gh,” Tell us, how old Naoc杭州桑拿hun flying around the world?Tourism is so interesting it?IThis trio who need a fourth, more boring ah!”

  Almost three-year results, are admitted to the university in the capital, to play the best XU Xiao Pei Yiming and white into the same school when the college entrance examination, and Pei Wen Zhuang Naochun and they will be in accordance with their future life plans, selected schools and professional.
  In college, he and Pei Pei Yiming Naochun business together, opened a technology company, pioneering early, and what a hard, Chong Wen also go and play several times hard labor, to come all the way to the smooth development of the company, product margins are patent high, I heard another two years will be able to market.
  Only after the stability of the company, will take the initiative to Divestment Pei Naochun, let Pei Yimi南宁桑拿论坛ng mastered the entire management of the company, a position he retained only nominal, they start their global tour, and although we never lose Union, may also gradually become a mysterious man like existence.
  ”He has been like to travel.”Pei Yiming lips smile to explain,” he happy enough.”
  In fact, probably only he knows why the man will be clean served its purpose, and now began to enjoy my life.
  The reason is simple, because Pei Naochun was his father, the world probably has one and only one, as he was born, and he rotated around people.
  In college, Pei Yiming fact some hesitation, three years of experience and squad leader of the trio in a leading role, so that he can slowly take on the identity of “leadership”, with a certain amount of management skills, decision-making capacity, On the other hand, he is not self-bones, still there is always a need to push people.
  At that time my father approached the door, and he sat knee to knee with a long talk, Pei Naochun day, especially sincere eyes: “Yiming, you know, the future is in your hands, though not out of step by step will be very happy , Dad can see, you want