nfully grow up, I could not bear to face you alone alone of pressure on the world.But God for you, very good to me, I have for a long time, be able to make good with you, watching you excel the predecessors, grew up and became even I could not reach the way.”Pei Naochun look at this son, eyes full of pride,” And now you have enough energy to meet all the rain, you already have the ability to become a company mainstay of the family.”

  ”And that also means that I should leave.”Pei Naochun saw some panic so北京夜网n’s face, a smile to appease,” You see, how old are also like a child, you want to, how can a father is for life, others are retired father , it does not interest me to retire?I have to complete their dreams and planning, and you, a person must learn to face all the.”
  Pei Yiming relieved, he thought.
  ”A北京夜网t that time, I went sightseeing tour, you can stay at home to work and experiencing things, and I can still say that, but I retired, is only responsible for consolation, is not responsible for help, you know?”His old-fashioned authentic Chiu.
  Heard this, Pei Yiming has been clear, and his heart calculated, know, and my father had to accompany his little ten years, if converted into the former old father, now in his fifties he was almost sixty, is You may be ready to retire to rest.
  Yes ah, he can not always think of, there is no trust in the face of my father, he and anyone in the world, after all, have to learn the world.
  ”Well, I wish you a pleasant journey?”
  ”Definitely happy, my father and I wish you success in work, as soon as possible to make more money, I can let your dad enjoying their later years, lazy.”
  ”for sure.”
  Af广州桑拿网ter that, the withdrawal of neat Pei Naochun all management rights are on his body, a sort of start from nowhere suitable, he quickly back into his role, he discovered, had there have been a couple of years, Dad began to slowly no longer give him the opportunity to rely on.
  He can do it, this is his lay of the country, even if the fall,