Eat these 7 kinds of fruits after the fall, you won’t get sick in the fall!

Eat these 7 kinds of fruits after the fall, you won’t get sick in the fall!

In the autumn when many fruits and vegetables are ripe and harvested, the fruit of the dazzling fruit makes people pick their eyes. At this time, what kind of fruit is the most nutritious?
Let Xiaobian tell you!
In fact, after the fall, the body will be dry, people often feel dry and discomfort in the fall, there are 7 kinds of sweet and delicious fruit, you can eat more.
1. Autumn pears are called “natural mineral water” because of their tenderness and juicyness.
It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, moistening and moistening, clearing heart and reducing fire.
It has a good moisturizing effect on the lungs, bronchi and upper respiratory tract. It can also help digestion, promote appetite, and have a good antipyretic and diuretic effect.
How to eat?
Eat pears and throw away pear seeds!
Pear seeds contain boron. When boron is sufficient, memory, attention, and mental acuity will increase.
Pear can be eaten raw, juiced, stewed or simmered, and has a good therapeutic effect on lung heat cough, measles and elderly cough and bronchitis.
If it is served with sputum, honey, sugar cane and other juices, the effect is better.
2, grape and grape are all treasures, especially the anthocyanins rich in grape seeds, its antioxidant effect is 18 times higher than vitamin C.
Grapes are also rich in minerals and flavonoids that fight aging and remove free radicals from the body, preventing healthy cells from becoming cancerous and preventing cancer cells from spreading.
How to eat?
It is best to wash it thoroughly before eating and even eat it with the belt seed.
Grape raw food can nourish yin and eliminate trouble, simmer juice and cooked honey thick fried paste, boiled water, treatment of hot and thirsty is especially good.
Regular consumption, both for neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.
After the grapes are dried, the iron and sugar content is relatively increased, which is a nourishing product for children, women and frail anemia.
3. Banana Europeans call it “happy fruit” because it can relieve sorrow, because the pantothenic acid and other ingredients contained in bananas are the “happy hormones” of the human body, which can relieve stress and relieve sorrow. In addition, bananas also contain what is called “wisdom.”The salt of the phosphorus, therefore, the consumption of bananas in autumn can alleviate the mood of sad autumn.
How to eat?
It is heated and eaten, and the taste is better.
You can steam the bananas or cook them with other fruits.
Folk prescriptions use banana stewed rock sugar to cure chronic cough.
4, lemon and lemon have a reputation of “citric acid warehouse”, in addition to containing a large amount of citric acid, there are niacin and organic acids, have a good bactericidal effect.
In addition, it is an excellent skin-beautifying effect, it is rich in vitamin C, which can whiten the skin.
How to eat?
The taste of lemon is very acidic. It should not be eaten directly. It can be served with side dishes, juice or soaked water. Eating more lemon can inhibit pigmentation, promote metabolism, whiten and white spots, and make skin firm and shiny.
5, apple apples are sweet and cool, with the effect of tonifying temper, nourishing the stomach, stimulating thirst, and moistening the lungs. It is called the cardiovascular health protection god.
More food can improve the function of the respiratory system and lungs.
When you are nervous, you can smell the fragrance of apples, and you can refresh your mind and relieve tension!
How to eat?
The apple can be steamed and eaten. The pectin can not only absorb bacteria and toxins after being cooked, but also has the effect of astringent and antidiarrheal, and is more digestible.
The apple skin can be cut into small pieces and placed in a small bowl and steamed for 5 minutes.
6, jujube jujube sweet and warm, is to supplement the vital energy, nourishing blood and soothe the best.
Moreover, the fresh jujube is rich in vitamin C, and three people a day, the person will not be old.
How to eat?
Steamed dates are easier to digest, and are very suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach.
Or use 5 red dates and a little water to wash and soak in water.If you porridge with glutinous rice, you can get rid of it.
7. Kiwifruit Kiwifruit contains serum stimulating hormone, which can help us stabilize our mood and calm our mood.
Its rich dietary fiber also promotes heart health and helps digestion.
How to eat?
The ripening of kiwifruit takes several days. Put the kiwifruit together with bananas and apples, then seal and tie the food bags. Thus, the natural ripening gas 鈥渆thylene鈥?emitted by apples, bananas and other fruits will promote it.Soft and sweet.