6 fatal injuries that easily lead to postpartum weight loss failure


6 fatal injuries that easily lead to postpartum weight loss failure

Many female friends may find that he is harder to lose weight than he is obese, but he is successful, and he is still a fat girl.

Is it better for boys to lose weight than girls? Is it easy?

Don’t worry, Xiaobian analyzes the girl who made some fatal injury on the road to lose weight, which hinders you from losing weight.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€1.Emotional people often hear people say that girls like to have a small temper, and they are not good at moving!

Be careful!

This is a fatal injury to weight loss!

Because once the mood is low, some people will relieve their emotions by eating and drinking. Even if they don’t eat and drink, when they are in a bad mood, you still have to think about how many cards you eat today. How to eat the minimum fat?

Therefore, please try to keep your mood steady when you lose weight, don’t let the bad mood break your weight loss plan!


The weak willners of the willpower according to the obese patients who came to consult, found that many boys, once determined to slim down, always wind and rain, without fear of any difficulties, adhere to the implementation, so the rate of weight loss is much higher than the girls.

In contrast, girls often feel that losing weight is too painful, too much trouble, and there is no perseverance to continue.


Family factors interfere with girls who have already become mothers or married women. Maybe because of children, they can’t control food and drink consistently. Even if they see things that children can’t finish, they can’t help but clear them!

Although boys may also have such a trap, in the Eastern society, there are of course more girls who are responsible for family affairs interventions and interfere with weight loss programs!


Girls with a strong self-esteem are better than boys for their appearance. If you want to be fat, wear sportswear and jog outside, play, can you endure the pointing of others?

But most boys, even if they are overweight, dare to go outdoors, in order to lose weight successfully, endure the strange eyes of others, and in the future to get rid of the excess meat, everyone will look at me!


Changhe sisters go out to drink afternoon tea. You must rarely see a group of boys around to have afternoon tea!

But we must often see girls and three out of five friends go out shopping, chat and have a cup of afternoon tea, in fact, this is a big reason why girls’ weight loss rate is lower than boys!

The West Point of the afternoon tea is not low, and the food and drinks that are hungry, thirsty, and all these high-content things are all in the stomach. Is it really possible to lose weight?


Unsustainable movements often see many boys playing or jogging on the sports field or in the park. Although the number of girls has increased recently, girls are significantly less than men.

Dietitians say that most girls don’t like sports, and this is the biggest failure that causes weight loss failure!

Especially fat girls, do not like to show up outside, and the sports will become a lot of sweat, the body sticks together, so that girls do not like it; boys do not care, sweating does not matter, as long as the movement to have a sense of pleasureNow!

So I want to lose weight like the boys, please exercise a lot!

Put on a light sportswear and sneakers and get rid of the excess meat outside!