Pei Yiming can not, he is definitely not the kind of standard of good student, he was a little straight male, totally did not get the little girl thought, it looks good to anyone, but can not the slightest central air conditioning, and others will remain essential distance; he is not mature enough, the university and also what the boss Chuang Wen also play the game, entrepreneurial inspiration, but also from their favorite games; he even did not know considerate in love, when she encountered the深圳桑拿网 problem, not law gives feasible suggestions to solve the problem, just so silly squatting with her, that she may vent a small temper, ugly cold to a variety of equipment, up until her laugh.
  This may not be perfect, but she has become a perfect life.
  Pei Yiming Zhuang Wen also just finished renovation, the pleasant return to the future quasi beside his wife, he smiled and leaned over: “At that time, we came to this wedding photographs, OK?I read a lot online, from school to marriage, so do we.”
  The sun shines on his face, lit his color is not too dark eyelashes have launched some light, XU Xiao Bai looked in the past, nodded his head: “Good.”
  This is the first legitimate charming atmosphere, Chong Wen also eat a dog food when far away came the breathless male voice: “Pei Yiming, Chong Wen also, XU Xiao Bai -”
  Trio back together, see familiar figure, ah increase the version, they can not forget the face of Wu.
  They came back twice in a pedestrian teacher to visit his alma mater, he also witnessed the fat of course Wu, Pei Yiming could not help but opened the joke: “Old Wu, let’s see how long this done, thou wide-body body fat ah?”
 杭州桑拿 Wu did not care, watching his protege flattered, he and everyone Laoke the first two, then he clung Pei Yiming hand: “squad leader, I have to trouble you that.”
  This familiar call, could not help but hesitated to Pei Yiming: “Wu, you should be doing it again?”
  ”Before outstanding alumni who ask, the plane was delayed can not come, let m

he also has the ability to re-rebuilt it all.

  ”Now you are in pairs, just me and a loner slightly Naochun.”After graduating from university serving to stay in the village 深圳桑拿网Wen also said jokingly.
  Pei Yiming immediately retorted: “You’re looking objects themselves, do not encourage my cousin.”Keke, he is now able to accept their father also have happy, but if Dad Wen also went to a blind date, to find the little girl, I am afraid his ‘stepmother’ to be smaller than him.
  ”You can rest assured cutting, he kaolinite flowers, be sure that not even the return of tourism to return home, I can not control him.”Chong Wen also hum a bit Pei Yiming.
  ”You just hum me?”Pei Yiming looked in the past, eyes with a threat.
  ”I was wrong I was wrong, I surrender boss!”Chong Wen also ran laughing, Pei Yiming blow one finger, so he immediately throw in the towel, it seems no matter how many years past, the boss is still the boss.
  XU Xiao Bai drinking tea, looking behind, I could not stop laughing –
  She long ag南宁夜生活网o, the idea of life is complete and detailed, her desire to have a perfect life step by step, I hope lover encountered, as in her request you can reach the high score.
  At that time she wants to encounter is what kind of people do?It may not be more than successful, but at least make a well-off family, courtly man, mature, always gave her life navigator.
  But life, it seems to be a little deviation is only interesting.
  Suddenly as it came and crisis “savior” suddenly appeared, it broke into her life, her intellect and planning completely off track, at the beginning, she was tangled, and even doubt, people should not be in life, always it is to choose the optimal solution?Like the first test efforts to good schools, eighty percent of what the world can use the data analysis, professional employment rate, enrollment rate, future prospects; the school’s alumni distributed, well-known Alumni Achievement.Even find the object, too, is not powerful combination, should not hold bac

d do not like to go there to help Dad, but not interested in doing business, brother, big brother like what you think??”

  Ruan Zhiwen eyes flashed complex, “Brother like guns!”Big Brother □□ a hand made of wood, he kept for many years, very often, trance and they will do the wood □□ quietly look out!
  And that a wood □□, is then tetra home, big brother to do.
  No baby brother.
  Nguyen rain relieved smile, “Let the big brother to do something you enjoy is not good?”
  ”Milk does not agree!”Ruan Zhiwen moved his lips,” Dad will not agree!”They’re old Ruan because the army lost two people, one of his grandfather, is a tetra.
  To a lost lif杭州桑拿e, a life and death do not know.
  Army word for old Ruan, it wanted the river, is a taboo.
  Nguyen rain face flash of decisive, “I will let grandma and dad agreed!”Brother’s wish, she will help him complete.
  This time Ruanzhi Wen impress.
  He seems to feel that they first met as young girl.
  The young girl has always been suc杭州桑拿洗浴h a!
  Even when she was young, her idea is very positive, if bent to do something, no one can stop her.
  Like when she returned late Ruan Ling Jiang, river patrol late when Ruan people do not agree, because one more person out, it means that more of a ration.
  But the young girl still do.
  Not only patrol the river late, Ruan also allows people to accept the late River.
  Today, the.
  They say they do not know how long, originally from the back yard ready to hold a straw standing in the corner of Ruan Zhiwu blankly, eyes floating on a layer of water vapor inside, he stared, “the young girl.”This family is not the best understanding of his daily life and his younger brother, nor is his birth raised his parents, but the young girl!
  A silly young girl for three years.
  Ruan Zhiwu always wanted to join the army, but these wo杭州桑拿rds how he said they do not export.
  Used to be a young girl because of silly, three bedrooms people need to take care of the young girl.
  And I do not know tetra life and death, he propose

nfully grow up, I could not bear to face you alone alone of pressure on the world.But God for you, very good to me, I have for a long time, be able to make good with you, watching you excel the predecessors, grew up and became even I could not reach the way.”Pei Naochun look at this son, eyes full of pride,” And now you have enough energy to meet all the rain, you already have the ability to become a company mainstay of the family.”

  ”And that also means that I should leave.”Pei Naochun saw some panic so北京夜网n’s face, a smile to appease,” You see, how old are also like a child, you want to, how can a father is for life, others are retired father , it does not interest me to retire?I have to complete their dreams and planning, and you, a person must learn to face all the.”
  Pei Yiming relieved, he thought.
  ”A北京夜网t that time, I went sightseeing tour, you can stay at home to work and experiencing things, and I can still say that, but I retired, is only responsible for consolation, is not responsible for help, you know?”His old-fashioned authentic Chiu.
  Heard this, Pei Yiming has been clear, and his heart calculated, know, and my father had to accompany his little ten years, if converted into the former old father, now in his fifties he was almost sixty, is You may be ready to retire to rest.
  Yes ah, he can not always think of, there is no trust in the face of my father, he and anyone in the world, after all, have to learn the world.
  ”Well, I wish you a pleasant journey?”
  ”Definitely happy, my father and I wish you success in work, as soon as possible to make more money, I can let your dad enjoying their later years, lazy.”
  ”for sure.”
  Af广州桑拿网ter that, the withdrawal of neat Pei Naochun all management rights are on his body, a sort of start from nowhere suitable, he quickly back into his role, he discovered, had there have been a couple of years, Dad began to slowly no longer give him the opportunity to rely on.
  He can do it, this is his lay of the country, even if the fall,

to get out of this step.”

  Pei Naochun Initially, only hope that his son has the most basic self-reliance and self-protection capabilities, so do not be makin people, can kick, he slowly found, self up Pei Yiming, turned into another man, he began have certain ambitions for the future have their own expectations, no longer dependent on his father left the property, he also began his own career and life, with planning.
  That being the case, he will naturally be supported in the end.
  Pei Yiming silent for a long time, he watched his father: “I worry about failure, I do not know if I can do it.”
  Pei Naochun see him suddenly smiled: “That’s not you and me?Although I am better than before, and yet an easy to use brick, you can play a considerable role, again, even if you fail, you are my most precious son.”
  He lingered to Pei Yim佛山桑拿网ing sent a final boost for the Blessings.
  Then is frantically business, in fact, the process of entrepreneurship, the father did not make any recommendations actively, he is more like a supporter, every time when Pei Yiming wandering, he will be behind, to look at the past to encourage and then he said: “want to do, just do it.”He is responsible for his son move forward when running, a little bit stuffed omissions, then guided his son to think, in the end why these problems.
  With the success of the company, Pei Yiming has become more and more mature, he slowly, no longer need to look back, even wandering, but also in the estimation bravely taken that step after a good maximum loss, encountered a problem, Jing Xiaxin to summarize reflection, he gradually learned how to deal with all the problems themselves.
  ”Son, I have to go.”Th北京风月网at morning, Pei Naochun suddenly into his office, as before every return to discuss things like,” You’ve grown up.”
  At that moment, Pei Yiming is fear and anxiety, he stood up, the delay can not sit down.
  ”Like I was saying, this time as stolen, I most fear is that, when you have not grown up, they are forced, pai杭州桑拿

gh,” Tell us, how old Naoc杭州桑拿hun flying around the world?Tourism is so interesting it?IThis trio who need a fourth, more boring ah!”

  Almost three-year results, are admitted to the university in the capital, to play the best XU Xiao Pei Yiming and white into the same school when the college entrance examination, and Pei Wen Zhuang Naochun and they will be in accordance with their future life plans, selected schools and professional.
  In college, he and Pei Pei Yiming Naochun business together, opened a technology company, pioneering early, and what a hard, Chong Wen also go and play several times hard labor, to come all the way to the smooth development of the company, product margins are patent high, I heard another two years will be able to market.
  Only after the stability of the company, will take the initiative to Divestment Pei Naochun, let Pei Yimi南宁桑拿论坛ng mastered the entire management of the company, a position he retained only nominal, they start their global tour, and although we never lose Union, may also gradually become a mysterious man like existence.
  ”He has been like to travel.”Pei Yiming lips smile to explain,” he happy enough.”
  In fact, probably only he knows why the man will be clean served its purpose, and now began to enjoy my life.
  The reason is simple, because Pei Naochun was his father, the world probably has one and only one, as he was born, and he rotated around people.
  In college, Pei Yiming fact some hesitation, three years of experience and squad leader of the trio in a leading role, so that he can slowly take on the identity of “leadership”, with a certain amount of management skills, decision-making capacity, On the other hand, he is not self-bones, still there is always a need to push people.
  At that time my father approached the door, and he sat knee to knee with a long talk, Pei Naochun day, especially sincere eyes: “Yiming, you know, the future is in your hands, though not out of step by step will be very happy , Dad can see, you want

tion of this occasion, I thought he would not miss it.”

  Speaking of Dad, Pei Yiming can not help but look to the distance: “He ah.”
  ”He went to tour the cousin.”Arrived next to buy three bottles of tea XU Xiao-white came over, a man stuffed cup,” Well, tea of the year, now make up.”
  ”Is not it?So you never forget!”Chong Wen is also the face of an广州桑拿网 old friend still can not change the trip to have patience,” I was not unaware of it?You women really difficult to understand, can not have something to say so, it said that it was 杭州桑拿revenge, I wondered if I do not have that helped you do?”
  Recalls the moment when the message was received from the university, seems to be able to feel the feeling bolt from the blue, the village where the text is also conceivable, attended college for two years, will actually become his old schoolmate sister, and at first thought it was Pei Yiming XU Xiao-white in the same university, proximity and easier Chuang Wen also, for the first time after the party, truth or Dare only know the truth, the original in high school, they faint white XU Xiao aware of the feelings generated by itself, but every time she take the initiative to say something, it will be at Pei Yiming straight male brain and Chong Wen God assists the sink like a stone, until college, when she was again approached Pei Yiming thought, beyond imagination really resonated with the two, which finally came together.
  He did not realize that not only can, but also became obstacles, behind the village every time I see the text also changed the identity of XU Xiao-white were good burst of guilty conscience, afraid to look.
  ”And then you kidding.”XU Xiao Bai laughed, recalling the past now, just having fun, then each time it suffered a setback, will go back secretly to write a few words in the diary, almost every time, Chong Wen are also standard on time the villain.
  ”This is not to mention tea, taste really the same as before.”Drink in, like back to the past, Chuang Wen also pity si

, historic small city first middle school, and finally ushered in the sixtieth anniversary celebration, in order to meet this time of celebration, at the school under a heavy book, prepare half and half before that he once began to contact alumni, hope that we can in this special day, look back to campus.

  At school a little more deeply qualifications of teachers, most of them have reached the level of students everywhere, and their mouth, so a teacher also often hung Standard: “You are my passing worst session.”At the same time, teachers also often mention some, are treated as the benchmark legend,” you had the seniors XX / sister school, I teach during the reading, very motivated after graduation to enter the University of XX, now.”In short, the purpose is very simple, is to set a good goal, these still do not know the future will be directed at this benc苏州桑拿hmark go all out in which students.
  For teachers, there is no more than to see their own to teach students to create a new day more proud of things.
  And with all the Wu classes, so basically we heard several names – Pei Yiming, Chong Wen also, Naochun Pei, XU Xiao-white, they often appear in Wu’s mouth, play different roles, including understanding, superior ability the squad leader; diligent, come from behind Pei Naochun; lively temper, Chuang Wen also among the best; meticulous man, in the first paragraph of XU Xiao-white, which also interspersed with a variety of stories between them.
  There are even ear almost from the cocoon of student unbearable at school post bar Tucao: “On the Wu in the end when his men to stop telling stories of four kings?”” Wu word to prove that you are taught – four kings.”” Old Wu’s class meeting: the c杭州桑拿ontents of five minutes, twenty minutes four kings story.”
  Although they are not on campus, campus may still have their legends.
  ”Yiming, how did not come today Naochun?”Chuang Wen Pei Yiming and also at the school gate and will be, stuck his hand pocket, puzzled and asked,” celebra

ld pay more serious Easily.”

  ”You’re welcome, I want you to come to the same table.”Pei Yiming This answer neat – although not to the same table, even if the other party, he will help, but in his view, is to seek truth from facts, which is how is how.
  Obvious to all of XU Xiao-white in he found the subject: “the squad leader, you will progress quickly from a high start academic performance, but also very focused to invest in learning, I can assure you learn, you have to ask what tips i杭州桑拿t?”
  ”but.I admitted to you than poor ah?”Pei Yiming looked confused,” If I have to say, it should ask wen?He is better than I managed to get point.”
  Like scene between XU Xiao Pei Yiming and white occurred numerous times, so far, the relationship between the two, the students still common.
  Pei Naochun even once feel, their own little boy does the hate this girl, his home and his son suggestively mentioned sentence: “You say, how we XU Xiao-class whites?”
  Hearing this, immediately Pei Yiming face had changed, very ugly: “Dad, I do not accept, you gave me to find peers do Mom!Even if you are really looking for, but also to find a line of older point ‘?”
  Upon hearing this Pei Naochun asked what he could do, and he can only fool the son, and the table from the determination, in short, his stepmother to find no meanin深圳桑拿网g to his son, to hear this difference did not refer to the guarantee by heaven , Pei Yiming finally relieved, calm down, and within the next month, all the same age female students, including within the XU Xiao-white to enhance vigilance, lest they be Quxianjiuguo, by his own father to close.
  Face of these circumstances都市兔兔体验网, Pei Naochun just want to say: “Why do you always think that many places do not want, should not think too many places Luanxiang?”
  Of course he did not say these words, just quietly watching his son to continue to grow, if predestined, that they will be together after all, you do not need others to interfere.
  Hanlaishuwang, year after year

te happy.

  Pei Yiming first glance, like a band of murderous: “You have not the slightest awareness, help people busy people still have to drink tea?”
  ”I do not drink do not drink.”Chong Wen also immediately surrender,” XU Xiao-white, then I do not drink, you keep yourself Drink!”He wondered Today’s dinner partner, it is better to choose a good tea.
  XU Xiao Bai This time do not know what to say, just subtle smile, turned away.
  Along with her departure, Pei Naochun a direct knock his head on the table, and se深圳桑拿网nt not accompanied by a wailing.
  ”what happened to you?”Pei Yiming little worried.
  ”It’s nothing.”Pei Naochun this sentence is almost squeezed out from between his teeth, he looked at his son, really want to ask, the child’s head in the end who is from that the species of.
  In the original body and memory, the pre-Pei Yiming is苏州夜网 relatively straight male brain, feelings of sensitivity about equal to 0, may in effect bridge and mutual companionship role, he finally slowly to face his own feelings, and to respond to the initiative signal of.
  In this life, Pei Yiming signal head, probably totally one-way, frantically signals of external transport do not want to love.
  Pei Naochun to what happened before now recalled, have wanted to face clutching.
  XU Xiao-white in the initiative to put forward, together to form study groups, to the library to study hall, Pei Yiming immediately refused, he also casually back and Pei Naochun Tucao, he said multi-cultural individuals also can not properly help Pei trouble spring make up classes, ah really makes sense.
  XU Xiao Bai fell down the stairs at the time, the injury is not serious she intended limped down the 北京会所体验网stairs for exercise, Pei Yiming take the initiative to help her find a teacher to be a fake article, and told her to take rest in the classroom.The day after day, Pei Naochun just in the corner of the wall that heard the conversation the two men.
  ”Thank you for helping me for leave that day, otherwise I probably wou