Providing seven major solutions for office workers

The weather is sultry, whether it is in the air-conditioned room, or in the cool corner, you will start to doze off unconsciously, especially in the afternoon.

Of course, the best solution is to take a nap, but the boss can’t allow “paying for your sleep” during work hours. How can I boost my spirit and avoid the peak of sleepiness?

  I often start to doze off in the afternoon, because the blood is concentrated in the digestive organs, or because the air conditioning is not good, the temperature is high, and the oxygen supply in the brain is insufficient. Therefore, even if you try your best, you still can’t help but nod.

  Regardless of why you are lethargic for any reason, try the following methods to get relief or relaxation.


The fist is biased to release the tired head tightly, placed behind the ear obliquely, close to the central skull position, close your eyes, head back, feel the strength of the fist supporting the head, there will be some sense of relaxation, can releaseTired body feeling.


Finger tapping to get rid of tiredness (1) When you are dizzy, it is a good idea to gently tap (knock) your head with the tip of your finger.

First knock on the top of the head, then divide the back of the head into two areas, and tap gently.

There is no specific technique, but the force should be gentle, otherwise it will be more and more faint.

  (2) From the top down to the nipple, you can draw the golden triangle thymus. You can tap the block with your fingers to relieve the suffocation of the chest and stagnation. The chest is broad and full of spirit.


It is best to choose a flat surface, put it in hot water, let the stone have a warm heat, slide the stone slowly along the shoulder and neckline, let the heat spread to the neck and neck, warm and comfortable, sweeping away fatigue.


The benefits of sniffing essential oils are to suppress and stimulate the brain.

Because the people with dull air are dizzy and unclear, they do not hinder the selection of essential oils such as lemongrass or cold-scented camphor, rosemary essential oil, and fresh air around.

  In addition, lemon and grapefruit can increase work efficiency by more than 50%. Lemon, verbena, citrus, grapefruit and other scent can make people full of vitality and have a stronger refreshing effect.


Dry brush body refreshing and stunned, no spirit, no fear, labor your hands to help boost the spirit.

Dry the position of the lymphatic drainage with your hand. From the end of the limb to the heart, brush each 10 times (remember that the arm should be rotated and the entire arm should be brushed).

  The legs are divided into two areas, (1) the foot is stepped on, (2) the thigh to the buttocks, so called the above, in each area 10, first brush (1) and then brush (2), then change legs.

If there is no boss to monitor, it will not hinder the standing up and move the body, and by the way, the body’s waste can be removed, and the metabolism can be promoted. It can be said that it is counted in one fell swoop, and the next time does not hinder the test.

In addition to the versatile hands, you can also use the scraping board or commercially available exfoliating gloves, the effect is just as good.


Hundreds of mints refreshing people in the summer, people are so hot, too many people take peppermint oil or peppermint sticks to absorb, in addition to greedy that short-lived cool feeling, it can also make people refreshed, and the mint fragrance is full of hearty feeling, but also can cool offheat.


The coarse salt soaking feet restore the spirit. Sometimes the height of the tiredness is sighing at work, sometimes coming home from work, soft, feeling languid, completely powerless.

Please add 2 to the bowl?
3 tablespoons of sea salt or rock salt and 3?
4 drops of your favorite essential oil and mix thoroughly, then add to the basin filled with warm water, soak your feet, the hot water temperature overcomes the fatigue of the foot, and also makes you relax and comfortable.

The water temperature is higher than the body temperature.

If you don’t know what oil to choose, it is recommended to use lemon or lemongrass in summer.