Hula hoop to lose weight for 30 minutes to remove excess meat


Hula hoop to lose weight for 30 minutes to remove excess meat

Hula hoops are especially effective for waist and abdomen weight loss.

銆€銆€Adhere to the hula hoop movement for half an hour every day, can fully exercise the dry parts of the bones, and make a certain massage effect on the lumbar vertebrae through the contact between the hula hoop and the body. It also helps a lot to promote peristalsis and constipation.

銆€銆€Because the hula hoop exercise intensity is not very large, it is not enough for a friend who needs to lose weight all over the body to do hula hoop exercise.

For those who have little weight problems, long-term adherence and gradually increase the time, hula hoop weight loss is still useful.

銆€銆€Sour back pain in the legs and long meat, staying at the table for a long time without stopping – just watching the hot pants vest want to cry without tears.

Do you still want to continue on such a day?

Don’t hurry to follow suit.

Once a day, about 30 minutes each time, after a month, I am happy.

銆€銆€Step 1: The main target of the rear rudder: the upper arm of the arm, the sides of the waist and the back 1, the feet are aligned, the shoulders are the same width, the arms are at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock behind the body, holding the hula hoop, making itKeep 30 cm away from the body.

Inhale the chest, try to clamp the shoulder blade 2, turn the hula hoop clockwise until the left hand is inserted directly above the head, and the right hand is inserted into the buttocks.

Hold on for 10 seconds, take a deep breath and feel the muscles are stretching.

銆€銆€3. Return to the initial position and turn the hula hoop counterclockwise until the right hand is placed directly above the head and the left hand is inserted into the buttocks.

Hold for 10 seconds, take a deep breath, and then return to the initial state.

銆€銆€STEP2: The main target of the frontal flexion: the front, the top and the shoulder 1, the shoulders are the same width as the shoulders, and the hula hoops are held by both hands, respectively, at 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock position, so that they are connected to the front of the foot.

Bend your knees, sit down on your hips, and stop at about 1 meter off the ground.

Support the body with a hula hoop, straighten forward and forward, and feel the shoulders stretch.

銆€銆€2, continue to stretch the body forward until the abdomen sticks to the thigh, and then try to stretch vertically forward, feeling that the spine and the close are slowly elongated.

Take a deep breath at the same time, relax and recover, keeping your head down.

After 10 seconds, slowly stand upright STEP3: Upright twisting main target: abdomen, shoulders and backrest 1.

As with the initial posture of the “rear rudder”, the toes are facing forward, the legs are shoulder-width apart, and the head maintains a line with the spine.


Turn the body to the left and right, respectively, until the top and head are facing forward, hold for 10 seconds, and take a deep breath.

銆€銆€Note: After completing the warm-up exercise of pull 1-3, the whole body is full, relax the muscles, and then move on to the next action.

銆€銆€Step 4: Super Hula’s main target: Balance the overall balance of the abdomen, lower back and body.

Let the hula hoop rotate around the waist, turn left, turn right, and so on.


Start slowly and start to find a rhythm.


Next, put your hands on your head (this action keeps your body steady).


After 3 minutes of rotation, stop and turn in the opposite direction for 3 minutes.

銆€銆€Challenge tactics: cable-style – portrait western cowboy play the horse’s action main target: humerus biceps, triceps 1.

Hold the hula hoop and lift it to the top of the head.

Make a move to prepare to throw the item, and slowly shake the hula hoop (as if you were hunting a rope with a lasso).


Every time you turn the hula hoop, you will grab it first and let go.

Once started, open the palm of your hand and turn the hula hoop around the palm of your hand.

銆€銆€3.Change the other hand after every minute of rotation.

A total of 10 minutes.