tion of this occasion, I thought he would not miss it.”

  Speaking of Dad, Pei Yiming can not help but look to the distance: “He ah.”
  ”He went to tour the cousin.”Arrived next to buy three bottles of tea XU Xiao-white came over, a man stuffed cup,” Well, tea of the year, now make up.”
  ”Is not it?So you never forget!”Chong Wen is also the face of an广州桑拿网 old friend still can not change the trip to have patience,” I was not unaware of it?You women really difficult to understand, can not have something to say so, it said that it was 杭州桑拿revenge, I wondered if I do not have that helped you do?”
  Recalls the moment when the message was received from the university, seems to be able to feel the feeling bolt from the blue, the village where the text is also conceivable, attended college for two years, will actually become his old schoolmate sister, and at first thought it was Pei Yiming XU Xiao-white in the same university, proximity and easier Chuang Wen also, for the first time after the party, truth or Dare only know the truth, the original in high school, they faint white XU Xiao aware of the feelings generated by itself, but every time she take the initiative to say something, it will be at Pei Yiming straight male brain and Chong Wen God assists the sink like a stone, until college, when she was again approached Pei Yiming thought, beyond imagination really resonated with the two, which finally came together.
  He did not realize that not only can, but also became obstacles, behind the village every time I see the text also changed the identity of XU Xiao-white were good burst of guilty conscience, afraid to look.
  ”And then you kidding.”XU Xiao Bai laughed, recalling the past now, just having fun, then each time it suffered a setback, will go back secretly to write a few words in the diary, almost every time, Chong Wen are also standard on time the villain.
  ”This is not to mention tea, taste really the same as before.”Drink in, like back to the past, Chuang Wen also pity si