed elsewhere.

  1. When talking to you, which direction does your body face?

  No matter how she smiles cheerfully, her words are beautiful, and to know if she likes you, first look at her body orientation.

  When sitting, even if her upper body is paying attention to you, as long as her feet are facing in the opposite direction from you, or if they are gathered up properly, it means that her heart has not been given to you yet.

  If you are standing and talking, look at the distance between the two.

Generally speaking, within 50 centimeters is an intimate distance.

But, slowly go to prison and look at her body language, is it defensive?

For example, do you have a lot of money?

If not, she is basically not alert to you.

  2. The performance on the farewell was about to break up. Some kind of, already arrived at the station. You walked in two directions. After she went out two or three steps, did she turn around to see you?

If she just walks away like this and doesn’t look back, it means that you are just pure friendship.

(Subordinate relationship, customer relationship, another matter) 3, do not lie before asking her the simplest question, what you like to eat, what you don’t like to eat.

What you need to observe at this time is her sight.

There is a set of sight theories that when people like and dislike these two emotions, the direction of their eyes is unconscious but specific.

So, to know her emotional baseline, remember the direction of the eyes of “like” and “dislike”.

  Next, ask a question that will connect her with you in a natural way.

For example, ask her if she wants to go to a restaurant with you?

At this time, to observe the direction of her gaze again, does it belong to “like” or “dislike”?

You know if she really wants to date you.

  No matter how good her mouth is, if the sight is not the one that “likes”, sorry, this may be just social etiquette.

  4. Text message frequency You are still testing your mind, try to send text messages that have nothing to do with work and business.

If you reply immediately, explain your feelings to each other; if you reply within two or three hours, add a sentence, “Busy work, I’m sorry I just saw it”, you can continue to pursue.

  Instead, I suggest you give up.

(The other person doesn’t like text messages, let alone another) If she often texts with you, she also likes to send photos, so which store is she in now, what interesting things do you see, etc.?

  Favor is expressed by body language, not by mouth.

Even if it’s just a walk together, if the other party has you in her heart, you can see if her pace and the rhythm are in line with you.