Anticipated anxiety makes candidates heart tired

Anticipated anxiety makes candidates “heart tired”

Phenomenon: If the heart is too tired, it is a tiring reaction. Li Hequn, a professor at the Mental Health and Clinical Psychology Department of Tianjin Medical College, who provides psychological counseling to Xiao Xin, said that Xiao Xin’s state has entered a period of psychological fatigue.
  On the one hand, it is a psychological boredom reaction caused by long repeated review; on the other hand, it is also a manifestation of excessive tension and anxiety.
The anxiety caused by the college entrance examination belongs to anticipatory anxiety. The closer to the expectation, the higher the level of anxiety, and the greater the psychological fatigue response. Therefore, such psychological counseling has increased recently.
If such a review state is not adjusted, the effect is very poor.
  Some candidates told the psychiatrist distressedly: every day they repeated mechanically, and felt that their life was dull and boring, and it was hard to stick to it.
Thinking of being far from the ideal university in my mind, I feel depressed, and finally understand what it means to be inadequate. What should I do?
The answer given by Li Hequn is: find the excitement point for his review; determine the goal closest to his strength; do not imagine the consequences of the college entrance examination failure in advance.
  Investigating: Examination candidates have different excitement points. Li Hequn and several psychologists conducted a clinical survey in response to the psychological boredom that seriously affected candidates before the college entrance examination.
The results show that some candidates feel that the review of their weaknesses is more effective, while the other candidates feel that the review of their strengths is more rewarding. The proportion of students in the two groups is almost the same.
The survey also showed that for subjects with good review results, candidates tended to be more excited and motivated, and felt more rewarding, while many candidates were more irritable.
  Li Hequn pointed out that candidates should arrange review based on personal circumstances, interests and desires, rather than forcing themselves.
The college entrance examination is approaching, and it is a wise choice to review more subjects that have been harvested.
Of course, this is not to give up subjects with poor learning interest, but to reasonably arrange review time and give more space for review of subjects that can become exciting points.
If a subject enters a period of mental fatigue, it seems that it has been reviewed to a high level, and it can no longer be surpassed. You can find some classic and refined questions to do.
In this process, I basically encountered the content that I have come into contact with before, but it is the so-called learning new things. When learning a lot of knowledge, there may be many different experiences and experiences, which will make you re-inspire the enthusiasm for review.
  Reminder: Do n’t be afraid of failure in advance. “If you do n’t get a good college entrance exam, you will be over.” The predictive fear of college entrance examination failure is an important factor for many candidates who feel exhausted.
Psychologists believe that this is actually a bad mentality that amplifies failure.
Many people think that those who have won the college entrance examination are very smart. In fact, they are very ordinary. Some people have never even passed the first grade.
But they have one thing in common: a peaceful mindset.
  Li Hequn said that the reason why many candidates are so anxious, impetuous, or even unable to sleep because they ca n’t sleep, is that this fear of failing the exam is an attitude that amplifies the excessive fear.
However, due to long-term study before the college entrance examination, a single lifestyle can easily cause psychological fatigue. Although this psychological fatigue may not be physiological fatigue, it may cause inhibition of intellectual exertion.
The predictive fear of failure intertwined with mental fatigue is even less likely to bring about a good review.
  The strength and mentality of the college entrance examination are indispensable.
If it is said that the level of candidates’ mastery and application of knowledge is the basis for the success of the college entrance examination, and it is the hardware, then the state of mind adjustment is the software for the success of the college entrance examination.
It can make candidates perform normally, or make them perform abnormally or abnormally.
Many “comers” said that 70% of the college entrance examination success depends on the mentality.
How can you have a good mentality by making various assumptions about the situation after the failure before the exam.
  Li Hequn said that in order to adjust the mentality, two aspects must be paid attention to. One is to reasonably determine the target closest to his own strength based on the model test situation, which will help build self-confidence; the second is to relax properly and take a break when tiredIt ‘s okay to sleep for a while while you ‘re sleepy; your brain feels numb during the review. You may wish to look for a favorite “free book” and read for a while after you move your body.
A reasonable learning plan should be followed, but don’t be too sloppy, it can be done flexibly according to your physical condition.
Even if the school is arbitrarily arranged for late self-study, if you really feel that you are not in good shape, you may wish to take a vacation and relax and adjust your status before completing the original review plan.
  Method The most effective way to soothe mental movements. I ca n’t study anymore and I have to be scrupulous. This is a review state for many candidates, and it is also an important cause of psychological boredom.
In this regard, Yan Hong, director of the Psychosomatic Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that if you don’t feel you can learn, it is better to do exercise, which is a good way to relieve the state of stress adjustment.
  Yan Hong said that almost all children preparing for the college entrance examination have stayed away from sports, which is an abnormal state.
Some people think that candidates’ minds are all focused on intensive studies. In addition to reviewing or reviewing every day, how can they take care of exercise.
In fact, students need more exercise during the review.
Whether from the perspective of physiological sciences or psychological sciences, excitement and inhibition are the rules of cerebral cortex activity. Only the combination of work and rest can improve the review efficiency.
Sports is a very effective medicine with no side effects for relieving stress. It can not only store physical energy, but also more importantly is to be happy during exercise, to relieve stress, and to adjust people’s state more than eating supplements.
Candidates are generally under a lot of psychological stress. Running a few laps or skipping the rope when feeling bad can calm their emotions.However, it should be noted that candidates should not choose fierce events when exercising, and must concentrate their attention, and do not think about homework while exercising to avoid injury.

The best time to exercise is from 4 to 6 in the afternoon. This is the time when the human body has the best physiological functions. Exercise can exert more results with less effort.

Should exercise before going to sleep, so as not to be too excited after the impact of rest.

Keep warm during outdoor sports to prevent colds.